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I started cosplaying back in 2013 after attending the now lost Telford/Midlands MCM, my first cosplaying con was May london expo 2013
I've always wanted to cosplay since my early teens, but I didn't get the chance as I shyed away from the whole anime scene. I then took a break from the whole thing during university, but got back into it heavily in 2010.
My proudest cosplay is still Hibiya. He's my first cosplay, is an absolute joy to wear and I make him entirely from scratch without any patterns. I don't know HOW I managed it, but I did!

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After lots of research during the voting stage of the 2017 LLSIF halloween costume competition, I managed to track down who the artist was, and their twitter, to ask permission to cosplay this. He agreed and sent me the reference sheet that was submitted to Klab, so thankyou Chian <3

Currently painting everything up. Working on the hat

Bought the taffeta and the bra i'm going to use to form the top. Need to get hold of some feathers and light boning for the corset top too before I can begin.
I'm unsure if i'm going to add a strip on EL wire to kokorowatari to make it 'shine' yet.

Shirt is done, white cupcake dress is done, bows are done.
just the icing, braces and wig to go

I have the headphones, and the waistcoat
So far I need to get/paint the guns,
?gun holsters? I originally wanted, but may have to give up on for now duw to time issues.

I'm doing both Vi and Psy's headphones, as they're going to light up with EL wire.
I was hoping to get that done, but the seller is on holiday.

Okay, so Hibika is going to be one of those cosplay I end up crying into the night about, as when began as something simple, quickly turned into a nightmare.
So far the basic bottom skirts have been cut and sewn. Although they ended up being 10 inches too big around the waist.
The ruffles around both skirts are causing me nightmares, due to the sheer volume. I original cut and hemmed 10 metres of fabric for the bottom skirt, this wasn't enough, so I have to go back and make more.
The top white skirt, I estimate, will take about 25 metres of gold ribbon. Finding somewhere that HAS that amount for a decent price and can ship it quickly is proving to be difficult.
The shoes arrived, but they are too small over the top of my foot, so they need some hardcore stretching.
So far still to do is the
Fur bolero
back bow (ran out of material)

and get the wig, when the ebay seller gets back to me

Seriously this cosplay will be the end of all my cosplays.

This was put on hold until I could get an electric sewing machine, AND I FINALLY HAVE. I really didn't fancy sewing this all on the hand crank machine.
I just have to adjust the bottom skirt (it's too long and too narrow, I need to widen it up) and make the top tier.
I've managed to find a corset top that works well and i'll be purchasing it nearer the time (as i'm on a massive health kick)

Princess Hibika is now officially in progress! I managed to stumble upon a GOLD skirt for her today, FOR A FIVER, that will help me cut down the cost of her dramatically!
I still have to buy the bodice/corset and the wig, but I've found the wig and I just have to wait for funds to clear to order it (using the same one for Elsa Maria, but without the clip ons)

Roppi is actually going to be finished a lot earlier than originally intended, because I want to wear him as soon as possible.
He'll be debuting at a pre-con Christmas meet up with Nachtangel's Tsukishima.
I only have to make his coat, and get hold of another v-neck and trim it in red and he's finished. Although i'm miffed I can't wear the red contacts.

So if you're in London, you might see us getting lost.
If not, expect numerous pictures of us getting lost.

We will get lost.

It took me forever to source a decent purple petticoat

The dress and petticoat FINALLY turned up this morning. All that's left is to get some heels and to change the colour of the ribbon around the middle.

Currently reworking this. Remaking the backpack to look more metallic, and properly housing the sidepiping.
Also making Brief's badges and curling the wig to make it more accurate.

Since i'm wearing this costume for Manchester Expo and Ayacon, i've decided to switch it up and change the weapon for each.
For Manchester I should have some sort of firearm, possibly a small toy gun, and for Ayacon i'm going with the golf club.
I also have everything for the wig (ribbon to make the bows from) and the glasses.
Just waiting on the costume to arrive and some boots so I can start on the legwear.
Started making the shield today, out of foam board and air dry clay. Spray paint melted the first attempt, the second came out better, it just needs fixing together now.
Soul gem has also had it's first coat of paint.
Photos of all to follow

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