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Ive gotten into cosplay around 2009 while i was still in my japanese phase......after going to expos i wondered what it would be like to cosplay and there i was being luxord was my first cosplay and went really well

now many people know me as the piplup man because of how awesome it looks =D
and its also my main cosplay that has attracted a lot of attention at events.......though most of the time when i done 1 cosplay...i want another one!! (though i think most of us are like that lol)

Even a japanese couple came up to me and asked me "wow your amazing we dont get UK cosplayers" but im like.......there are a lot more of us lol they were awesome (meaning i might started wearing cosplays in the japanese district xD) Youl probably see me going to most MCM expos and small cosplay events in london and japanese festivals

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Main composition was done by a friend, I just added extra detail and new coats of paint

Now I have bought most of the material to start yeta. Using luxury fur i bought at fabric land and the cotton drills this should be a breeze!

Buying the fabrics and wool today! Got one month to do her so I need to make an urgent start

I almost have my trio of penguins now :D which shall be seen at Amecon

Recieved my cup recently so its more female appropriate! Damn leotards and damn my cosplay choices!

Right just ordered the base blazer, base shorts and also red tights!! Most of the main cosplay done, just need to edit them and bam!

Ben has ordered the wig and all set go!

My boots have arrived! They are kinda tight around my thigh but hey they are meant to be for women ^^"

They do look really good, perfect for this character, will post a photo of them soon but as of now, this cosplay is technically complete! :D

Just ordered my boots today, she will be almost totally finished soon!

Arm bands are also completed
using a table cloth and white cotton sewn on. Think I will stuff them more so they are bigger

A bit tight but not too shabby :)
cotton, yellow lining and a table cloth for the frilly detail.
Gold buttons sewn on. Im pretty pleased

Here is what the skirt looks so far :)
Needs a little more detail but its looking so beautiful! Underneath is a layer of red silk and white cloth going down from the front......so close and so near! Just more detail, the leotard, arm cuffs and boots to go :D

The lovely de'cor to my skirt. Glued a safety pin button at the back so it can be attached and taken off with ease. Made with cloth and stitched together. I cant wait for Hyper Japan! :D

Finished of my gloves as well, made a lace hole so I can put my finger through like its shown in the anime. I only took a picture of one glove atm as its difficult to take a picture on your own but they are both finished :D.

Its just those big cuffs on the top of the arm I have to do i'm dreading T_T

OK I have done a few major things but haven't had the time to update so here goes......

I have finished my Collar and scarf. Felt stuff with cotton, Velcro at the back so I take it off when I need to. Given it some detail with some white cloth that I have used from an old table cover and the scarf is just one bit of silk :3 and it feels so nice

Finished and added the decorations to it as well as the cotton around the bottom of the hat

Made a start on the penguin hat/crown
blimey these ears are long but will look so cool when its done :D

If Kanba and Shoma ever find it! I shall make a prop penguin drum to go with this character, everything else is on steady progress :)

So far I have 4 penguins (Im counting Esmeralda!) to make and a penguin drum, I don't think there's any more props I would want for this character yet!

At expo I bought the perfect contact lenses as I want to use for this cosplay to be perfect in detail :) Problem is ive never used contacts in my life so got a lot of paitence and perserverance to put up with >.<

But first il see an optition and see if im suitable for contact lenses first. I may of wasted money but its a lesson learn and handy info to pass onto people who have never done contacts in their life :) If it doesnt work out then I suppose its not the end of the world and il just learn to photoshop the eye colour into them

So today ive made 2 backlaces :D
they look rubbish but I did my best for expo and in such a rush as well >.<

Just about going to start this cosplay. Its a dream dress so i'm going to start on some on the easier details

So far I have purchased the wig which should be here within the month

Well this was a challenge! Luckily my friend came over on saturday to help me to the coat as he cosplayed taokaka as well

Spent a lot of time sewing it all and then adding the detail of it and I think its paid off. First time ive handled fabric for an attire/coat

Made with cloth, foam and a little bit of lycra oh and of course cotton for the paws and the ears :)

Im so hyped about it when all my materials came in so ive spent most of the day making all the little details before making the coat and cat paws of doom!

Anyway Ive just finished the mask which was originaly a recylced zentai mask while i just added the eyes and mouth

The Ribbons/Bows are made out of orange cloth ^^

Been on and off but my shoe covers are finally finished made with cloth and stitching embroadiary (cant spell) XD

Tail is done :) made with cotton and cotton stuffing with a cloth string to tie around my waist

Decided Im gonna make some angel wings for this so its like a 1/4 transformation

Just ordered the wig which should be here in about 1-3 weeks

Well after trusting my dad to get me a red nose from work that i can colour for my mijumaru........he failed and 4got T_T so im probably gonna be noseless at amecon which is a shame as its not the same D:

Everything is almost complete, just bought the shoes today as i couldnt find any flippers in a short amount of time, its just the nose i need to do......if i can find one and hopefully it will all be complete in time for amecon woop!

Yay im impressed i could do this........lotta fun bits but i need to be more confident in my abilities

it feels great to accomplish a self made cosplay! =D

Now with the tail finished its time to move onto the final piece of the togekiss project.........the crest.........im about 1/3 of the way there just the white spike and the dark blue spike to go and then presto =D

Over the week i have finished both wings and tail ^^

Just only one bit to go which is the crown and that is gonna be harder than it looks, so close, i am going to do this in time!

Yay 1/2 way done.......now its just crown and tail then its done ^^

Well i havnt really worked on this for a few days due to me stressing and being depressed at college and so so......im not gonna say anymore about it cos il just rant on about my problems lol

well added the swirls (or extra outlines w.e u wanna call them) and aiming to get everything finished by next week during the weekend

Hello everyone =3
yet again slow progress because my dad who was meant to help with the fabric is being lazy when he said that we would do today -sigh- promise is never hardly a promise these days

today was just pretty much adding the loops at the bottom of the wings and thats all, been so peed off that i should just try these things and if they dont work then try again!

Well didn't do a lot today all I've done really is reshape the wings and crest. I tried using the fabric but is pretty difficult cos it creases n it's like grrrr oh but formed the curls that togekiss has on the bottom of it's wings so that's another bit added and fit my arm inside so yeah you could say I've done some but I wanted to at least put the fabric on one wing so I could show you all how it looks -sigh- maybe on Saturday hopefully.......

Yay the crest is almost all done, i just gotta add the fabric and the colour for 2 of the points and its done =D

so close......makes me wanna go ukiuki >.<

My wings are almost finished :imhappyplz:
i need to do the same with the other one and then put my fabric on it

Just done the outline of the wing on the foam and so i shall cut and that will be one wing done, its hard work i tell you that!

I got my materials woooo! i just hope its enough
hobbycraft is just the most amazing store ever!
hope to start a bit of work 2morro
(rolls on floor spazzing XD)

Yay i have actually started making my cosplay and so far its going well
cant wait for it to be finished

i shall leave with the top i have finished ^^

yay got the lab coat
gotta check if i have everything now but even so, everything is now done yay!! =D

photos coming soon....

The wig has come but it looks a lot lighter than it was in the picture.....
oh well hes done now anyway ^^
shall upload photos soon

Ordered the labcoat and hopefully shall be here at the end of the week and then ienzo will be finished and ready for may wooooo =D

yup i got my wig today i just need to buy the labcoat
then everyones favourite kh chibi will be complete =D

The wig has been ordered and should be here in 2-3 weeks
then its all complete yay ^^

wig is now ordered hope it should b here soon
it will at least take 2-3 weeks though :( and also wish it was slightly darker, oh well people should still be able to tell who the person is so im ok with it ^^

Yay everything is done and ready for the expo (still a lil while to go though).........cant wait now ^^

i think i got my kuroshitsuji umbrella
its wrapped up but cant open it til xmas........why? T_T
oh well at least il look like a proper outdoor butler

image soon (after xmas)

i have now got my wig YAY!
i shall upload a photo soon, i got on 19/12/09
just need my gloves and clothes now T_T

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