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Really enjoyed doing this cosplay but was thinking about finishing it off properly. Want it to look more like the movie version rather then just some random thing I put together. Think I might even attempt to make the 'pimp cane' if my hands will allow me to XD

Have nearly managed to finish this cosplay. Just the little finishing touches such as the 2 white belts and a flag are needed. Not that far off now >D

Have resived my Riverisland boots today and they are epic!! Have been so looking forward to getting them XD It's all coming together in the end. Next on my list ... A Tweed jacket >D

I put the uniform together myself so it is a bit wrough round the edges and deffinatly not one of the best ones I've seen. But this was my very first cosplay that I actually completed, and I am sort of proud of it ^^ .

I was trying to finish off a tail coat for this cosplay for october expo 2010 ... but i ran out of time so I had to improves XD Im sort of happy with how it looks, but i really want to get the finishing touches done and get a good picture taken ... or maybe not ^^;;

Really need to get the actual uniform for this. Have been looking round army surpluses but haven't really found anything that suits the bill :/ I will come across the perfect one soon XD

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