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I have been working on the wings for rias, they are made from 2 sheets of poly props foam stuck together. I have dremeled around the edges to give a curved appearance and used flexi filler on any unsightly seams. They have an aluminium wire skeleton inside to help keep their shape. I've got so much more work to do on them!

Always wanted to be a cute persocom, so it's the perfect 'crap my main cosplay won't be ready, need an alternative' costume! Won't be making the dress, gonna buy one for ease, still gotta work on Yoko >.<

Need to make the top smaller so it fits ATM it's so big that it doesn't hold up haha

The shoes should have a red sole but STUFF if I'm painting the bottom of my Black Cat Cosplay shoes red and I'm not buying new boots just for Yoko for the time being. The material the costume is made from means it wrinkles quite a lot but hey ho its just sumat to live with.

just cost me A SHED LOAD OF MOnEY. It does mean though fingers crossed she will be at expo!

I've got a a lot of pieces finished but not a single one that actually stays on me as of yet :P

I've had to put this costume on hold due to the Kanu costume taking up all my time & money! I'm still hoping I can get this done for October Expo.. Fingers crossed!

I have a love hate relationship with this stuff.

lost my worbla virginity, its a peculiar material.

Started the templates for the worbla pieces of armour, I plan to do this costume out of mainly worbla and as little sewing as possible cause I'm rubbish at it! The costume on this figure is not a official one from the anime so I can tweak bits to make my life easier. I can already tell all the little squiggles will be the most annoying part!

Most people will question why I've lined the tops of the boots with fur as she doesn't have that in the cartoon. I'm trying to bring Cheetara into the real world a little bit more and not look too much like a static cartoon xD. However I still want to keep it very loyal to the 80's costume. Ok maybe the fact I absolutely LOVE (faux) fur may have something to do with it ;)

I love my wig the style is perfect except I could of done with it having a fringe so I could do pushed it back for some more oomph, oh well! I've cut some shorter layers on top so they're easier to poof up! Also cut a good few inches off the length.

Cause I'm straight out refusing to body paint for she hulk bar my face, using a zentai/bodysuit for the legs/arms etc etc. Bought 2 both a really nice green but both came & are lime green. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Bought a third one i swear if this one is lime too I will flip into the real she hulk lol.

she WILL be done for LFCC, pretty much got everything ordered I need & have a plan on how to do everything.
I have obvs ordered shoes that are not suitable!

I've thought about doing she hulk quite a lot lately but always put off by her muscly frame. I think to pull of a half decent she hulk you need to be tall, beefy & have a don't mess with me face. I have the height & i have the beef (except its fat & not muscles *le cry*)... but 1 & a half out of 3 is good enough for me.. bring it on.

Bought a resin cast replica, cost £285.... then £65 customs.... YUSODEARCUSTOMS

I gotta get into london, travel from Waterloo to another place then pick up the armour & get to expo .... not so easy when you are skintaroony!

Hopefully getting some new leg pieces made by the LOVELY Ang, i REALLY need some, other than that shes finished, even if I don't get new ones, I will still wear her :P

Not many updates on this costume, not cause I've not go my ass into gear to sort it out, I'm waiting on people for different parts etc.


A girl in the US is making me new leg pieces as the ones I had were pathetic!

.. ok so I tried to start the wings the other day, I made the basic frame & stuff. However from then on I had so many problems, I get stressed real easy with costuming things and I start to hate the outfit lol.
I don't want to do that, I refuse to just even attempt those wings again, so yeah, found some I want that wont look crap, lets just hope they are worth the £70 price tag o.o

I hope the zip ends in the correct place and the seller hasnt lied :P Its majorly shiny on the pic, not pvc just very shiny xD Hope it looks ok :D :S

Wearing L.Pool on the Sunday of LFCC.
Bought some fingerless black gloves to break up the red on the arms.. I want to add Deadpoo logos onto them but I'm not sure that I will have enough room :P

Things bought for remake:

x.New fur
x.New boots (were originally for my Catwoman costume but that is a no go now so will use them for Felicia)
x.3 wigs (YES THREE, 1st one wasnt as pictured, 2nd was SHIT, 3rd... hopefully awesome)
x.Claws (I hope to God for the sellers sake he actually SENDS me these, been waiting forever).
x.Catsuit (hopefully, waiting for the listing to end)

I'm going to be wearing Ivy a little differently from now on.. tights and shoes... body paint was almost making me cry from stress!!!!

Had alot of fun wearing Ivy at the Midlands Expo.. its helped me realize a few things for next time.

I will most likely wear tights next time.. just cause body painting is shit and takes a long time and is really stressful!

And defo sort out the costumes crotch area.. nuff said ;D

I've searched and searched and searched but I couldn't find a belt I liked in brown/tan.. so I'm going with an all black strap look instead :) Need to source a decent priced belt buckle :) Most are quite alot ..

Cosplay = money rape.

Bought a blonde ponytail hair piece for 8.50. Which will clip into my hair and out of a tiny slit in the back of the head.

I've also bought the base suit which I will mod.

I was going to upload this as a normal pic but realized the ones I have now are better xD

I've basically finished the leotard.. I cut off the normal straps but left a tiny bit of the strap, then folded that back onto itself & sewed it up creating a new bra strap holder for my see through straps :D

I finally have support in this thing woo!

Also an added bonus is that the straps I had before already had leaves sewed into them when I was testing to see how they would look if I kept them .. so I can stitch the two straps together & create her collar :D win win!

ps. ignore the wonky metal bit haha realied after the photo it was wonky D: & the threads lol I'm gonna clean it all later .. promise!

Been messing about with the green body paint, I'm just using snazaroo atm its actually working quite well.. I was expecting snazaroo to fail xD

I need to spirit gum or whatever the vines to me on the day I wear it & the wig keeps flapping in my face and making me rage so I will put some hair grips in with lil leaves on them xD

Wig drama is overr, it finally came today, when I first opened it, it was what I would call a 'rat tail wig', cause it had loads of very thin seperate curls.. so I did the one thing I probs should't of done, brushed them out :P So now its wavy/curly but without the rat tail effect! haha I'll upload a pic soon =)

still no answer from the ebay seller who posted the wig.. asked for tracking number but she hasn't replied... if its lost in the post i will actually cry cause it was perfect. I've bought some clear straps to mod the leotard wig.. the normal straps with leaves on looks odd haha.

messing about with make up.. for some reason i couldnt find any of my usual make up so I had to make do with what I could find.. quite like the look just needa work on making the green alot more even.. its kinda patchy atm xD

Stupid wig isn't here yet.. either the snow is delaying it BIG TIME or its lost in the post .. or the buyer hasn't really posted it haha.

Anyway attached a load of leaves onto my leotard.. tried it on and noticed the bits I need to add some more leaves, mainly around the legs & on the straps :).

Woo bought 2 different shades of green bodypaint, I'm not fully painting myself head to toe, I don't have time for that lol. I will be doing it.. can't describe it very well, like half skin colour half bodypainted.

Just so the skin has a tint of this green on it sort of! I will put up a pic to describe myself better when I get them :P

I'm thinking of ordering a yellow or maybe gold to highlight bits, it would also match the leotard :)

I got my Ivy vines through, they are nice just the leaves are way to small to be used to decorate the leotard with, but should be perfect for body decoration, haha! I've purchased some leaves that are 'loose' for card makers, so I don't have to bother cutting them off stalks, etc.

I've also bought the wig, I've gone for a coppery red instead of a bright red, hopefully it'll look more natural instead of very bright red & synthetic, I'm hoping it comes tomorrow :D

Found a load of church ex display Ivy vines which I will use to decorate the leotard with & make a choker & hair piece.

Also hang some of them off me too.

The picture doesn't do ANY justice for the bodysuit, it looks like It had yellow moss growing on it :P

I actually really like it, its mainly green, but had a greeny/goldy sheen to it when you move, I really like it cause it makes it less 2D and boring.

I will probably be covering up alot of it with an underbust if I can find one I'm happy with, if not, I'm quite happy with the bodysuit by itself.

After that ... onto the dreaded leaves! D:

Ohh aswell remember the reference pics, are just to inspire me im not following that design 100%

After loadsss of searching for underbusts, leotards, corsets, etc etc. I found a iridescent green/gold bodysuit which I thought could work really nice. It depends how much gold is showing, I want it too look green 88% of the time with a hint of gold in the light. Doesn't matter if its wrong I can resell :)

When I get some spare pennies I will more than likely buy this wig, I'm also going to be using it as my wig for Circe too, as long as it holds out okay =D

I've gone for this wig because of its colouring, its red, but has a hint of copper to it, which is exactly what I was looking for. It matches Ivy & Circe :D

After researching artificial plants,vines etc etc

I really like the thought of the effect I could get if I buy the vines pictures, If I attach them to the outfit and have them trailing off my arms, legs etc etc I think that should look really effective :D

YESSSS another expo costume down :D

I THINK I've finished!

I sewed a secret pocket onto the underside of my apron to carry money & camera :D

Painted with Spray Enamel & dry brushed.

Got some new paint for the shoes & now they are bright blue instead of dark blue :D

Start of Pop Gun.

Got to fill in the holes & paint it.

After debating with myself wether to bring Black Cat to expo I decided I WILL, I only plan to wear her on the Friday and thats only if I get time to get changed into her before going down to the Excel, after train rides etc.

I have done the tiniest bit of work on the wig, sprucing it up a little, I mainy brushed the tighter curls out to make them more relaxed & wavy rather than ringlets.

forgot to add pic with last journal :D

nearly finished! Got a lacey headband for the hair piece which looks good, all I need to do now is try and get a lighter blue on the shoes :D

I took my standard handcuffs and replaced the chain to a longer one, I get the feeling during the day the long chain will snap o.O Good job I have two pairs =D

Cause I feel abit of a bum for not really making most of the outfit I'm gonna mod the handcuffs I got. I will just buy some cheap chain & attach the end of the handcuffs to it, so they =are more accurate to Ryomou's long chained cuffs! :D

Next I just need a maids headpiece I CANT FIND A DECENT ONE ANYWHERE!

I still have to do the maids hairpiece & change the colour of the shoes, at the moment they are dark blue, which matches with the gloves so im not to fussed if they don't change too much. I'm having trouble making the paint on them not soak in lol.

I really like this outfit! I want to do more Ikki Tousen cosplays in the future!

Got the handcuffs today, this is officially a kinky maid outfit now lol. WITH AN EYEPATCH!

Okay first thing I want too say is i have NOT made the main body of this cosplay... I never planned too. I have no motivation or space to create cosplays from scratch right now :) If you have a problem with this then get off my page :P!

As long as I tell you I never made it & don't try to say I did then its not harming anyone :D

Ordered new gloves for the outfit & need a maids headband then it will be finished... oh maybe new stockings and paint the shoes more!

Wig came and its pretty much perfect, may give the fringe abit of a clean up atm its abit uneven looking, but other than that its awesome!

Got the new outfit, theres a few lil things that sort of bother me, mainly cause you cant tell where my forehead starts I look like I have a big balloon head lol I may also put a few stitches in on the collar to keep it in place on the day I wear it at expo.

I got to fix the shoes cause I made them for the wrong feet (not surprising, I am pretty stupid!). I like the rest of it, spandex totally shows all the areas you would rather hide haha.

Also got to make a new mask (Y)

1 month & 1 day after I ordered my Harley suit, its finally here. I am in love with it, I could live in it :D
Its really well made, and the hood which I was worried might not fit, fits amazingly! No hair shows through :D

Finding shoes like Ryomou's was becoming quite impossible, she has blue on top and black underneath, I decided the best way too go about this was platform shoes. I couldn't find non heeled decent platform boots in my giant feet size xD

I've bought the ones in my photo (they will make me like 6ft cant wait) I will paint them blue and leave the heel/platform black. I know they arent accurate, her heel is obviously not as high, but heels are sexy and will make my legs look better!

Buying a different wig from the one pictured below. Alot cheaper :)

Hope it covers my hair up at the back though xD

Been looking for suitable wigs, I found one that had a nice choppy textures etc but the fringe wouldn't of looked right.
After talking to Ms. Bambi decided best bet its just to buy a blue bob wig and style it into the right shape :)

Will probably buy the wig in the photo. Also got some shoes lined up, just hope I win the auction xD

lfcc was awesome, Black Cat seemed to go down really well, which is always good was a lil worried some people would point out Im missing the Double J boobs or whatever they are hahaha Only problem was the shoes, everybody I talked to had to listen to me moaning about my shoes. Sorry :P

I have about 6.5million blisters from them now, it was worth it.

Im going to be doing Black Cat again at Oct expo, Im going to improve some parts though. Going to look for a better fitting (basically tighter :P) catsuit and Im going to try and find some more comfortable shoes, and possibly try and add the paw shapes she has on her boots with upholstery foam, that isn't hard its just covering them in the same material as the boot which may be tricky :D

I went on a Black Cat mad one and completed her, so I could use my other days off to finish my other LFCC cosplay ^^

Plan change again! I am bringing Black Cat to LFCC but I will do her on the Sunday so I have the hotel room in the morning to get ready, it takes alot of hard work to make this face look decent! hahah

I've also had to scrap the hair Idea mainly because I figured out I would have to buy alot of the synthetic hair to make it work and it was about 15quid for a little crappy piece so stuff that! Fur ftw! Im tempted to not put any fur on the boots though, I really don't want to ruin them lol

This is the fittest thing I've ever seen lol I love it :D Ignore my face I'd only been awake litrally for 6 minutes here.

I was planning on rewearing Harley Quinn at LFCC on the Sunday, but now I think I might wear Yoko, I tried her on again and I felt alot better wearing her now than I did at Midlands. I will retire her soon because I do believe she's overdone, this would be an awesome wear to send her off. I have got ideas in my head for other versions of Yoko, just don't know if I'll ever do them :D

I couldn't be bothered to write another journal so I just did a video update instead:P

New catsuit is here and its a much better fit, it still has wrinkles in it you can't get away from them with this type of material but this one is a hell of a lot tighter fitting, which is perfect for me LOL

Got to add to O-ring to the zipper which I'll do later that will take 2 seconds, I've also been looking at what is the best way to add the fur/hair detail to the catsuit. Decided on the arm/leg pieces will be done from wefts of white hair extensions, I've seen people do it with fur and it doesn't look long enough. Saying that though, I noticed the fur around her collar is alot shorter and I have some fur left over from Felicia so I will use that around the collar. Abit of a fur/hair mixture ;D

I also completed my gloves/claws but cause I'm not very clever I forgot my hot glue gun would melt plastic claws so on some where they are stuck on it looks a little rough, you can only notice it though if your looking at it close up and in detail lol

(The photo is the old catsuit so ignore that :P)

Ok so I only did an update yesterday but ha oh well. I woke up this morning and my ID tag was here, so in my half asleep state I made the collar to go with it.

I basically had a strip of craft foam and covered it in shiny black pvc type material then I added a press stud so I could keep it on my neck without using pins (I do love using pins to keep things together cause Im lazy :D) The hardest bit was getting the tag on I ended up having to stab a hole in it with a pair of nail scissors lol :D

Super pleased with how it turned out and it actually fits :O!

Also I've brought the dreaded 6inch heeled boots and I've brought the catsuit (no way am I making one!) :D Should get them all very soon super excited <3

I got my wig today, and its so gorgeous I want to wear it all the time, afraid I'd look like a premature aging woman though with white long hair :D
It came super quick in its own little carrier bag and stuff, would highly recommend the seller :D

I've also started on the collar I've had a silver tag engraved with the words 'BLACK CAT' which I actually think it quite a sexy little touch :P I'm gonna start on making the collar soon with my spare black material I have around the house, it shouldn't really be to difficult (but it is me we're talking about).

I've also looked into some shoes, black cats shoes vary from white to black, I personally want them back with the white around the top, I've found some amazing boots, however they have a 6inch heel and abit of a platform, so I would be really really tall :D I'm not complaining though I love being taller than everybody :D I shall think about getting them, I do love them, they are so epicly heeled XD (Pic related)

I've started getting the basics of this outfit started, I brought a wig that I absolutely love I hope it looks as good in real life when I get it, it looks quite longer than Black Cat's, but I LOVEEEEE the long hair so I am not too fussed about that!

The mask was the main thing I was worried about, I brought one from xtremedesignfx, alot of people recommended them and I contacted them and sorted out priority shipping so I get it on time. This will be the dearest accessory ever, shall look sexy though!! (I hope ;D)

I wore this on the Saturday of the expo but had to take it off by 2pm because it was SO painful. The heat the shoes cuased with alot of foam and fur made them rub my feet so badly. This whole outfit never came out as good as I planned, mainly because after I completed it I lost a tiny bit of weight, but enough to make it really awkward.

The leg cuffs at the top were always falling down from being to big and the hind legs slipped a little. The belly fur also failed cause I had some crap spirit gum and when it finally stuck it seeped through and left brown stains :P

The pants were also to big and on most photos you can see a baggy bit LOL

The wig also was crushed in the suitcase bla bla bla I could go on and on with the faults, main thing is I had fun (painful fun) walking around as a half naked cat!

You are going to BURN.

Felicia is skimpy but she sure is hotttt, I mean heat way of course! The bits that are covered in fur just start cooking within 5 mins lol. BAD TIMES.

Lets hope there is a slight cool breeze at expo otherwise ill need a constant hand fan on me lol.

soo I was watching new family guy and noticed I had 3 empty cans of diet coke... I had been keeping them so I could finally so this outfit one day, sooo I just did it.

I hot glued bobby pins on the backs of the cans and put a hell of a lot of pins into the wig to keep it in place, you cant see them on photos because I photoshopped them out on the main images (but you can see them on this journal photo) :P

Im tempted to do this on the Friday in the pti bar but it takes to long and will disfigure the original wig, which I dont want cause I love the wig too much!! This is just a one off!

Really excited for May expo now, I've nearly finished Felicia, I just need to work on several bits, including the very bottom of the hind legs, the rodding in the tail, hand paws and sides of the furry pants.

The rod in the tail was weighing it down so much it was pulling the pants down *_* not good! so I'll cut in in half so Its half the weight :D

Looking forward to meetin so many people at Expo :D

I finally got some new ears from Felicia, I didn't make them though, they were from America, but I do love them, dunno why I didnt make them, I just brought on impulse these amazing cute ears from Etsy. Good job not goin in the masquerade anymore :P

I also made all ofFelicia's claws glittery, It's really cute and glam xD

Im still really unsure about the felicia pants I've made they really are skimpy! I also need to remake her tail because its so fat its heavy and pulls the skimpy pants down LOL NOT GOOD

I also finally got a sewing machine so I sewed up Felicia's hind legs and now they are tight and fit alot better :D

I had a photoshoot today with Hannah who is also my cousin xD

Was pretty fun but was v. quick cause it was freezin! Got some cool photos some I need to work on more cause I post process the photos myself after Hannah has took them.
I found out though bits of my costume need work on before May. One of my glove fingers has broke, one of my bracelets in broke and I need to majorly work on de-stickyfying the enamel paint on my shoes!

I tried backcombing this wig earlier and it failed badly. Therefore I cut some layers into the wig so they wouldnt be as heavy when it came to backcombing them again. However I got bored so I curled the wig, but as most heat resistant wigs they are also curl resistant so it came out as waves, which was good enough. I then used my fingers to break the waves up and tease them a little, once I had finally done the whole wig it was alot easier to poof up, I still havent tried backcombing it again, the poofyness you can see in the WIP pic is just from all the waves and finger teasing :D

I need to totally remake my ears though xD

Ohhh ps. there is a clip in my wig because I havent figured out how to make the fringe stay back yet so its just clipped back atm :D

I shall be bringin Yoko to may expo im not 100% sure when I shall wear her though Saturday later on in the day possibly ahh I dunno but look out for me as Yoko sometime at May expo :D

I made Felicia's furry pants big to cover my dignity, but I thought meh I have nothing to lose so I've remade them into furry skimpy pants which are more accurate to felicias design. I just hope I dare wear them out in public at the expo & I dont get arrested for indecent exposure LOL

Lady gaga is now officialy finished, I have the gloves, which was the final part of the cosplay :) See you everybody who isnt going Kitacon and going Memorabilia haha not many :P

I got my hair ribbon from the nearest market to me today, was only 2 pound :D Her hair ribbons are lighter in photos, but Felicia is a glam pussy cat so glitter suits her well :D

I got my wig and its gorgeous I love the colour and its so soft and lovely and heat resistant so its awesome, I had to pay extra customs charges though so it ended up being dear, but worth it :) Now for backcombing!

Yay for my Lady Gaga logo woo!

Made from red pvc :)

ive had ago at the make up quickly but im not sure about it the bolt is defo to big but I can adjust that, Ive also got a plan on how I shall customise the leotard, just hope I can get it done before Saturday, may take lady gaga to memorabilia but im still unsure!

How tempted am I to take Lady Gaga to Memorabilia?!

Its not really the right kind of scene for her though, but then again I dont care :P

I got my wig today yay its probably not as platinum as Lady Gaga's hair but im glad its not because it suits my skin tone much better :D

Yay I got my fur and my parcel tape patterns worked! The fur was quite a splash out for me, im quite tight but im soo glad I did spend the extra as its really nice fur :D

I furred the paws, was a little tricky gettig it around the heel and up the sides because the shoes are like little thin strappy cage shoes, but I did it I may put a few sly stitches in to help hold the fur up the sides :)

I dont know how fursuiters do it, just doing Felicias 2 feet is enough for me, so basically now my feet are all covered up in parcel tape so I can cut it off and make a pattern from it.. I get my fur tomorrow (hopefully) which im REALLY excited about :D

Wish me luck for the furring!

I finished my modelling clay claws, now i have to painstakingly wait for them to dry before painting them etc. Some reason this cla I brought isnt ovenbake, doh.

I also officially brought my fur I lost the bid i placed on some wicked fur in the last 5 seconds.... ¬¬

So I just got it on buy it now off ebay so I know i 100% have it!

It was epic being Yoko at Midlands expo, I had such an awesome time and it was doubly awesome being in the masquerade!

Yoko's shoes have defo been the worst part of this cosplay, I tried acrylic paint, PVA glue, pvc material, permenant marker and last but not least enamal paint. I'm sticking with the enamal paint, but of course with all these trial and errors my boots basically look... a mess! I had to sandpaper the old acrylic paint off, which sort of spread the red everywhere so now I have enamal flames and abit of red acrylic mess around them, going to have to erase the red mess with some sort of white paint.

Now im working on finishing my rifle which i also just a big mess atm, added some craft foam parts on bits to try and give it a less cartoony look, atm it just doesnt look like a realistic rifle looks like a cartoon style rifle xD My main worry is the barrel on the end which looks the messiest, because I can deattach it I may take it off and paper mache the whole barrel to even it out, I dunno only have 19 days now xD

Oh and I forgot to mention my shorts are still uncomplete xD AHH ONLY 19 DAYS *fail*

Im ordering a new wig for this cosplay tomorrow my poor 51" wig cant stand two days of expo, so Im splashin the cash on another wig which will be alot more realistic to yokos hair, which means more work finding chop sticks *sigh*

My 51" red wig will be then swapped and used for the stewardess version :D

Ive finally completed 99% of my Yoko cosplay today with the delivery of my polystyrene balls which where the final pieces I needed for my Yoko bracelets.

Now I've got to either repaint or attach pvc flames onto my Yoko boots, I've tried paint before, they look wicked till you walk and it crumbles off... I covered the boot in PVA glue and this made it peel off worse :/ So pvc flames may be the way forward!

I also need to fix my rifle and measure it to make sure its not over 1.5m! The barrel at the end is wonky atm but nothing abit of duct tape can't sort out ^^

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