Started in 2004, been at it ever since. Threw my hat into the ring with my own event on the 10th of July 2010, the Cosplay Cruise! We ran again in 2013 and hope to make it a yearly event.

My main belief is that cosplaying should be fun. I've grown bored of the atypical cosplay elitist who criticises people for their 'lesser' costumes. Cosplaying was never meant to be taken too seriously. It's there for people to have fun, relax and meet like-minded folk.

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The fabric side of things is pretty much done. Need to add the belts and the gloves/boot covers. All the sculpting is done, and all the mould making. Now I just need to pump out all the casts - it's 48 casts in total! That's a lot of fillering and sanding when the time comes. The coffin prep work is nearly finished, and the helmet is somewhat finished too - a light sanding, then the placement of the strapping and she'll be done.

So ive decided to start again. Looking at each piece I was unhappy with all of them. And something this big is worth doing right. So ive re-made all the sculpts for the coffins, as well as the head. I'm much happier with them, and i've started the moulding process. I've also got the polyboard for the body of the coffins, and a ton of metal dowel I can start welding up to make the armature. Should make for an interesting few months!

This is just a follow-up shot of the detailing on the handles. I'd like to start commissioning, and may sell this scossor blade, so here is a more up-close shot

I really didn't plan to do this cosplay, but I wanted to make the scissor blade. I knocked it out over three day. Pine, MDF, wood glue and a lot of sanding back P38. Lots of dremel work on the handle. I'm pretty happy with it.

The coffin decals are taking shape. Polycarve for the big beast, plastiline for the smaller bits. Hopefully ready to take moulds of them. Vacform for the styrene, silicone for the plastiline. The styrene has been treated with P38 .

I'm way too busy on this new degree, but i'm snatching the odd half-hour to work on this thing. The helmet is nearly sanded down fully and the coffins are templated.

I've had 1000 little jobs and more woodwork than i've ever had for a cosplay, but i'm nearly done. The jacket was a really time consuming but it's where I want it to be

Can't find grey pleather at all so i'm making anything else I CAN. Helmet is nearly done, just need some yellow perspex for the eyes.

Thought i'd make sure it all look good after my hair cut and colour. I'm pleased with the results and it should hold up to the worse expo has to offer!

For the princely sum of £7.50 i've managed to pull this together. Jacket was £5 from a charity shop and the bias tape and ribbon came to £2.50. Just got a few accessories to make and to dye my hair and it'll be all done.

The armour has been really fun to make, with few headaches. Here's the left arm pieces minus the hand piece, which is attached to the glove. The shoulder is fibreglass over a papier mache'd balloon and cardboard. Isopon and resin to smooth out. The three curved upper arm parts are styrofoam on cardboard with craft foam and resin on top. Forearm is just craft foam on a shin pad.

The main fabric part of this costume hasn't been that tough to be honest.Overbought on purple and yellow fabric as always.It's all quite tight though, so I'd better not gain any weight between now and the event!

Last journal entry on this. It's been a tough old build but i'm nearing completion. I've enjoyed making this a lot, but i'm ready for it to be done!

I've done so much on this but it still feels like there are 1000 jobs to be done. The pic is of one of the armour pieces, but i've done nearly all the brasswork. The fabric is done too, and the wings should be completed by Monday (hopefully!). There isn't a lot to 'start', just plenty to finish!

It's amazing how much time i've already put into this without anything really coming together. I've got the scarf sewn, the main jacket sewn (minus sleeves) and various parts of the armour prepped for painting, namely the pauldrons and the belts (including some of the 'dangly bits). The pauldron design is ready to be glued too. So now all I need to do is the, er, shawl, boots, jewelry casting, gloves, patches, arrows, wig, collar, cuffs, wings and neck structure. And today marks three months left to do it all in. Oh boy.....

Totally underestimated the amount of 25mm bias binding I would need. Plenty of 12mm, obviously! Finished the grey panelling and the collar, just need to do some belt loops and the three bars across the chest and the USTREAM transfer and the fabric is done. Then it's the finishing touches to the accessories and i'm ready to crack on with the backback!

The balls on the front of the jacket are done. Need to wash the jacket then glue them in place. Sewed in some holes for the belts, and trimmed some other belts for the arms. Also picked up some trousers. Now all I need is the shirt and some paper bags and the main costume is complete, with only the scalpel to do.

This costume is almost cheating. I had an old labcoat from a Stein cosplay. I just took it in and reshaped the tails.

Got no dark grey fabric to do the chest panel and collar, but i've finished the basics of the tunic, as well as the belt. Not I just need to do the grey panels, collar, and yellow piping around the hems and the fabric side of this is complete. This pic is just because I got a little excited and wanted to see what some of the pieces looked like together. The jumper also needs its shoulder pads, because i'm a slip of a thing!

The boots and the arm bracers are done, and the shoulder pads are drying, so only the tassling needs adding to those. After adding the decals to the helmet, all that remains is the belt and i'll have the last month free to focus on the tunic, which is what I wanted.

Enamal paint sucks. Too shiny metallic. Settled on a really simple grey base coat and some PVA washes to gloss it up a little. Blue jewels, dorsal fin, ears and yellow visor decals are on their way.

Oh and those loose £5 notes? It's because i'm gangstarrr. Brap!

The leg kneeepads and boot coverings also get a paint job, so did the arm bracers, but I am going to redo them after deciding they suck!

Despite my rather moody lighting conditions and even darker metal music playing throughout, i've finished the clay, isopon and craft foam sections. Now for a PVA glue wash and a paint job

Finally got the base sorted so I can tackle the panelling

After deliberation I decided that the helmet was just not proportionaly accurate, and I could either soldier on and make the best of it, or make a new one. I decided on the latter, and I decided that the helmets should know exactly what i think of them (I was bored on my day off!)

So far i've made a start to the helmet using old cardboard salvaged from a recycle bin outside out local shop. Got a basic structure ready to build off once i've modroc'd the lot to give it a little rigidity.

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