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I tend to like big boob characters, then I go with derp girl characters. Derps and sexy ladies, I don't even know.

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It's accurate enough for me! ;w; the other dress I'd ordered went awol, the seller said it wasn't available so I had to order something last minute, but LOOK, it's precious!

This wig is precious and i'm so happy I found it but I will probably need to cut the heck out of it before it's even barely wearable! ;w; Also i'm so worried it's too dark for Mako but I love richer browns like this.

Ohlordy, it's lush and long but I need to add wefts, and then attack it to make it as wild as Daidoujis! /sob!
It's a great wig tho!

My own ones arrived since Ayacon ended, I still cannot figure out how to wear them, and Leather is now needed for boot covers, ohman this is so difficult :I curse you AoT!

I feel like my stuff is so incomplete without it /sob
How do you face?

(ᅌᴗᅌ* ) shhhh shhhh shhhh this is so canon now, until later in the manga shhhh!

I accidentally hit 'buy' on the cosplay on sale... uwu

How do money

ohman, wig found, skirt found, shirt already owned... all I need for this is the tan, I am pretty good at this yes!

My earrings arrived, originally the colour of the jewels was a sort of camo/grey colour, but I painted them an orangey red, another coat and they'll be perfect. (sorry about the hair OTL)

Skirt and wig found for this, I have the shirt and shoes... also I have the damn muscles and boobs.

Wow Aya is half sorted, where's my prize people.

Someone trim the sides or give me a wig head I am poor and shit at hair! what is an even cut? You tell me!

I'm honestly hoping by Ame I actually can really work this dress because if I can't wear it with the stockings (fishnet ahaha) i'll cry! I just need my wait ribbon, choker, stockings, and gloves then all done! The wig also needs it's fringe and to be cut but here's hoping <3

So i've added some tiny peach/white flowers to the garland. I used the other garland I had and just wrapped it around this one to sort of fill it out and add more colour. If I had patience and more materials i'd add maybe pale reddish pink too or lilac to just idk, fill it out more. Although to be fair I like how it's looking now.

(there'll probably be another update where I do add more orz.)

No idea whether or not to be the grey track suit version or the little skirted outfit she does? Either way I want to be Tsukimi again~ And maybe have people recognise me, also it helps that I don't look so huge anymore! Hurrah! Also I can't pose for squat, fml fml!

I've bought a longer, fuller pink wig ;w; gonna get another jumper and try this again! Hopefully the next wig is nicer and more Ringo like!

I didn't want to cosplay Shizuo unless I lost weight and by god did I manage to, I lost 3 stone so far and I am darn proud, although if I can manage it by kita I want to lose another one and be the best Shizu I can be :3

Welp the cosplay has been commissioned so let's hope it arrives for Kita~

The wig i'd bought off ebay for yuugi arrived today and it is not right at all ; ; frick on a stick, I kind of prefer my other blonde wig but that might be a matter of saving it from the horror that is...being a twit and headbanging with it on.

I am so unsure of this wig.

The skirt arrived today and I need to take pics of it but I am too lazy and i'm not going to do it before I paint it. :T

Painting takes place wednesday, then I spend forever trying to hand sew up all those red whatever they are things B|

I'm thinking about maybe editing the coat I got into the shorter dress/coat that she wears, it seems like it'll be easy to do since i'm ok with handsewing fur! I just need to be patient waiting for the fabric store here to get fur in, or I might travel to the city for some, but its a good plan. I think i'll prefer it being a little shorter \o/

Man I used a scrap of material to show where the white part of Tsukimi's will be but its at least taught me I need a better material, idk some sort of stronger white cotton whenever I get the chance to grab some in dublin. I've been lucky, i've found some pink thread thats a good enough colour to sew it with at least :> I'm gonna see can I get away with hand sewing this and the ribbons on otherwise it'll take effort to find someone nearby with a sewing machine I can hijack for my nefearious ends. My own hair might actually be ok for this it is starting to get long so I might just volumise the bejaysus out of it and see how it rolls. I don't think the fef wig shall double up ;-;

I have my tshirt for Yuugi got, this is a valid start! \o/ Saw bangles where I live that can be sprayed silver for the cuffs. I'm hoping sewing ribbon on won't make the arms/neck/bottom weird! I might try work out a different way for the trimming, its an elasticated tshirt so herp derp.

The dress is won and paid for ffff yay! Next thing is to wait for it to arrive and then get sewing :>

I'm going to have to look up tutorials on how to sew puffy sleeves! I wonder is it a good idea to try this myself, or just bring it to an alteration shop, because the collar needs to be made more into a rectangle!

The ribbons have been found on ebay, hurray for Tsukimi being in French colours!

I just bid on a dress that looks just right for this ;_; I hope I win ><;

I have no idea what to do about the sunflower or cane ;3; I want one or the other, and i'd forgotten completely about the scarf whoops :I I'm such a derp! Hopefully I manage to sort this out!

I just need the pants for this, and the necklace, and I have heels somewhere! SORTED! I haven't been a nice(ish) version of Tsunade in SOOOO long omg! *delight* I wasn't sure about even being her but when this wig was found :B hurr de durr! I have a little hole in the shoulder I think to sew but otherwise I am just ready! asfjk I might try find a proper headgem for this B)

i'm having a little panic about ame, i'm trying to sort out flight, because since having this lame/yet awesome, self employed job is happening i need to hope I can get a loan for like 700 so I can go :| LETS ALL PRAY and i'm getting Izayas fur today if I go to Ame i'll be izaya at some point :| a shit one, but an izaya none the less C:

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