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The cost too AGES to make as I got so unmotivated with it due to the lining and the collar and everything seemed to be going wrong but finally I finished it.

I cut out the fabric today (FINALLY) and pinned it together.

Tomorrow, ill have a proper look at the pattern and pin it properly and start sewing as the light is starting to go now and i only have one crappy bulb in my three bulb light ^^;

Whoo! I finally got my ass to go out and buy a pattern for his coat now :3 After looking at several books and online, I finally chose one after long debate xD and it got it cheap to coz it was in ze sales so me happy.

Also my friend gave me some clay to make the horns (or practice either one) so I'm gonna either look for some wire to help me construct it or hope for the best and not use wire xD anyway, it's gonna be a messy job and is gonna remind me of playing with playdo when I was younger :'3

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