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So little left to do :D :D :D :D
I'm literally doing all the finishing shizz to it now like detailing the horns, glueing the armour scales and I even made some quick finger armour because my gloves turned out poopy :3

Been looking at a LOT of hairstyles and face goo for this, but I think I've finally settled on something.
High messy ponytail with loose strands, and simple black clean makeup. No messy shadows etc (they never stay for long and it'll be a long day).

Totally gonna wear my 6 inch platforms for this.
They've got a PVC exterior though so may simply work around that and make the armour REALLY shiny! :D

Third time I've told myself not to do it and DAMN FEY YOU DUMB! The house smells foul so I have to have the windows open in winter and I'm burning candles to help the smell fade xD

The bow is all ready for painting when the spray primer is dry...

Re-covered pretty much the entire bow with tape again, and it feels a LOT stronger now :)
Also started a new thing on it; putting the white paint on it already and instead of just water it's a thick watery glue that I'm using at the same time with it.
It's working really well so far, so I'm gonna keep at this for a few layers until I can start shading in the blues too :)

I was impatient so I tried to prime the bow with a glue coat...all the tape lost it's stickiness and started to peel :| Gonna have to re-coat it now.

I KID YOU NOT! I was just messing around with all my craft stuff and I found a pool noodle and carved it into Ashe's bow and covered it with masking tape...all in under 2 hours!!! o_o

I will prime the surface tomorrow when it's light out again and hopefully it won't rain. :>

Going to keep the coat and hair the same to keep the general feel of Vlad, but I'll wear a red dress, choker and pinstripe tights/leggings under the coat instead for example :)
Mum suggested to take a giant red lollipop with me to mimic the ball of blood xD

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