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Cosplay Events I will be going to in 2014

London Film and Comic Con
Sun: Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)

Hyper Japan
Sat: Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

Ayacon Cosplay Ball
Sat: Poison Ivy - Original design ballgown (DC comics)

Sat: Tali'Zorah (Mass Effect)

London October Expo
Sat: Garnet til Alexandros 17th (Final Fantasy 9)

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Next step is to lighten it so the colour is a closer match =]

Yesterday I did my first ever face mould! I'm very happy with it but because of how much I was moving when I made the mould it's a bit bigger than me so I hope when it comes to make the prosthetic everything is OK @.@ x

So prettyyyy.

This is a part of the back piece - just testing out the LEDs

I really didn't know what colour to go with for the corset. But i found a dark green that may not be accurate but I thought looked gorgeous (and was cheaper lol) so dark green it is =D x.

I've bought all my last things for viola today including some beautiful red contact lenses. Thank goodness there's two bank holidays before kitacon - these will be viola days!

I decided today to give this one last shot by editing a lilac dress which i found on ebay for £27.
If this doesn't work then i'll be doing the 2nd outfit of hers.
I've also bought some lilac boots to edit =3 x.

I love it!!! Just needs to be painted brown - add some bandage effect and get some arrows for it which i may make =D

Just a quick make-up test, mid-brown eyeshadow on top, darker brown eye shadow just under the eyelid, a thin stroke of black eyeliner on top with a slight flick and black mascara on both top and bottom lashes. A pink blush on cheeks and a pinky-peach lipstick with lip gloss nice and simple, wanted to go a bit different and i'm happy with the result. For the wig i've unplaited my aerith wig and it's a lot neater than i thought it would be xD x. and yes wow i smiled xD x.

Done this a while ago but only now been bothered to put this picture up xD This is the start of the claws - next will be some lovely foam detail :3 x.

Yes i did it again >.> I've never been this bad with materials for a cosplay before. But i am very unhappy with all the purple material i've had so far >.< I've got some lilac leatherette to make the dress with, i'll use some of the stretchy material i already have to make the armwarmers. I've bought some burgundy leatherette to make the cloak - AND I GOT A BACK SHOT NOW! =D So as soon as that arrives i will be making the cloak ^^
And i've also pre-ordered my copy of Soul Calbur V, Can't wait to get it!! x.

I have bought all the materials i need, not going to start work though until much closer to the time due to weight loss and this would only really take a few days to make xD x.

One wig arrived. Still waiting on the other, when that arrives i can start to style that. I've bought some res velvet for the inner part of the cloak and some silver bias binding, going to get some burgundy leatherette and then start making that. I've bought 85% of the materials i need for the dress, will start making that closer to the time. Now just to buy some roses, boots to edit and some beads and we're good to go! =D x.

I have realised i haven't been updating my cosplays with progress xD So for this i have my lancer and longshot - just need to edit them. Bought a new wig and will be styling it when it arrives. Got my first bits of foam so will be starting on my boots soon. Also got all the things for the lighting, feels like i'm back in school doing electronics xDD x.

Wig bought! =D Currently bidding on a white blazer. Got some material for the skirt so will start making that soon. Still currently looking for a shirt @.@ and will get tie, socks and shoes next month! =D x.

Wig and Cosplay bought! Socks already own so just need the shoes and a bow now and i'm done ^_^ x.

bought some more purple fabric, fingers crossed this one is good >< x.

I've bought two silver wigs which i will then weft together to make thick before i style into the drill curls, i just hope i don't mess it up lol

I've decided to buy this cosplay as i gots too much to do with the wedding and my gears cosplay to also do 6 cosplays for kita xD
I've found this one on ebay which i love <3 so this is the one i will be getting =D x.

I completed the dress last night but wasn't able to do the crown, necklace, armour on the gloves or the waist bit >.< I think i'm going to drop the necklace and -maybe- even the crown and get all of these bits done tonight *fingers crossed*

As i have to go to tamworth tomorrow straight after work i have set myself a challenge to complete this cosplay tonight!! I still have to make the upper layer of the skirt and paint all the rest of the leaf detail on, make the waist bit, the armour on the top of the sleeves, the crown, the necklace and the new hair slide. All of this needs to be done tonight so i have from 6:30pm - 12:00pm, WISH ME LUCK!! =D x.

This cosplay has caused me so much drama >.< It's basically taken over my entire life and it still isn't near completion =[ I will get this finished for expo, even if i dont sleep (which may most likely be the case >.<) and i am never using this method for armour again - never ever ever x.

Because of having so much work left to do with the galbadia uniforms it's been hard to find time to work on this xD But i have finally started on the armwarmers and the corset top. Due to not having much time i'll be painting the leaf design on instead of embroidering (which i will be doing when i do my version 2), I'm obviously nearly finished with the wig and i still need to make the hair clip and crown. I'm not yet sure if i'm going to have armour on the sleeves because i really don't know if i'll have the time =/ but we shall see. This will not be the best thing since sliced bread or anything xD Just for your information

i've had far TOO much fun in this cosplay xD x.

just putting the design i drew out for this dress on here because i'm deleteing it on the photos part.

just some more progress of when i was doing the skirt part of the dress. It's a bad quality camera and you can't really make much stuff out =/ but the pictures show where i was sewing the back of the skirt to the zip. then another of the dress when it was just the top and back panel of the skirt, then the front panel when it was cut out (two pieces, one on top was cut so it had a triangle effect like in the ref picture) and the other progress pic is of the front panel pinned to the front of the top =]

I didn't take that many because i was really stressed out and it was taking so long that i couldn't be bothered to take many pictures xD but i'll get some more up when i do the skirt =] x.

unlike the other "lace" detail where i just drew it in a long line, for the bottom of the skirt i drew each part separately. So lots of flowers, leaves, sunshines, tyre things and squibblys. here is a picture i took when i drew half of the shapes to put on the bottom of the skirt.

I'm staring AND planning to finish this dress today so i'm extra busy x.x however my sewing machine doesn't like me today and i'm uite worried =[.
I'm currently working on the top part of the dress, when i finish this i will do the skirt (which will be loads easier) and then i will upload some WIP pics.

Sleeves and Corset, before i put the fur on.

It's 5:15am, i have been working non stop for 14 hours to get the top part (corset, sleeves and fur) finished and it's done, but now even the TV has gone to bed so i should too. Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow!

Added to top of skirt. Still needs to be painted over and add the little bit of gold detail. This is taking so long >.<

I would just like to take this moment to declare - that after this cosplay is complete - i do not want to see another belt ever! X_X

We've now decided on how we are going to make all the armour - its gonna cost moneys and its gonna be a lot of hard work but it will be worth it =D however i can't figure out how we will do crotch armour AHHHHHHHHH damn you crotch armour!!

Tested my contacts today and i absolutely love them! I don't have the lashes on in the picture because the ones i got were too big and lulu's lashes are really subtle so it would look a bit too stupid xD I'll be buying the lashes that i wore for my quistis v.2 as they were really purdy =D So no lashes for this picture xD

I've started drawing out the pattern on grey cotton with a blacl fabric pen. The one in the pictures is to go on the sleeves. I'm also in the middle of drawing the pattern o nthe top of the skirt and then i will start on the pattern at the bottom of the skirt. This has taken me 2 and a half hours so far and my back hurts so i'm going to have a break xD fingers crossed it will look good!

I've added the grey lines on using a hot glue gun, thank you whoever invented the hot glue gun, you are a life saver =D I'm quite proud of the result.

I've done one side of the corset with the black material and here's a picture just to show the difference between the two sides.

I decided to add black fabric to the corset as i hated how shiny the corset was. I pinned tha fabric on then sewed it using the sewing machine. I added extra fabric to the front bottom part of the corset to change the shape so it resembles Lulu's corset more.

My SeeD uniform is complete and i love it!!

Big big big love to BabemRoze!!! She wonderfully bought me this skirt after my material i had bought for my skirt was ruined.
I loves her very much! She's one of the greatest friends i've ever had x.

Well this was an absolute nighmare to make, it's loads more complicated than it looks. The most difficult part was the collar. When i finally got the basic shape right (after about 4 days) i then realised the collar was too small so i added more fabric to that to make it bigger and stiffen it a bit as well. After that i took it in at the sides to give it more shape. Then i added the zip. I then added the bias binding but i didn't have any grey thread so i hot glued it all on. I'm just glad it's over xD x.

Well big mess up with the people i got my lightning from, My fiancee and I bought our lightning and snow together at the same time from the same people on the same account and they turned up together. Well my lightning is too big for me and his snow is too small for him - yep you guessed they swapped around the measurements so his snow is my size and my lightning is his size =/
We're contacted the people to try and get them made in our sizes to arrive before Ayacon. Fingers crossed they arrive in time.

The colour is absolutely perfect! I love it so much but you can't see the proper shade in the crummy pictures i have =[ x.

Tad annoyed because the wig came and it's brown... However it's the perfect shade for summoner yuna so i will be keeping it and styling it into a yuna wig. Now i have to try and find a new wig for Briar Rose though, hoping i can find a nice one x.

I've bought a beautiful White Dutchess Satin for the dress which i'm really happy with, now just trying to find a nice red material to go with it x.

Things i have and what to do for this cosplay.

In Progress stuff:
1) I have the Jewelerry from my V.1 however i'm going to re-bead them onto something that isn't wire as it really annoyed me last time >.<
2) Hair sticks, however i might shorten them down as they are a tad too long.
3) PATRICK! (For all of you who don't know, he's my Cactuar.
4) Wig, i hated that hair extension and it was a pain in the butt =/. I've already got the Wig now =]
5) I've already got a black petticoat which i will be working around.
6) I've already got a corset which i will be highly editing by putting a non-shiny black material over the top and then the grey detail also.
7) I've just ordered 4 metres of a beautiful black leatherette that looks like a very dark grey compared to the black material, an effect i really wanted as that what lulu's dress looks like.
8) Belts leftover from my old lulu, i'll also be buying some more and i will actually be putting this on my securely as they fell apart so easily from my last lulu >.>
9) Stockings i have from my v.1 - this time i'll use spirit gum so they actually stay up xD

What i still need to do:
1) Buy grey fur (I'm going for the in-game image of her this time to make it more different from my V.1
2) Buy lots of light grey fabric paint for the detailing. Or i might cut it out of a light grey fabric and stitch it on.
3) I must buy suitable shoes this time damnit >.< No bare feet again for me!

I've taken off all the lacing on the sleeves and ribbon on the corset and made a start. I've decided to draw and paint the floral design on instead of using lace so it is more accurate. Currently i've drawn out the flower design on one sleeve and cut the edge. I'll be painting this soon. But for now i'm going to start on the other sleeve.

I've messed up the jacket too many times now that i've basically given up, I'm never making a suit from scratch again.
Because of this i won't have it done by expo but i will definetly be doing it for the friday of Ayacon.
Don't know yet if i'll get a suit to edit or if i'll get the cosplay commissioned. Probablly the latter because it is near enough impossible to find a suit jacket which closes up at the collar.

Despite how uncomfortable the costume was i really did enjoy being lulu, i think moody characters are my favourite xD
Therefore i've decided to make a version 2 of this cosplay for Ayacon (that is if i can get her finished it time xD) And i will make it myself, and i will use quality materials so it doesn't actually fall apart =D x.

It's really bad but i have this massive urge to make the armour, shoes and the wig completely accurate. Because i found out how to do it >.<
So therefore i'm already planning my remakes of them and will be starting the remakes as soon as is possible.

For this version however i only have a few things left to do until it is complete.
To do List:
Find Gloves (or) Buy New Gloves.
Attach Velcro to both gloves and gauntlets.
Make Half Skirt and attach to back of leotard.
Redo Lacing on the Leotard.
Fabric Paint Elastic on Shoes.
Curl Wig More.
Test Run.

I've decided against having Save the Queen for Kita considering i want it to be accurate and to have it accurate wouldn't suit the weapon guidelines. I will be making her Save the Queen though for the next time i wear this cosplay. I've nearly finished the costume itself, just have to get some velcro to attach the armour to the gloves and i still have to make that half skirt and i'm all done x.

Wig is completely ruined >.< It was waaay too curly to style right. I've decided to get a new wig and do the long haired version now, so hopefully it should be much easier. When i do Mizore again with the ice hands i will get the mizore wig styled again short

They took me ages @_@ I had to cut out strips off both materials and make sure they were exactly the same length and as i didn't have a ruler that was more difficult than it should have been >.< i then sewed them together to make one big piece of stripy material and then turned them into socks. I go to put them on and find a major problem >.> The stitching. Even though i, obviously, done the stitching on the inside, because of the way it stretches it can be seen on the outside and doesn't look that great >.< And the big seem running down the sock is very noticable so i'm currently thinking of ways to hide it. At the moment i' considering bias binding tape but i'm not sure yet. Picture is of the cut up pieces together before they were sewn.

The dress arrived today and i've already encountered a problem X.X Don't know if you can tell by the photo but the dress is a little too big for me and considering with my weight loss i'm really worried that by Kita it will end up falling off me. By the looks of it, the dress isn't exactly easy to edit to make smaller. I need help X.X

Well the armour shoes are absolutely impossible! They just keep coming apart whenever i try to walk in them. So Because i'm now putting my own touch to Beatrix, i'm gonna try and find just a pretty pair of silver heels x.

Making a start on this cosplay. I found the perfect colour wig and thanks to my wonderful fiance who has bought it for me I should be getting it soon. I've also found a shirt on Ebay that has a pattern which is a lot like the pattern on the skirt, so I'm bidding on it at the moment and if I win it I shall be turning it into her skirt. I also think I have a white top upstairs and have figured how how to make Mizore's top, so hopefully this should be in progress soon. If I can work out how to do the socks accurately soon then I will be taking this to Kitacon with me. x.

In the middle of making the armour today. Strengthening it at the moment and it's coming along really nicely, i may decide to strengthen it a little more not sure yet, and after that just need to paint and attach and it's finished x.

Bought my Third Quistis Wig today, needed a new one since my last one got ruined on the way home from Expo X.X

I got an email today saying how the coat is very nearly finished, all that needs to be done is the rose design on the back and then it will be shipped out to me so i should have it by the time i come home from Florida. I've also just ordered meh wig, Really looking foward to doing this x.

Sent the first half of teh money to the commissioner so the dress should start being made very soon. The person commissioning the dress is Kitsune Cosplay / Mogwai K who is amazing at dresses and never gets enough credit for her work. I'm sooo excited to get her finished x.

Well to be perfectly honest with you i have been having nightmares about this cosplay xD. I have this vision in my head of how i want the dress and i know that with my skill that i may not achieve it for a long long time lol. The hair pins i made have been broken a little - they could have been fixed until my nephew found them and basically crushed them. But yeah because of all of this i have decided to get in contact with a commissioner and do the lazy thing, get the dress, stockings and hair pins commissioned for me =] And trust me this commission is NOT cheap lol.

Wow, The tie ACTUALLY arrived lol, after months and months. So i guess i'm gonna work on this again, should be finished soon x.

Payed and ordered my commission for the coat and eyepatch and that should be getting to me for around christmas time. Lots of thanks to my boyfriend for lending me the money for it as i&#039;m not very good for money at the moment. So happy i'm getting a commission of this because i was not happy with my last coat.
Contemplating at the moment whether to actually make another save the queen because of the last disaster xD But i guess it wouldn&#039;t hurt to try lol.
BabemRoze is now (maybe) going to join me and FFGamerGirl in the FF9 Goodness and be our freya =D Yaaaay!

In-game her fue is a white-grey-silver colour although in FMV and on the official art it's brown so i was kinda confused on what colour to go with. But after looking at other lulu cosplays i've decided that Brown works much better and have ordered some brown fur =] x.

So so SO happy! I attached the new armour cuffs to the jacket and finished the Flower Basket so this is now complete =D First expo it seems that i won't be finishing my cosplays the night before xDDD x.

I styled the fringe of it and done the bow and materia. I wanted to make the fringe massive like she had in the game but the hair wasn't long enough to do that, i did ask the seller but they said they couldn't make it longer. But i'm fine with it, i probablly would have looked stupid with such a huge fringe anyway xD I don't know if the wig suits me but i've only tried it on when i haven't had makeup on so that's probablly why, lol x.

The wig arrived today and it's absolutely beautiful ^_^ It's in the middle of being styled as we speak, i just have to do the fringe, the bow and the materia. It's also a bit heavy so i'll be adding a hair grip (which i bought to hold the beads in my faris wig) to the front of the wig to grip on to my head better =D

So i went to complete my Jacket tonight. I done the sleeve detail. Just needs a little more hand stitching done to neaten them up a bit and they will be finished =D I choose my left over material of my new original quistis armwarmers. It's a burgandy leatherette and looks much nicer than the other material and goes really well =D I've ordered a burgandy tie and it should be arriving soon.
I tried on the jacket and i decided i really really hated the blue part so i've unstitched all the blue part (which took ages because te stitching was so small) and started redoing it.But it's taking hours and it's now 4 in the morning so i should really get some sleep XD. But it looks good so far, it's just really difficult to do right now so i might need some help. I'm going to have to wear it and pin the pattern on before i sew it, and obviously that's impossible to do on my own xD.
So hopefully i should get it done tomorrow if my mum is kind enough to help me.

My wig arrived this morning, which was pretty suprising lol. I bought the wig from the same ebay store i bought the Aerith wig from. I bought the Aerith wig 6 days before the lightning wig yet the lightning wig turns up first xD
Oh well =D I love the wig, it's a perfect colour and the styling was done great ^_^

I got meh jobseekers today so i paid for my basket and two lots of flowers =D All of it together came to £9 ^_^
I've also now bought some silver spray paint for the armour cuffs on the jacket so everything is now bought for my Aerith =D x.

Took me only 2-3 hours to do, this has to be the easiest dress i've made - well second under ImmortalRose's Selphie dress =P. I also ordered way too much fabric it seems because i have loads left xD So with someof it i've also made the bow =] and the rest will just be put away for future Cosplays =D x. Photo to be uploaded when i can get my hands on a camera lol x.

Was bought from Ebay - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Aerith-Final-Fantasy-7-FF-VII-Cosplay-Costume-/260669301911?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb119e497

I only bought the Jacket because the dress is too much of a pale pink.

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