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First cosplayed at Ayacon '11 as Zack Fair including being in the Masquerade. Everything that could go wrong with the costume went wrong, buster sword cracked, paint job scuffed, trouser zip broke boot zip glue came off and the buster sword magnets gave way but I had an AMAZING time!

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I had trouble finding the right kind of leatherette for the shoulder pieces so I am trying some red leatherette that I am going to colour browner to try and match the colours

So it was difficult to find a shirt that was the right outside colour with the same inside colour for the rolled up sleeves so I'm going to buy this shirt, cut off a bit of the sleeves and dye the remaining bits.

So after Eurogamer, Onyxy is a bit worse for wear, both boots split open, my upper arm guards have fallen apart and there were a few bits that I just didn't like, so hopefully he's going to get a spruce moose in time for October MCM Comic Con.

This time he is definitely going in a suitcase though, traversing the underground with a bin bag of cosplay was not fun in the slightest!

AwesomeBlossom (http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/overview/awesomeblossom) and I have won the best group at Eurogamer Expo 2013!!!!!!! Oh yeah!

Eurogamer has finally arrived! After a very late night/morning (5-6am) the costume is complete. Time for 2 hours sleep and then journey into London with the cosplay loaded up in black bags.

Finally completed the boots. Eurogamer is fast approaching and it seems like a mountain of stuff still left to do.

Finally nearly finished my helmet after not getting much done due to work and my parents visiting. Hopefully be fully completed ready for plastidipping and painting by the end of the weekend. Going to really have to beast the body armour! Only a month and a bit left!!!

Finally got my hands on a lancer! None of this retro lancer rubbish. Going to strip it down, sand it up, LED this badboy and give it a good painting.

Finally started on armour building. This 'thing' is the start of a boot, it seems to be taking a rediculously long time to get going, hopefully i'll be speeding up soon.

Got an EL wire inverter that takes a CR2032 battery and it did well, lasted 4 hours with 1m of EL wire, probably go with a 9v or 2xAA inverter instead though. Good experiment and would be handy if I was really short of space but should be enough space in the helmet for them.

I have no idea why I keep doing this to myself but my costume is going to be picked up for Expo tomorrow and I just did some spray painting last night. For Mokujins hands I bought some kids plastic balls which deflated quite significantly when I cut the hand holes in them but it actually worked out ok as they are about the right size.
I've got LEDs to put in the head and I need to finish sticking the last of the wood effect down and then i'm done. I'm not happy with the finished result but maybe if I use it for another con/expo then I can improve on it a lot. It was just far too rushed. Oh well, onwards and upwards!

Only 4 days left until Mokujins ride to Expo arrives and the chains arrived today. Need to go into town tomorrow (oh crap it's actually today!!!) to get some silver spray paint and some kids plastic balls for hands and spray them up, finalise LEDs in the head and get a fake branch and leaf for the head and then I'm done!!!!!!

Finished the arms and enlarged the head, much happier with the head now. I've run out of foam though, who thought 8 sheets wouldn't be anywhere near enough. The body is hard to put on and take off so I'll need to decide how I'm going to solve that.
Also I had forgotten Mokujin has his back carved with writing on it so I will need to do this also but this might make it easier to hide my method of putting it on or taking it off

My first picture of the body and the head. The head is looking a bit small so going to make it a bit bigger, good job I just held it together with duct tape. Going to have to pull my finger out, Expo is fast approaching!

After some late night painting in the hotel and a lot of worrying, the armour is complete. Had a great day wearing it. Only a couple of issues (other than dying of dehydration), two of the nuts on the boot fell off and one of them went missing. So thanks to the Cosplay HQ for having the emergency repair stuff. Managed to break a strap off the side while enthusiastically jumping onto the stage but all in all it went very well.

Armour is all packed up for MCM. I had to buy a suitcase especially to fit it in as it is massive! Good old Argos only had 1 large suitcase left.

Ok with MCM fast approaching and an ulcer quickly developing the costumes going well and i'm getting to the point where I'm now moving on to the little additions such as shotgun shells. All I have to do is complete a bit of painting and the belts and I'm finitio. Yay!

I've finished applying the base coat of the armour. It's Ford Black colour but for some reason the torso and helmet came out a lot darker than the boots, no idea why.

Complete construction of the booties, they are massive. I plan to put some skater trainers in them to stop my feet moving about inside them.

Hmmm...transportation is going to be a bit of an issue. My armour fills the whole bag and that's before I've even put the boots, grieves, bracers, helmet or lancer near it.

After a weekend of not feeling well at all, I am behind. OH SHIIIIII...

Oh and my armour looking like the Pokemon mew was totally unintentional. Hopefully it won't anymore after it's painted :D

Much happier with the blacker, less purple helmet with LEDs galore! 13 just in the helmet. I need to get cracking, not long now, and I've not even started painting yet.

Made the eyes out of polymorph and stuck some LEDs behind them. They are looking good

Carmine has a redonkulous number of lighty up bits. At least I'm safe in the knowledge my battery system should last as it was running overnight with my fans and LEDs all hooked up. Nearly finished the torso construction. Only 2 months left!

Started work on the helmet, I'm a bit iffy about the general size and shape, so may do it again with some thinner foam but I think overall it's not a bad first attempt

Wellity, wellity, wellity, I've finally started on my body armour, I'm loving working with Eva foam, it's so easy to work with.

I still need to glue it all together though and start shaping it which is the bit I'm most worried about apart from the painting.

Finally gotten started on my Carmine cosplay! I've cut out all the parts for one boot out of EVA foam floor tiles just to do the other one. Ignore the purple-ness :P

My wig finally arrived, I had to go with a Sasuke wig as I couldn't find any suitable for Zack. I think it's going to be long enough (I'm hoping at least) but it's going to need a lot of styling!!! I'm panicking a bit as I've never styled a wig before, I'm mega busy with work stuff, I'm on holiday soon and Aya is looming!!!!!!!!!!!

At least I've gotten my girdle finished. All I need to do now is to style the wig, finish painting my buster sword (it's taking ages), get some scar stuff for his face, his two belts (don't ask me why he needs two belts) and a couple of zips for the boots, all in all not a ton of stuff but enough :P

Been along to spec savers today and got some cool contact lenses. As I need glasses/prescription lenses (-4.50 infact) I had to get some prescription coloured contacts so I ended up with Ciba Freshlook ColorBlends Colors which are made for dark eyes and I think they really work! The colour I got was Sapphire Blue.

I've completed the "girdle" using a mix of plether/PVC and craft foam. I think it's looking quite good if I do say so myself. My braces are also complete and the wig has arrived, YAY! I've never styled a wig before so this is going to be interesting...

Finally got the buster sword all base coloured after having to respray it because I picked up when it wasn't 100% dry and left a nice greasy imprint of my hand on the blade. I must say I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I planned to use a metallic black but it was impossible to find and now the matt black actually doesn't look that bad.

The pauldrons have just had their last gesso coat so just waiting for it to all dry then time to go mad with the sandpaper and get it nice and smooth again. Then I've got to break out spray paint and get painting again!!

So started rePVAing my sword today and there must've been more solid PVA sitting at the bottom that had dried out as now the swords covered in lots of little lumps of PVA, which isnt good. I've taken the worst of it off but I think once its dry Ill sand down the lumpy bits and start the PVAing again.

Bought some Leatherette as well to make shoe covers but having a bit of difficulty finding a suitably sized and coloured zip for Zacks shoes.

Went over the pauldrons with gesso as well to get rid of the papermache lines as much as I can.

I made the braces that go over my shoulders using fat belts from Ebay glued to smaller belts but once I'd glued it all I hit a problem. At the front of them the belt folds up and the back of the belts was all rough leather that looked crap. So I ended up cutting the belts and regluing them turned around near where they bend around and I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out.

I was punching the holes manually using a hammer and the little punch tool for the poppers and I wasn't paying attention and *WHACK* smacked my thumb. After a few choice expletives I finally got it completed. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out but I accidently stuck some duct tape to my belt and managed to take off a bit of the leather pattern *d'oh* so I'll maybe get some leather polish and clean it up a bit.

I need to buy some rivets to finish off the detailing and then hopefully that's the braces pretty much complete WOO HOO!

Created my pauldrons by paper mache'ing a balloon. The top image is said balloon. You might be wondering why it's a funny design but I found printer paper makes a great papermache paper and to make sure I covered it all with each layer I alternated between white and "patterned" paper. I managed to get both pauldrons out of the same balloon which I was pretty happy about.

I added a bit of craft foam to do the "extra" bits with some tin cans glued underneath to try and get it to keep it's shape. I was actually quite pleased with how the pauldrons have come out.

I did an extra layer of paper mache over the craftfoam after those pictures were taken with a layer of printer paper and then I did another layer of newspaper to even out the seams a bit more.

I think I'll try spray painting it and if it's not smooth enough I might put some gesso over the top to even it out.

It turns out I'll be flying down to Aya so I'll need to get my buster sword on a plane so I had thoughts of making a modular buster sword that separates into smaller sections so it fits into a suitcase.

So I tried and failed to make a modular one out of plastazote and cardboard but that failed miserably, it was miles heavier than the balsa one I'd already made and the sections just flopped about so I might just pay the extra baggage fee and get it put on as oversized luggage. So this is pretty much a non post, I just wanted to expel my frustrations.

I thought I might as well start a journal for progress. I've created my buster sword.

I wasn't able to find large pieces of balsa wood so I had to glue lots of littler bits together. Balsa cement is perfect for, as you could probably guess, gluing all the balsa together. I think I made the central holes a bit too big but I think they're not too bad.

I made a couple of mistakes drawing out the shapes but luckily I'll be painting over the pen so no big deal.

I also bought an acrylic tube to use as a handle that I hashed in place thanks to a lot of hot glue but I don't have a picture of this bit yet.

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