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October expo
Yuna FFX2
Selphie FF8

May expo
Yuna FFX
Leia Tales of Xilia
maybe Asuna SAO

kitacon 2014
saturday -Yuna
Saturday night -Jessica rabbit
Sunday - Maria traydor

May expo
Friday- Leia - Tales of Xillia
Saturday - Rapunzel
Sunda- Asuna Sword Art online

Midlands expo - rapunzel
Memorabilia - lady Blackhawk
May expo -
Friday - Rinoa - for Sasashie :)
Saturday - Alisa tekken
Sunday -Alicia VC

Manchester expo - undecided

Friday - winry rockbell
Friday night - Rinoa dress
Saturday - Tifa
Saturday night tifa wallmarket
sunday - Rikku FFX
Sunday night- Anastacia

mcm expo october
friday - Kaname chidori
saturday- alicia melchiotte or Ariel
sunday - black widdow

Thursday night - Sae
Fridayday - major motoko / friday night - Kaname chidori
Saturday - seong mina //Saturday night - Tifa

Sunday- Megumi Yamamoto
Sunday night- Tifa wallmarket again lmao

May Expo
Friday- April O'Neil
Saturday- am -Helping out (no cosplay)
Saturday pm - Seong Mi-na
Sunday am day - helping out (no cosplay)

Manchester Expo (serah ? or April o neil again)
subject to change

October expo
Sunday- Black widdow

I have only done a few cosplays but loved them, ive been in Neo that was my highlight :D i loved making my Dagger outfit first costume i've made and the hardest material to use trust me lyrca is a hard thing to sow. Umm i like photos of my cosplay without my face lol just cos i can never pull a good face lmao

just here to see all your talent :D :D

Last online 3 years ago

Surrey// Manchester [this will always be my home town]

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all my WIP pictures are on my FB page . J.Po.Cosplay

Its all down to the lovely pattern in the image.

It's a great simple pattern that can be used for loads of boiler suit patterns (April o'neal)

Sometimes it's nice to have hidden edges and not worrying about the raw edges showing.

To hide these edges I made my own bias tape out of the red fabric. On straight edges (around the legs) I didn't cut along the bias, but for the neck and shoulder edges this was taken on the bias.

What is cutting on the bias?
It is usually diagonal along the fabric, it allows for curving of the fabric because of thr give in the bias.

Anyway using a bias maker (see image) pin the bias to the edges (more pins the better) and then sew.

Now there is matching edges to the bodysuit.

Ive made a few body suits and there are great patterns out there.

Unfortunately they all have a line for the waist join and they don't have those hips

So this is a mix between a standard pattern and draping. lots of trial and error. Only 4 pieces to this part can you believe it.

Ive added pockets to the hips ('cos why not)

And to reinforce the hips ive added channels with plastic boning.

At the back ive added darts (I have narrow shoulders).

At the front I've added an invisible zip. I would say invest in a good zip foot or else you will spend hours tring to make it fit. Not fun :(

Please ignore the messy room. I seem to spread when I'm working lol

So from the previous entry you now have a white bucket. Time to jazz it up.

The yellow embellishment.

Measure the circumstance (length) of the bucket and the width. Ensure that you leave an inch extra art the back to hide the untidy edge.

Start with the base white fabric. The width should start at the bottom of the bucket up to the lip with an inch allowances.

Using hemming tape fold under allowance and iron.

On the yellow fabric mark out the side parts (3 points) and draw a straight line between the points.

Using wonderbond,freezerpaper (it has many names). Cut around thr yellow fabric and iron. Peel off the back (to reveal the glue) iron on to the fabric.

To hide the yellow edge set the sewing machine to zigzag, tight stitch and sew around the edge.
Guess what you've applique'd.

Now only way i figured to attach the white/yellow stripe to the main part is to glue it on.
Oh add little buttons to the side.

Now add a linning.

And that is the hat made :)

So how did my hat start out?

As a bucket which i hacked the bottom off and sanded. I added a longer edge at he back and lower edge at the front

Next duct-tape an embroidery hoop slightly lower than the bottom.

Add wadding.

Now you have a bucket, wooden, hoop and wadding..... looking good!

So drape the fabric over the top. ( i am using drill cotton, this has a little stiffness).

Measure around the bucket and mark in equal measurements where the pleats are going to go. (Use clips to hold the fabric down).

Tack the fabric pleats. Hot glue around thr bottom edge of the fabric to the bucket. (This will stop the fabric moving).

so on the saturday I had one tiny thing left to do, then i go and ruin most of my costume- which ment taking it part and redoin half of the costume in one day, the result was okay but i was really not happy with it.

Then on the suday - (hyper japan)something happened to the trains so i was late and was rushing to be judge and broke part of my armour, ad forgot to tell the judges about most of the different parks of my costume. Then on stage i couldnt hear the music - im use to being on MCM stage where it is really loud. So cos i couldnt hear it i forgot all my actions and ques and my magic trick i fumbled on and was a tiny pendent so you prob couldnt see it any way lol.
decided my costume for next yar hyper japan - im going to imporve one off my fav costumes and show myself i can do other parades and feel comfortable! so for the next few moths i am going to be on a hiatus and have a break but i will be back!

first attempt with Worbla I love this stuff it is so easy to use! This was also the first time i ages something so i am pretty pleased with it :)

Simple really, Craft foam wrapped in yellow fabric twice making sure there is a extra fabric passed the end of the craft foam or elese the eyelets wont go through both the fabric and foam then add the eyelets and add the string done :)

found the fabric I used from my last costume i.e a cotton curtain. I was going to use caliko but as i had some of this fabric left i thought i would give it a go. So cut 3 strips and created a bleach dip, the picture looks white but it is not white it is like an off bluey white. going to add a bit of paint at the ends to make it a bit more whiter then use the fade into the blue to add definition

wow this takes me back. This was the first pattern i ever used! Me and my mum made me the coat to go to my dress for my high school leaving do, now that was a long time ago. This time i am using pattern A but editing it. the length will be shortened a bit and the front and back will not be sown up, but the boning will be added etc. So started on it and hoping it will all work out :)

so i have made the coat, using a blouse pattern extending it down for the length then cutting the flowing pattern out of the bottom. Then I added medium interface to the bottom edge just to give the pattern a bit of firmness and so it won't flap everwhere. on the back is the start of the red design top later interface and then the bottom later. Looking a bt rough but I will be adding bias binding to the edges to give it a clean smooth line :)

so this was about 70% complete :P i love this but it was so hot to wear

so how long did it take? ... too long.

So what had the emb treatment?
The front of the skirt,
the obi and bow &
Hibiscus flower...

mad you say.. Why yes i am and proud of it!

made out of mdf.... so it is really heavy!
the guy at B&Q was really nice and gave me an off cut of wood well 2 peices for 1.50!

search Stu's house for a lot of round things then templated it on to the wood then got a jigsaw to it! yes i cut it out myself jigsaw i am fine with drills i am no so I had a little assistance with that.

found some nice old hoover attachmets and bolted it on simples!

how long will this skirt take i think i am on 12 hours of pain stitching and picking then skitching lol final stretch woot.

this weekend planning on working on the staff i am no good at props

so lets make this a real mix cosplay, i have bought a wig of Demmie so woot it will pretty much be a mix of loads of cosplayers cosplay mixed together :P

I am so gutted i arrived this morning ( Friday) only to find i had forgotten my gloves dohhh. So sad now no cosplay for me so i have decided i will do this for kitacon prob sat night :)

so i put out a plea on facebook to ask for reference pictures and the lovely Sisceal came to my rescue and sent me loads of close ups of the dress, eee ireally wanna start making now but i have set agoal for next may, and i shall start in Dec tehehehe i have also asked her if she ever makes a designer doll dress to enter a comp with me cos she is amazing! sooo wooooooo

After making the crown the other night i thought hell yea i am going to be able to make the deadline. Well its 10 pm thursday night and i am driving at 7am Friday morn, there is tons to do :( not going to make it :(

so i have decided to give up tonight and wear her for Nov mem Expo i am truly gutted as i was finally happy with the progress but there is noway i can add all the detail i want in 2 hours lol

so Jessica rabbit will be showing herself on Sunday night of Ayacon

Also big thank you to Stu, i can't cut straight to save my life so he cut out the foam to make the crown piece so i could all all the jewels :P

so my Anastasia dress is taking longer than i thought as in i may not finish it for Ayacon. I have decided that i will take Jessica rabbit dress for the sunday night this will be the dress i bought as the one i started is scrunched up in a pile in the corner till i figure out how to make it perfect lol

so yea a maybe for sunda night

so i tried it on before and it has seen better days, so i will remake this for Ayacon as if i have time for all these remakes lol yeeeey version 2 will look exactly the same as version onebut newer lol

i spoke with the Rinoa expert at the weekend and she agreed with me the overlayer is too yellow so i went back online and bought the right colour so tomorrow i will remake that lol nothing like making more work for yourself

so i made the blue bits out of pleather and they are too heavy for the stretch fsbric, so i went and bought some more orange fabric and it looks a lot better the colour is now a burnt orange only problem everything is hand sown gah and i need to sow in a zip ..... i hope my phone rings saying my sowing machine hasbeen fixed :(

i went to get my old on out of my wardrobe last weekend and saw it was in a terrible state holes in it and fraying :( so lets make a new one :)

so i have used stretch fabric and this time i have gone for a more yellow colour, i accidentally bought the wrong colour but it doesnt look too bad

the skirt has 6 large panels of fabric about 8 meters aughhhh, all hand sown together as my sowing machine had ahissy fit lol .
The bodice is the simple bodice pattern with stifner added to give a bit of a sturdy back but i think i need to add a bit of boning just to keep the shape. oh and a zip was sown i the back
Then the skirt was gathered and pinned to the bodice next is to sow that together and then add the front cream panels then the front detail, hemming and making the sleeves and crown..... in less than 3 weeks bring it on

Green shorts Top shop a bargin on ebay XD. i hand stitched the frill onto the bottom. Double layering the white fabric doing a long stitch then gathering and sowing on.
The leg guard is Faux leather with a small elastic top hopefully it should stay up.

I plan to make the bag attach to the shorts rather than the guard or else it will keep falling down lol

i have been working on this for about 6 months on and off.
The base is cardboard layered with paper mache then more cardboard and then white matt paint.
As i love to reuse stuff i forced my partner to drink loads of orange juice to creat one part and then did loads of washing to get some nice square boxes. Also destroyed my partners wardrobe to get some nice poles (it feel down anyway :P)
It is weighty but i have balanced the weight out and the main pressure is on my lower back.

I lliterally but the clear bra straps onto night however one snapped so it was a dash around my flat to find alternatives XD. the waist band was not included in my design but it gives more control over the weight. Overall im really pleased with it.

its not accurate but i am hoping to do some more paint detail and then we are all complete

I cant do the full costume cos the riffle would be a pain to carry around when i am trying to take pics. so i shall tak my binoculars and spot our you amazing cospalyers. All photos will be on mcm Buzz facebook page :)

okay this will be a mixture of everything buying editing creating and commissioning.

i have the most amazing earring made by Bambi that i love so i shall wear that.
I have bought the skirt.
and i have asked the also amazing Sassahie to make my obi cos her bow is just perfect so that will be from her.
The sleeves i will use from the original cosplay XD
the under top i may use from version 2
so not much left to worry about

pretty simple but took ages.
Long leather gloves, cut into 3 parts then sown back on to give the layer effect.

So i wanted to make the flowers ....goes to youtube... What you have to burn the fabric ...augh you have to be able to do origami.. remembered i had an amazing book of how to. So simple bingo blue flower made and anyone can make them even if you can't really sow.

The white one i do not like at all so i might have to buy that one, hut i do like the fact the yellow bit is a sponge XD

shoulder - wadding and lycra fabric.
reinforcement to main bodice and a lot of it.
beads are sown on .
underskirt needs edge sowing up.
shows need gems adding and more black paint.
hold ups found 2 types.
belt complete.
collar gaaaah need to remake and make the flowers
bought gloves need to edit

started with cream base boots.
Panted white with acrylic white paint and black paint. the hoop is clay painted gold. Epic find craft foam with sticky back that is holding the ring, the top white triangle is pvc fabric but shiney side down placed on sticky back craft foam. pretty simple really

so i made the epic wig of doom, and then i made it more magical by making it light up :) that was my little secret tehehe unfortunately i went to a convention where they couldn't dim the lights so noone could see and i just looked like i was miming badly to a song lol

Firstly get a pair of tights and fill with wadding, then attach these tights to the underside of the wig cap weave to laves over the top part of the tights and cut the rest of the wig off to create wefts, you will also need another wig the sale colour to achieve a fully covered twist plait.
Use a mixture of superglue to hold the weafts down and then pva to stop the fly away wisps. Then you have a very heavy wig where you cannot move your head

AUGHHHHHHHH i went back home this weekend to see the folks and to pick up a few thing i.e Rapunzel dress. However when i looked at it, i thought yep i need to remake it. So with less than 2 weeks lots of embroidery and a wig to recreate i will be burning the midnight oil

i had to make a new thicker one although Megity Meg did a great job on the last one that sadly got waaaay to knotted to use again. So i decided to make another one this time i have used wadding and a pair of tights. i should have made it like a real plat but i thought that would be waaaaaay to heavy so i have done the wrap around and then i will weave a third layer through. The weaves are made up from the original long wig i think it was a 61 Inch wig but i could be wrong, don't they look lovely (see pic:P). Sadly i cant add any more as i have run out of super glue lol darn you super glue...... but tights who knew :P

Yes new wig needed lol letssee what i can do with it :P

This has been an absolute pain because of the back detail and trying to get neat edges i cant wait to sow it, it shall either be great or really crap. i had real problems with the colour of the purple blue side. i bought both colours but prefer the dramatic blue against the girly lilac :)

i was going to dye it, then i thought how messy i am, i knew i had a spare red wig, sooooooo lets do some chopping i dont think its too bad prob a little short but i am happy with it

plan now is to wear this on Sunday of may expo and enter parade :).
Since my last post i have had a crazy time i moved from Manchester to Surrey got a full time job and just enjoyed the south lol but i want this costume to be good so im taking my time.
I want to say a huge thank you for otakugirl for giving me tips which is fab XD thank yoooou

going to use Babemroze advice about dyeing a wig eeeeek wish me luck.....

Also i think i may need help what should i make the wings out of hmmmmm any ideas?

I thought. "i don't really have time to sit down and cry over making another catsuit i shall just buy one\"
it came i like the shiney fabric but what is up with the back 0.o it just bags, as in it doesnt cling to my back so it looks odd. i have to either some how edit the costume without ripping it or make a catsuit any ideas how to fix the back? only thing i can think of is to add my waist clincher as seen in the picture :(

i am doing it for october expo on the Saturday as my manager has had a change of heart about allowing me to have saturdays off i will get october expo off and im going to make Alicia for it !!!!! so be it !!!!

p.s i adore this game you should play it too

so after spending ages on the skirt previously i hated it. so ive remade it and mabe the bow with filling (quick fixed but kinda made it huge lol ) and remade the top i spent 8 hours straight completing this costume but im happy with it now will it last the journey to london tomo ekkk

for some reason it isnt working how i want it too :( so im going to start again but the only time i can get to manchester to pick up the fabric is friday ummmm the day before i need the outfit ........ i will get everything else done and then on friday just work on the top

i wasn't too happy on the outcome of this dress i love the low back but i want the longer train and to have it seem more...well more lol ill be reusing the wings however the dress i will be remaking the dress from scratch but using the same fashion as the previous one

after buying fabric for the skirt from ebay i just looked at the colour of the pic silly me it came and it was dark dark blue. i went back to look at the ebay and it did say navy blue lol silly me so i have nipped out to Abakhan and purchased some blue fabric lol so lets see what happens next

started making the top part aughhhh is all i can say i need a pattern to make the crew neck co mine doesnt lie flat :(

okay i have fully decided to redo this for distant world 25th ani. i am going to fully remake the redress longer train lower back and a hell of a lot of feathers

so i recon i will need about 15 meters of fabric .........

so i remade the weapon with a wooden head.... tried it out and it flew off not just a little flight but a large one so i went back to the drawing board yesterday and made another version out of foam. So far i have used cardboard wood and now foam lol

ok the first wasss waaay to thin and too red and the new one is thick but too brown ohh well lol

spent most of the day fixing this from the pattern... but cos of time i wont get all the details completed in time

i was thinking yea ill give this a go it houldnt take long... bam the pattern appears at work..... bam some yellow fabric appears thus it must be done lol

i have made a jump suit before (gold Garnet) however that was made with lycra so if you got the wrong sizing dont worry iy will stretch, here i dont have the same luxury it has to be spot on or it wont fit gahhhh

the wig is very red not to happy but i cant change it now so ill just cut and style it

i will make this costume this year i love this game and show but i would love a team tooooooo please be my squad lol will be done for october expo !!!!!

so wooden pole and a bottle or radox.... and paper mache but how do i make it smooth ?

so bought the jacket off ebay XD
green blouse came into work... how lucky XD XD
mocked up a blue skirt with spare fabric i had,(yuna skirt excess :))
just got to:

add blue detail around jacket.(gonna paint it on)and add 2 more buttons to front.
find badge.
yellow tie.
sketch pad.

this is the one thing i have been really dreading, i have 2 types of curtains but if i did it wrong then i don't have spare fabric. So i just went for it and the result wasn't too bad. At the front i need to pull in the side (more leg view) but i shall be saving my modesty by not having an opening at the top XD and wearing shorts the next bit is the flower pattern using the fabric slimdefinition found i will be using it as a template and hopefully all goes well

okay so i was really happy with the top till i tried it on tonight the back is just terrible so im going to make a new one using the old one as a template but giving a lot more material to the back it wasnt right so just gah, i seem to be having a bad time at the mo with costume making. on the other hand i altered my wig its not the best but i dont think i did to bad

so i decided to use the lilac lycra not pvc it was meant to be a mock up but it worked really well.

Just a few changes the sides I'm going to make higher arches so it lies on my waist not hips hopefully give me a nice figure. Also i may use the push up bra to make extra boobage, the first top pic is with push up bra the 2nd is with strapless so well i think the first is much better.

Next on the list is make the jacket cos i cant find the right jacket to edit lol ¬.¬

okay i thought well i wanna do her justice and as its going to be friday day outfit. I'm going to give the 2nd gig version ago..... my version will be silver pants XD or metallic looking. mixed with a PVC top yesh that's right PVC. Now i know how to put boning in i think i have an idea of how im going to make it XD and if it doesnt work well i go bk to my casual version XD

although in the ep im basing my costume from i really wanted the purple glasees.

so after going to Tab's cosplay prop talk at Doki Doki im hoping his method of making purple glasses will work.

so plane clear glasses, bowl of boiling water, purple pen middle = hopefully a good pair of glasses

after my last skirt i was like aughhh no more pleats.... look through stuff in attic today and i find my old gym skirt XD it still fits sort of the front is a panel and not pleats but hay its still good. so just a bit of paint and its complete XD

in the FMV's yuna wears long white boots but in the cutscenes she wear white heeled shoesssss ....... ¬.¬ just one for you all even game makers don't agree lol

also the guy who voices Wakka voices Bender too!!!!

finalllllly its done. It was done last night but i still wasnt happy with the front so i went away and came back and sorted the front out and now it holds itself up XD. but boob tape will still be used just for security :)

this costume is also going to doki doki if its survives london to go with Stu's Tidus so yeyyy now to pack

thank you to megitymeg for the final piece, she has made me the cute earrings im so happy this has finally come together and cannot wait to have pics with everyone XD and to hear the fantastic music

the bodice, as the last one was just failing ive used satin and stiffner, then added a lining (as it was still a bit see through and its worked a bit better its not the best fitting but it looks the same as the first.

now im going to sow up the sides and attach it to the back skirt and add the feathers

so slimDefinition had this amazing flower on the back of her Beatrix and i thought she had painted it but she had got it from some fabric, the lovely lady has been out and bought me some flower material and she has even had a picture of seong mina to get the correct flower shade. SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!

this has taken one element out of this costume so i feel so happy and so thankful. I love the kind cosplayers we have on here !

okay my original dress is slowly turning to epic fail,tried to add a zip and well it looks silly,

so while trying to fix this im currently creating a new one, this time using satin, but i've purchased some stiffing glue thing and well lets see what happens this time

so after spending the whole day stitching the sides then unpicking it cos i have stitched it wrong, i finally tried the dress on......... i could get it on...... i couldn't get it off lol so i had to unpick it as i was still in it, lesson learn t.so i need to buy a zip

i also still need to alter the boob part im still not happy with the shape looking at cutting a bra up and using that as the inside so all in all a bad day lol

okay the one thing i really wanted was the low back...... why..... so it all starts with the front, using my fav material lycra im going ot use its own elastic property to hold the front up. however it is thin so i need to add extra support.

To give my bust support, i used one of the thick stffners formed a boob casing and sown it together (it creates like a bra boob tube effect). However placing this under the lycra you could see the folds in the stiffner ahah i thought i had some bra padding so i ve had to paint that white so it matches and stiched it to the stifner and just under the lycra. Up close you can see them however from a distance its not too bad.

next step creating the panels front panel straight down with daring and triangle edge and then added a double layer as the fabric is thin. at the min the dress back is pins and a bobble holding it.

so next stage ekkkkk, but not all is lost once i lose a bit of fabric the dress will be lighter and will want to stay in place XD

so the wings wip picture was the first layer used 100 feathers they were the base feathers. I wanted to give a fuller looking wigs so i wanted a base layer just incase you see under the top layer you see a bottom layer. I've used 2 types of feathers the base are smaller more sturdier(not going to malt) the top layer is pretty feathery and does malt but it looks more natural.

I have to say its been a nightmare, i knocked pva all over the carpet :O and now you can see the obvious marks so ekkk

finally decided SC4 it is! At kitacon i shall be 23 which is the same age as Seong mi-na so we shall go with it. However i think i have picked the most detailed costume of hers.

going to make the basics then add detail an then add the lining sounds simple enough

so one thing i really really hated about this costume was the shoes gah they are just crap so ive started remaking them and building layers with craft foam so they should look a bit better hopefully i dont want to let my edge down :)

i was thinking a wig but that was a lot of work, however my hair is pretty long if you know me you've prob seen it full length. Anyway i have managed to twist into a circle and clip it up kso it looks like i have short hair XD i didnt think it was too bad for a 10 min fix up. the make up is pretty light except the red lips

I'm really running out of time, been waiting over 2 weeks for some material samples for the dress :(.

One lot of my feathers arrived, I'm still waiting for another 200 to arrive.

however not all is lost I have completed the flower part on the back, and the base for the feathers to be stuck on.

Also the base for the dress is all pinned together just needs sowing, but i learnt of some fabric spray stiffner, so i might end up using that instead. However i still have a long way to go and not much time :(

well what a bummer, ive lost weight since buying this top ..... so boobage area not so good, so ill think of another way.

in other news i have featherssssss but i need more feathers. I'm also waiting for my fabric samples to arrive to choose the right one for her dress and then on with the making XD

ok im going to do the simple one, 2nd gig episode 7 : The Rhapsodic Melody of a Bygone Nation (transporting plutonium through the refugee district.)

and the other one is the JGSDF military uniform, this is harder as i may have to makei t from scratch and well ive never made a blazer before

i really hate my top i mean really hate it the fabric just frays like mad, so i had a last min dash to the material shop and im currently remaking the top gahhhh just gahhhhh lol

this time im using lycra, ive decided this is the hardest material to work with but at the same time its easy, you dont need to hem as it doesnt fray and if you have a dummy its really easy to use :D so lets see how this one fairs

just to add to a journal, if i delete the picture. They were made by the amazing K-NareK-Na on DA.

i basically saw them and noted her, well basically pestered her to make them and she did so fast and she was so lovely about it. She kept me in the loop and was just an amazing person. so i thank her so much im feeling more confident about wearing this outfit :D

so i thought id cheat a little, id pin the brown fabric on to a top. that was way to hard so just made a top from scratch which is easy when you have a proper mannerquin

i was like mwhahaha i have made a shirt before. *Goes to find pattern* :O one piece is missing = epicfail, so *lightbulb* lets just use your dummy :D, so its all pinned next is to tack, but this way is pretty had to do as i had to just guess how big to cut the fabric so we shall see what happen next

- need to do ---
* tac and sow top
* epic collar
* strange fastenings (not decided how im going to actually do this)
add the side pannels

finally expo comes to my home town. i was in for 2 mins and well it got dirty, i love this costume even though it was a pain i really enjoyed it :P i will do a few alterations and then bring it t it to ayacon :P for the sunday night

woo the night before , i never leave things till last min ive been freting all day. silly me thinking beading would be fun lol

ok so its made from nothing, and built into this, im on the final stretch woooo
-belt needs to be made,
-still need anklets
-wig needs a trim
-need to clip my wigs as they are just a tad too long and dont fan out properly
-border detail

hmm i think thats it, i am so proud of this one just hope its all comes together fro manchester :D

i am no good at props i admit, so im getting them commissioned from USA XD cant wait to see them :P

so i had the perfect fabric for the skirt, but i didnt buy enough but to buy 1 meter is £20 so 2 meter=£40 ....... no way so ive just gone with a cheaper option hopefully it will look ok

ok so ive got near enough everything but the material i bought for the skirt well its not enough but the material is £19.00 as meter i cant afford to get another lot, either gonna have to fork out or find another choice any ideas?

the top jacket swish thing lol was a lucky find ive basically cut down the back and hemmed it and then added 3 bows ...awwwwwww ....

so next is the shirt simple enough pattern just epic collar, need to finish off the necklace, some how figure out the skirt unless someone can find me good cheap material or someone selling a skirt.

the arm band for right arm, and finish edditing bootssss

ok so its complete but i dint like the bow or the skirt so im remaking them lol 3rd time the charm

i didnt want to make this outfit without having the artists permission, so rei-o
has given me the go ahead and im pretty extied, im gonna do a remake of my yuna bow and skirt so at the same time ill make this skirt :D and the sleeves should be easy to do :P

ive tried to style a wig i have but high pony tail just does not work, ive looked into msking it but its not going to work not with my lack of wig tallent. and the only one i can find online is http://cgi.ebay.com/Belldandy-Godness-OMG-ash-blonde-wig-cosplay-2-plus2-/250833596025?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a66d8ee79 its so beautiful but thats most of my budget gone if not all gone so i cant afford that. if i cant find one for roughly £30 im just going to have to use my own hair :(

if i do this agoin maybe for october cos there are a few Star occean characters, im going to remake the bow but leave it flashing and alter the costume maybe make a new bust piece

so the lucky ones to be there saw our imense group perform something never been done on stage,. a reinectment of Aeriths death scene,

i have to say we had a number of ideas to make this but we really wanted it to go through her, so i came up with a solution. and before you ask yes i did make the prop. my friend rock jedi added a lot with his inginuity, however as hes more behind the scenes you might never meet him lol.

so yes as you can see we did it but we are not telling you how :D we all have our secrets we just hope you enjoyed it :D

yey its been styled by megitymeg :D might get some pics up if she loads em befroe we go, but you guys will see it on friday :D

the costume is complete, it was done a while ago but i just added a few things, and also needed to try it all on. So im just hoping it lasts lol or i shall be at the cosplay fixing desk before i go on stage lol

the weapon the weapon is epic, its 4 ft. and has a lot of foam hahaha

my costume is extra special but shhhhh

as im in expert ive decided to add loads of little details and ive really tried to up my game on the bow, only tiny bits left to do and that is mainly trying to keep it from falling apart lol

hopefully on the night it will look a bit better than the 90% photo i have up. i would put up final pictures but i broke my laptop and my cameras SD card so you will just have to wait till saturday pm / parade :D

i have the wig now i just need to go over to the lovely megitymegs to get it all fixed up then this outfit is complete :D

finally finished this one off. It was just the little bits that needed doing, but its done. However i cant show the final result as my laptop has died and i cant upload pics unless its off my mobile. so yea hope to see you on saturday in the costume :D

to answer peoples questions, as im getting a few asking me.

yes i did make the skirt from scratch, if you dont believe me thats ok but i know ive made it and added the detail.

nopey i didnt use a pattern its all guess work

and finally its about 4 meters of fabric with some spare to make a waist band.

from the pic it looks good from real life its average.

yesh i made that too, including the bow,(thats why its a bit wonky)
the only bit im using thats from my original is the sleeves as im terrible at dieing things. and my earring which the tallented bambi made :D

so yesh i hope thats answered any questions

i finally got a pascal they came into stores about 2 weeks ago, i haveto say i was one of the first to handel them XD sometimes delivery shifts are ace, but im the last one to buy it lol

so yea go buy yourself a pascal :D and the films out soon tooooooooo

i hate the skirt ive made the pleats are not lying flat, this is because ive not given enough material to each pleat to allow movent im gonna try and reattempt to make this on friday cos im working for the next 2 days and off material shopping thursday i just hope the material ischeap.

i might just make it out of 2 halfs and then attach them hmmmm not decided yet

so ive spent all night just getting it to lie right on the mannequin forgetting it had bigger boobs tham me, so i try it on and its all in the wrong place ¬.¬. sooooo i pinned it whilest it was on me now looks a lot better, i need to buy black baric or a black halter top to match the black bits you see on her outfit.

i think the worse part is going to be the painting on of the pattern i dont have steady hands or the patients to do it :( but ill give it a shot

so i wanted to finish it tonight so i can get on with my yuna 2 outfit, however life doesnt go to plan.

what needs to be finished,
emblem needs to be added,
shoes need to be glued (again)
maybe highlight a few areas to make them stand out
ive lost my white gloves and pink ribbon
and i need to do the hair piece
oh and sort out the right upper arm

this cosplay has been an epic challenge i started it back in october can you believe, ive cried ive torn things up and ive spent a hell of a lot of money lol but its a dream cosplay i had to do it.

just on a little note i burnt myself with a glue gun so im now in a bit of pain :( but thats it for tonight im tired and im up early tomo byeeeeee

shoulder guards
leg guards,
one shoe lol

seriously why do i think things are easy :( knife pleats and 2 box pleats for a total novice who doesnt measure correctly yea jaclyn a round of applause ....... ill put picks up when i can but aughhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh

if any one know where i could get a commission for these that would be great :D

one more days work and its done :D just hemming and the back to sort out = finished :D

i faced my fears of poking myself in the eye and put them in, thanks to furiephoenix for all the help and advice as well as the contact lenses themselves im just chuffed i put em in :D hopefully i can do it again lmao

on monday i punched loads of eyelets into the top and well i picked it uptoday and most of them fell out :( i hate eyelets why do they not just stay in i dont get it what am i doing wrong :(

this is the only time im ever gonna say this about a costume ive made but its pretty good, im keeping it a secret cos i just want to surprise you all, plus if i do something epically wrong again (stupid foundation) i can deny the existence of this costume. so whats left

how the ek do you do eyelets??!!!!

i dont know how many times ive started this but ive really started today, having done the shin protectors but i need more material if that is even possible it prob dont look liek a shin guard but in a trying lol

~make slit in skirt longer
~belt and flower
~learn summoning dances incase i come across aeons lol

i wanna add little bits such as a
~new bag, cos my other wasnt staying on,
~tassel on the side
~make a gradient of side skirt
~alter hood

so i tried on my skirt today an well i got foundation on it i tried to clean it but it made it worse now im going to have to unpick the panel and do another one. I'm so glad i have a spare piece left over

ok so im doing the version on the film and well i'm dying the middle insert of the skirt as we speak i hope it turns out right. Then i'm going to dye the top lilac and buy lilac material for the rest of the skirt.
then fit it all together, :D

and also as ive had more people say brunette brunette it is :D

i have bought the coat but im having trouble thinking of how to make the jumpsuit itself any ideas ?

i was asked by a fellow cosplayer how to make a puffy sleeve well here is my video tutorial :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1HWxzU9daQ

cos im wearing this to kitacon one thing that really annoyed me was the wig, it just wasnt right so i took scissors to it and tried my best, so yea its now more spiky

well i posted up an image on DA and a comment said think about the cloak.... so ive thought about the cloak i now want the cloak lol so if i have any extra time it will be made :D but may not be made lol

ok bits needto be fixed ,
*the bust needs tightening cos it keeps showing my bra
*the hair clip
*i need to make some cuffs cos the arms keep riding up
*the wig i hate wigs now lol
*black neck choker as ive lost my last one :(

so no look with a halter neck pattern so ive decided just to create my own, this is very rough and will need a lot of tapering but they style is what i was looking for and i think ive done a good job with the neck pattern

i really love this character i want to do her justice so in stead of using a base top im going to make a corset with boning and everything, if that goes wrong then ill go back to the base top

i was just moving my tifa cosplay to a safer place and pop the braces ripped :( so i need new braces, but i coudnt find the place i bought the last ones from more ebay search or hoping my charity shop gets some in

so the top now its nearly complete ive decided i dont like my sleeves i want them all flowy and well they are not , so im going to remake em easy enough with a lot more material then i need to make the waist band get a wig do the touch up then =done

solast night i worked on ithe gloves thought yea just cut the finger tips off and turn under the end, well noooooo not that easy the stitching gloves came apart :( so i had to basically resow the gloves together lol but anyway the outfit is complete with arm guard however i looked at my foot guard after the photos i did and some of it has fallen off :( so ill fix that another day but ts done now lol

i felt like doing a blog about how i made my garnet outfit, i do mention press-studs on the front of the costumes i meant to say riglet studs :( im so silly its in the video bit of this make :D

so after the lovely fusionrose helped me with my new wig it arrived im so thankful to fusionrose for teling me where she got her wig cos its well amazing :D :D so praise be to her :D *bows down*

im not gonna spam with more pics untill i sort my gloves out

well i was really hoping to have started this by now, but i was pulled down with this awful viral infection so work came to a hault also my material shop isnt open for another week all i need to get is the right materials an cotton then ill get it done quick smart

so i got the jumper from work that needs editing as it is a few sizes too big and if not I'll get something else.

i know that it looks more like Ellone is wearing a skirt and jumper top, however i thought it would be better if i got a dress so then when i'm moving about i'm not showing my belly lol so yea just won this off ebay. i said on the photo major work to edit but looking at it now i don't it needs any editing really, might just get an underskirt if its see through but yea once top is done just need a green scarf which i'm sure i can get from work i know we have loads, and then the shoes = done cos i have a short wig that ill have a go at sorting out :D

So i am redoing this cosplay and this time I'm going to be as accurate as i cant be. so the eyeeeeeess, i need the eyeeeeees looking on hte market place i come across FuriePhoenix selling a spare pair of Yuna eyesthis defiantly= Win :D. I have to say FuriePhoenix has been amazing me = total novice at contact lenses, FuriePhoenix a really kind and helpful lady tells me tip and gives me adivce and just is wonderful THANK YOU FURIEPHOENIX. Anyway tonight she was helping me again and i was just sat in my front room with what i thought was an already opened parcel, well it wasn't it was the contacts that FuriePhoenix had been giving me advice on, so yea i can't believe i've been sat next to the contacts all this time lmao random things like this have been happening all night its really mad

so i found the perfect image for this dress and was like where the ek is the pattern you silly website, so im going to my local fabric shop and raiding the pattern book for the exact match cos its perfect and i want it lol

my wigs average and i saw fusionrose's wig and i waa like omg thats beautiful i want, so well the kind lady she is sent me the link however i dont think i coul manage the length she has so ill be getting the shorter one after xmas, i really wanna thank her for sending me the link cos she is ace face :D so yea gloves and a new wig which would be great for garnet anyway :D :D

so wen i went to expo i joined in with a make up class and one of the products was star gazer, i was like wow that looks ace so i finally found some and thought id have a go with it :)

Also as you notice Reimi doesnt really have much make up on however she is naturally pretty being a character lol and her eyes are huge so i thought id use the colours of her outfit to make my eyes look a bit brighter, it seems though i may need to buy some brown contacts.

im also a bit gutted i wanted to try this with my pony tail extender but its not appeared :(

oh and no spots yeeey :D

the jacket finally arrived and its perfect just need to white trim it and wait for the necklace to arrive and then thiscosplay is complete :D

so it here for all to see, whilst out with friends last night after a few drinks a friend said she would make my weapon as im rubbish at crafts im holding her to it and commissioning her cos she is ace face and so coooool :D

i really did give up on finding boots on ebay that were a good price, so i bought black ones from charity shop and bought some red paint that works well on dark materials. we shall see if it lasts lol

also made the arm warmers my secret way so yeeey, just to alter top and find some red gloves

woot i get 2 days off next week so a trip to the material store and start of on the top. im not sure wether to remake a top or make the seperate things and attach it to the cat suit decisions only thing im not looking forward to are the eyelets they were horrible on the last outfit

okay so im taking the easy route this time, last time i really did make it from scratch an that was really really hard graft.

this time im editing so yea, went on ebay and wasnt sure about what the colours would look like in real life, low an behold one place is like round the corner from me, i went they had it in stock and this is the colour ive gone for burnt orange is what they called it i just cann it orange lol

in the near future not so near lol i will be trying on this garment to see if it still fits, i remebered that some of the press studs were loose so they will need to be re-stitched hmm the top bust part was a bit small i could remake it for like the 3rd time but it might just do. the pendant still works :D so yea the only thing is the shoes i may need to invest in some with less of a heel but my legs look good in these heels. pain or cosplay lol

im having so much trouble finding boots this is not fair :(

so yea the advice the lovely CharlieDoryRose gave me wa to buy a top too big then edit it, well i bought the top it was ment to be a bigger size and well they sent me a size smaller than even me lol anyway its stretchy enough so itsnot too bad, been hemmed and i dont know wether to leave the short sleeves or get rid hmmmmm

so i was there like omg how do i make this top i know ill ask a cosplayer my victim CharlieDoryRose. she is amazing i will use all her advice to make an ace top. I do have to say she is amazingly helpful and i am just so greatful :D

so yea i was at work British Heart Foundation, and was sorting out the van bay. (do you know when you leave clothes on the doorstep in a bag that they get taken to your local charity shop and sold) so anyway today was an amazing selection Kaliko, Coast, limited collection, Christian dior and the usual primark select and rag, so anyway rifling through i come across a skirt wow thats moka's skirt. ek its age 9-10 thats never going to fit..... well it does a bit of panty flash like in the anime means im going to have to choose my underware well. well im thinking tights so ha you cant see anything lol so yea here is the 1st step to the outfits creation on a budget :P

costume looks simple enough however how do i make my boobs grow lmao

ive just had one of my pics published in neo = me very excited :D :D

OMG its done this has been the worst thing to make i really wish i had picked the maid outfit lol

so yea slight alterations to the main design now i hae ribbon around the middle with a little line next to it so it just looks a bit more lol so yea here we come cosplay ball

i belive that this is the hardest costumes ive made, working with lyrca is a snap working with this strange see through easily rip material = :( ..... so yea was like yey nearly done not the best outfit but it shall do and then disaster strikes a rip down the side :O, so has to make a triangle to let out the top layer which is a pain, the bust part looks silly and well it clings in the wrong places, im not big or anything but im petite with a tyre lol so yea suck in pants it will have to be but then i tried it = :( cos it didnt work so yea it dont matter this is for cosplay ball ill prob be too drunk to care lol

woot it really nearly is complete but one thing i realise after doing this is that being left handed is great cos its unusual but its a pin when everything is made for right handed people, even posing im doing wrong cos im a lefty lol

im so happy tonight especially after the tragic end to yesterday's dress making. The bodice and skirt have been fitted together, and yes it is slightly different to Rinoa's design, but i need a bit of support lol, and really what is left is to attach the ribbon and the zip, and then umm hem the edges hopefully it will be completed tomorrow night :D :D

this isnt turning out right the bust part looks more like madonna than rinoa, and the dress is see through :( andthe thin layer over the top is rippin everytime i try and sow :(

its finally fimnished god i dont know how long its taken me. ive glude my fingers together ive mae myself bleed cos of pins and well its was hard graft but well worth it i have finnally cosplayed a character i really loved. i was dubious aboutthis costume i thought id never be able to make a good version and well im so proud of it you can rip it apart but i dont care cos i made it :D :D and i love it so i might do this on friday and sunday of the expo

the little bits always take the longest so yey hair peice done and before you ask yes it is ment tobe lose wound cos i just thought it looked more real cos hair pieces always fall apart, no really its to allow more movement

umm armbands done, laces changed, belt and bag done nearly there folks

okay so the sign is sowen to the top and well i keep finding little things need tweaking,

i dont know how im going to keep the gold ribbon up. and then need to some how get the bag to stay on the belt, the skirt needs altering hood still needs sowing then the pink border on the top, white laces

i hope i get this all done before london

the symbol is a bit off center and ive learned another thing, yuna doesnt like wearing bras well lets see what i decided lol

this is so exciting, i've had two people approach me and ask if they could use my pictures as part of seperate art projects i really cant wait for the end results :D

so yea after the dissapointment of the order i bought. i have shortened the skirt and remade the shirt in the right colour and size.

had a bit of a problem with the fastening it was ment to be buttons but the material i am using well it would show a bit of gap= seeing of the bra lol

so i bought a zip silly me didnt buy the zip that can completly seperate so now the shirt itsnt as fitted as i want or else i wouldnt be ableto get it on over my head.

so the final touches are being added, added the blue round the bottom, and need to sow on name badge, but im not sure if i am going to but blue around the arms it might look a bit over the top.

ive decided not to colour my boots cos i do love them lol

and i have headphones woot it was just strange how i got them anyway, its the hair pieces that are the final bit but i really wanna get on with my yuna outfit i might just leave them

making the skirt, linen blue, lace edging and a lot of time

one of the important parts to this outfit is the wig, and it finally came so taken a few shots wearing it woot

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