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The past couple of days I've been trying ways of recreating Clef's gems. First picture is a bauble with glass paint, second a bauble painted with a spray can, third is hot glue painted with nail varnish and forth is polymorph with glass paint.
I found polymorph works so well! Brush marks didn't help but airbrushing or more coats will help that. I'm also going to use "coolmorph" instead or polymorph as that dries too quickly to mould something like gems. I'm surprised I've not seen tutorials about this method as I think it's a cheaper option to resin *_* or at least cheaper if you can't find moulds for what you are making

I realised recently my plan of using resin and hot glue for all of Clef's gems wouldn't be possible unless I had a lot of spare money which I don't. I've been researching into cheap methods to make giant gem stones and discovered the best methods were either painting a plastic ball or a Christmas bauble. I found Christmas baubles in the right size so I'm hoping to use them. The photo is just s test of finding the best painting method. Here is spray painting result with metallic paint (just used what I had hence not being the right colour). I'm not 100% happy with the result but I'll do some more experimenting. My jeweller's saw arrives this week and I'll be able to rest if I can actually cut these things into an oval. Hopefully everything will be fine as I don't how I'll make them otherwise X__X

First wig I ordered for Yui looked AWFUL on me. Mum said it was the worst she'd ever seen me look in a wig. Second was better but I still wasn't satisfied. However, my favourite wig company "Grand Young" triumphs again with the most gorgeous wig ever for Yui. I'm feeling much more confident about this cosplay now.

Fabric arrived a day early *3* time to sort out the chalk tomorrow so I begin making Ame this week.

Bought some new chalk for Ame and it seems to work well *_* I can't tell if it's perfect as I didn't have much fabric to test it on but seems ok.

Now I just need to sort the fur colour on his ears.

(For anyone also making an Ame cosplay I used a "Schmincke Pastel on Greenish Grey 1")

Tested the chalk dyeing method with some sample fur and it went really well apart from I realized the colours of chalk I bought were the wrong colour for Ame ^_^'

I've decided on the fur on the right which is great as it's cheaper. Hopefully ordering right colour of chalk and metres of the fur soon.

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