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I have been attending Amine Con's and Events ever since 2005, but I never cosplayed until 2006 because I was overloaded with courseworks at university and had no sewing skills. What convinced me to start working on my first cosplay was going to Octobers Expo back in 2005 as I was with a group of friends in cosplay and they were having so much fun that I felt realy left out. I choose Osaka Azumnaga Daioh as my first cosplay because I greatly lack the knowledge in sewing and since I was living in an uni accomadation with no fabric/wig shops around, I wanted to keep my first costume simple.

My favourite cosplay will have to be Sakura from Tsubasa (Clow country/coins artbook costume) because it was the costume I wanted to make ever since I started the cosplay hobby, but I thought it was too difficult so I pushed it back for more then 2 years. I finally have the courage to make it after completing Ashe's wedding dress in May 2008.

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Fabric choices ranging from polyester, cotton and duchess satin which I will use the wrong side to hide the shininess (mostly from my spare pile), there is more red then what you see in the photo at over 8 metres?

Lilac is left over from Victorique Gosick, purple is supposed to be for Karen Mermaid Melody which I have not got round making her idol dress yet, deep purple was brought by mistake back in 2008? and never used it, white is left over from Rachel Alucard. The only fabric which I had to buy was yellow though I will need to purchase more white unless i can find ny left over in my mountain of fabrics.
Finally, I don't know why or when did I purchased over 8 metres of red???

Doing a test rough draft of the wings and making the base.

I swear, my room turned out to be more then a bomb site just by making this!!!! Don't ask how, but got sewing equipment all over the floor, threads & tonnes of fabric everywhere!!!! Btw, this is not complete yet as still got a lot to do.

Anyways decide to sort of put this together and lay it on my bed while I tidy up the floor. I don't know what the parts are called, but one advantage is I made the white part on top removable and added hidden strong wires in between those big black armour things, such that this entire thing folds in half in the middle making easier to pack and transport.

Apologise I make no sense in naming things

I started to work on the back of Ichii-Bal. Don't know what this detail is called, but materials I used are polystyrene, milliput, foam board, foam, aluminium wires, hot glue gun, acrylics.

Made the armour using foam, covered with a stiff fabric (Don't know the name) and painted with acrylics.

Ignore the clear tapes, I used it as a test to see how well the armour works before I officially glue everything together with a hot glue gun.

I got this hair ribbon from Spirit of the Stage as an early Christmas present. I love the quality, but it is a bit too big, so may amend it however need to see how it will look with the wig before any amendments.

All the bits of the armour to attach to the waist are cut out and painted. I still got a long way to go & I need to paint the edges black. Not sure how to attach all the parts which still got to make, but I Hope this works otherwise I will cry.

Using the diagram and measurements I worked out as a rough guide. I cut out 4 pieces of the waist armour from foam board. I decided to make the armour doubled layered for extra strength.

Did a rough sketch on squared paper of the armour and used some Maths to work out the lengths to enlarge to scale. This pretty much seems reasonable, but the measurements are too small, hence I re-worked everything again on the red paper.

I have been searching for a suitable pattern for around 5 months and have no luck. Ebay, Simplicity, McCalls, my local markets etc... don't have a suitable pattern. I am mostly looking for a swimsuit pattern which I can modify, however the patterns only work if I use a 2 way stretch fabric. Next idea was to find a bunny suit pattern because the base of Chris' costume looks like a bunny suit with added extras, however still had no luck.

With time going past so quickly and no joy of a pattern, I have decided to make my own pattern. With the help of my friends, Sephy-Chan and Mrs Crimson, they both did several measurements on me and a rough draft of the pattern, I eventually made a pattern myself. Pattern is currently a rough draft cut out of newspaper which may need some amendments. I will try the pattern on some scrap fabric and hope it works.

I've done a major amount of cutting to the wig. The wig fibres are so lovely and soft which I was sad to see the wig go short. At least the wig is looking more like Chris' hair and I kind of like how I achieved a wig with so much volume from a very flat wig.

Wig is not finished yet, I still need to fix the back of wig.

Everyone knows I hate making gloves or anything well fitted. The last attempts of my glove making skills turned out to be horrible and not well fitted. Since long black gloves are easy to find in party shops and reasonably priced, I brought a pair to save the hassle of trying to make a perfect pair. I dislike buying any cosplay sources from party shops because of the cheap and poor quality of products, however gloves and socks are the only exceptions because unlike wigs, they don't look cheap and/or tacky.

Found these shoes at Primark for £12. They are reasonably accurate for the base of Chris shoes and they only cost £12 - so why not? Got to love the platform and heel for more accuracy.

The only thing which will make the shoes slightly inaccurate are the straps which the problem can be solved by removing them. I most likely will keep the straps to avoid the shoes coming off whilst walking because the costume seems to be difficult to motivate & I can't keep bending over to fix the shoes.

The wig did not have a fringe, so ended up cutting the front bits of the wig to create a fringe.

Wig is not complete yet as it requires more volume and major cutting at the back. The only thing which I will not be able to achieve is to make those hair bits defy gravity.

Left pic is before and right pic is the result. Photos are taken on different times of day, hence the variation in lighting.

Have not started on the cosplay yet, however found these socks which I might use. The colour is slightly too dark and has a tinge of blue, then again I have no idea where to find pale green socks which are knee length. This is the closest pair I can find.

I have started to add all the details on the coat, so can happily say it's 95% complete.

I have used approximately 6 metres of white bias binding, 4 white round buttons and 2 oval red jewels.

On the bright side, the coat fits me well and very comfortable, however it will kill me in the heat.

The base coat was a pain to make because the pattern which I brought only works for the top of the coat and sleeves, however the cuffs, collar and skirt part was done by guess work since I can't find a proper pattern and time is running out. AyaCon is a month away and I will never get this complete if I don't get a move on, especially since I have to work full time.

I can't say I am fully 100% satisfied with the base, but at least this still works and it fits, so next will be the more fun and easy part which is adding the white bias binding and details.

Decided to take a trip down to my local Homebase. I brought 3 x pipes (size 22mm x 2m) and 3 x twin packs of pipe connectors. Costs £14.67 in total and only got half of the pipes and 1/4 of the connectors needed. Sadly they don't have anymore instock, so I will either have to wait for them to restock or source another local Homebase to buy the remaining pipes/connectors needed. Buying online will be a last resort because I dislike paying for postage when they are available to buy in store.

Plans will be to cut the pipes in half since they are too long, so I will get 2 pipes in one.

I have started to work out a plan for the cannons by looking at several reference images. Since the cannons are massive (size is estimated to be approximately the same height as Chris), I preferably want to make them detachable for the convenience.

Some suggestions which I came across are cardboard tubes, mop handles etc... after some thought I might be making the prop from overflow pipes and their connectors. This means I will need to buy 6 pipes (will cut in half to make 12) and 24 connectors for each end, however will need to think if this will work before I go ahead with this decision.

Maybe something like this:-
Pipe - http://www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=110&storeId=10151&partNumber=466881
Connector - http://www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=110&storeId=10151&partNumber=467602

Been working on this 4 hours non-stop after work.

My bad - I never adding lining or bonding and yet I made all those details first which still needs to be sewn onto the bodice. Pretty much spent 4 hours making details. Ignore all those loose threads to be cut and the pins. Buttons are not sewn on properly, so they kept moving out of position.

Took almost an entire day to make & hem those ruffles, the bad news is I am running out of pink fabric, so let's hope the remaining pieces of fabric will be enough.

Wig arrived through the post today and I am happy with the quality. I was not too sure for the colour, however looking at several images of Chris, it's perfect. I suppose Chris' hair colour slightly varies dependant on the artwork?

The fringe seems to be longer then expected, then again a wig too long is better then too short because I can always cut, but never add. I will need to do some major styling to the wig, so I hope I don't mess up.

I've decided to buy the wig nice and early such that it will give plenty of time for styling. Just a shame there are no pre-styled wigs for Chris despite the series has already aired year and a half ago.

I still had my eyes set on the Alice Pandora Hearts wig which I found 3 months ago, however it will require styling. An important specification when I buy wigs for styling are heat resistant, volume, thickness and quality fibres, therefore I am hesitant to purchase from sellers I never used before as quality cannot be guaranteed from their description.

After hours of searching from some of the popular sellers with quality wigs such as Cosplaywig, Charrisa_Kids, Ayanamisatoru etc.. I found the perfect colour from MoeMall which is not entirely white or silver, but it has a tinge of blue/purple. I hope the sellers photo or my computer monitor does not display the colour different from the natural colour to eye.

Will need to work out how to style this wig when it arrives.

Costs = £23.19

Started to work on the skirt today and I kind of like how the skirt flares out by itself and the fact that my hideous face is a bit blurry

I have made the front panel too oversized, so it will need major alterations. Also, I still need to hem and sew the skirt together properly, hence the reason why I am holding the skirt.

Since the only reference picture of the dresses is exaggerated, it was difficult to determine the actual size and shape of the skirt. The older characters skirts seem to be short at the front and long at the back whereas the younger characters skirt seem to be short all the way round?

Random Note :- This is good practice for making Godoka's skirt for when I make the dress next year.

Used a pattern for the bodice and still need to sew the whole thing together properly, hem, add lining, add boning etc...

Since I am a short ass, the bodice pattern is too long for me, so need to cut it shorter.

Just started to make the Bardiche. Sadly I may not have time or money to make the Zanber, but can only hope.

I brought a clear Christmas bobble from Paperchase on a "3 for 2" sale, costing £1.50 each, so went ahead and brought 3 since I plan to make all forms of the Bardiche and Raising Heart, hence I will need loads of sphere shaped objects. Ideally, I wanted a clear or opaque yellow bobble to save the hassle and mess, but sadly I could not find one available, so had no choice but to buy a clear one and paint it.

I have choosen to use glass paint since it gives the best effect for a smooth surface. Also, it dries transparent, so if I ever got the chance, money or skill, I will attempt to make this light up!

I had problems finding heart shaped buttons in the right colour for almost 6 months, so went with plan B to buy white or clear heart buttons and paint it dark purple.
I brought Marabu Porcelian paint especially for this which is very expensive for £2.69 for a 15ml bottle, but it's worth it because the result is amazing! The paint works very well for a smooth surface, gives a shiny and smooth touch (almost look as though it's originally purple & not painted) and unlike arcylic, the paint does not easily flake off.
I totally am happy with this ♥

I made the skirt without a pattern because I did not find a suitable pattern online or in the shops, so rather spend more time searching, I jumped in the deep end and attempted to make a head start.

Skirt is made from cotton drill and the red details are some scrap fabric left over from my Rachel Alucard cosplay. I can't say I am 100% happy with the skirt result because I have made the red parts and yellow triangles too big and I can not adjust to correct this error.

Since I have plenty of spare fabric, I will plan to remake after when I finish the coat and cape.

The only reference picture of the dresses is exaggerated, especially the skirt and since my group wanted our dresses to be as matching as possible, I went ahead and sketched an non-exaggerated version of the dress. I sketched the back and close up details so everyone can use the same design for a more convincing match.

The actual dress design may vary from the sketch being dependant if everyone in the group is happy with the sketch.

Apologises for the poor photo quality since this was taken on my phone camera.

The worst thing when your making a cosplay from black colour-fast fabric is when the costume will consists of some white parts. I took this in consideration, so when I almost completed the base of Fate's coat of her barrier jacket, I hand washed the base by soaking and rinsing in warm water several times until the water is almost clear. Gawd, the water literately turned black at the first time! Since the water is not 100% clear, I might go through this process 2-3 more times again.
*Looks at time...... 4:15am*
Can't believe I stayed up this late to wash a WIP cosplay which took hours to go through this process, but should be well worth it as it will stop dying the white binding and white cape.
For now, I am leaving the coat to dry and depending how tired I feel - I should give it another wash, then add the white bindings and/or work on the cape & skirt.
At least I don't have to work until Wednesday morning, so have plently of time to rest.

I've been searching for a suitable wig for quite a while, but there is no real wig for Chris. I've seen loads of wigs which will work for other characters in Symphogear such as Kanade, Tsubasa, Hibiki etc... however no wigs for Chris, so moved to another plan of finding the right colour wig which is long and attempt to style.

I am very unsure what colour is Chris' hair - I'll say silver with a tinge of blue? Since the colour is very uncommon, if I did a colour search, it will give hundreds of results of the wrong colour wig, so moving onto plan B to narrow down searches which is look for common Anime characters with similar hair colour and length, I eventually found a silver Alice wig from Pandora Hearts which I can style into Chris' and this is put on top of my list so far.

At the moment I don't have the money for a wig, so I will keep this in mind for when I buy a wig for this cosplay.

This is my test pattern for the base of the black coat, however I might as well use this for the final piece if it looks good after ironing though will need some alterations and need to add the collar, plus buy fabric for the lining etc.. Ignore safety pins and the fraying fabric. I still need to hem and sew everything together properly, but you get the just of it.

My first time making a long coat and the hardest part is probably the skirt thing because could not find a suited pattern, so I cut out the fabric by guess work!

My Fate figma and figure for my main references. I tend to like to use figures as reference as opposed to the original artwork because of the 360 degree angle, 3D image and you get to see the volume of the costume. Artbook references can be inconsistent!
I especially like figmas as a main reference due to being able to pose the figure in a certain way to see other parts of the costume.

I was debating whether I should 1) make the coat as one long one OR 2) seperate the top coat from the skirt cape thing which will make things easier however it will be a bit inaccurate compared to option 1 though the red belt will cover this feature so no one will know. After messing around with some patterns, I am going ahead with option 2. I used my Fate figma as my main reference for a good 360 degree angle. The top jacket will consist up to 8 pieces to construct which makes everything more difficult to predict the shape of the skirt by trying to combine 8 pieces (since the coat is in an unsual shape, it will be mainly guess work) and besides I think the skirt will look better as one piece as opposed to 8 pieces when I look at both my Reinforce and Hayate skirt cape thing.

Photo details - This is just a test piece of the coat. It took hours to study the reasonable pattern which I was scared to try out. It works but will require some adjusting, especially to the front centre panel. Since my practice piece is made from a suitable fabric and works, I might use this as my final piece though will need some major ironing and see if it works with adding lining and facing.

8 metres of white duchees brought @ £4.99 per metre. I love the quality and price, plus the fabric is not too shiny.

I hope 8m will be enough to make this dress, otherwise I will have to go on another shopping spree for more fabrics!

New nail polish colour. Whilst nail colour is a very minor detail, I just found the perfect colour by pure luck from Natural collection which only costs £1.89. I love the pearly pink colour though probably need to add 2 layers to each nail since the vanish is thin.

Victorique wig & bonnet test - I should have tested this months ago just incase there are any problems and if styling is required, it will give time to fix this. However, good news is the shape and style is perfect, especially love how the fringe and sides are cut, so leaving the wig as it is.

Unfortunately the wig colour turned out a little darker then the sellers photos, so it will not be a convincing match to Jeff's Cordelia wig anymore. Also the seller stated the length is 120cm and since I am only 156cm, I expected the length to be up to my knees, but I supposed the curls effect the length. Either way, this wig still works for Viccy.

I did enough to Kanade, so it's now wearable for the masquerade. I just need to sort out the wig by styling to give a bit more volume & wear approximately 30-35 hair grips to stop my hair sliding out of the wig. Since this is only for a progress shoot, I can't be bothered to spend 5-10 minutes shoving my hair under a wig properly. I also need to add a bit of make up, but again I can't be bothered to spend more then 30 minutes to apply make up for a test shoot.

I tend to not take photos of the back of my progress pics, but the back Kanade's dress is more pretty! so back and side pics is a MUST!
I apologise in advance for the poor photo quality. I used the timer on my camera <.<"

White wing added onto the dress (sort of) what your seeing is the details being pinned onto the dress, so need to sew them on properly. You may realise, I moved the pink back section thingy a little down to see it looks better, but obviously makes everything worser? I might re-make the wing as not 100% happy with it.
Also, attaching all those details makes the dress very heavy, it drags the bodice down a little and makes it look ugly, so need to somehow fix this problem.

I drew out a template for the white wing to be attached to the back of the dress. I used one of the pink pieces for the back of the dress to get an idea for the measurement and sizes.

With luck, the white wing will defy gravity.

(Note - pink dress piece will need ironing)

Just a bit more progress on Kanade's concert dress showing the back detail and I will need to attach the back white wing somehow. I also completed the red jewel necklack, but difficult to see in the photos due to my messy long hair hiding it!
I pretty much look stupid, but at least I look slightly taller and thinner. Those shoes are abit too big so need to buy something to make them more well fitted.

I swear putting on the dress is more difficult then expected especially fitting those back details by myself, so will need an assistant at Minami to help me put those damn things on!

This is my first time doing some embroidery by hand which took hours & still not even half way done. I could have painted the rose pattern which is way quicker, however I think embroidery will look much better & I am always up to trying new techniques and methods.
The embroidery did not turn out the way I wanted as I've made several errors though can't be too harsh on myself when I got no experince.

Just ignore my stupid face and pose, my face looks terrible in every progress pic (almost tempted to blank my face out)

This is just a quick test shoot of adding some details to my Kanade Symphogear concert dress. The base of the dress is now 90% sewn together though my weight changing is not helping my progress at all 0.o Not entirely sure if I like the overall look so far because the choker and the start of the pink section attached to the back of the dress looks a bit weird, however I love the comfort of the dress and how parts of the costume defies gravity.

This a certainly a pain in the ass to make, caused so much pain by accidently stabbing my self with the needle several times and by far the most difficult dress I've made. Nanoha's pink ball dress was twice as easy to make despite the volume and masses of fabric, Kanade's dress on the other hand has too many complicated and/or unusual shapes, sizes and patterns 0.o Even the dress is abit diffiuclt to get on, in particular the back details, so will need someone to help me get the damn details on!

It's ashame, I can't get this to be perfectly matched or even similar matching to Princess_Marina's Tsubasa concert dress because I have no idea of the seller who made her cosplay so unsure of the techniques or fabrics he used, but as long as we have fun that is all that maters.

Base of the dress is almost done, just need to feel 100% happy to s
ew the entire base together *coughusedsafetypinsinthephotocough* The bodice is horrible due to my weight constantly changing all the time, but I don't know if I have time to remake.
Whats left to do is make the details - the wings, choker, the pink half skirt thing (or whatever you call it?) and wig styling!

Whilst fabric shopping with my friend Sephy-Chan (Hayate cosplayer) back in November 2012, we both could not find a suitable non-shiny fabric at a reasonable price and available in both baby pink & yellow, however we both found various colours of good quality Duchess satin for £4.99 per metre.
I went ahead and chosen the shade of baby pink for Fate and sadly there was no pale yellow in the same fabric, however we found a very pale gold which will work with the dress, so went ahead with this option.

Progress so far! (Lighting is weird) I like the white overskirt, but very unsure if I like the purple overskirt or bodice. I still yet to make the oversized sleeves smaller.

PLEASE NOTE - It is very difficult to zip up the back of the dress by myself, especially the bodice, hence I am holding the back. I will need the help of my Minami roomie *looks at Hollie* Also, the skirt length will be hitched up a little as I'm not wearing my 4 inch heels in this progress pic.

This needs some serious ironing and will do so once I complete the whole damn thing. I need to take a break, but I am so dedicated today such that I finally made the last white layer and sewn it onto Viccy's underskirt. This means underskirt is now complete, so need to work on the lilac overlayer and somehow complete the bodice.

The next step took an entire day with big breaks in between, but managed to complete the 2nd layer of ruffles/laces onto Victorique's underskirt. Now to make & add the 3rd layer, then make the final lilac layer on top.
Skirt is feeling it's weight, all the layers are making it so heavy, so I am currently double hooping the petti coat for more support!

My 2nd attempt of Victorique's bodice. Aparently my 1st time using this new pattern which did not turn out too well, especially since I have a large waist and small bust which is not the best combination of using patterns. First attempt turn out too tight and second attempt turned out too big. Ah well, too big is always better then too small as I can always make it smaller, but I can't make it bigger! The sleeves are oversized, so will amend them to make them smaller! Now I am going to work on the skirt which is twice as easy to make compared to the bodice and sleeves.

Unsure if I like the lacing or not? I pinned 10cm laces on Viccy's top for a test. Most likely go ahead with this and sew it on properly as I am lazy to make laces/ruffles.

I have adjusted my Nanoha Force hoop skirt to statisfy the poof of Viccy's lilac dress. I do not intend to rewear Nanoha's barrier jacket anytime soon or next year, so hopefully no one will encourage me to cosplay as Nanoha again, otherwise I have to amend the hoop skirt again! Amending hoops skirts are easy, but very time consuming.

Fabric used for the base of underskirt is thick white cotton and still got a long way to go as I only added one layer of ruffles which took a whole week, then again I work full time and been having a lazy cosplay moment.

Shoes were from my Nanoha pink ball dress. As usual I got no money to buy new shoes & a Viccy wig will come in priority of my money. The shoes work well with Viccy's dress, so can't complain even though those 4 inch heels will kill my feet again!

I made this bonnet for Viccy. I still need to add the ribbons and sew/glue everything together as it was only pinned onto the foam head. Not 100% happy with this, so considering a re-make.

NOTE:- This is my Chii Tsubasa wig and will NOT be using this for Viccy. Also, the faom head is a lot smaller then my head, hence the bonnet looks a little too big.

Went fabric shopping in Birmingham in Fancy Silk Store and there were tons of lilac and white fabrics which made decisions of fabric choices really difficult. I was debating whether to make the dress from a non-shiny fabric or with a tinge of shine from duchess satin. Both fabric choices will work well with the costume design, however I eventaully decided to go for a non-shiny fabric because I think it will slightly suit the dress more.

Fabric choosen is 100% cotton. I brought some thick white cotton for £5.99 per m and lilac cotton for £4.99 per m. The darker purple fabric is duches satin which was originally brought for Karen Mermaid Melody cosplay which I never got started making, so thought I will use it up for Viccy and since the fabric has a tinge of shine which may slightly clash with the other fabrics ont he dress, I will be using the non-shiny side.

Bank holiday weekend and staying home today and tomorrow to be cheap, so what do I end up doing to stop myself from getting bored with no money? More work on Kanade's dress. Don't really need to finish this till next year, but starting too early is always better then too late and bearing in mind I still need to start on Victorique Gosick which will require a lot of time, effort and money.
Bloodly hell this took around 2 hours and still incomplete. Had to take the bodice apart such that the red details can be easily appliqued. Need to cut out some bondaweb and use an iron, then stitch everything back together again (Ignore all pins)

made a start on Kanade's concert dress from Symphogear. Bad quality photo using a phone camera in the mirror, anyways ignore safety pins and my moody expression (I sometimes feel like blanking out my face) Still got a long way to go! Bodice base is approx 75% complete as I need to add some interfacing & applique the red details, also this does not help the pattern failed on me due to my large waist and stomach size. I finished adjusting the petti coat... Dat poof!!!! Does not look like a Kanade costume so far, infact I look like a ballerina 0_o When I progress, hopefully this will look good & more Kanade-ish.

Admittingly I hate using patterns because I am a very weird size and no matter pattern I use, I will always end up spending too much time altering patterns. Since, I have no clue how to make Fate's coat & top to a reasonable fit without a pattern, I guess this leaves myself with no choice. The cape, skirt and bottom part fo the coat can be made without a pattern provided I make the right pattern choice by guess work.

Since Fate's coat design is very unsual, it would be difficult to find a perfect match pattern, so I sourced several coat designs online and found a Burda coat pattern in which the front and collar is perfect match, though will have to make a couple of alterations, especially to the bottom of the coat.

Cost £3.70 + £0.85 Postage = £4.55

Since there were several things which I hate about this dress, I've spent some time trying the improve the damn thing!

I have added an extra layer inside the bodice to make it more stiff, plus spent hours beading which made me fell asleep hugging the dress at night.

Also re-made the necklace for a similiar match to the artwork and re-made the bow though not sure if I prefer the new or original bow, so I think I'll take both bows and decide which to use on the day.

Still yet to re-make those horrible gloves!!!!!

And the purpose for the close up pic on the left is to show the beading work on the bodice as a new addition.

Only managed to beable to attach 2 pairs of wings onto the cosplays, so need to figure out how to attach the last pair which will be placed somewhere below my waist.

This is my first attempt of making wings, so the final result did not turn out the way I wanted though too late to re-make.

I felt so awful because my Vivio cosplay is not doing well. With only 3 weeks left until AmeCon, this means I got no time to make the cosplay out of scratch, especially since I need to concentrate on my Hayate cosplay and I messed up adjusting my Ricco cosplay to make it into Vivio. I decided to do some last minute shopping from Ebay. Luckly I found a suitable yellow vest and white short sleeve short for a good price of £6.98 and £4.47 respectively which includes shipping from a UK seller, so was able to put the costume together at the last minute.

Since, most of the costume is pretty much closet cosplay and the yellow vest is abit too bright, I don't think I did Vivio enough justice, then again I would feel bad if I had to drop this cosplay for AmeCon because vdaysnowstorm will be coming from the US to cosplay as Einhart for me, so I promised that I WILL get Vivio complete for her.

The wig still requires some styling, then I need to clip those hair ribbons properly onto the wig.

Whlist the shoes is a very minor part of the dress since the dress will cover whatever is underneath the skirt, it can make a difference to the length of skirt depending on the size of the heel, so will need to buy the shoes before making a start to the actual dress.

Originally was going to use my white shoes which was worn for my pink Nanoha ball dress, but realised the 4 inch killer heels will make me DEAD and they are not in a good condition anymore.

My white boots from Body Line finally arrived through the post. They are comfortable, expect I need to loosen the laces from the top since they are abit tight around my legs. One thing I realised is the boots takes too much luggage space, so will use my Lolita shoes (also from Body Line) as a back up since they are comforatble, suitable and most importantly, take up less luggage space. The heels are only 1cm higher then the boots, so they should work well.

Hoping to buy boots for my Rin IS cosplay within the next 1-3 weeks (depends how well my bank balance can handle my car insurance due at the end of the month)

It appears near impossible to find a perfect pair of boots, especially since I am a weird shoe size. I picked out the best 3 which me and my friends found and debating which pair to buy? If anyone can find a better and more accurate pair at a reasonable price will be helpful though the size must be 3.5 UK (or 4 though preferably 3.5 for a more comfortable fit) and heel height must be no more then 4 inches.

- 1 has the right sole colour and 3 inch heels (I'm a short ass)
- 2 is the best matching yellow colour
- 3 may reach above my knees & needs to be cut short and I can use the left overs to make the flaps???

Costume fits perfectly though skirt is very short, plus yellow hair ribbons and socks are too oversized and needs adjusting.

The wig needs to be re-styled again! it was a bitch to straigthen and the pigtails are begining to curl again. Note to self - use hair spray!!!

I need to buy yellow orche lace boots which are a pain to find because where the hell can I find size 3.5 boots?

Rin wig (Infinite Stratos) 95% straighten, the other 5% are parts inside the pigtails which I accidently missed, but at the moment I can't be bothered to do more wig styling work.

As mentioned in my status, this was a bitch to get the pigtails straight because of the thick and long length of each pony tails which requires a lot of time, water and heat to get it straight!!!! Despite the wig being heat resistant, I was still hesistant to use a hair dryer or any heating materials as I get parinoid that the wig fibres will melt >.<" Styling wigs are not my speciality and I'm still learning though I did straigthen my Madoka wig last year, it was nothing as long and thick. Ideally I should have brought a straight wig which will cut down on all this hassle of styling, but I did not find one in the right shade of brown.... ah well... it's done now and the result is reasonable.

Now. I need to work out if I want to thin out the layers of the wig and/or mcut the pigtails shorter since the length of wig has grown longer. Got to try this on before deciding.

BRACELET COMPLETE!!!!! and it looks like a wedding bracelet too.

This took almost an entire day to make because the threading of invisible thread took forever and it was tedious! At least I got the boring part done and dusted, well until I start to make the neckllace, I will be using the same method provided I can buy the same jewels from Hobby Craft.

3 layers of thin white satin ribbon has been glued to the bracelet and the final touch is making a bow on where the bracelet links.

This is not 100% accurate because it's difficult to get a decent reference picture of a small detail though in the "making video" they showed one brief close up of the actual bracelet and one error which I've made is the cup of the jewels (or whatever they are called?? the things which holds the jewels in place) are gold and NOT silver. Ah well, I'm not going to re-make unless I have time and besides, I did struggle to find gold, nevertheless, I'm not a perfectionist on minor details which are not noticable.

Managed to make a start to the bracelet because looking through all my craft materials, I have some aluminum wire, invisible thread, white ribbon and at least 20 white/silver jewels which is enough to materials for the bracelet.

Braclet is made by bending and cuting the wire into right shape, then adding the jewels using an invisble thread with needle. For extra support such that the jewels don't fall off easily if in the worst senerio the thread breaks, glue has been added.

Bracelet is not 100% finished as still need to add the white ribbon.

A start to the dress and DAT skirt is BLOODY MASSIVE!!!!!! I'll probably call it a KILLER DRESS!!!!!!

I've decided to use a 6 hoop skirt with a layer of muslin and it the skirt size turned out bigger then expected. Circumference of the hem of skirt is approximately 385cm, though the muslin layer makes the skirt overall above 4 metres. I am unsure if I should go back using my original 4 hoop skirt as used for my pink Nanoha ball dress (see - http://www.cosplayisland.com/costume/view/51055) but 4 hoops is too small and as I have experinced with my Rachel Alucard and Sakura pink dress, it may not handle the weight of a skirt with so many layers, so I can't win either way.

Anyways, I'll think I'll stick with a 6 hoop and can always adjust the hoops to make the skirt smaller if nessecary.

I will make a start on the skirt once I brought the shoes as I am more likely to buy heels and can not predict the length of fabric to cut without knowing the size of the heels.

Already made 3 wings, so 3 left to go though it does not mean I am half way because I only made the smaller sized wings. The bottom 2 wings are the largest which I will take more longer to make and it will mean my poor fingers will have to suffer the pain of burning myself with the hot glue gun.

The wings do not look symmetric in the photo because of the angle T_T
All the wires will be sorted out once I complete all 6 wings, then the hard part maybe finding a way to attach them to the costume.

Since Spirit_of_the_Stage and Jeff (and I think Wing_Zero aswell) have already comissioned their costumes from the same seller, I've decided to contact the seller and go ahead with the comission too which will give them 2 and a half months to make, so plently of time for the seller to make and recieved costume in time.

Bad news is it took away £85.18 of my bank balance. Ah well, if the group goes ahead at AmeCon 2012, which it should, this will be worth it as I always wanted to join a full Infinite Stratos group.

Next step is to find suitable boots which is difficult since I'm looking for winter shoes in an slightly obscure colour during the end spring/early summer. The best pair of boots I have found are Spica brand for £61 + £33 shipping and there is no way I can afford to pay £94 on a pair of boots which I am going to wear for a couple of times, so I guess I am back to searching. My friend, however gave me a link to a similiar pair of boots on Ebay for £29.99 including shipping, however the length is just below my knees which is too high unless I can find a way to adjust. Anyways, since I already spent just over £85 (costume) + £33 (wig), I don't have enough to afford the shoes right now, so will have to wait until my next pay. Probably buy the boots within the next month which gives time to look for a more accurate pair at a decent price.

Sequences and jewels all brought from the same shop and admittingly I cleared out the shop with all all the gold sequences and the person at the checkout was wondering why I need all those sequences for???

I need loads of gold for the oganza over skirt layer. Unsure if I will need this much, however having too many is better then too little, afterall the dress is massive so who knows.

As for the other jewels, I still need to buy some more in different shapes and sizes... *cries* What the picture is showing is almost £40 worth of jewels/sequneces and looks as though I m,ay have to dig out another £30+ to get more!!!!

The right pair is from Ebay which is more accurate and cheaper at £22 including shipping, however uncertain about the comfort and quality???
The left pair is from BodyLine for £49 including shipping, more expensive but I can guarantee the quality and comfort as my last couple of Body Line shoes which I brought are very comfortable. The advantage of buying this pair is that they will work with many of my Lolita outfits and/or Jpop cosplays, so maybe leaning towards these pair of boots and an excuse to reuse all the time.

To be fair, I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to buying shoes/boots for a massive dress which will cover what you wear underneath though buying a suitable pair will be perferable as at the odd occassions, in particular when walking down the stairs or when holding your dress to walk, your shoes will be shown and how embarrassing it can be to wear un-matching pairs. I was originally going to wear my white 4 inch heels shoes which originally worn for my pink Nanoha ball dress, but discovered the problem of the heels killing my feet and walking on steps is difficult as can't see where I am stepping.

Despite being happy buying a wig for this cosplay, I am still unsure and debating if I should really wear this wig. The reason is the pigtails are too thick and if I thin them out it might mess up the expensive wig. the wig will also give a slight un-natural look compare to my own hair.
Despite my own hair being a little too dark, I still can style my own hair but discovered it will take 2 hours to curl and it may not be long enough at the time of wearing this costume.

I'll think I will make my desicion closer to the time, but at least I'm happy I got a wig as back up if my own hair FAILS!

Goodbye to £32.88, wig was expensive then again since I maybe planning to cosplay as Yukarin in many of her costumes, there maybe a chance for me to reuse this wig.

Thank you to CrystalNeko for finding this wig for me. I really thought finding a brown ponytail extension wig will be very easy, but searching on Ebay proved me wrong as all of the wig which I found are not the right shade of brown. I have fallen in love with the mocha brown lolita wig from cosplaywig as the colour is perfect though will need to do a lot of work to straigthen the wig. The wig is heat resistant and I have previously straigthened my Madoka wig, so it should not be much of a problem.

I have not even started to look for some of the minor details of this cosplay such as shoes, nail polish or make up. Whlist buying some Max Factor make up for another cosplay, I got a make up bag alongside with an eyeliner and nail polish for free. One of the free nail polish is 704 Disco Pink Nailfinity and I am on a debate whether to use this colour or buy another colour which is more accurate?
Looking at the PV, Yukarin's nails are a medium pearly pink? maybe? because the colours are tweaked in the PV, so can't clearly see the natural colour. Since nail colour is a very minor feature, I will be using this colour as a back up if I am unable to find a better and/or more accurate colour.
The beauty of Yukarin's dress is it works with most colours of nail polish which are light or pearly though for accuarcy, I will be sticking with pink.

Plans have slightly changed for this cosplay, was originally going to cosplay as Rin for Dokucherry's group, but my friend Wing_Zero who is an IS fan and wanted a group for AmeCon 12 has arranged a group which includes Spirit_of_the_stage as Ichika, Wing_Zero as Houki, Luna as Cecila, myself as Rin, MadCat as Charlotte and Jeff_Kamiki_Jurai as Laura. I will still however cosplay as Rin for Dokucherry whenever she decides to get her group together.

I originally wanted to make my Rin outfit, but Wing_Zero wanted all of our costumes to be matching, so decided we should buy the costumes from the same seller for a convincing match. The only seller we can find who will make all 6 IS costumes is FM-Anime, so I contacted them and was quoted $92 + $35 shipping. All, I need to do is send the measurements and pay, then hopefully the costume will be on it;s way and in time for AmeCon 2012.

One down and 5 more to go.

This is my first attempt of making wings, so not the best wing I've made, but we all live and learn, so hopefully my next set of pair of wings will be a lot better.

Wing was made by using wire, chicken wire, foam and loads of feathers and hot glue gun sticks.

Wig - I trimmed the wig to make it thinner and up to shoulder length. Took overall more then 2 hours. Never knew cutting wigs will take so long, nevertheless the wig looks a lot better and more tidy.

Hair clip - Made out of foam covered in cotton, then painted with arcylics. The clip is attached to the wig by gluing a clip at the back of the cross. The clip however looks a lot bigger on the mannequin head due to the small sized mannequin.

Hat - This is my first attempt of making a hat and everything was made by guess work. Overall I am not too happy how it turned out, but at least it fits on my head with the wig.

Sleeves and cuffs are added onto the barrier jacket which means it's complete.

Costume is finally getting somewhere and it's begining to look like Hayate.
I still got to make the hat, hairclip, sleeves, cuffs, trim the wig and those 6 KILLER wings!!!

All the applique work on the dress is finally complete and I used too much spools of thread. I swear this is so time consuming and it does not help my sewing machine kept on jaming, so all the stitching is not neat. Ah well, it's done and can't change it.

I also, started to work on the puffy sleeves on the barrier jacket. I can not stress how much I HATE making puffy sleeves, especially since I can not find no real pattern, so always have to create my own. At least it turned out okay-ish.

I made the gold pannels on the over skirt using foam, cotton, buttons and painted with arcylics. They are attached to the overskirt with velcro which makes packing more easier to fit everything in my luggage

I mainly used Hayate A's version references to make the gold pannels since the images are more clear in the artbook though I made a big mistake by not realising the pannels shapes are different in StrikerS version. ah well, too late to change now.

Hayate progress so far (ignore my derpy face) and I'm so bloodly slow, not much progress since 3 months ago, however managed to do a lot of work on the belt thingy.

I like how the 4 inch KILLER heels makes me look a lot taller and thinner in photos though it's not something important as Hayate is not meant to be a tall character. I might buy another pair of shoes with a smaller heel, but not going to bother looking because I'm a weird shoe size 3 1/2 and where the hell can I find shoes my size???

I broke more then 4 machine needles whlist making the belt due to the layers of fabric being too thick and was down to the very last needle. I ended up hand sewing most of the belt to avoid anymore damage to my lovely sewing machine and it took more then 6 bloodly hours to hand sew..... NEVER again hand sewing!!!!
Hopefully the rest of the costume will not take too long to make since I'll be using a sewing machine unless the machine needle hates the costume again <.<"

Time and money is not working with me and since I already promised vdaysnowstorm Vivio is a definite for AmeCon 12, I worked out another solution to adjust my Riccotta (Dog Days) uniform. They have the same colour and style bow tie, yellow vest and white shirt, expect Vivio's sleeves are short and her yellow vest does not include buttons. I hated my Riccotta cosplay, so this is the best option to recycle it and besides, even though I may rewear Ricco, I prefer to give it a revamp.

I still yet to buy the wig and make the sleeves shorter. Also if I have time, I need to make the costume smaller since it's too big for me.

Please excuse the dirty mirror (bedroom is not mine) and the fact it looks as though I am eating my camera. Camera was positioned such that I can get as much of the costume within the mirror.

Just a quick photo for a sneak peak, hence I did not apply make up nor put enough hair grips to fit my hair underneath the wig, but you get the jist of it. (just realised I forgot to add the blue bit on the top)

My friend brought this costume for my Xmas/birthday and suprisingly it came just in time for my birthday. The only thing which I'm not too happy about this cosplay is that I wish the blouse is a little bit more longer.... ah well, that is something which I can;t change. Also, if I have time, I will make minor adjustments to the costume such as changing the belt, tie and silver bits on the shoulders for more accuarcy. Also, I need to buy and modify shoes.

Vivio's skirt colour varies from a light sandy brown to dark brown and I've decided to choose a colour which goes in between the 2 colours, so wanted something slightly darker then yellow orche to a mid-tone brown.

I'm too lazy to buy a metre of fabric and make the skirt, so decided to buy the skirt instead. Sadly there are not a lot of plain brown pleated skirts available in size 10-12, but on the rare occassions I found a suitable skirt, I end up losing the bid since I work full time and never get the chance to be online close to the ending time.

After searching through various shops and online stores, the cheapest suitable skirt I can find was from ASOS on sale for £15, so I brought it today which is due to arrive on 30th January.

Not the best picture because the costume is placed on a half-mannequin and the overskirt camaflagues with the dress, but you get the idea of the costume.

So far all the materials are left over fabric from various cosplays including Fate, Nanoha and Sakura. I'm not too happy with the dress since the pattern failed as I have a weird size. My waist is way too large, hence no patterns works for me and I have to work my way round creating my own pattern.

I brought these from Peacocks for £20. I don't usually like to spend more then £15 on cosplay shoes, then again it's difficult to find plain black boots like Hayate's in size 3, also I'm lazy to cover up shoes in black, so had no choice but to buy this pair. Anyways, Hayate shoes are casaul-like, so can wear these outside of cosplay too.

I've added the gold crosses myself by cutting them out from foam, then layered with cotton and painted with gold arcylics.

I seriously thought I had enough fabric left over from my Nanoha Force cosplay since I brought extra for whenever I make my StrikerS costume, however it turns out it will be used for Nanoha Movie version since I promised I will do this for angelic_cat15 in 2012.

Following fabrics in the photo are:-
- Spare white klona cotton from my Nanoha Force costume
- blue cotton @ £4.99 per m
- Spare interfacing from various costumes

(still yet to find some spare black fabric left over from my Fate/Rachel cosplay)

Wig is brought from Ebay for £13.56. I was hesitant to buy the wig because with a low price, will this mean the wig is low quality? 'm really fussy when it comes to bad quality wigs because it will make my cosplay look bad and may result in digging out more money to buy another wig, however after hearing good feedback from the seller, I decided to go ahead with the wig.

When wig arrived, the quality is medium which pretty much makes me happy enough to keep the wig.Another thing is that I LOVE THE COLOUR! it's so prefect! Also, the wig will require styling as the pigtails are too long and I will need to make them defy gravity.

The wig arrived through the post months ago, but I forgot to mention (FAIL!) Although the wig is beautiful at a high quality, I am not too sure about using this wig for Yukarin. I want the wig to look as natural as possible, but the pigtails are too thick and there is no parting on the back of the wig.

I also started to gather materials by buying several types of jewels, wires, organza and many more brought from Dunlem Mills. They have a sell on Organza @ £0.99 per metre, so how can I refuse this bargin.
I also need to find out if I got enough spare white duchees sating to make the base of dress. I'm pretty sure I have brought 10+ metres a couple of years ago for one of my Sakura cosplays which I never got round to even starting!

Last weekend to try to get this dress complete and I've been staying up until 4am and still have no luck in completing this!!!!!!! *starts to panic*

I finished working on the ruffles on the hem of the underskirt and bow is now 100% complete!

Left pic is taken with flash & right is taken without flash. The massive bow is still yet to be sewn on the costume, hence I'm holding it. The right pic shows clearly how the bow will sit on the dress.

Btw, finally got a daylight pic which shows the best colour to eye.

The cosplay arrived yesterday and it's well fitted and very cute, but I can't say I'm 100% happy for 2 reasons.

Firstly, the colour of the blazer is a pale bright yellow rather then beige. I'm pretty sure the colour of the blazer was beige from the sellers image, but this is something which I cannot argue since different monitors can make colours vary.

Secondly, there are minor spots of red stains on the blazer, so I will contact the seller to see if (s)he can refund part of the cost as I'm not totally happy.

I suppose this explains the reason why I prefer to make then buy!

However, the advantage is I get an extra navy blue polo neck top which was not included in the sellers description.

Ah well, at least I get to join my friends Clannad group just as I promised and it will be extra fun as we have almost the full main cast.

I've started to work on the underskirt, by cutting out the pannels and pinning them together. I still yet to hem and sew the skirt together because I wanted to make sure it looked okay before taking a further step.

Btw, the skirt is not sewn onto the bodice yet, hence it does not sit straight onto my waist as of yet.

First picture of a sneak peak of my completed Fate cosplay for a little test run, so I never applied make up or put on the costume propely as I just wanted to test the whole thing.

The wig got tangled with my armour in the left pic, hence I'm posing abit funny, but thought it should be uploaded because it's a view of the front of costume. Sadly, my wig is not in the best condition anymore and it;s a little bit messy, so looking to buy another wig.

Costume is approx 80% complete and Bardiche assault is 97% complete. Whats left is the socks, gloves and to sew some parts of the skirt and top together.

Note that the costume is made to fit me perfectly, the mannequin hanger thing is smaller then me interms of bust & waist size, hence the costume does not look too good on the hanger, but you get the jist of it. Since I have a larger waist the skirt will sit higher when I'm wearing it.
Also, ignore the pins & safetly pins as I still need to glue/sew some parts together!

Cloak work in progress!

The fabrics are left over from Rachel Alucard cosplay! I'm so happy that I don't need to go fabric shopping for the cloak as I am already skint! Also, the colours are so perfect too! The colour of Fate's cloak from the outside is a very dark Navy blue and definitely NOT black
I will take some daylight pics for better colours to the eye, but for now you will have to do with night pics.

I still yet to make the clasp, hence I am holding the cloak in the photos, but you get the idea. Also, I need to sew the red and blue fabrics together.
Cloak was made by my own guess work and pattern because I can't be bothered to search for a proper pattern, so lets hope this will work out. And I swear the red cloak is exactly the same size as the navy cloak, but it looks longer, dunno if this is because the way I'm holding it!

BARDICHE COMPLETE after all the pain of burning myself with the glue gun and stabbing myself with a craft knife <.<" The worst thing is the waiting time for the glue and paint to dry which is why this took almost 3 weeks to make and now the waiting is all over ^^

I still yet to clean up the minor paint stains on the Bardiche and will do it if I have time, but for now it's 99% complete.

I am still not happy the fact I've made the axe too thick, but too late to change and will be hoping to upgrade this into either scythe form or hauken form.

Btw, I finally managed to get a good daylight picture of the Bardiche which shows the best colour to the eye.

Base of bodice is now complete and it fits well, so I better not lose to much weight or rather gain the slightest bit of weight. I did not make the bodice too low for obvious reasons and my proportions are very different to Nanoha's, so best to make the bodice to my comfort.

The reason whe there are 3 pictures is because my camera sucks in the dark, so I experniced with different flashes and techniques and still can't get the colours right, then again this is only a progress pic, so I eventually gave up too easy.

Also, ignore the Strike Cannon as it will definitely NOT be used with the ball dress. The only reason why it;s behind me is because my small room is a bomb site at the moment and didn't want my beloved cannon to be ruined so I had to move it to where the largest space in my room.

Random - I like how my Raising Heart necklace is glowing when I took the picture with a flash.

It's looks abit weird, maybe because of the angle and the axe head is not painted yet. I'm still not happy that I made the axe too thick, but too late to correct and if I remake, I want to upgrade into scythe or haken mode.

Bardiche handle is 95% painted (the other 5% is cleaning up the paint marks)The thing I like about my Bardiche so far is the bottom of the handle, just look at the shape

My progress is very slow, but somewhat getting there and costume is begining to look like Fate's. However I hate those socks as they keep on sliding down and the belt is too small, but will remake if I had the time.
The shoes are from my Fate sonic form, but will be re-making a more accurate pair... just wearing the sonic form shoes as a back up.

Since I have no time to make this costume and FushiCon is drawing close, I've decided to buy this cosplay as I don't want to let the group down. Also, Clannad is not a series which I truely love, so don't think I'll ever get the potiential to start, so I've made the right choice.... *waves goodbye to £66*

On top, I already own a suitable wig which was orginally brought for my Misaki (Angelic Layer) cosplay, but I will never get round to starting the cosplay, so will style the wig for Nagisa.

Costume is ordered from CosplayHouse

I am on some sort of roll!!!
I have started to measure and cut out the fabric patterns for the bodice. The lenght is a little bit too long, so will need to shorten it (this is what happens when I'm a short ass) I was about to hem this today but it's 10pm in the night and my sewing machine makes too much noise & will disturb my neighbours, so I guess I have to wait until Tuesday after work to try to complete this bodice. Also, I need to find/buy a pink invisible zip for the attachment.

Btw, this photo was taken in the night with flash, hence the fabric looks abit more shiny and there is a minor difference in colour.

Adjusted hoop skirt for Nanoha's dress

This hoop skirt was originally from my Sakura CLAMP in 3d Land dress (ref:- http://www.cosplayisland.com/costume/view/25340) I'm too lazy to make or buy one out of scratch, but the poof is just about right, so no excuses not to re-use.

Materials gathered to make the dress brought on 1st October 2011

- 8m of pink duchees satin @ £40
- 2 pink spool threads @ £1.79 per spool
- 3 bunches of red roses @ £3

My poor bank balance, but if the dress turns out beautiful, then everything will be worth it.

Also, it was difficult to find the right shade of pink in satin, so I went for baby pink as it suits Nanoha well.

Base of Bardiche is 96% complete. It looks abit weird because of the colours, but will paint the correct colours it once base is 100%.

Bardiche should be approximately same height as Fate to scale, but I have purposely made the prop slightly smaller then me as I don't want to carry a oversized prop straight after a MASSIVE prop *coughnanohaforcecough*

Top left ~ Drawing out the shape of the axe (Fate figure is only for reference purposes)

Bottom left ~ axe head cutted out with a craft knife.

Right ~ Bardiche base so far! It looks weird at the moment because of the colours, but once I paint the correct colours onto the prop, it should look awesome (I hope!)
I have briefly stuck the cardbaord axe and polysytrene onto the handle with masking tape to check it looks okay before procceeding. I still yet to add more layers of card/foam and shape the axe, but you get the jist of it.

After a 3 weeks break from cosplay work because of my Wales holiday, friends birthday and having a load of sleep from being tired to DEATH from work, I thought it was about time to get my ass to work back on Fate's costume.

As well as hemming the skirt, I've started to make the base of top. Argh! I just realised the width of belt is NOT wide enough and I took fucking hours to make it... I swear despite the belt looking so easy to make, it took longer to make compared to the skirt and rest of costume 0.o I don't think I will correct this error until I complete the entire costume as time is running out too quick for me.

Photo shows the costume so far without the wig and hair ribbons because I'm too lazy to wear wig for progress shoots as it usually takes approx 10mins to fit my hair under a wig. The armour and left glove were from my Fate (sonic form) and Nanoha Force cosplay respectivelty and the right hand glove was brought from Poundland and the Bardiche assault was made out of foam & glued on the glove.

Ignore the shorts! For accuracy, I will be wearing a shorter & tigther pair when I actually complete the costume.

Belt was something I found in my wardorbe and which I originally brought from Claires for appro £2-£3? (Can't remember the exact price) I thought the best option was to destroy the belt for my Fate cosplay since I had it for years and never ever worn once.

I used red fabric to cover up the belt such that the belt will be in the right tone of red. I had thoughts about painting the belt, but thought it will be a bad idea since paint can easily flake from a smooth plastic surface and I was abit worried that it might dye other parts of my cosplay into red.

The is my first time making a skirt with pleats and it was a bad idea to make a pleated skirt with satin as the pleats do not show very well.

btw, the skirt is made to be even when I wear this, hence the bottom of the skirt is cut into a curved shape. Also, I need to hem the skirt.

Just incase your wondering why I am making 2 Bardiches, I will be making one in axe form and the other in scythe and/or hauken form. I would have possibly prefered to make one Bardiche and make it able to construct in different forms, but I'm not too techincal, so probably best to do what I am most comfortable in making.

My usual favourite place to get a metal rod is from Wilkinsons for £0.79 because it's cheap and durable. I used paper marche and silver acrylic paint for the handle and foam to make the ends of the Bardiche thicker. I will need to make a trip to Hobby craft to get some polystrene balls, plus steal some cardboard from work to make the Bardiche head.

The first 2 pictures are taken in daylight and the last pic is taken in the night, hence the difference in lighting.

Fabric which I will be using for costume. All these fabrics are left overs from past cosplay costumes.

- Pale pink satin fabric for the skirt (spare fabric from Sakura's pink ball dress, but I will be using the reverse side of fabric to aviod the shiny part)
- Black polyester fabric for skirt and possibly gloves and socks (spare fabric from Rachel Alucard)
- Red jersey fabric for armband and sock lining (Spare fabric from Fate sonic form)
- Black cotton jersey fabric for top and socks (spare fabric from Fate sonic form)
- Red polyester fabric for cape and belt (Spare fabric from Rachel Alucard)
- Blue/black unknown fabric name for cape (Spare fabric from Rachel Alucard)

Yeah, I'm a cheap skate by using left over fabric, but at least I get to use up all the fabric crap lying in my room and can get to use the money on something else (i.e. buy more Nanoha merchandise!)

I should be at my cousns birthday party, but skived it to work on my Madoka cosplay and finally made progress! Anyways it is not a cousin who I get along with, so bleh!
Costume is 100% complete except I don't like some of the deatils such as the sleeves, colour of wig, poof of skirt and the hair ribbons are too small. Not sure if I will time to complete some of these errors before the Madoka photoshoot, but cosplay is still wearable.
Excuse my dirty mirror and I will get a full shoot next week ^^

Finally finished adding the details on the pink overskirt by using the applique method for the red lining and making a stencil to apply white acrylic paint for the white details.

Also, bodice is now sewn together and fits more nicely on me

Still need to fix up the horrible sleeves and add the soul gem on the choker, then fix up the gloves.

Strike Cannon is not 100% complete, but getting there! I still yet to add the small minor details, but this will be done very soon as AyaCon is drawing closer.

Just felt like taking a picture of my cosplay with the Cannon. (Sorry for the poor lighting)

Wig has finally arrived and I am happy with the quality, however not too sure whether I can say I am happy with the colour as it turned out abit more darker and browner then expected. On the advantage side, the colour makes the wig more natural compared to most orange wigs as a lot of orange wigs available from other sellers are very bright/neon and did I mention how much I hate wigs which look too un-natural? As usual, with my fund situation I will have to stick to the wig as I can't afford to dig out anohter £20+ for a new wig.

The wig will need some trimming from the fringe because it covers my vision. Also, I am debating whether I should cut the wig a little more shorter because Ricco's hair does not reach up to her waist, but the lenght of the wig is perfect for Nanoha and/or Asuka and I'm a cheap skate who always try to use the same wig where possible. I'm most likely going to leave the lenght as it is (I think)

Costume base is almost complete expect I need to sew the skirt and bodice together and add an invisble zip to the side of the dress as I only used saftely pins to hold everything up in this photo o.0 this explain the reason why it kind of looks weird on me. Some serious ironing is needed, especially on the skirt and will get round to it once I finish sewing and adding the details.

I'm not too hapy with the poof of skirt and the fact that I made the ruffles abit too big, but too late to change <.<"

Whlist making Madoka's costume the most annoying thing I discovered was that her costume varies depending on the reference! whether I'm using the Amine, Amine OP, artbook, concept art etc... there is always some sort of difference which I did NOT notice until I started to make the costume. E.g The Amine OP shows 6 petals on her skirt whereas the manga and Amine shows 8 petals on the skirt. There is also other variations in terms of colour, style, shape and many more which I may list in another journal (too lazy at the moment <.<") I should really stick to one reference picture to solve this problem, but I ended up choosing whatever I feel looks best in Madoka's costume.

This is probably the best bodice I ever made because it is more well fitted, apart from the length being slightly too long hence the layers of fabric did not reach right to the bottom. I will need to cut and re-hem the bottom of the top.

Apart from the pink fabric for the lining between the ruffle and yellow fabric, the rest costs nothing to make as I used either left over fabric from other cosplays or fabric brought and never used. The pink fabric choosen to make the main part of the costume is not the best shade of pink, but still works for Madoka.

Petiticoat was used for Chii (Tsubasa) and since the costume is semi-retired, I decided to recycle it for Madoka. Underskirt was made out of left over fabric from Rachel Alucard's costume.

The skirt looks abit weird in the photo, but it will look better on an mannequin or when I wear it. Got to love the poof!

What did I say about not buying a wig for Yukarin's cosplays? Well, I LOVE Yukarin so much that I want all of my Yukarin cosplays to be as accurate as possible, so I decided to go ahead with a wig even though it may mean digging out money from my bank account.

Thanks so much to Amine_Angel for showing me this wig, your a life saver as I've been searching for a good quality long dark brown wig with wavy pigtails for ages and this wig from CosplayWig is perfect! However it means waving good bye to £34.49, nevertheless it's worth it and I'm impatient to search for another wig at the same price or less.

I can't wait until this wig arrives through the post!

Approximately 90% painted though still need to tidy up some of the paint stains on the blade of Cannon.

I still need to finish the handle, glue everything together and then finally adding the minor details.

Surface of the Cannon blade is not smooth which makes me annoyed with myself for using cheap and un-even cardboard, then again I'm a cheap skate, so I guess I learnt my lesson.

Bloodly took 6 months on and off as I took a break between March-April, however well worth it and I'm finally getting there.

I started to work on the blades though still need to glue everything together properly as I want to finish painting the kick ass weapon before glueing the handle and the other details together.

I have finally completed the top today which means the costume is now done and dusted though I made need to make a few amendments. The circumference of the underskirt is too big, so need to make it smaller and the wig still needs some touch ups as I'm not 100% happy.

I started to paint the strike cannon with arcylics. Handle is almost completed though need to add some minor details. I'm not 100% happy as the surface wrinkles, then again I have no time or money to correct this error.

After almost 2 months on hold, I am still determined to complete the prop becuase I want to enter this for AyaCon's masquerade and it's hard to cosplay as a character from Nanoha without the prop.

I finally started to bulid up the base of cannon. I made the handle out of cardboard, foam, wire, das clay glued onto a pipe.

Btw, the handle and some of the Cannon details are placed onto the cannon and not glued on properly because I wanted to be happy with the look before officially putting everything together.

My wig arrived through the post just over a month and a half ago, but just never mentioned it nor wrote a journey regarding the wig. Anyways the colour of the wig turned out abit slightly peachy then expected and it's so annoying that the colour of the wig turns out peach and not pink for every indoor photo taken, when the natural colour is pink! I don't have enough funds to buy a new wig, so I guess I have to stick to this one, however looking closely through some reference pictures of Madoka, I realised that Madoka's hair has some slight tinge of peach, so the colour is not bad as I thought.

I styled the wig today and I must say I'm happy with the outcome, especially since I have very little experince in styling wigs. work includes straightening the pigtails and cutting it short, plus trimming the front. This was my first time straightening a wig and was so scared of ruining my £31 wig, but at least my worries of over now....

Skirt is now complete although the circumference of the underskirt is abit too big, but since it still works with the costume and wearable, so I will not correct this until I complete the top and wig.

The cloud patterns on the skirt are too big, then again I thought it may not stand out as much if they were smaller. I guess proportions are to blame as I'm only a short ass @ 5ft 1" and Sakura is very tall and thin.

Applique has almost come to an end, though still got the sleeves left to do and hope my sewing machine will surivive after hours of sewing!

Also, I made the top a little bit too tight and you can almost see the shape of my big stomach! so I either have a choice to remake OR add bits of extra materials to make it wider... I guess I'll decide when I get back to working on the top again.

First attempt of ironing bondaweb onto fabric was a success although some of the bondaweb did get stuck onto the ironing board and I learnt my lesson NOT to leave the iron sitting on the fabric for more then a second as this causes wrinkles on the fabric.

The next step was tackling my sewing machine to sew the edges of the pink fabric which KILLED me and my sewing machine! I only completed one pannel of the skirt and it required a lot of thread and god knows how many white spools I have actually used up? On top, this took half a day o.0 Biased binding was added as the final touch.

Since I spent too many hours today on applique, I am taking a break, then will do the other skirt pannel tomorrow.

I am sooooo left behind with this cosplay as some members of the group has either already finished or close to finishing! Since I have a couple of days off work for Easter, I decided to use up my holiday to work on this cosplay and nothing else as I can easily predict the applique part will take up hours, especially since I am making the skirt big and poofy which requires more cloud-like design fabric then any other character *sigh* why do I have to choose this design with the most applique work? then again I wanted to be Sakura and all 3 Sakura designs are poofy so I can't win when it comes to cosplaying as her.

Right ~ Base of the costume is almost complete. I just need to add the sleeves and collar, plus add a zip on the back on the top since it has become impossible to fit into the top without an attachment, so will do this after when I complete the applique.

Left ~ Cutting out of the pink fabric and bonda web for the cloud-like designs. I have completed cutting out all the pink fabric and bondaweb, so next step is to use the iron, then get my sewing machine to do all the hard work.... I just realised that I may need to buy loads of white thread!!!!

I recieved the pattern through the post a couple of days ago and I will be pretty much using it for the sleeves and the top half of the kinomo. I want the obi to be massive and the bottom of the kinomo to be poofy and the pattern does not statisfy these conditions, so need to figure out a way to make my own pattern and modify.

Long time no update and MinamiCon is creeping up very fast! Everything is almost complete apart from the barrier jacket and strike cannon. Sadly the strike cannon will not be complete in time, so I will be pushing this masquerade entry back to AyaCon 2011 which gives approximately 5 months to complete it which is plently of time since prop is already 60% done.

The base of the barrier jacket is approximately 65% complete. I have less then a week to make the sleeves, collar and make the hoop skirt shorter as it keeps on peeking out of my skirt >.<" wish me luck!

I have found a kimono paper pattern quite a while back for a reasonable price of £5.65 + £0.75 P+P, don't know why I only just decided to buy it today. I suppose, if I never get started on buying the materials then this costume will never get done!

Well, I didn't sleep yesterday night, so I got into the cosplay mood and started to style my Sakura wig at 2am in the morning (that is some what cosplay determination) Since I own 2 Sakura wigs, I was originally going to use my oldest Sakura wig to stlye into 2 small buns, however it failed so badly because the wig is not long enough. How on earth did Sakura manage to put her hair into buns with such short hair? I had no choice but to buy a new long wig and attempt to style!

Wig was brought from Yuka and it was kind of painful to destroy the natural style of the beautiful wig. However, I don't ever think I will be able to use the wig for something else and I don't have enough money to buy a new wig, so this was the best option for me.

This was my very first attempt styling a wig and it's my weakest point in terms of construction in cosplay, but I'm glad it is begining to look more like Sakura's hair. Okay, I lied! I did style wigs in the past, but only would go as far as cutting. I never even tried to put a wig into buns, antennae (sp?) or even give the wig a little bit of volume, so this was my first ever proper attempt in styling a wig.

The buns were styled by tieing into small pigtails from both sides, then I used 2 strips of rubber and starting from the bottom of the pigtails, I wrapped it around the rubber strips until I got to the top. Next thing was to carefully glue the ends of the strips together with hot glue gun and when the glue dries, I spread out the wig layer around the rubber strips which hides the rubber and makes the buns even, then I sprayed the buns with Fructis strong level hairspray as a finishing touch, such that it helps the buns maintain their shape.

I also started to style the front of the wig by using Fructis hairspray and wax. Currently the wig needs abit more style and a lot of cutting and I hope I will get somewhere since I don't have much wig styling experince *wish me luck*

The before photos were taken at 2am in the morning and my camera plays funny with different types of colour and flashes during the night, hence the horrible colours. After photos were taken during the afternoon which pretty much shows the best colour of the wig.

Despite being abit skint, I could not resist but to buy the wig however on the bright side my friend paid me back the money she owes me, so it will be enough to go towards the cost of the wig, so I'm not partically taking out more money from my bank balance.

I mainly looked through clip on ponytail wigs because I can't be bothered to style wigs. Anyways, styling wigs are possibly my weakest point in cosplay, so rather not mess around with a complex style (yes! styling into pigtails is complex to me) There were a couple of wigs which I really liked for Madoka in terms of colour and I finally narrowed it down to the Strawberry Cheesecake wig from Cosplaywig because the pink is not too pink or bright and the pigtails are not too long which means less cutting... heh! I'm lazy. Madoka's costume itself is way too pink and a bright pink wig will just make me feel like a Barbie doll. Another reason why I choose Cosplaywig is because their wigs are great quality and I feel more comfortable buying from them, then any other seller.

I paid approximately £31 for this wig including postage, however it will be a wig which I can reuse for Amulet Dia (Shugo Chara!) and/or Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew) and the more uses of a wig means the more I'm willing to pay. Now, I have to wait for the wig to arrive through the post at my friends house, which should be within 2 weeks.

Finally brought a pair of red shoes which will be suited for this cosplay, however don't want to ruin them, so will need to find a way to add the ribbons/straps without using a hot glue gun/super glue. I really like the colour and the heel is pretty much accurate! Hopefully, my feet will not ache to death as anything above 2 inches really hurts my feet alot.

Also, I found a wig which I really like to buy for this cosplay though I will need to cut the pig tails slightly shorter, however bad news is the cost is £30 and I don't have the money T_T I'm hoping the wig will still be available when my wages hit my bank balance next week.

On the other note, I may push this cosplay forward to May's expo 2011 on Saturday even though it may mean hardly anyone will recongise the character... maybe?

Right ~ Bad lighting photo, but I was not in the mood to mess around with the camera settings for a progress picture. Black top is now complete, so I started to make the white corset top and barrier jacket. The top is too big, so will need to modify to make it smaller. Also I need to shorten the hoop skirt as it keeps on peeking out.

Left ~ Not a lot of progress since the last journal, but a few minor add ons to the handle. Just a picture to show the height comparison between myself and the Cannon. I am approximately 5ft 1.5", so you can take a guess of the lenght of Cannon. It's ashame it will not statisfy the lenght restrictions of carrying a prop around a Con/Expo and I did not intend to make it as tall as me, however the Cannon just keeps on growing when I keep on adding the details to the handle and there was nothing I can do to make the blade shorter. Anyways, I will only carry the Cannon for the masquerade and outside the Con for a photoshoot.

The base blade of the cannon is now complete, however the handle still needs a lot of work. I am running out of cardboard, so I hope whatever I have left over will be enough otherwise I may have to dig some out from the bins at work, well.. the paper bin as I am not going to go through the digusting bin with food and god knows what other rubish there will be!

I'm fairly happy that the base shape is begining to look like the real thing, even though I've made some errors which I would love to fix, but got no time. The hardest part is to try to make the handle somehow and hopefully will get round it.

I just realised I never added any information on the cannon progress despite being in progress for over a month, so thought I should write out a small update.

This bloody thing killed me! Ironically I really enjoyed making it even though it is very time consuming. Infact, these days I enjoy making props more then the actual costume, however costumes are the most important part, so I might give the cannon abit of a rest until I complete Nanoha's costume.

Cannon was made out of cardboard, balsa wood, foam, paper marche and interfacing. Most of these materials came from either work or left over scraps around my house. I'm a pretty much of a cheap skate (don't I say this all the time in my journals?) and the only thing which I paid for was the balsa wood and foam.

Skirt is now complete! I've ordered extra white klona cotton when buying fabric for my Sakura 3D land cosplay because it still works for Nanoha, plus the blue fabric was brought for my CCS prince Sakura outfit, however I never got round to even starting on the costume after 3 years, so thought it would be best to use it up for Nanoha. The blue lining was done by using a satin ribbon brought from Dunlem Mills. The ribbon colour does not exactly match the blue fabric, but I'm pretty much lazy and hate cutting fabrics that frays, then you have to hem the entrie thing! hemming is pretty much of a tedious job, so I decided to be lazy and use ribbon as it requires no cutting nor hemming. The red jewels were brought from Fraser for £2 for 2 jewels, they were pretty much of a lucky find as I've been searching them everywhere for over a year and never seem to find the right shape, size and colour, but thanks to the pre-KitaCon meet, we went for abit of cosplaying shopping and went to a few textiles shops which I never discovered and that was where I find those jewels.

Skirt will require some serious ironing, since cotton gets wrinkled so badly! however will not bother with ironing until closer to the convenntion or even better, iron it on the day of convention as I always shove cosplays in my luggage which gives an wrinkle alert.

Base of skirt is almost complete, all it needs is abit of trimming from the hem since it's way too long. Also I have made the black top from left over fabric from Fate's cosplay and added the gold details using left over fabric from various cosplays.... yeah! money saver!

Neckalce is now complete. Materials used are das clay, gold alumminum wire, arcylic paints, a red bead, brown string and hot glue gun.

The gold part still needs some smoothing on the surface, however it's extremely difficult to notice when wearing this necklace with the costume, so probably will not correct this until the very end.

Something random, but I took this picture with the flash on which makes the jewel glow like as though it's saying "my master"

I finished sewing up all the black pannels and pinned them onto the red pannels to see the overall look of the base of the umberella. Umberella weighs about a ton... okay I lied, but it's so heavy that it feels like carrying a ton!

Next step is to make Nago which will be my first time making a plushie so wish me luck!

Rachel cosplay did not feel complete without Nago and since I will be rewearing Rachel for MinamiCon and possibly Midlands Expo 11, I decided I need to get a move on with Nago, otherwise I may not have the chance to rewear Rachel for another time for Nago.

I brought 4 metres of black fleece and 2 metres of red fleece because the fabric makes Nago look plushie-like. I started off by cutting 8 pannels of both red and black fleece, then sewing them together by hand. I'm pretty insane for hand sewing, but the fleece fabric is so thick that it would constantly break all my machine needles, so thought it was best to sew by hand despite the amount of time it would have taken. Umberella was brought from Sports world for £2.99 and I have taken the fabric layer off in order to add the pannels of red fleece.

Overall I'm fairly happy with the result because this was my first attempt and all the red panels fit perfectly onto the umberella. Hopefully will have some success with the black pannel layer aswell as making Nago itself.

Finally finished the boots though they are not 100% accurate, but somewhere near accurate, so not going to complain or even bother re-making. Somehow, I wished I used size 4 boots as the base instead of size 3 because all the layering of interfacing and foam made the boots feel more stiff and smaller.Nevertheless, the boots still fit though it would have feel abit more comfortable with size 4.

As for the petiti coat, I have started to adjust an exisiting hoop skirt. Nanoha skirts makes no sense and sometimes exaggerated! Infact almost all Amine characters have some sort of exaggerated feature. Looking at some references, including Amine, Manga, figures and concept sketches of Nanoha's skirt flaring out, it seems as though the skirt is perfectly circular. However, looking at references where Nanoha's skirt drapes down, it seems as though the skirt is small and impossible to flare out into a circle. Since, I will be standing up and photoshoots will not involve laying out the skirt 95% of the time, I decided I want to make the skirt smaller and not perfectly circular. Dang! I broke my tradition of making massive skirts into a huge circle. I used a 2 hoop skirt for petiti coat as her skirt is not entirely massive, also need to make more adjustments to make the hoop skirt shorter.

Boots were brought from Peakcocks for £11 and it pains for me to ruin these lovely pair of boots, then again I had them in my room for over a year and never even worn them once, so pretty much of an excuse to make use of these shoes.

Looking at Nanoha's shoes, they look as though the surface is armour-type (bleh! my poor way of putting things into a proper sentence) so I decided to add layers of foam and interfacing rather then making boot covers as I believe it will look more accurate. Layering the boots makes the size look twice as big, however I am only a UK size 3 and it's natural for someone my age to be a UK size 6, so I can get away with it. Ignore the horrible lepord skin pattern from the inside, but not that anyone will see it when I wear these boots.

I still need to paint the heel using blue paint, add the blue gem and adding the yellow/gold band.

Not much of a good progress picture, however I did do more work at the time of typing this and still yet to take more photos, but will eventually get more pics and post them.

Since I have yet to buy the white fabric as I'm waiting for my wages to hit my bank account, I thought I needed to start on whatever I can and have available as Nanoha is probably is my biggest cosplay project up to date, especially the prop. OMG! how much I will die making the strike cannon? It may take forever, but hopefully will get there. I also intend on making the insane armour and shield, but possibly not for MinamiCon, however DEFINITELY for a future con.

I'm a pretty much of a cheap skate as the cardboard boxes I've used are either from parcels through the post or I get them from work. They are not the best card as they are pretty much wearing with dents and not flat, but they still work and besides, interfacing and/or paper marche will do the trick in covering the dents and make the surface more flat. Heck! I never had to pay for the materials so far, so this is an excuse. I started marking the shape of the blade with a permanent black marker and will carry on with marking more shapes *fingers cross it will go well*

Other work I've done are giving the fringe of the wig a slight trim such that it does not cover my vision and working on the boots.

The wig was originally brought from CosplayWig for my Saint Tail cosplay, however it still works well for a Nanoha's Force barrier jacket. Besides, I'm cheap and would like to re-use a wig where possible. Fringe will need slight trimming as it covers my vision.

Hair ribbon was made from left over cotton from my Reinforce Zwei cosplay. I used the same method as my Rachel (BlazBlue) and Fate (Nanoha StrikerS) cosplays because they defy gravity.

I took 2 pics (with and without flash) because without flash shows the best colour of the wig, however with the flash you can clearly see the hair ribbon.

Gii plushie is now complete and it's all thanks to my friend Sara (Sephy-Chan) for doing most of the hard work by buying the fabric, making the base of Gii & stuffing it with plushie fillings, then I did the rest of the work (wings, eyes, feet etc...) I offered to pay for the fabric and her hardwork, but she did not accept the money. I still feel a little bad, so I must buy her a present.

Gah! Just when I thought the skirt was done and dusted, I had a final test of the entire cosplay and realised the final result of the skirt turned out way too poofy. Yes! Rachels skirt is meant to be massive and poofy, but my skirt is wayyyyyy over the top and whats worse is that it makes the final layer of the skirt pushed back, so you can hardly see it from the front view! Only 3 days left to fix this problem *fingers crossed*

Sorry for the ever-so bad photo! It was taken during the night with the timer on the camera so I can not guarantee to get good pics, plus I had a pile of mess with spare fabric on the right <.<"

Costume is coming along quite nicely *dances* This weekend I worked really hard on the costume and managed to complete the wings. Also I have adjusted the overskirt to the right length and shape. Oh I can't believe the adjusting of that damn pain in the arse skirt has come to an end :)

I still need to add the 2 crosses on the skirt and make the boot covers (which is not greatly nessecary) but this will not be the end of it. I have no experince in making plushies and I kinda dread to think how my Gii and Nago will turn out. Nevertheless, Rachels costume still looks good on it's own.

Bodice is now complete which means I only need to finish the final layer of the skirt with wings ^o^ and of course I cannot forget Gii and Nago. My friend Sara (also known as Sephy-Chan) has offered to make Gii for me if I struggle. Thanks so much, but I will probably attempt it and if all fails, then Sephy-Chan to the rescue!!! The rest of the costume is pretty much complete, however will need minor adjustments such as cutting the fringe, ironing the entire thing, tighten the sleeves and possibly adding straps to bodice for more support.

Overall, it's not the most accurate or best Rachel cosplay, but I'm happy I managed to get somewhere with this costume as Rachel's dress is not easy to make.

Auchinawa, here I come!!!!

I woke up early today and decided I need to get a move on with this cosplay, so I spent absolutely hours to try to get the shawl complete and eventually got there ^^ It's not the most accurate thing, but still works well for Rachel.

(and I look moody as usual in photos)

I totally lost count of the maount of times I accidently stabbed myself with pins and needles, my poor fingers *cries* plus I broke 2 machines needles!

Shawl is approximately 80% complete, what is missing is the red line which goes across where the collar joins to the shawl. I'm so not happy with the applique, all the lines are messy, oh well... at least it's a little difficult to notice unless you stand real close to me <.<

Btw, shawl does not lay out flat, so not the best picture.

After so many hours of work this weekend, I only managed to complete the bow and sleeves which took almost 5 hours in total! OMG! I seriously thought it would take a maximum of an hour per sleeve. This is the first time I've used a sewing machine to applique in a year since my old sewing machine broke, I had to hand sew my Sakura and Romeo cosplays back then, so I guess it was a matter of getting used to doing applique with my newer sewing machine.

I'm not 100% happy with the sleeves since they are not indentical, but surely you cannot notice right?

Note that I'm not wearing my 4 inch boots and the skirt length was made 4 inches longer on my bare foot. Also the layers of the skirt are still yet to be sewn together, so my poor hoop skirt was feeling the uneven-ness (is that even a word?)

I've started to work on the red details and fairly happy with how the bow turned out. I will make a brown ribbon from left over fabric from my Sakura DVD box dress and then it will be attached to the shaw. Also started on the red wings and needs some slight adjusments.

Another thing you may have realised, that the lacing is now complete *happy dance*

Oh gawddd!!!! costume is absolutely killing me, but hoepfully worth it when everything is done and dusted. Base of costume is approximately 80% complete, the other 20% is sewing all the layers of the skirt together such that it sits comfortably on my waist, hence why I'm holding the skirt for a little bit of support in the photo and still yet to make the final layer. I swear, the skirt is even, but using the timer on the camera and running at the back of the room whlist holding the skirt at the same time = fail!

On the other note, I recently found some suitable fabric for Gii and Nago. The fabric I choosen was fleece, so it will be plushie-looking. However, not sure if it will be in time for Auchinawa *fingers cross it WILL* and wish me luck as I have no experince in making plushies, so it will be my first!

Whlist working on Rachel's bodice, I looked closely at the reference artwork and it seems as though the white details on the skirt are ruffles and the white details on the bodice are laces, however don't quote me because this is what I see and I know other Rachel cosplayers may think differently. Since, I was collecting my Rin (FSN) cosplay from a friend, I quickly went into the markets and brought 4m of white laces for £1. It's not the most accurate pattern, however I can not find any other better pattern, so I'll have to stick with it. I only needed 2m as a mximum but it was sold in 4m. The advantage of using laces is that it will save a lot of time and effort make ruffles as I am dead lazy.

I only just started to hem the bodice and add the laces on the front, so hope to complete the back when I get off the computer.

A few progress' this week

1) Hemming the outer skirt (middle layer)
2) Working on the sleeves
3) Making ruffles
4) Making the bodice

This is killing me as it took up my entire free time and I lost a lot of sleep, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Right now I have all things needed for this cosplay, white shirt was already owned, red tie from Amu cosplay, black skirt from H&M (£12.99), tights from the market (£2), top hat from the market (£5), black blazer from Muji (£55), red nail varnish already owned and shoes, erm.... can't be bothered to buy a new pair as I got no money and I have several black shoes which will work for this cosplay.

Whats left to be done is the skirt as I need to add the silver details on the sides, but not greatly nessecary as the black blazer covers it and no way I want to ruin my skirt, so I can pretty much say costume is complete?

Finally, I know my hair needs to be a little longer, just hope it grows a little more at the time of Auchinawa.

Thanks very much to Spirit_of_the_stage for buying/modifying my Rin costume aswell as buying the wig for me. What is left to be done is collect the cosplay from him and make sure it fits okay *fingers cross everything will be okay!*

Costume is now moved to the complete status, however still yet to make Archers swords and Rin's Azure dagger.

On the other note, I found a necklace from the markets which had red jewels suited for Rin, so thats another bonus ^^

Very slow progress, but will eventually get there. Making Rachel's skirt is more then a pain the arse. The layers of skirt is very heavy which drags the skirt down making it look longer then what I started with, so I had to adjust the hoop skirt and all the layers of the skirt again! I'm in a frustrated mood because it took so long to make each single layer. However I given up adusting the layers until I make the final layer, then all the adjusting will start again. The 2nd and 3rd layer is made out of cotton. The colour is dark blue/black, however it is very difficult to notice the subtle tinge of blue.

Photo was taken with the timer on my camera, so not the best progress shoot, but you'll get a rough idea how the skirt will look like. Also, skirt is very twisted as I still yet to line the layers up and sew them together.

Yey, managed to get a progress picture of the underskirt. My bedroom is in the current process of being refurbished, so bear with the amount of space and rubbish around my room. picture was also taken in the night using the timer on my camera, so I can only post really bad pics!

Anyways, I'm pretty much happy with the poofy skirt & it defys gravity too! I still need to complete the hemming on the bottom of skirt and adjust the elastic on the waist to make it perfect fitting. Now I seriously can't wait to make the rest of the costume!

Something off-topic, but my friend will be buying a PS3 and BlazBlue game for my birthday & Christmas. Haha! I know it's only 4 months away, however he knew that I loved the game when I played it at his house. Gawd! he did not have to spend so much money on me, but I really appreciate how generous he really is! he really don't have to....

I have not forgotten about this costume or kept it on hold. My entire house is in the current process of a revamp which includes changing wallpaper, carpets and rewiring for new plugs and sockets, hence the ever so slow progress. I really want to get a move on, so I hope the revamping will be completed soon, so I can carry on. Right now, I'm tempted to handsew as my sewing machine is packed away and can't be bothered to take it out. Hmmm.... it might be quicker if I handsew rather then wait for the sewing machine, but we'll see how I feel.

Progress-wise, I have almost completed the white underskirt made from white cotton @ £1.50 per meter. The fabric was a lucky find at the Birmingham rag markets as it was high in quality at a low price that I cannot resist to buy 12m. Anyways Rachels dress is MASSIVE and if I get any left overs, then I can always use it up for either Misaki (Angelic Layer) or Nanoha (MGLN).

No pictures as my room is in a big state, but will definitely have pics after the revamp of my nice new room.

(Ignore tartan skirt in the photo, I can't be bothered to try out the entire outfit just for the sake of a belt pic)

I was determined to finish Fate ASAP, so worked on the belt as soon as I got off this computer. Belt was brought from New Look for £3 and I used the left over red jersey to cover up the belt such that it matches with the arm bands and ribbons on socks.

Yeahs! costume is now done and dusted and ready for AmeCon. There maybe a few little things which I may slightly adjust before AmeCon, but not greatly nessecary.

Please excuse the dirty finger prints on the mirror. I can't be bothered to clean it for the sake of the photo especially since the mirrior is not mine.

I have completed the main part of the of the costume today, so all I need to do is to make the belt which is currently in progress before I move this into the complete status. yey! AmeCon masquerade here I come!

The applique designs were all from left over fabrics from my Reinforce Zwei cosplay. Fate's proportions are very dfferent from mines, she has a thinner and longer body, so the hardest part was trying to figure out how to include all the details whlist trying to keep the costume as accurate as possible. I think some of the shapes which are applique are a little bit too big, but nevertheless I'm fairly happy with the overall result and it's starting to look like Fate. Shame, I'm not very thin (I may have to lose abit of weight) but at the same time, I'm not too over weight so I should be okay wearing this costume?

Eeeep! Fianlly my 1st Fate costume is going to be completed. Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE Fate?

Costume is approximately 80% complete and I am getting exicted already! I had loads of spare white cotton from my Reinforce Zwei cosplay, so decided to use it up to applique the pattern and add the white lining on the bodysuit.

Things to do.
- Complete white lining
- Belt
- Add the red bits on the sleeves
- Add the grey patterns

Eeeeeppp! Can't wait... AmeCon masquerade, here I come!

Firstly, I like to apologise to all the Fate fans for myself being a big fat Fate, I really did not think I would look this fat until I actually tried the costume to realise this cosplay may not be for me anymore. Shame, because I made so much effort, nevertheless it will still be worn for AmeCon as I don't want my efforts or money wasted. Serves me right for choosing to start off with her most skimpy outfit when I am not very slim, then again, I plan to make all of Fate's costumes one day, so pretty much happy I will get the skimpy one over and done soon.

This is the first photo I've uploaded with the completed socks, arm bands, shoes, armour and work in progress bodysuit. Apparently, Fate's legs are longer then mine, hence the inaccurate position of the red ribbons on socks. ohhh.... those damn yellow rectangles keeps on coming off the shoes, so need to fix it! As for the body suit... gah! I look so fat in it which made me cry as I really wanted to do this costume for AmeCon's masquerade. Anyways, will carry on working on the details and hopefully the end result will not turn out as bad as expected. If I start to get self conscious, then I might enter the masquearde with Reinforce Zwei instead.

Finally my fabric has arrived after over a month and a half! I went to my friends house to collect the fabric and it is just as I wanted. Since, the costume is tight fitted, I wanted something which stretches a little and very opaque and not too shiny. I get a little self conscious when it comes to wearing something tight fitted as I'm worried I might look too fat! I seriously need to loose some weight, but it will never happen as I always gain weight as the years goes pass.

I started to measure and cut out the fabric for the body suit without a pattern. Gah! got no time to search for a pattern as AmeCon is just over a month away and besides, more then half of my cosplays are made without a pattern, so pretty much confident to make this with no pattern. I need to adjust the bottom of the bodysuit, then sew it together and final touch will be adding the details!

Shoes are 50% complete. I brought a pair of boots (£11) from Peacocks last year for a cosplay which I never got round to starting, so I thought it will be suitable for Fate if I made covers, decorate and paint it. The heel is just the right height, however I wish it was slightly pointed, but nevertheless it is accurate enough.

I'm so excited already! only the shoes and body suit left, then it will be complete in time for AmeCon's masquearde.

Yeah!!!!!! Zanber is almost complete. The other 5% is still yet to paint the darker yellow part on the other side of the Zanber blade, but you pretty much know what my Zanber is going to look like. A layer of paper marche was added before I applied paint. I must say I'm fairly happy with the prop, but likewise there is always something which I wish I could change.

Btw, the left Zanber is tilted at an angle, so the blade looks a little bit thinner then the right blade, but I swear they are the same size. The Zanber handles are not prefectly indentical which is a shame as I spent so much time and effort, however it is difficult to notice unless you take a closer look. Anyways who infact likes making two indentical things and who can infact get them perfectly indentical?

Damn fabric is still yet to arrive through the post, so I decided that I will buy the fabric from the Birmingham markets next Saturday as time is running short. I'm desperate to get started on the main part of costume (how many times have I actually said this?)

Pretty much finished the armour, however need to make gloves with some silver fabric of the same colour, but I might gamble and use white cotton, painted with silver paints as not idea where to find cheap silver fabric which is not too shiny. The 2 armours are not perfectly identical which is ashame since I spent so much time, but as usual, I don't have time to re-make.

Armour is uncomfortable to wear as it's stiff and I find it difficult to bend my arms. Plus, I sweat in these armour in the hot weather, so it's a good job I will not be cosplaying as the standard StrikerS outfit for Ame, otherwise god knows how I will survive in the heat!

Nuuuuu... the Zanber will not be multi-coloured although it looks pretty lol!

The full base of the Zanber blade and handle is now complete *happy dance* erm, actually I should not be too happy until I get the entire costume complete and in time for AmeCon's masquerade. Damn the online fabric store for not shipping my fabric yet, so I contacted the store just to find that they did not recieved my order when there is an order pending on my account. I will end up asking them to cancel my order and buy from the Birmingham markets or Fancy Silk store, even though it will be slightly more expensive. Gawd! I'm so annoyed as I'm getting very desperate as AmeCon is 7 weeks away and I want to work on Fate's costume withour rushing as I regard Fate as one of my favourite characters and don;t want to put shame into the costume, especially since it will be for a masquerade entry.

Details on the Zanber handle is made out of Das clay, foam, cardboard and a polystrene ball. All materials where either from work or brought from Hobby Craft. I'm pretty much happy with the details on the Zanber, but there are a few things which I would like to change, ah well... too late and no way I am re-making the whole thing again. The next step is to cover the handle with a layer of marche, then painting with arcylics.

I can;t wait to get this all finished! (but damn fabric.... I need to at least start on the main part of costume)

I'm back onto working on Rachel after a while since the fabric for Ame's cosplay still yet to arrive through the post.

Since I have made Fate's hair ribbons (from Nanoha) which are pretty much similiar to Rachel's, expect they are a lot smaller and point in a different direction. I've decided to scrap the method of using hemp and use the same method like I did with Fate's ribbons which gained some success!

I'm pretty much happy with the result as the rabbit ears maintained their shape and secured on the wig.

I just realised the fringe needs cutting as it hides my vision and Rachel's fringe is supposed to be short, so will cut it for accuracy.

I swear it looks a lot better when I actualy wear it on my arms, but it looks nothing like the real thing when it's flat 0.o...

Anyways I've made progress on the arm armour, made with foam layered with interfacing and painted with silver arcylics. The purpose of the interfacing is to reduce the amount of wearing and paint fraying from the foam. The armour is attached together with velcro so I can easily take the armour on and off.

Armour is pretty uncomfortable to wear as I find it difficult to bend my hands, however I don't have the patience to re-make it nor can I can find a way to make it more better and more comfy.

Looking at the figure reference pictures, it seems as though the armour is a lot bigger then the original Amine. I've been following references from the Amine artbook throughout my progress, so cosplay will turnout a lot more closer to the Amine.

Finally got a wig for Karin after so many years on hold. I totally love this wig, it looks natural and the lenght is perfect which means no cutting required. I hate cutting wigs as I can never cut straight.

I still yet to buy the fabric and remake the entire costume again and at the moment I'm low on funds. I hope I will not have to put this cosplay for many more years on hold.

My work shoes which I am using for this cosplay. Sadly, the 4 inch heels killed my feet after standing for such a long period of time that I decide to not wear these shoes for work anymore, but will definitely use it for my Sakura cosplay as I can;t let these go to a waste and I can always change my shoes if my feet are dead. If I ever convince my friend, Tsuchinoko to be a matching Fai, I will probably end up taller then her, so may dig out my Tomoyo shoes even though they are a little worn out 0.o
Shoes are brought from Debenhams for £28

I have started to work on the zanber handle made out of a pipe which has been cut into approximately 11 inches and the details are made out of cardboard, foam and a polystrene ball cut in half.

Not the intended title, but this is the most expensive wig I brought which is killing my bank balance.

Finding the perfect Nanoha wig was the most difficult thing! As a person who is fussy to get the perfect wig, every Nanoha wig which I've searched for the past 6 months are either too brown, too orange, pigtails are too thick or fringe is styled incorrectly. After searching for such a long period of time, I came across a wig which I can not resist! the colour is orange-brown, thinner pigtails, nicely cut fringe and high in quality means I have to snip it!

Wig costs £34 + £14 (postage) = £48 which is very expensive, then again I usually pay £40 for long pre-styled wigs and thought it was worth paying a little extra since I will regret if I ever let the wig go, however I was hit by [insert swear word] customs and had to pay an extra £22! My poor bank balance *cries* overall I paid £70 for the wig, which means I can't let this wig go to waste, so definitely need to complete this cosplay next year. Also, I'm caving to cosplay as her barrier jacket (Exceed mode) to make more use of the wig.

Overall, I'm pretty much happy with the wig though I had to make slight adjustments to the pigtails to make them balance equally and defy gravity.

Apparently, my camera experinced problems with colour, so I thought I should post a pic with the flash (right) and a pic without flash (left) and it turns out the pic with the flash shows the closest colour.

I have completed the hair ribbons and overall happy with the result. They are made with 2 layers of black cotton with a hidden wire between the layers. I love how the ribbons stick out and look all floaty.

The ribbons look too big in the picture, but I swear they look just about the right size when I actaully wear them, then again foam heads are a lot smaller then the actual human head.

Yey! my friend will be glad to know that I have finished making Hayate's staff for his crossplay. I just hope it looks okay and he will like it. Staff was painted with arcylics and I used white satin ribbon for the white areas of the handle.

Head of the staff is a little wrinkled, but hard to tell unless you look very closely and there are a few paint stains on certain parts of the staff, so will clean it up whenever I complete Fate's Zanber.

Muwhahahahaha! I will be stealing back the staff whenever I get my Hayate costume completed which will be in errrrrm..... 2012 onwards?

You can clearly tell I struggled to think of a good title for this entry? I did not make a huge amount progress, however some great progress so far!

I ordered some black jersey from cheapfabrics.co.uk because jersey from my local fabric store costs £5.99 per metre compared to online store @ £3.99 per metre, so it's cheapness for the win! I pretty much prefer the costume to be made out of stretchy fabric as it will be a comfortable tight fitted costume. Fabric will be sent to my friends address as my parents always have issues with any cosplay related items arrving through the post, so hopefully the fabrics will be shipped soon, so I can arrange to collect from my friend in order to start on the main part of the costume.

I also made a good start to the socks and the hair ribbons. I used my Tenma socks and added the red linings with jersey fabric. As for the ribbons, I have used 2 layers black cotton with wire hidden in between, so the ribbons stick out. I'm fairly happy with the turn out, so will need to post pictures.

Finally, I have used a pipe which has been cut into approximtely 11 inches for the Zanber handle. Yeys! the Riot Zanber is getting somewhere, so hopefully will add the details on the handle soon using cardboard which I got free from work. Heh! I'm a cheap skate, but work was going to throw all the cardboard boxes anyways, so why not keep them and use it for cosplay props?

The base of the staff is now completed yey! So will paint the staff which is the fun part and then it will be done and dusted!

OMG! I think this is the most expensive prop I am ever going to make up to date! Yesterday, I went shopping in Hobby Craft and brought 2 planks of balsa wood for £6.99 each. Fate's True Sonic form is a cosplay where you cannot go without a prop because when Fate (or any Nanoha character) is in their battle costume, 95% of the time they hold their weapon, so I thought I'll make a head start to Fate's Zanber as I don't need to work today... yesssss!

Work included, cutting the blades into shape and sanding down the edges to make the blades look sharp (I thought I was going to die breathing through wood dust) Also I have painted both sides of the blades with a pale lemon colour arcylic paint.

If your wondering why I used plastic bags as a sheild instead of newspaper is because paint can easily peel off plastic instead of paper.

Now, I'm soooo excited to make the rest of the costume aswell as completing the Zanber.

Spirit_of_the_stage will be happy to hear that I already started working on the staff. Hope it will turn out okay!

1st left ~ A broom handle brought from Wilkinsons for a bargin of £0.67

2nd left ~ broom handle covered with paper marche!

2nd right ~ Working on the shapes of the handle

1st right ~ Staff head in progress

Yeah progress.....

Red Shirt (£2.96) ~ I won a red shirt (Topshop) from Ebay for only £0.01, I can't believe no one else bidded on it, but it's a big advantage for me as I'm skint! However I ended up paying £2.96 because the seller charges £2.95 for postage, but nevertheless still a good price. I can't wait for the shirt to arrive through the post ^_^

Shoes (£28) ~ Sadly my CCS Tomoyo shoes are abit worn after wearing it almost everyday to work, so I brought a new pair of shoes for work and ironically it is very similar to Sakura's except the heel is approximately 4 inches high! KILLER HEELS!!! Anyways, I'm not willing to buy a new pair of shoes specially for this cosplay, so will have to go with an inaccurate heel.

Red tights (£4) ~ Tights were brought from New Look years ago. I've been meaning to do this cosplay for such a long time and when finding the perfect red tights, I knew I just had to buy it!

Gloves (£1) ~ I brought 2 of these gloves from Poundland for my Reinforce Zwei cosplay, just incase I messed up a glove. Since my 1st attempt went really well for Rein-Chan, I can use the spare pair for Sakura, although I need to make an slight adjustment.

Skirt (£9.99) ~ I originally brought this skirt for my Yuuki Cross cosplay, however it still works really well for Sakura, so I can save space and money ^_^

Things to do...
~ Tail coat
~ Tie
~ Adjust gloves
~ Buy buttons

Hehe! I am already half way through this cosplay by being LAZY! However, I can not fall into the lazy mode whenever I get round to make the tail coat.

Okay, I'm wearing my PJs and my room is a HUGE mess! please ignore as it was after 2am and I always make a mess when working on cosplays. Anyways.....

I was meant to be working on my AmeCon and May's Expo cosplays as a priority since Rachel is not to debut until Auchinawa, however I was in the mood to work on Rachel. Whlist Auchinawa is a while away, I REFUSE not to join the Blazblue group.

Rachel's hair ties are nicknamed as "Rabbit ears" because of the long and pointed shape. The thing which I am curious is how to make them gravity defying with the ears pointing the correct direction and without making them too stiff or thick?

I started to gamble and use the trial and error method with a material called hemp and the result was quite pleasing. I like how the massive hair tie sits on the wig, so next step is to cover them with black fabric once I get out next weekend for a Rachel fabric hunt. However, I am worried that covering the hair tie with black fabric will put more weight, so it may effect the gravity defying effect and the way it points T_T Looks as though I may have to go through another trial and error once I have the fabric.

Apart from the hair ties, I've started to re-laced my Rachel boots which took approximately 10 minutes per boot. I am pretty happy with this attempt so I think I'll leave them as they are. Will post pictures of my re-leaced boots soon.

I have started to adust the hoop skirt to make it the right length and poofy-ness, so I get a rough idea how much fabric I will need for the upper layers of the skirt. Overall I am pleased with the result though might adjust the upper half of the skirt as I go along, but... I dunno, we'll see as I make more progress.

Picture was taken by timer and after when I was knackered after work, so ignore my uniform and my expression. By an optical illusion, the poofier the skirt, the more shorter a person will look. Funny enough, I am slightly too tall for Rachel (haha! I think for the first time I am cosplaying as someone shorter then me) Rachel is 145cm and I am 156cm.

Sadly Rachel's shoes make no sense. Is it really possible to walk in those platforms? I guess every Rachel cosplayer will have to face inaccurate shoes unless they can walk on their toes all day or don't care about falling over several times.

I really wanted platform boots for Rachel (with a heel of course), however I am too worried about twisting my ankle. Infact I used to own a pair of platforms & almost fell down the stairs 3 times, but luckily I was holding onto the rail which stopped me from rolling down the steps. I rather not take the risk of hurting myself again, so I brought a pair of boots with heels. Good thing I am used to high heels! The heel is approximately 8-9cm high and ironically very comfortable.

Boots will need adjusting. I started to change the colour of the laces to red and will paint the soles into Sliver. Gah! How much I hate lacing boots? It's time consuming because I suck at shoe laces and defintiely not happy with the final result. I will need to re-do the lacing again and hopefully get it right.

I will eventually get somewhere!

Apart from the boots, I also have a petti coat which will be good for the poofy skirt. It will need some adjusting since it drapes onto the floor, but that should be an easy job (hopefully)

OMG! I only just got started and still got a long wayyyy to goooooo.... *fingers cross I will have the time and money to complete this by end of the year*

I'm excited already! I already own a wig suited for Rachel because in the past I've always wanted to cosplay as Utau from Shugo Chara! and Fate from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, so I brought a blonde wig with 2 ponytail extensions. Ironically Utau, Fate and Rachels hair is very simliar, so decided this wig will work for Rachel.

At least my worries regarding spending more monies for a wig will be over, but I'm dreading how much more dosh will I dig out for the rest of the costume. I don't want to see money as an objection to this cosplay, so if time allows I REALLY want push this cosplay forward for Auchinawa 2010! Damn Spirit_of_the_stage for making me play this game and loving the character & costume so much!

I did not like my current wig because the colour looks totally wrong. Rein-Chan's hair is supposed to be a very dull lilac colour and my current wig is a lilac-pinkish colour which will make my cosplay inaccurate. I tend to be really fussy on having the correct colour wig as it will make a BIG difference. After a month of searching, I eventually found something which will work for Rein-Chain from Cosplaywig on Ebay, so I had to buy it otherwise I will soon regret!

Anyways the wig arrived through the post a couple of days ago and my impressions is the colour is perfect though it's slightly abit too dark. Nevertheless, I'm happy with it and got no money to search for a 3rd wig.

Progress in terms of costume-wise. I visited Poundland to buy a pair of long and short black socks. My shoe size is 3 1/2, so I had to buy the kids size 0.o. Also I started to work on the skirt and belt. Base of skirt and belt is completed, so all thats left is to add the details.

Spirit_of_the_stage lent me his Reinforce Zwei figure for reference and thanks to him... erm, I meant her, I have a good 360 degree angle of the costume as a reference. I usually love to use figures as a reference as you get a good full view of how the costume is expected to look in real life. The hardest thing thing do is give the figure back when I finish this cosplay because it's a good quality figure from japan and abosultely cute. Hmmmm... maybe I should keep it (j/k)

I only just realised I have enough fabric to get a good head start to this costume because I still have plently of blue fabric from my Romeo cosplay, plus some black fabric & gold ribbon from my Sakura cosplay and I decided to use up the 2-3m of white fabric from my prince Sakura cosplay. Sadly I don't like Sakura's prince costume as much as I used to and never got round to completing the costume, maybe because of the colours, so it gives an excuse to use it up for Reinforce. Also, I brought some interfacing, shoes and light grey fabric last week which means I have everything needed. However I'm not too happy with the colour of the wig and light grey fabric, so I'll be on a look out for something better.

As for progress, I started to work on the base of the dress. Work involved including measuring, cutting and lightly stitching the dress together to give me an idea of the overall look before hemming and sewing the dress together. I made the dress a little too big, but will cut off parts to make it smaller. Hopefully will finish the base by the end of the week.

I finished making the staff yesterday and just in time for Midlands Expo without rushing too much.

I am not 100% happy because there are some things which I can improve if I re-make it again (did I mention I can never make anything symmetric?), then again this is not a bad attempt from a person who sucks at making props so I'm not totally disapointed with myself. However the staff will NEVER be re-made as I only plan to wear this cosplay for Midlands Expo 2010 only and have no other plans to re-wear.

I took a break from the cosplay, but since Midlands Expo is only 2 weeks away, I definitely MUST work on the staff otherwise I will not be able to finish in time. Also, since there are no future plans to re-wear this costume, I will miss my opportunity to wear this costume with an awesome staff.

I worked on making the shapes of the head of the staff and although it is not 100% accurate, I am fairly pleased with the result so far. Anyways I suck at making props and the only prop I ever made was the Romeo x Juliet swords, so there is no surprise that I can only make inccurate props.

Staff costs less then £4 to make because I'm cheap! Handle was a mop broom brought from Wilkinsons for £0.67, cardbaord came from previous parcels arriving through the post which costs nothing, newspaper which came through my post costs nothing, A3 foam was brought from Hobby Craft for £0.66 each and finally I used hot glue glue, PVA glue and masking tape which I already own.

Hopefully I will beable to finish this before Midlands Expo, then the diaster will be carrying it on the trian!

Pretty much ALWAYS start off with a wig in cosplay unless it is a character which I can get away using my own hair. Anyways I met up with a group of friends yesterday where I collected my Fate wig from one of my friends. I usually have to send any wigs I buy to my friends address due to parents complaining so much about cosplaying, so any cosplay related items I buy from the net goes to my friends address.

As for my opinions on the Fate wig, one sentence, I LOVE it! It is so perfect for Fate, the colour, style and quality is what I wanted. The £30 I paid was worth it.

Side note :- the colour of the wig is blondish with subtle tints of yellow, but it looks as though the wig is yellow in the photo. Ah well, does not matter afterall because Fate's hair is meant to be yellow and NOT blonde, so both colours work.

For the past month, I've been on a wig hunting spree to buy all the wigs needed for 2010 cosplays. For every cosplay, I usually start with wigs unless the characters hair is long, straight and dark in some form as I will NOT cosplay as characters if I cannot get the hair to be accurate or similiar.

Rein-Chan's wig was a huge problem to find as her hair colour is very difficult to describe. I would describe it as dull lilac with very subtle blue and greys which does not help when your searching on Ebay or other sites. Reinforce is also a obscure character to cosplay with obscure hair, so I get no help when typing her name in the search or thinking of another character with similiar hair. As a result, I searched for lilac wigs and eventually found a wig which I like though it is not entirely accurate, but it was the best I could find. A lot of lilac wigs which exists are too bright making it look too un-natural and horrible. I guess I will have to stick with the wig at the moment. As for the picture, I forgot to take the tag off, just incase if your wondering why there is a pink thing on the side of wig.

As for the book of darkness, it was a lucky find at HobbyCraft. Me and my friend, Tsuchinoko was shopping in HobbyCraft and when she was looking at the books, thinking if she needed it for a character, Reinforce instantly came in mind so I dumped it in my shopping basket. I painted the book, so all I need to do is add the details.

Petticoat arrived through the post today which was brought from Ebay. I can't believe I spent £16.99 (including postage) on a Petticoat where as I could have made it for less then £5, then again time is passing away and I've gone back into the work, sleep, work sleep routine which is not helping since I still yet to start making Touya's costume for a friend. Usually I am NOT willing to spend more then £10 on a small petticoat, but I'm very happy with the quality, poofyness is just right and it's very comfy.

Sadly, dress progress is slow but getting somewhere! Since I have a petticoat, it would be easier to measure and draw a pattern for the skirt, so will start working on it soon.

My friend brought me a sewing machine for my Christmas/birthday present. I call this a present for both occassions as sewing machines are expensive and I feel really bad since he spent so much on my pressies. Thanks to my friend, I finally can start working faster on my cosplays which leads me into starting Chii as a priority. I definitely need to make a start otherwise I would not beable to finish Touya's costume which I will be making for a friend as part of CrystalNeko's Tsubasa skit.

Fabric choosen for the dress is duchees satin. I don't know why I always use duchees satin for every white dress I make, but I suppose it's one of the best quality satins which is thick, not too shiny, not too transparent and besides, they cost £4.99 per metre at Fancy Silk Stores (bargin) Due to lack of funds, I can not afford satin which is above £8 per metre, so duchees satin for the win! I already got loads of spare duchees satin left over from Sakura's big white dress, so it needs to be used up for Chii. Hehe! it saves so much time and money to go out fabric hunting. On the other note, I decided I will NOT be using transparent fabric for the tail part of the dress because I will somehow need to get the trasparent fabric to blend into the opaque fabric and I know I will mess it up! besides I prefer the tails to be opaque and would possibly get away with it as the reference picture looks as though Chii is underwater, hence the transparency of the dress.

Dress is EVIL to make! How many times did I actually use the word "Evil" for difficult tasks in cosplay? I tend to get paranoid about well fitted strapless dresses with a low back because failure can result in embrassing moments which needs no explanations. Although I have already had experince making a strapless bodice with my Garnet cosplay, I am more worried about Chii's dress as the shape of the bodice is more complicated and not simple and straight forward compared to Garnet's dress. As for progress, I started to measure and cut out the farics which needs to be hemmed and sewn togther. Let's hope this will work out!

No pictures because the dress looks like a pile of scrap fabric at the moment, but will post some pics, once it begins to look like a dress.

Yesterday, I made the Chii ears just before bed time which took less then an hour. Ears are made out of foam covered with fake fur fabric. The fluffy ears makes it more obvious that I will be Tsubasa Chii and NOT Chobits Chii.

Note:- Wig in the pic is not the actual Chii wig, still yet to get it online.

Finally managed to make a good start on this costume. I had a meter of fake white fur fabric lying around in my room brought from John Lewis almost a year ago. I was meant to use it for another cosplay, but doubt I will ever get round to it since there are at least 10 cosplays which taken over it's priority, so I thought I'll use the fabric for Chii. It will save my lazyiness to make another trip to John Lewis, which the most local store is over an hour away by bus.

Today I finished making the choker, wrist bands, ankle bands and thigh band and used velcro for the attachments. I'm fairly happy with them as they fit perfectly and are very comfortable. The only thing left is to make the jewels on the band, but will not start until the actual dress is completed because I can get away without jewels as I say it's Amine version without them.

Since the actual dress was completed last week, the final part of this cosplay is to make the staff. I was really looking forward to making the staff until I realised how difficult it was to make the shapes into a 3D object.

I started off with a metal mop handle brought from Wilkinsons for £0.69 which was covered in paper marche such that when I start painting, the arcylic paints will not flaking off the metal parts. Next thing I did was the top of the staff made with cardboard and foam. I had a load of parcels through the post over Christmas which means I'm cheap as I paid nothing for the cardboards.

*Excitment* The costume is almost complete! though still need a lot of work on the staff because have not started and I'm not good at props. I have brought a mop for £0.69 from Wilkinsons and have plently of paint, foam, cardboard, hemp, PVA glue, hot glue gun sticks etc... so should be able to start soon.

As for progress, I have finished making the head piece and choker made out of foam, ribbon, hemp, velcro, clear comb and constructed with a hot glue gun. Also the accessory which goes on the waist line is completed expect I need to wait for the paint to dry, then I can attach it to the dress and say this dress is COMPLETED!

pictures were taken during the night, so colours are bit dark and dull.

All of a sudden I'm working so slow and I greatly blame this on work for making me very tired and ill for almost a whole month!!!! gah!!! been sleeping at 10:00pm and waking up at 1pm to catch up with all the sleep I lost during weekdays (OMG! 13 hours sleep 0.o)

Anyways, I started to work on the cape which was the next hardest task after the gloves. I thought the cape would be simple, however cutting and hemming in a funny shape at the front was fairly difficult. I'm definitely NOT happy with the result, but can't afford to dish out more money to buy another 2 metres of duchees satin to re-make. The most annoying thing was the cape was very heavy that it started to pull my bodice down though good news is that I'm not paranoid that my bodice will slide right down as I made it stiff from the shoulder line.

Things to do.
~ Finish hemming the cape
~ Add buttons to the bodice
~ Choker
~ Accessories and headpiece
~ Staff

I can't believe I'm making so much progress within the 2 weeks even though I had to work 40 hours this week. Also it is hard to believe that this costume might be completed 3 months before Midlands Expo which is a big shock as my other costumes are always complete on or before the day which is due to debut, but shhhhh!!!... I need to keep quiet otherwise I will fall into the lazy mode.

I've been working on the bodice and gloves. I can not stress how much I HATE making gloves! They are the most EVIL thing to make in cosplay! There is ALWAYS something wrong with every single glove I make as it is extremely difficult to get it fitted perfectly around my fingers. I'm not too happy with one of the gloves, but will not remake unless I can find some free time. I've have to make 2 costumes for a skit in May's Expo, so I need to put those costumes into priority. The important thing is that I can move and bend my fingers and that no one will notice the gloves are not perfect unless they look and stare closely enough, so I'll guess I'll leave the gloves as they are.

The bodice was a pain to make (but not as much as the gloves) I wanted to use a paper pattern which I already own, however the pattern did not work so I made it by guess work! haha! I'm insane, then again my Garnet dress was made by guess work too, so it was not impossible. Unlike my Garnet bodice, I used interfacing to make it more perfect fitting and to reduce the wrinkling. Overall I'm fairly happy with the bodice even though the invisible zip is hard to pull up as I need to bend my arms in a funny angle (I will need some help from my friends)

Took almost a full week to make the skirt, but then again my daily routine from Mon-Fri is almost work, sleep, work and sleep again, plus my sewing machine broke so these days all of my cosplays are hand sewn. Will definitely consider buying a new sewing machine once I have the money and space in my room.

Anyways for once, I'm proud of how big and poofy the skirt looks! I think I am improving my skills on making big poofy skirts. The bodice is currently in progress and will attach the skirt onto the bodice once it's 100% complete. I'm so glad I choose to make this nice and simple costume, definitely a good break from Sakura's pink ball dress.

You'll have to ignore the mess in my room and picture lighting. My room space is only 2x2metres and as usual it's always in a mess whlie working on cosplays. Since I don't have anyone to help me take cosplay pictures, I had to use the timer which failed! At least you get an idea of the outcome of the costume.

I can't believe I have started on this costume even though Midlands Expo is 4 months away! Anyways, starting way too early is better then leaving everything last minute & bearing in mind I will need to make at least 2 costumes which are complex-ish in time for May.

Thanks to my previous experinces in making a big skirt, I measured and cutted the fabric. I will need to hem and then sew the skirt pannels together, then voila! I love simple skirts, they are so much fun to make unlike Sakura's *coughpinkballdresscough*

I went out into Birmingham, so I thought I should make use of the journey to get some fabric from Fancy Silk Store. It has become one of my favourite places for fabrics. There were loads of thick, yet lovely white satin from chiffon, polyster, countess etc... The fabric I went for was Duchess satin because I can not resist the price of £4.99 per meter.

In total I brought.......
~ 12 meters white duchees satin (£59.88)
~ 1 meter gold duchees satin (£4.99)
~ 1 meter brown duchees satin (£4.99)
~ 22" white invisible zip (£4.95)

*sigh* my poor bank balance T_T
Hopefully 12 meters of white will be enough, though I am a short person afterall. Also I only needed 1/5 meter of gold and brown, but the minimum is a meter, so hopefully I can make use of the left over fabric for future cosplays.

Random off topic :- On my shopping trip I met a group of cosplayers & I did stare at them. Hehe! they must have thought I was a member of public who knew nothing about cosplaying. Even cosplayers can stare at cosplayers!

Whilst shopping today, by coincident I walked past an evening dress shop which had loads of natural wigs. All of the wigs were good quality at a fair price of £12-£25, so I decided to buy one for any of my future cosplays. The medium lenght brown wig caught my attention because I can use it for Yuuki or style it into a Sakura wig, though I am more tempted to use it for Yuuki as the wig is a little too thin to style.

I almost died after 50+ hours of painting, took almost all of my time T_T Good news is that I only have 1 more skirt layer to paint then it should be fun to sew all the pannels together along with beading. Hope to start making the overcoat thing soon as Fuyu is only 3 weeks away *panics*

All 3 photos were taken during the night with different flashes hence the poor colour quality. See the first journal as it shows the closest light pink colour match.

I think I am approximately half way through making this costume. I already finished cutting and hemming all the skirt pannels, so it's a matter of more painting and beading, then sewing all the pannels together. The bodice looks kinda weird and the reason is that I tried to keep the front as flat as possible to match up with the reference picture.

OMG! only a month left before FuyuCon, fingers cross I will finish in time.

I finished the painting the black details on the bodice and upper layer skirt (yey!) though still need to paint 3 more layers of the skirt T_T. I love how the hem of the skirt looks circular.

I also brought some black beads from Hobby Craft (approximately 564 in total, hopefully will be enough) and started to do a lot of beading using invisible thread. Beading is so much fun and ironically I thought it would be a tedious job.

This is really tedious! I have painted more patterns which took up 10 hours of my time. Hopefully will be worth it.

Finally the paint has dried, so I gently lifted the stencil to see the result. Personally, I think the patterns look fairly nice though I'm annoyed that the patterns are NOT symmetric. Everything, expect the rose shapes in the middle are meant the be symmetric. Also some lines are thicker then others T_T

The white rose and black ribbon was placed on the fabric but will be sewn on later. OMG! I only just started the pattern which took almost 3 hours and still have to paint an estimated of another 50. I better keep on top otherwise it will be postponed... only 7 weeks left until FuyuCon *panics*

I was originally going to make the pattern stencils after the base of dress is completed, however I thought it will be a pain to undo the stitches, paint, then redo stitches again, so I decided to start the patterns before sewing the pieces of fabric together.

I finally made up my mind to paint the patterns over applique for a few reasons. Firstly my sewing machine broke and it would be tedious to applique everything by hand and secondly the fabrics which I like to use for the patterns frays!

I made a stencil out of foam which I realise was a BAD idea! The material was not stiff enough and kept on moving even though I sealed it with masking tape. Definitely would consider using card next time! Unfortunately I could not get the pattern to be accurate and match the original design mainly due to Sakura's tall and slim proportions, so I drew it to the best of my ability to include as much detail. Painting the patterns caused so much pain! word of advice is to use a table and NEVER paint it on the floor since I had to bend over which results in back pain T_T

Now, I am just waiting for the paint to dry whlist typing this journal (feels like using a hair dryer to speed things up)

With great luck I brought this from the bring and buy for a very good price of £20. I was originally going to make this costume, but I can't complain about the price. Costume includes the skirt which is not shown in the photo as I gave it away to charity since it does not fit me. Seriously whoever was selling this costume is playing up because the skirt was a child size 7-8 year old. I bet she kept the original skirt and swapped it for a ridiculous tiny skirt. Nevertheless cosplay is still a good price as a lot of sellers quote £80+ and I can always make/buy a skirt for under £4.

Ruby plushie arrived and it turned out to be as big as expected. Nevertheless it will still be carried around for this cosplay.

On the other note, I got a free hair tie and bow with the plushie, so I'll be using these as a back up if I'm unable to make them in time. FuyuCon is drawing very close and still yet to start on this costume.

Finally I brought some long black gloves from a party shop though bad news is they got lost within my big pile of clothes, so hopefully I will find them.

NOTE:- Black lolita dress is not part of cosplay. I only worn it for a progress shoot because wearing the gloves with my usual outfits makes the gloves look abit horrid as they clash so much with casual clothing.

Gloves are finally finished after dreading so much about making them. I HATE making gloves and I can repeat several times how much I HATE making them! Gloves are the most EVIL thing to make in cosplay as it's extremely difficult to get the right shape for the perfect fit. I remebered the time when I was making gloves for my DragonFly race dress Sakura and they failed so badly, but luckily I found some in a shop. However for this ball dress, there was NO way I can buy these gloves as the coat needs to be the same fabric and colour as the gloves leaving me with no choice to make them!

Materials used were dark red countess satin, black satin ribbon and hot glue gun. Overall I'm around 70% happy with the gloves as they did not totally fail unlike the DragonFly race gloves. The other 30% is because they do not fit prefectly on my fingers though I suppose it's a little difficult to notice unless you touch my fingers.

I know the colour of the gloves are meant to be dark pink, but I prefer to go for a darkish red instead because a combination of baby pink, dark red and black works better then 2 shades of pink with black (this is only my opinion) Anyways I HATE wearing too much pink because I felt like a Barbie doll and this was a lesson I learnt after cosplaying as Karin Hanazono in her godess form. I don't nessecary hate the colour pink, it's an okay colour but too much is like....blah!!!!

OMG! I can't believe I'm actually working on cosplay even though I feel so tired after work every day. Probably shows how determined I am to finish this cosplay before FuyuCon without rushing!

Today during my lunch break at work, I took a short trip to Dunlem Mills to buy some flowers along with coloured threads. Work sucks for only letting me have half an hour break, so I never had time to eat and I was literaly starving through work. Anyways the good news is that I have almost everything I need for this cosplay apart from the beads which I may have to make a trip to Coventry's Hobby Craft to buy hundreds of beads!!!!!

I thought I'll make a start to the head band since it is one of the most simple parts of the cosplay. I don't want to jump into the deep end and start the actual dress until I make clear measurements. Head band is made out of pink countess satin with a hidden layer of hemp for stiffness along with a headband underneath to maintain the shape. The details were done by using black satin ribbon and a fake white rose, all guled together using a hot glue gun.

Overall I'm 90% happy with the headband, the other 10% is where I wish I used a thinner ribbon. Anyways, I should be making the actual dress next (I somehow feel scared)

Before starting the base of dress, I decided to do a rough sketch of the patterns. The artwork does not show a clear picture of the details, so I thought this was very important to get an idea of the patterns before starting the real thing.

Took approximately an hour in total to draw the patterns and I'm fairly pleased with it. I usually suck at drawing anything symmetrical and very detailed, but these test sketches turned out how I wanted. I will start to make stencils once the base of dress is completed.

The only question I'm asking is should the patterns be appliqued or painted? I'm leaning towrds paint because it will take forever to sew on the pieces of fabric, plus most fabrics fray! The only probelm with paint is that one little mistake would say "bye bye cosplay"

Today I went to meet up with a friend in Brummy's city centre. I thought I'll make use of it by making a trip to the markets and Fancy Silk stores to buy as much as I need for this cosplay.

Cost and material break down
~ 5 metres light pink countess satin (£6.99 per metre)
~ 2 metres dark red countess satin (£5.99 per metre)
~ 4 metres interfacing (£3.25 per metre)
~ 10 metres black ribbon (£0.29 per metre)
~ black bead thread (£2.99)
~ Zip (£0.74)
~ Hairband (£0.25)

Costume was completed yesterday night, but I was too lazy to get on my comp to write my journey as you can imagine that I fell asleep. I eventually decided to make the beige jacket myself because the quotes from comissioners were ridiculously high! the cheapest quote was £40 and the highest was £116 which excludes shipping. Damn! those comissioners making so much profit with labour for a simple jacket. Anyways I brought 2m of beige cotton from Fancy Silk stores @ £4.99 per metre and it took approximtely 2 days to complete.

Costume is ready for AyaCon! I have enough spare fabric to make the summer uniform, so if I have the time I'll probably make it because I predict Aya will be a very hot summer Con and the winter school uniform felt so hot.

Random fact ~ This is my cheapest cosplay which costs £10.49 in total!

Good news is that this cosplay should be in progress shortly though I want to finish my other Tsubasa Sakura costume before I oficially start making this, but a break in between from my Tsubasa Sakura won't hurt eh?

I started to plan out all the fabrics needed, patterns, colours, construction, pattern etc... My friend has got this Saturday off work and we plan to do some cosplay shopping within the Birmingham/Coventry area. I should be buying fabric and all the sources needed for this costume *makes a list*

I also dug out bootleg copies of the Clow and Sakura cards to use for this cosplay. Yes, I'm being naugthy owning pirate CCS goods, but there is no way I will use my official Japanese cards which I payed £40-£70.

I can happily comfirm that this will DEFINITELY be for FuyuCon, so let's hope this all goes well ^_^

Costume is almost complete expect I'm missing the beige jacket which is the most important part of the costume. If I can find someone to comission it for me at a fair price, then I may end up buying it otherwise I'll be staying up until 5am sewing! it does not take long to make the jacket however I'm bearing in mind that I still have a lot of work on my Sakura costume.

My pigtails are not accurate, but there is NO way I'm cutting my hair OR getting a wig for a simple costume which would only be worn once or twice. Infact my hair looks more like Ami Koshimizu (Tenma's actress) in the School Rumble musical.

I wanted to concentrate on my other AyaCon costumes, so I went on Ebay to buy parts of the costume. Today I won a pleated red skirt and red hair elastics. It was my 3rd attempt to bid on a suitble red pleated skirt though the skirt I won is not 100% accurate, in fact it looks more like the skirt in the School Rumble musicals. All thats left is the beige jacket which hopefully I will start soon otherwise I may end up getting it comissioned to save time on my other cosplays.

So far I spent £6.50 on the costume and I hope it does not go above £15 because I'm a cheap skate.

Yey! I've made a lot of progress within 24 hours, but damn Eurovision song contest for being at the same time when I'm deeply in the cosplay mood so it took 3 hours of my time. Also today it was my cousins birthday party which killed half of my time with cosplay. Why do things happen so closely to the Expo???

Romeo's sword is almost complete. I need to tidy up the paint work and add a wing sculpture at the end of the sword handle. *panics* less then a week and still need to work on Juliets sword.

Oh noes! Exactly a week left before May's Expo and I still have not finished the swords >.<" Well at least the costume is finished, but still have not made the accessories.

The sword handle is almost completed. I need to add the gems and details which are in progress & I am feeling impatient because it takes forever for paint & paper marche to dry. Should hopefully be in time for Mays Expo ^_^

In between the photo was taken at night with the flash on, so the lighting is REALLY bad. It makes the swords look shiny with wrinkles >.<"

On the other note, my friend Tsuchinoko has found some fake white flowers which are similiar to white Iries, so I will have all the props which I need for the Expo

I finished the applique at the back of the navy blue coat and it turned out better then expected. It took approximtely just over an hour.

Costume is finished apart from the accessories which I probably won't bother making because it's hidden underneath the blue coat and I personally think it's kinda pointless making it when nobody is going to see it.

Now I can concentrate on trying to get the swords completed on time, plus style the Juliet wigs.

*Panics* only a month before the Expo and I only just started working on the sword. Probably a really bad idea to start so late since no prop making experince + lazyiness + last minute = terrible scruffy sword.

The blades are made out of blasa wood. I cutted and sanded down the wood to make the edges look sharp and it was such a tedious job. Bah! took approximately 2 hours to sand down one sword! The sword handle was tricky, since I was dreading the get the shape right. I experimented using different materials and ended up using foam, alummin wire, hemp, hot glue gun masking tape, newspaper and PVA glue just to make the handle. At least I finally got somewhere.....

If your wondering why I'm making 2 swords, it's because one is for Romeo and the other is for Juliet. I will let my friend Tsuchinoko borrow my Juliet sword whlist I'm cosplaying as Romeo, just hope she don't break my precious sword lol Btw the sword on the top is for Romeo and the sword at the bottom is for Juliet.

Overall I'm not 100% happy with the progress. The swords are too short and the sword handle is a little wrinkled, but I guess I have to accept what I've done so far. You can't expect anything more from someone who is rubbish at making props!!!

About time I make more progress, but I'm still working very slow <.< I went shopping between my lunch break at work and brought white & gold ribbons for the lining of the top and vest. I also started to work on the navy vest and the white collar was made from left over fabric from my Ashe/Garnet cosplays (yey for saving abit of money)so far I'm actually quite pleased with the overall look of the costume because it's begining to look like Romeo. After worrying so much about looking too much like a girl, I looked slightly less girly now lol

Things to do...
~ Applique the Montague logo on the back of navy vest
~ Finish the sleeves
~ Add flaps on the boots
~ Add details on the navy vest
~ Make sword (I'm sooooo scared since this is my first attempt of making a prop)
~ Buy or make white Iris'

Costume should be completed by London Expo, but I still think I need to work faster since I have not even started on my costumes for AyaCon *panics* (blames work on everything lol)

My Miki and Suu plushie which I won on YahooJapan Auctions have finally arrived through the post and they are so cute!!! Unfortuantely I lost the bid on Ran, but I will keep on trying & hopefully will get it before Midlands Expo.

I finally got a bag and humpty lock from YahooJapan auctions. Damn! the currency exchange because my cank balance is feeling the pain T_T

The bag is a pain because if I place it on the side of my hip, the black cardigan will have a hump and if I move it sligthly towards the right, it will push my tie to the right. I'll probably take all the contents out of the bag and flatten it before the expo to solve this problem.

Things to do
~ Finish leg warmers
~ Belt
~ Wig (which should be sorted soon because my friend is going to order it for me on Monday)

Finally good news from my friend. He finally brought all the materials he needs for Tadase, so he is going to start on his costume really soon!

It's Christmas day and I'm stuck at home feeling broed, so I ended up working on my cosplays. Haha! sad isn't it?

Last weekend I went shopping with my friend in Wolverhampton and I brought a tie from Marks & Spencers for a bargin price of 98p! It states £5 on the price tag, but the lady at the counter charged me 98p. I also went into the Birmingham rag markets to buy fabric for the leg warmers & started to make them. Leg warmers are almost complete, I just need to do some hemming and also buy 2 small belt things. Finally I made a small red arm band using spare fabric from my Sakura Taisen bow and also made the white things at the end of the sleeves (can't get the proper word in my head) to add to the black cardigan using spare fabric from my Azumanga cosplay. Yey for spare fabric! my black cardigan was made using the left over fabric from my past cosplays.

Things to do
~ Bag
~ Finish leg warmers
~ Belt
~ Wig (which my friend is going to buy for me)
~ Humpty lock

I am not sure how far my friend got with his Tadase cosplay, but hope he will get started soon because he made me do this cosplay for Febs Expo lol

(EDIT; I forgot to mention that I found my Azumanga Daioh shoes which my mum put away.... yey!)

My friend will be happy to know that I already started working on my school uni Amu. I already own the white shirt, wig and skirt, so what I need is the leg warmers and red tie. The black cardigan was made by me. I had just enough black jersey fabric left from my live action Misa to make Amu's cardigan.

The wig was originally for my Lenna FFV cosplay which I planned for a while, but never even started on the costume, so I thought I'll use it for Amu. I had to cut the fringe since it covers my eyes & hardly could see a thing. Only problem is that I can;t style it like Amu's, if I attempt to tie it in a high side pony tail, it will show my hair underneath the net >.<" I might have another wig before the Expo because my friend found the perfect wig for Amu, but it was around £38 including shipping. Although I really LOVE the wig, I only have a budget of £20 T_T My friend did offer to buy the wig for me as an Christmas present, but I felt kinda bad because £38 is a lot of money. Anyway no matter how bad I feel, I think he will eventually buy it for me, so I may have a btter wig in time for the Expo.

I was planning to re-use the shoes from my Azumanga cosplay, but my mum put them away and she does not remember where they are, so I assume my shoes are lost >.<" .... grrrr... now I may have to spend some extra cash on a new pair of shoes!!! If I can't find the shoes by mid Feb, then I will go to the cheap shoe shop opposite my work place because all of their shoes ranges from £1-£40, I maybe lucky and find a pair for just a quid!

This Saturday my friend invited me to go to Wolverhampton to do some Christmas shopping... well, more like cosplay shopping, so I will buy the rest of the sources which I may need for this costume. I can guarantee this costume will be finished just in time for Midlands Expo, so look out for the cool and Spicy girl walking around the Expo!

Finally brought all the materials needed for this cosplay expect for some gold fabric for the lining of the navy vest because all I could remember is 3 different shades of blue for Romeo's costume. The fabric which I choosen is Cotton Canvas for the top. I really wanted the navy blue vest to be made out of velvet *drools* but it was too expensive and wayyyy over my budget, so I had to stick with the more cheaper cotton canvas @ £3.99 per meter. I started to work on the top, which is now almost complete apart from adding on the white lining using 6cm wide white ribbon.

To save money I am going to re-use my Sakura DragonFly race gloves and my Sakura Taisen white trousers, however I may go out shopping looking for better trousers because the Sakura trousers are a little tight and it shows the shape of my legs (I think my legs look too girly for Romeo lol)

The photo shows how my cosplay looks like so far with everything put together (ignore the sleeves as they are not part of the costume) & still not happy with my first crossplay. I seriously never knew that crossplaying was harder then expected, plus I look too much of a girl to crossplay as Romeo lol! Hopefully I can work something out before the Expo.

Since it's winter, I started to look around in the shops in search for Romeo's boots as I know if I leave it too late in Spring, I'll probably have no chance in finding the perfect pair in time for May. The boots were more difficult to find then expected because it seems as though almost all of the boots I saw were either high heels, too girly, too much pattern or the faric doesn't look right. I was trying to keep a budget of under £20 as my bank balance is hurting as usual >.<" so after about a month of searching, I finally brought a pair of plain black boots from Primark for £15 however I need to add the flaps which shouldn;t be too difficult (I hope)

So now on my way to the next stage of this cosplay. I am going to buy the fabric for the top this week to get started. Probably go to Fancy silk stores as they have thousands of fabric and I need 3 different shades of blue.

Good news is that if I can get this cosplay finished in time, then it will be for the London Expo May 09, AyaCon 09 and maybe FuyuCon 09 too *Looks at Tsuchinoko* You better have your Juliet in progress or rather finished soon!!!

After a year on hold, I decided to get back to work on my Karin cosplay. Main reason is because after the Expo my poor bank balance hurts so MUCH, so I can't afford to buy any new materials for any new cosplays. I really want to get back into the cosplay mood & since I have several costumes in progress, I might as well try to at least finish one of them. Karin is a cosplay which I love to finish because the costume is so pretty and I never seen anyone cosplayed as her before.

I started to make the crown out of wire which is probably not the best thing to use as it bends really easily, but I couldn't find a crown that is accurate enough, so I got no choice, but to make it! I suck at making accessories >.<" I am still not happy with the crown, but will try to amend it to make it look better.

Don't know when will I re-debut this costume again, but hopefully it will be sometime next year ^^

I finally have got my wig. Actually I brought it about a month ago, but had to send it to my friends house since I don't trust my family being the first person to reach the parcel. I had to meet my friend at Octobers Expo to collect the wig from her.

The photo shows wig, though it looks kind of weird since I am holding it and not placing it on my head. I did tried the wig and I look like a very girly Romeo.... oh dear not a good sign for my first crossplay, but it maybe because I was wearing girly clothing whlist wearing the wig lol. Hopefully I won't look too much like a girl once I progress on the costume.

This cosplay won't be put into progress until I exactly start working on the costume. I really can't wait to do this cosplay with my friend Tsuchinoko as Juliet.

I started to make the top yesterday night and it looks okay-ish so far. The top is meant to be the most difficult part of the costume since I have heard problems about the difficulty from other cosplayers, so with only 3 weeks left until the Expo, I really wanted to get the base of the top right to get the hardest part of the way. Still need to do a lot of work, but I'm at least getting somewhere, the next stage will be to make the sleeves.
The skirt is almost complete, but still need to make about a hundred coins and sew then on the hem of the skirt. Not really looking forward to this as I know it will take a very long time, but it needs to be done!!!

I have finally managed to make progress on the skirt. Brought a roll of gold ribbon from Midpac and started to do further work on the applique. It took more then 15 hours to applique the designs and still not finished (dies over hand sewing) It caused so MUCH pain, I stabbed myself with the needle several times and my fingers started bleeding, but luckily I never got any blood stains on the skirt. I plan to finish the skirt within the next week so I can concentrate on the top.

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Ichigo-Chan deleted a costume (3 years ago)

Ichigo-Chan deleted a costume (3 years ago)