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I started cosplaying in 2007, after seeing some of my friends at the time cosplay to a local event! My first few costumes were online bought, but as of 2009/10, I started to make my own. My very first handmade costume was Refia, followed by Hatsune Miku, which despite thinking it was brilliant at the time, is actually awful! But I suppose that's just how we learn and improve?
I've been attending conventions/events since 2009 and enjoy both conventions and expos.

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This is just a snapshot of the finished 'top half' of my costume! When I get an opportunity I'll add the journals from my skirts and cape and such to!

This was literally the one part I was looking forward to the least because I had to work with Chiffon for the first time 😬 I have learned that Chiffon, like a cat, is neither liquid nor solid but rather something in-between 😂 Still, I managed okay all things considered. So I cut my pattern and whilst it was still flat, I sewed on the diamond details that she has on her sleeves using the same suede I used for the corset. Then I had to sew it together! I used French seams for the first time and it ‘seams’ (haha) to have worked okay! Sewing them to my armholes wasn’t as stressful as I feared either so that’s good~ I made them a tiny bit bigger than they should be just so it’s not too tight and I don't accidentally bust the fabric! For the hems, I deviated from the reference because I couldn’t think of a way to get the pointed edges without the chiffon fraying like crazy, so for now it’s just neatly enclosed in bias.
✂️ Pattern: Simplicity/McCalls Shirts [M7575] with modifications •
📍 Fabric: My Fabrics Glitter Dots Chiffon White (no longer available) & Suede Scuba Jersey Soft Brown (also no longer available!)•
🧵 Thread: Gütermann Sew-All Thread in Colour 800 •

Of everything I’ve made for this costume, this is by far my favourite bit! It turned out exactly like I wanted it too and I’m so pleased~ Originally I was going to take a pre-existing underbust corset and just cover it in fabric, but when I tried it on I just looked so. stupid 😂 So I made it myself instead— it started as a big ‘tube’ with a gap in the back where I’ve added some Hooks & Eyes for a snug fit. There was MATHS involved in shaping the bottom and getting the spacing right on the pink section- the pink panel has been interfaced to make sure the hole details don’t fray and then it’s been edged in white bias. The seam attaching it to the main part is covered by the ‘skirt’ section, which is just a very short, open circle skirt that I added some horsehair braid to. There’s more top-stitching (my new favourite thing!) and the lace and ribbon on the front were easy enough to sew straight on at the end. The pink ribbon matches the one used in my wig and bottom layer skirt, and the pink lace is the same one that will be used on one of my skirts too.
📍 Main Fabric: My Fabrics Suede Scuba Jersey Brown (no longer available) •
📍 Pink Fabric: fabric_inspirations [eBay] Cotton Oxford Candy Pink (https://bit.ly/2MCkKyN) •
✂️ Interfacing: Hemline Iron-On Interfacing •
✂️ Ribbon: Berisfords 25mm Double Satin Ribbon Dusky Pink (https://bit.ly/325y8Pj)•
✂️ Lace: eBay •
🧵 Threads: Gütermann Sew-All Thread in Colours 540 & 800 •

I decided the best way to do this was a circle skirt sewn to the bottom of my bodice, and I got lucky because my fabric was wide enough to manage it with no side seam! I had to make it shorter than the reference because I’m nowhere near as long and lanky as Tiramisu herself I wanted there to be a reasonable amount of ‘space’ between the skirt layers. Cutting the petals of her skirt was time consuming but once that was done I was able to add neat rows of white stitching to replicate the pinstripes in the reference. It’s not very noticeable but I like knowing that it’s there! I took my time pinning on a Bias edging— there isn’t such a thing in the reference but I really didn’t want to roll the hems as I would have found it difficult with the curve of the petals. It looks so nice and neat once it’s pressed and sewn~ The pink section above this layer is supposed to be edged in white so I’m thinking I can get away with it!
📍 Fabric: @myfabricscouk Classic Cotton 02 (https://bit.ly/2zjZHIp)
🧵 Thread: Gütermann Sew-All Thread in Colours 169 & 800

This part was actually really straightforward because I found a commercial pattern in our stash that would do the job! I made a test of this in Polycotton to check the fit and honestly it might be the best fitting garment I’ve ever made 😅 The proper version is Cotton with lining, and I pressed and top-stitched my seams in white thread as a nod to the white pinstripes in the original design. I’m so super proud of my collar, it took me ages as I kept pressing it and then stitching and pressing and stitching again but it clearly paid off, it’s the neatest collar I ever made. It also has interfacing to help keep it rigid!
✂️ Pattern: Simplicity/McCalls Misses’ Peplum Top [1425] •
📍 Fabric: My Fabrics Classic Cotton 02 & Lining Fabric 22 • (https://bit.ly/2zjZHIp & https://bit.ly/2NupbLG)
✂️ Interfacing: Hemline Iron-On Interfacing •
🧵 Threads: Gütermann Sew-All Thread in Colours 169 & 800 •

I just wanted to make a post to say that I've officially made a start here! I've got my first lot of fabric on order for the beige/yellow parts of the outfit as well as some chiffon for the sleeves. Once Coscraft has their next restock I can also get my wig, too!

The only picture I have is a low-quality selfie but here are my ears! They're a short-pile brown faux fur with pink felt on the insides, and they slip into my wig on crocodile clips! I had to handsew parts of them which is why they're kinda wonky. Oh well!

My super-soft and super-strokeable tail! This was winged from start to finish but I'm so happy with the result. I eyeballed the shape, all I knew was that I wanted it to have a slight curl and when I drew it out it was much bigger than I realised, whoops. The material is a long-pile faux fur in a colour the seller described as 'toffee'. I picked it because it looked like a good match and it actually matched my wig pretty well.

I've had this image saved for a while, but never posted it! When planning out the bottom half out my outfit, we realised that using a cheerleader-style skirt would work as a basis for my patterning! Once I pick this costume back up, I'm hoping to do a mockup of the two-tone look.

As I was styling Lizzie's wig I remembered to take a couple of step-by-step photos, so you can see how the pigtails have changed.

So I took a long time on this jacket! It's only small and something that a lot of folk could put together in much much less time but I was determined to get out of my habit of rushing everything I make. The jacket is made of a cream brocade and I lined the whole thing, and added facings made of that same brocade. I had to wing the pattern because I didn't have one to hand that matched enough-- if the collar was right the jacket fit and cut was wrong or vice-versa! So the collar doesn't sit quite right, but even still I'm proud that I was able to come up with the pattern myself. The collar is made of brown cotton that can also be found on my skirt and hat and has interfacing on the inside. I also had to adapt my sleeve pattern to add the big 'puffs' that Lizzie has although lining the sleeves was definitely a tough thing to get my head around. I also included a picture of my skirt in-progress. I sewed blocks of green twill into one long run and the black stripes are grosgrain ribbon that I pinned and sewed in place. Along the hem of the skirt once this was done, I added a long stripe of brown cotton and rolled the hem. The skirt isn't lined just because it's already quite heavy!

I wanted to add a picture of my gloves because even though they don't match the reference (they should be brown) they're really pretty and were a nice eBay purchase! All of the colour-accurate gloves were completely wrong-looking so I settled for 'inaccurate but nice' instead.
I also included a picture of my sleeve cuff, purely for the fact it's the first time I've fully lined sleeves and added facings and I'm just really proud of them! I hope I can get faster at stuff like this as I keep trying.

Lizzie's hat started life as a 'steampunk' costume hat from Ebay. I pulled off the design that was glued on and replaced it with a 'cover' made out of brown cotton that I'll be using elsewhere in the costume too. On top of that I added some green ribbon tied in a bow to help it match up with the reference. The ribbon that ties under my chin is glued underneath the hat itself and I can cover it with my clip on pigtails!

I took a couple of pictures of my wig before and after I'd cut it, as little bit of a WIP. It could do with being cut shorter but I was really nervous so chickened out completely and left it as a regular bob cut as opposed to the angled one Jirou sports.

After asking for some help from my squad (because I’m clueless with fabric types) I was able to get some really awesome suggestions of what to actually use!

For the Jacket I’ve actually moved away from the reference slightly and I’m going to use a pretty, cream Brocade because I wanted to fancy things up a bit~ I’ll line this and use plain Cotton and Interfacing for the Collar sections.

For the Skirt itself I found a really nice Olive-coloured Twill to do the job! I’ve never used Twill before but I like the feel of my sample so that should be easy to work with. My waistband section will have some soft interfacing in there too, I’m going to add the thin skirt stripes with a plain matte grosgrain ribbon, and the panel along the bottom will be the same Brown Cotton from my Collar.

I bought a cheap hat from eBay which I’ll also cover in that same Brown Cotton- it was easier than trying to find a super accurate tiny hat!

I haven’t ordered it yet but I’m thinking of a Cream Pleather for the spats (on suggestion from the GF who has made spats before), the Pleather will likely be rigid enough to stay up which is what I want!

Most of my fabric has been ordered so I’m itching for it to get here!! In the mean time I’m likely going to make some mock-ups, especially for the jacket.

It was pointed out to us that for some reason the FFXV squad have red soles to all of their shoes? So I spent a couple of hours colouring in the bottom of my shoes with paint pens. It was quite fun and not exactly hard! Sadly the pens stayed a little tacky and a lot of the paint rubbed off but it should be easy enough to reapply for next time!

I was going to do these as mini updates as I made progress but that was soooo much effort, instead here's a couple of WIPs as I got the eagle all backstitched up! It took a while to do but by doing 30~60 min a night it didn't actually feel like a long or strenuous task. I like how it came out and I'm really pleased I got to learn a bit more about handstitching in the progress.

So when I brought Baku back for MCM I looked at what I could do to improve him! The main thing I wanted was more accurate shoes as opposed to my pre-existing boots (that are actually my work boots, haha). I bought plain black boots from eBay alongside some Tyre Paint Pens and drew out the obnoxious orange design-- They dried pretty quick and survived well in transit but did get scuffed a little over the weekend. Still, for a low-cost fix they did pretty well!

The first update I’m making to my Gladio between now and Amecon is adding the eagle patch to the back of his shirt!
It’s not perfectly to scale because he is literally a square and I am not (quite), but I sketched up as close a copy as I could. I’ll be using embroidery thread to backstitch this design onto some spare pleather, and then sewing it on the shirt when it’s done :D

This is will be first time I’m using a commercial pattern for one of my cosplays! Being a UK 24 I’ve often found it easier to just make my own. However, making a fresh pattern every time is very time consuming so when Lauren/Baku brought this pattern home I decided to give it a go myself as the Size 20 doesn’t look far off what I’d need!
The pattern in question is New Look K6459 and I think it came off a magazine :’)
Anyway! The plan is to use this as the ‘Top’ that I’ll make in my Dark Pink fabric. I’ve cut the pattern out and traced it into more sturdy paper, next is to make a mock-up to check the fit! Once it fits right, I can cut up the pattern and alter the neck line as well as add the details like the pointed hemline in the center and mark put where the ribbon side sections will go!

I've been able to make some minor progress in the last week which has been nice, it feels like things have finally been set in motion!
First of all, I've ordered and received my wig! I opted for an Alex in Midnight Blue from Coscraft (https://bit.ly/2EH1hEm). Kanan usually has a high ponytail but because of her hat, this time it's a more reasonable style that should hopefully be more comfortable. I chose the Alex because I needed a long wig with a fairly thick fringe that I can trim and style.

Next up, my contact lenses! I only started wearing lenses last year and I'm obsessed! So for Kanan I went ahead and ordered some 'Geo Angel Violet' lenses from Candylens (https://bit.ly/2Huvmdq). I haven't tried them yet but I've read that they're good for dark eyes so I'm eager to give them a whirl ~<3

Last of all, yesterday I ordered some Resin Stars from ebay (https://bit.ly/2GSuOkx) to hang from my cape and hat so even though it's only a minor detail it's nice to have that boxed off :D

I meant to post this last week but completely forgot! Some Fabric Samples that Lauren ordered came in and I think we’ve selected the winners!! They’re a really nice ‘Oxford Cotton’, and they’re the closest we can find to the reference whilst not being too garish or prone to clashing. The colours are ‘Bubblegum Pink’, ‘Light Blue’ And ‘Magenta’.
Bubblegum Pink is for the hats! If we get chance we’ll add the spots, but that’s a low priority until the bigger parts are done of course. The Light Blue will be used for the main part of my skirt, which I’ll be assembling like a cheerleader style skirt, but also for the bottom of my cape’s lining. We might add the stripes at a later date but again, that will depend! Finally the Magenta will be for the main part of my bodice, as well as the insides of the box pleats on the skirt and the exterior of the cape. I’ll probably pick up a Plain Cotton from Hobbycraft in an Off-White colour for the inside of the cape and the neck ruff, because they don’t need to be as high a quality as the rest of the outfit (and also makes it a teeeeeeny bit cheaper, which is nice!).

So recently I've started to look at where I need to begin with this costume to get it ready for May MCM! It's been quite exciting pulling together references and such, it gets me super pumped up for con season <3 I used School Idol Tomodachi to browse all of the cards in the Circus set (https://bit.ly/2q3YG2h) so I could get a better grasp on some details-- It's easier that way since you can see things from different angles. I used Dia's image a lot to get a better idea of the way the cape sits, as well as Ruby and Hanamaru as a better reference of the shoes.

Making the cape was a lot of fun! Once I traced the shape from my purple fabric to my Black Cotton, I used a stencil to draw the crown and diamond design on the cotton with chalk. These were painted on with Gold fabric paint which didn't take long~
Once that had dried I sewed the black and purple together, right sides facing and flipped it inside out so the raw edges were neatly encased. This was a complete pain, since some of the swirly frills were narrow and it took forever to get them the right way around!
The Cape attaches to the shirt with Velcro hidden under the shoulder section, and to finish off the shirt I added a Green fake crystal and some gold ribbon to match the reference. I actually wanted to use chain but I couldn't find the one I'd set aside, whoops!

I vaguely know how to make a shirt, but figured it's so much easier and cheaper to just buy one and modify it! The first thing I did was cut out the 'window' at the front- I just made marks for the top and bottom of the hole on the shirt while I was wearing it, and hemmed it with white bias binding. I'm using a little bit of hidden Velcro on the inside of the top and bottom to keep it duly slowed, and I replaced the buttons with plain gold ones that match those I sewed to the Skirt.

I cut the sleeves off at the elbow, and used some stiff white fabric I to make her longer cuffs. In an ideal world the top of the sleeves would be more gathered but I didn't want to make completely new sleeves and risk doing it wrong!

On the end of the cuffs is a little bit of white lace to finish it all off. All I'm waiting for is a little green gemstone to arrive, so I can attach it to the buttonhole directly under the collar!

Next is the cape!

I finally have a use for the nice thick Purple fabric I bought for my Crystal Maiden cosplay that never happened- Glynda's Cape! I spent a good while drawing out the cape's shape and trying to figure out roughly how long it should be and where it should all sit, and then transferred that shape to my purple fabric!
It's about 100cm long, so it sits just above my knees!

So the easiest part of this costume was the Skirt, which started life as a bodycon dress that I wore a grand total of twice I think? It's completely elastic and I like the shape of it, so rather than let it sit in my wardrobe I cut it down into a high wasted skirt! I used a zigzag stitch to hem it so I didn't lose any elasticity.

I already had some gold buttons tucked away so I quickly stitched those on to the front to mimic the fastening in the front of Glynda's dress.

Lastly, I stitched some cheap lace along the bottom hem. It's not very fancy but it looks the part! With that the Skirt is easily done!

These are the bottom two skirts, that sit on top of my petticoat(s) and are actually supposed to be only barely visible under the upper layers. I combined the two onto one waistband. The very bottom skirt is a 1.5 (I think) Circle Skirt made from a dark pink duchess satin. I gathered the waist and the hem has horsehair braid across the entire length. Next time I wear this I'm going to have to tack it down, because some parts at the back keep flipping over and becoming visible, argh! The top layer of these two is a two-tone pink organza which I LOVE! This was just one long strip twice my waist measurement that I gathered. There's roughly an inch difference length-wise in the two skirts but my hems might be just a touch uneven!!

I honestly hate collars so much, I know how they should work but it never works out! This is the wide collar that I sewed along the bodice, made of black cotton as well as thin satin ribbon. It's no means the neatest thing in the world but I'm just glad it's done!

This was the first run of the bodice once it was all assembled out of the Duchess Satin. I ended up having to take it in somewhat, which is always a nice surprise! This is the base and the bias, collar and all of the details like buttons ended up getting attached at the end.

There were a lot of different small bits and bobs that went into this costume, and even though it's not extremely detailed, I found it quite enjoyable assembling all the things I would need. Figuring out what to start with was the toughest part though. There's satin ribbon in there, two colours of bias, two shades of duchess satin, some cottons and even organza which I was NOT looking forward to sewing!

I ordered my wig from Cosplay Salon and when it arrived I couldn't resist taking a couple of dumb selfies as I styled and cut the front parts!

I always find drafting patterns to be kinda fun, and it was no different for the pattern for Nico's top. I had to do it differently to usual, with more panels and seams at the front because of the shape, so that was... Interesting to figure out!

Since I was determined to do things properly this time around and branch out with my fabric choices, we ordered some fabric samples before deciding on what colours and tones we should use for the bodice as well as the skirts, to make sure all the colours weren't going to clash!

I ordered my Jumper for M.C! It's not accurate by any stretch of the imagination but finding a Cable-Knit one in my size was tough, everywhere is out of stock! The sleeves are less of a problem since they're easily modified. Still, I like this one and can't wait until it arrives so I can do a Costest~ <3
The artwork/ref used is by Yami@Oyakorodesu!

I bought a jacket from Primark a little while ago that I can definitely use for Minako ~<3

So a while back I drew up this step-by-step visual guide on how I'm going to 'attempt' to put the wig together. I hope it works, and laying things out like this on paper really helps my thought process. All in all this wig will cost £60-£70 but goooosh I hope it's worth it!

This is from aaaages ago but I forgot to upload it =3= I tried on my lovely wig!! I had to add some clips to the underneath because it's a bit big, but once that was done it fits nicely~!

So when I first started making this costume months ago, I tried making the Bodice pattern from scratch. I carried on from this yesterday and realized it worked somewhat and the fit was lovely, but for some reason it was baggy around the top line and didn't sit quite right. I put this down to lack of practice, and wrote that first try off as a failure.
Instead of wasting more fabric, I took a plain white shirt and used that as a pattern with some modification. It's a bit of a cheat, but I don't want to waste even MORE fabric incase I still don't get the fit right. I need to add a dart or two, but overall this fits much better.

Lastly, I got my Petal Skirt cut! I was kind of worried about this because it's like, a third Circl-Skirt Math and the rest is guesswork. I used a half-circle again so it sits properly ontop of my cupcake poof. I still need to add the bias binding on the edges, but apart from that I'd say it was all ready to go! I made the "hole" for it a bit big, hopefully to make it easier when putting it on, but apart from that it fits nicely. Phew!

Today was a SUPER productive day, and I'm pleased with how far I got even if it wasn't quite what I'd hoped to achieve.
First of all, I got all of my Petticoat fabrics cut for my first run. I'm using this tutorial: http://bit.ly/1vc8Bjm (one of the ones I mentioned before).
I've made everything from half-circle skirts. So there's a bottom layer that's half polycotton, two layers on top of that made of Tulle, and then a full top layer that's plain white. IF this isn't enough, all I intend to do is repeat the two tulle layers and sew everything to one chunky waistband. There's over 35m of White Ribbon involved in there, so I've got a LOT of gathers to do. It's time-consuming, but at least it's simple.

The next thing I finally got around to doing is cutting/styling Madoka's wig! She finally has a scruffy fringe. I want the pigtails to look somewhat messy like they do in the anime, so I keep backcombing them slightly. Last thing I need to do to the wig is attach hair hair bows to the pigtails- that way they'll always be in the right place.

I'm determined to get everything right on this one so this time, here are some tutorials for the bodice. I was uncertain on modifying a bodice block neckline so went to the internet for help. It proved fruitful!
Princess Seam: http://www.clothingpatterns101.com/princess-seam.html. I intend to use this to make the pattern on the front, and to make sure it looks neat.
Sweetheart Neckline: http://www.clothingpatterns101.com/sweetheart-neckline.html. Madoka's collar looks as though it's just a lower, more square sweetheart leckline. So, I've done a little reading up on how to modify my pattern to a Sweetheart without too much trouble. My main worry was how it would sit with the darts but that doesn't seem to be too much of an issue, looking at things.
Puffed Sleeves: http://www.yukishirocosplay.com/Puffed%20Sleeve%20Tutorial.pdf. One thing I'm also not very good at is sleeves! So this mini tutorial on puffed sleeves is a little bit of a godsend, truth be told!
Sleeves: http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/24362/create-a-custom-sleeve-pattern/page/all. Oh, here's the tutorial for making a basic sleeve in the first place!

I've now bought a wig and placed a bid on some shoes. Very excited to see if I win or not, they're very cute looking! I bought the shoes first because it's going to be easier to color-match the red details once I have those shoes, rather than choosing a fabric/bias that I like and having to find shoes the right color to match! I also need to start looking at the two shades of pink I want to use, too.
The Wig is here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/230997535082?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
And the Shoes are here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291129380217?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2648

For me to come back to later, here are the two skirt tutorials found on a very helpful Tumblr, as well as third showing how I make my circle skirts.
Circle Skirt Layers: http://rufflebuttcosplay.deviantart.com/art/Madoka-Petticoat-Tutorial-254359187
Tulle Layers: http://www.rocknrollbride.com/2011/11/diy-tutorial-multi-layered-tulle-petticoat-make-your-own-rainbow-petticoat/
Circle Skirt Basics: http://whatthecraft.com/circle-skirt-tutorial-new-and-improved/
Found another Petti tutorial too! Wonderful! http://doxiequeen1.tumblr.com/post/49389858251/making-a-ruffly-cupcake-shaped-petticoat-skirt

After working non-stop for a /while/, I'm gonna go ahead and declare this costume complete! At least, for now! There are one or two things that need adding to it but unfortunately, no-where I'm Hull has any of the Embroidery thread I was using left in stock, and thier next delivery isn't until after Kitacon :'( some of the purples bits aren't attached either (mostly around the armholes) but I'm not bothered about that- it's just another little thing I can add to it later. I'll get my WIP pics up here as soon as I can :)

Here's a breakdown of everything from my latest WIP image!
1) Just a quick image of the skirt on, checking the fit and so on and how the pattern looks.
2) One of my sleeves! Made of fleece for squishy squish comfort.
3) Quick image of the shirt on, with the darts sewn in place.
4) Just a picture of the buttons I used on the cardigan. I thought they were very cute!
5) The cardigan "body" thrown over my shirt.
6) My tights arrived! Super-yellow-legs go!
7) I cut the wig's fringe in. I tried to get it to follow my brow shape, kind of like the pattern on Celeste's head?
8) The bow that will sit atop my head! Stuffed with feathers, much squish.
9) The little ribbon that sits on my neck like a bow. Attached with the same button that I used for the cardigan <3

Plodding on today. I've had DVD's on as beckground noise to spur me on through some of the more boring tasks. So far there has been more embroidery! I've pinned the darts in place on my shirt. 3 pairs in all, I didn't realize it was THAT big! I've also cut out and pinned the body of my cardigan. I'm using a really comfy fleece! It might not be the best fabric, but it has a slight stretch, is soft, and matches the color of my soon-to-be bloomers! Speaking of bloomers, my current task is looking up how to make a pair! Once they're pinned, I'll get my machine out and have a sewing blitz!

So, here's a breakdown of the stuff I did this week- mostly today to be honest!
1) I re-made the circle skirt afresh and it's been ironed to "set", although I might re-iron it just to be sure. Next is to sew in the lining!
2) I bought a shirt the other day to make into the top half of the "dress". I need to add another button further up, and I also bought a size too big so I can add the darts myself- this is personal preference to be honest rather than anything technical. I'll be cutting this off at my natural waist and sewing it onto the skirt. I've made it so that I can pull the whole thing over my head for comfort.
3) My wig arrived from Coscraft the other day. It's "Mahogany Red" and it's beautiful. This is me wearing it right outta the bag. I need to style the lil' owl ears and also cut in a cute fringe!
4) To add a bit more definition to the pattern and also because in the artwork it looks like there is somewhat of an outline, I started to sew embroidery thread along the edges of the squares. It's pretty relaxing! I want to get this done BEFORE the lining is added, so that it looks nice and neat on the inside.

So, I bought some plain fabric to make my Circle skirt!
Despite the pattern being perfect, I totally messed up painting the pattern so I'm gonna have to re-do it. A bit of a waste of money but hey ho, this is how we learn!
I'd have an image if my phone hadn't ran dry ;A;

EDIT: snagged a photo this morning before I left for work of one layer of paint once it has dried. The color is right but he consistency isn't, so this will be my "test" and I'll make another before tr end of the week.

Not a big update, but at least it's something. I've been slowly embroidering everything before I stich it tgoether, because I want to embroider, then, line, and the finish constructing. It's going well. It's a skill I've never tried before but I'm glad I've picked it up- It's very relaxing.

Also, I made it into the cosplay Chess! Thank you to Scarlett for picking me- I'm White Team Pawn 4 and I'm very excited about it. It also means that I've got a bit of renewed zeal to make this the absolute best it can be!! Bear with me, I'll get regular updates going as soon as I can <3

Here's the cape that I cut out and pinned this morning- please excuse the instagram photo! It's a base layer of white linen/polycotton, with 3 layers of faux-fur sandwiched between that and a layer of blue. The blue layer also has a white polycotton border that needs neatly topstiching. Tonight after work I'll embroider on the details and get it sewn together. By the end of the night I want all of the basics at least cut out and pinned together- The Hood, The Bracers, The Cape and the Mantle!

Oooooh-kay! I basically have a couple of things to do before I can wear this again at Ayacon.
First things first, I gotta lighten the logo on the shirt with fabric paint~ I think I'll make new, elasticated bloomers too, because Bakurakat, my awesome Kurloz, had the princeliest pantaloons in the land and that's the method she used!
Also I need to shorten my hood by a bit, but that's easy pasy to do...

Oh! And lets not forget that I'm making the wiiiiings!! <3

So I ordered my jersey off the Internet but I think I got a bit excited and didn't read it properly cause I bought Jersey/Lycra rather than Jersey/Cotton?? But the colour is spot on so I don't really mind?? It should still work!!

My shoes and tights also arrived~~! The shoes are perfect and fit really nicely! Haven't tried the tights on yet but I hope they fit cause whoa plain white tights in big sizes are super hard to find???

Anyway maybe I should get sewing now it's all here hahah

Also, since the white part of the hood is confirmed to be crown of some kind, I thought it might be kind of fun to use an actual crown/tiara instead?? So I bought the tiara pictured and I have NO REGRETS

I pretty much went crazy and bought 70% of what I need for this in the last 3 days? I've the majority of the fabric and the rest is arriving from ~*the internet*~, I have a tiara/crown, my Snazaroo, my tights & shoes are on their way...

To be honest, all I need is a wig (which shouldn't be too difficult to source!) and my horns (which I think I might be begging Bakurakat to help me make?) as well as some ear fins! I think I can buy them online though so, I'm not too worried!

Now it's just sewing everything? Everything is pretty simple shapes but I gotta admit I'm a bit worried about the cape/mantle and arranging it to sit right! Might be a bit awkward but we will see I guess.

Hipsterfish is underway and I'm well excited!

Just bought the socks for this costume off eBay, here's hoping they look like the picture when thry arrive, eh?

I'm really pleased with my fabric choice for the skirt! It's a red and green tartan, not perfect to the reference but I do really like it. See the picture! I've just ironed my side seam and my waistband, now to actually construct the skirt... Eeek scary thought ahaha

Since my lovely Stocking updated her costume, I figured I'd better swing by and say I'm not dead and this costume is in progress!

There's still a fair bit to do, but it's mostly little things so I'm not worried about time (yet!). I have my shirt already, but since I've lost a bit of weight I need to add some darts to help it fit. I received a green tie as a birthday gift, and I'm borrowing the wig, too. So the top half is good to go!

I'm making the skirt (but have found really good fabric, yay) and have the socks watched on eBay. I already have shoes so that's one less thing to worry about. I'm hoping to have this done by the end of next week but I'm a bit scared of making a pleated skirt so that's why I'm putting it off lol XD

Borrowed wig,
White off the shoulder "Jaspers" shirt,
Pink tank top,
Pink Skirt,
Black leggings,
White legwarmers,
Pink shoes,

I know it's all very simple sounding but after having looked through fanart as well as other cosplays of Roxy they all feature elements of what I've listed, so it should be fine right...? Ahhh I'm sure it will be X3

I've made some good progress today and yesterday! I managed to dye the dress yesterday- it's a little lighter than I would have liked because the material was not 100% cotton but it could be worse. I left it outside whilst I was at work and it's dried really nicely, no run marks or anything!

Today I cut the bottom off the dress, to edit the length and make it shorter. I used this offcut and managed to make my nurse's cap, and I also got it all hemmed and added the embellishments. I also started to add bias binding to one of the sleeves. I'll finish the other tomorrow, and I'll also add darts and hem the dress too. It's going well :)

Fleece arrived! It is very very snuggly indeed :D I have a few things to do today but once I'm done I'll get everything on and take a test photo. My first finished costume for Amecon, hooray :)

As the title says, I started working on the dress today, and I've actually gotten a fair bit done! I removed the sating ribbon around the waist, as well as the satin ribbon straps. I've unpicked the pockets, too, as I'm moving them a little. The main bulk of re-shaping the dress has also been done. I cut a slit down the front of the dress and re-shaped the neckline- it's a lot neater now and it fits a lot better at the sides because I re-shaped and sewed the darts. The only problem is I cut the darts away before I double checked, and the dress is actually too tight at the front and it flattens my boobs in this really ugly way, seriously it looks like I have a boob wall :'( Luke has reasuured me it looks fine though so I guess I'll take that risk.
Still left to do, I need to re-attach the pockets in the new place, and also attach the new straps I've cut out. I've got some lace that needs sewing around the waist as well as a couple of types to attach to the hem, and that's pretty much it.
I painted the silver design on my headphones, and even though I'm a horribly messy painter, it isn't too bad. I also made some mini gloves out of leftover lace! This should be totally finished by tomorrow, and hopefully I can get a test photo taken :)

I won my fleece, so now it's just waiting for it to be dispatched/delivered. If this is perfect, then Matryoshka will be all ready to go! I retrieved my black shorts and brwown gloves from my old house so I have them ready to pack, too.

I also did a make-up test for the first time with white snazaroo- it's surreal seeing your face all pale white but it covered really well. I already have some Ben-Nye final seal to keep everything in place so I shouldn't need to worry about sweating it off during the day, even if it is madly hot.

I have ordered my dress :D I ordered a couple of sizes too big, just in case, (and I can just take it in if need be) and now I'm all antsy for it to get here. It hasn't even been dispatched yet but stilllll I'm excited. I hope it's gonna be sent soon because I'm eager to get to work... Everyone hope for me!

My headphones are 80% done now, whew! I suck at using craft knives, which means my butterflies are kinda wonky, but at least they're done! I used 4 layers- craft foam, two layers of blue perspex and another layer of craft foam- and glued these together with contact glue, then used stick on Velcro to put the wings on the headphones themselves. I need to paint the silver circular design and then they'll be done, hooray :)

Might start working on the dress tonight, if I'm not all work tired or anything.

I got outbid on the first fleece, boo :( So I've now placed a bid on another- pretty much the same, just plain red- but this one was slightly more expensive. The postage is free though, so that's a plus. It ends in 1 day, so fingers crossed!

Now I've been paid, I leapt at the chance to get stuff started before I waste my money on unnecessary things! I bought a good amount of 3 different types of lace- it's all pretty cheap but it should do the job to look at! I plan on changing that satin ribbon waistband to a thinner one and add lace detailing to it, and I'm also altering the neckline slightly because I'm still not happy with it!

I found some really ideal headphones in Home Bargains for a teeny £2.99, so I spent last night giving them a base coat of black paint. Tonight I'll paint on the swirly circle pattern and finish cutting out my butterfly wings- I started this yesterday but rapidly got fed up of it!

My only quandary is how to attach the wings to the headset. Luke suggested stick on Velcro so I can remove them and pack them flat, which I think is a very good idea!

Well, I've been poking around eBay a few times, and I think I might be on to something with a jacket I found. No bids and 4 days left, which is good cos that's payday! It's just a fleece jacket, which isn't quite the tracksuit top I was looking for but alas- though it looks the part, so close enough! It's totally plain red so if I do get it I just have the simple job of adding some white around the collar.

Have: Wig. Shoes. Red/Orange Dye.
Buy: Tights. Dress. Lace. Red Bias Binding. Red Buttons. Red Felt.
Make: Add darts to my dress. Add cuffs to the sleeves and tuck them in to make a "puff" effect. Dye whole dress red/orange. Shorten the dress and hem the edge. Add Bias to the cuffs and lapels, then add lace underneath. Sew on new/replacement buttons (if there are any). Make cap from the dress cut-off and add bias, lace and the small felt cross.

Kitacon with Peebles was So. Amazing!!
Buuut as usual there are things I don't like and want to improve!
I really like the dress. Despite how arrogant I sound when I say it, I made it well, it's probably the neatest thing I've ever made, and It's really comfortable, so I'm definitely going to wear it again.
I don't like the crown, but you knew that anyway! Next time, I want to make it properly out of something sturdy- I'm thinking sintra.
The other main thing I don't like is the wig. It's a lovely lovely lovely wig, it really is, but it's waaay too dark for peebles. However, next time I make it, I wont be using a wig!
I saw a lot of PB's on /cgl/ using felt or fleece for the hair, kinda like a hat, and that's what I'm going to do when I next re-wear her. Should be snuggly! XD

So yesterday I dedicated about 4-5 hours to this costume and it really paid off. The dress is now about 80% complete! I used my old bodice block from my fashion course at college, and worked from that. I did hit a problem though, in that my bust is so much bigger than my waist, my waistband was always baggy, as was the area around my collar. To counter this, an extra set of darts was added at my shoulder. These will be covered by the wig so it isn't too big a problem that they're a bit unsightly. (I would have swung them into the armhole but last time I tried that, my arms were to tight so I didn't want to take the risk.) I also made the waist darts longer, so that the waist of the dress tapers more nicely, and covered these with her purple waistband. (The attached picture is my bodice front after modifying the darts, but the lighting in my house is so bad, it looks way brighter than it really is!)

Next I added a zip, which was a bit daunting for me because I don't have a zipper foot to guide my sewing, and was worried I'd accidentally run into the zip and break my needle- but I didn't! Everything turned out really neatly and I even managed to topstitch it all for neatness. After that, I pinned the skirt (which was also hemmed and fully lined earlier in the day) added a few pleats to gather it, and stitched it all into one piece! That bit was easy since I'm getting pretty okay with skirts now.

What's left to do is still a bit worrying, since it's sleeves which are the bane of my cosplaying life! I need to make a pair of puffy sleeves and also add the little purple hems. I also need to interface and attach the collar, which because it's a "peter pan" style collar, I'm going to see whether it looks okay without a stand, so it lays as flat as possible. After that, I just need to paper mache my crown, and it's all done! Very pleased :)

I know it looks like I'm not doing anything with this costume but I promise I ammmm!
I have the fabric for the skirt all ready to be sewn into a long tube, and my bodice block is all finished- I just need to buy fabric for that, too.
I have my wig, and I have some shoesies I found in Primark, so I don't need to worry about accessories, but I am worried about that crown... Not so much making it but packing it might be a bumache-- I was going to paper mache it, but it might get crumpled in my suitcase. I'll have to think about this!!

So, today has been mildly productive I guess! I tried my skirt on with the belt and I'm totally pleased! So that's one less thing to worry about.
I finally remembered to shorten the sleeves of my shirt- They're a little tight but they look much much better now.
I'm just waiting on my booties drying, and then I can apply the top layer of paint and they will all be finished!

Everything apart from the booties has now been packed. How exciting!!

Yesterday, I bought some legwarmers to use as the top section of her boots, some white fabric paint, and some white piping for the laces!

I'm just about ready to start crafting :D

Incase you hadn't noticed me going on and on about it, my costume arrived!

It's wonderful, just like the photos and fits like a dream (I can actually lift my arms in this one, yay!) but there are still some little things I need to do before I declare this costume complete!

-- Cut the fringe on the wig. In my progress photos I'm actually wearing it really far back just so I can see!
-- Shorten the shirt sleeves. In the reference they're short sleeved. I bought it long-sleeved, because I wanted t osee how I feel with the long sleeves first, but no, definately want them cutting down!
-- Buy a belt. Because she wears a belt over the skirt, which leads to...
-- Put belt loops on the skirt. Only one or two, because it didn't come with any.
-- Try my booties on. It's been ages since I wore them and I want to make sure they're okay. I may need to paint them too...
-- Buy thigh highs and a suspender belt! Pretty self explanatory!
-- Reinforce the jacket buttons. As with any coat, they aren't as sturdy as they should be, so it'll just take 5 mins to make them less prone to falling off. One already has :(

Everything has been paid for! Now I'm just waiting for it all to arrive, I hope it gets here soooooon~!

Everything has now been bought! I just need to wait for it all to get here....

*waiting by the door*

I made a headband! Just a clear headband with pink patterned ribbon glued round and round... and I added a little ribbon bow and voila! So that's one part down :)

I've begun making the headband! I've wrapped some pipe cleaners around a clear headband I bought, to hold the upright anime-style shape. I used pipe cleaners so I can bend the ribbon into other cute shapes :3 Now I just need to sew yellow fabric into two tubes, slide it over each end of the band, and do the same for the 'ribbon' itself. Should work!

So, this was my Friday and Saturday costume of Fushicon, and I have to say it was recieved really really well. It's comfy to wear and pretty warm too, actually, so that's very much a plus!
Not only did I like wearing it, but I'm pleased with all of my photos too!
I'd like to wear it again but I've a lot of improvements to make first. I need more accurate boots, and I need to make the dress a little shorter too, but no matter what, I'm still happy with my first run!

Well, I made it in time for Expo and I also got some beautiful photos! Buuut alot of the finer details were handsewn on the morning/night before I wore this so it is a little scruffy. That's why I'm fixing it up for a version 2.0! I need to take in the dress a little, as well as fix my sash & bow. And stop my sleeves sagging so much lol.

So hopefully you'll see an even more beautiful version of this at Fushicon, whoop!

I'd say Moira is about ready to go :D
I ironed on the transfer today, so all that really needs fixing is my hair colour. This will be rectified when I buy some red-tint hair dye after work tonight.

Oh, as for the magazines, I'm still writing in them and colouring them in, but to be honest they dont need to be 100% for me to carry around. So, I think I can mark Moira as complete for now!

So, I've been doing a bit of this here and there, mostly in the last two days and I'm still confident it'll be ready for Expo even if Luke thinks otherwise. So what have I done?

- My sword is now finished. It's a block of nylon withg a blad insert made of sheet aluminium. It's kinda heavy! It has been primed with white primer spray and then the blue stripes were masked and then spray painted on.
- My hair bow is done. I used interfacing to make it cute and perky, and it sits on my wig via bobby pins.
- The skirt for my dress has been worked out, constructed, gathered and pressed. It's 4 meters of fabric!
- My sleeves, after failing to get them right about three times, have now been worked out hopefully for the last time...
- I've worked out the pattern for my bodice after losing my old one from a while back!
- I bought some AMAZING shoes in Primark for this.

So what is left to do? Well, I have all day tomorrow- the full 24 hours even if it kills me- to do the following!

- Fold and sew petticoat in half, to shorten it.
- Construct bodice from pattern and add buttonhole stand.
- Finish puff of my puff sleeves and add cuffs.
- Attach skirt to dress.
- Slot garden wire into my back bow so it remains stiff and perky.
- Add stripe and triangle trim to skirt. Actually I might do this before it is attached...

Do-able? We'll soon see... I wish I could do it now but I have to go to work >_<

Last night consisted of much pinning and stitching, so see attached for a wee progress piccy :)

Well, remember how excited I was at having a beautiful Katana from CosplayFu? Well nope! Although thier wig was beautiful, the Katana was laughable. Seriously, seriously laughable. See the attached image!

So instead, my dad (who works as an engineer-y type person), is going to make me a new one for free. He's cutting the blade out of sheet aluminium, and the hilt and guard out of black nylon. Then I'll paint it and make it beautiful. We'll see!

Well, I'm already well on my way. I got on my hands and knees tonight and cut out my jacket pattern on paper. Tomorrow night if I'm not too tired, I'll cut out all the pieces on fabric and add seam allowance, and then get sewing! I'm also pretty pleased I found some white lining in one of my fabric boxes, so I can use that to line the jacket rather than waiting for the chance to go out and buy some on Monday! If I weren't so tired I'd sooo start on it now!

So, I went shopping for fabric today for some other costumes but I wanted to get something at the very least for Karina. So I bought beads and suede! The beads are for her necklace, and the suede is for her waistcoat/jacket she has. I can't wait to get pattern cutting and sewing againnnn!

My tights came today :3
Obviously the XL tan ones I bought as a base layer are too small and I've ripped them already, and the "One Size" striped ones I bought intending to cut up fit just fine :| Oh well, they'll do. See the pic for how they look!

NB: In this photo I slightly lightend the colour of the striped tights. The original picture on my FB shows them really dark (ironically the perfect colour) but this edited photo has a more accurate representation of how the colour looks irl. I think it's because I took it on my phone and not a camera, hahaha.

Also, I got outbid on the shoes :(

I found the perfect shoes on eBay... If I don't win I'll be gutted!

I have decided a few things about this costume after thinking about it a fair bit recently!
Firstly, I'm going to try making it as opposed to buying it. The pattern I'm using for it will be my own custom Bodice from college attached to thie pattern: http://www.feorag.com/gosurori/skirt-pattern.pdf.
I'll be commissioning a white petticoat to give it some poof from someone on LJ- Rinrinhime.
As for the tights, as I have trouble finding them in my size I'll actually be modifying a pair of black leggins I already own. I'll be adding the blue stripes to one leg, and then cutting the other leg off completely because I'll have this; http://www.cosplayfu.co.uk/product/Stocking+Katana+from+Panty+and+Stocking+with+Garterbelt/ radical Katana!
Not to mention I'm using thme for my wig too; http://www.cosplayfu.co.uk/product/Stocking+Wig+from+Panty+Stocking+with+Garterbelt/.
I've a pattern to make her little cat too, which leaves me with just her shoes, which I can find on eBay. Whoooop I feel a little more organised now :D

Here's a link to the tutorial that I used for my skirt! http://www.starfirephoenix.net/hppoaskirttutorial.htm

It's amazing! :D

So, I went about making a new skirt out of Garbedine today but... I totally did the measurements wrong!
The skirt has to overlap and whilst I took into account the extra needed for pleats, I didn't account for overlaps!
It's not a total writeoff though. My small skirt served as good practise for the layout and I now have 1/4 scale pattern pieces that I drew so I'm guaranteed to succeed tomorrow.. It's just annoying that it's so late, the fabric store is closed. Here's hoping they have what I need tomorrow, otherwise I might cry! Hahaha XD

Other than that, Lily is ready to re-wear! I wanna comb the wig but that's no big task. I even bought new more comfortable plain black shoes. Yay!

I bought this today to spray paint black and use as my rifle! It's 3 feet long so really nicely size appropriate :3
Next week after college I'm hoping to have made a new underskirt too- watch this space!

I forgot to mention that I've spent most of today making boot covers! Derp.
They're a lighter colour then my skirt fabric, like in my reference, and are Satin.
I managed to buy some boots that are the perfect height, but they wouldn't fit over my stupidly huge calves! So I had to modify them with craft foam and a hot glue gun.
Then, I pinned fabric around the boot, cut out, sewed together and pulled over the boot! I'll be hot-gluing them on and reinforcing it with elastic across the sole but so far they're looking pretty good!

Sorry guys! I've been working on this one really hard and I've not even told you about it haha, that's not like me!
So, first of all I ordered my bodysuit from eBay. It's a soft fabric and a little see-through but since I'm wearing nude shapewear, you shouldn't notice. However the sleeves were a little longer than I anticipated so I had to use my seam ripper to pick those off.
I also bought a corset- a plain white waist cincher, but there are a couple of problems. It's slightly too big, even fully laced! So I'll try and nip it in a little on my machine. Also you can see the steel fastener through my bodysuit. If this is a really obvious problem then I'l either get a nude vest to cover it, OR line the suit if I feel up to it. Choices choices...
I've been playing with fake tan, but it's not really giving me the colour results I wanted. I bought a 'light matte' cream that washes off- since my other caostumes are very tan-less. So I bought some gold Snazaroo but alas that still isn't right. So, I'm going to play with layering the Snazaroo on the fake tan, and if that doesn't work, than I'll pick up some orange Snazaroo and just mix as best I can. I also bought some Ben Nye final seal so I don't smudge all over my costume, and that's on it's way.
The biggest thing I've done so far is cut the wig. I cut the wig myself, from scratch. I was bricking it and it doesn't look that great, but the main point is it's not terrible! The wig I used was once my Seras Victoria wig, but now.. isn't! I'll have to upload a picture!
I have the fabric for my skirt and mantle. I chose a gorgeous emerald Satin Backed Dupion which I also intend to fully line, this will be done tommorrow after work- I even have an old skirt I can use as a pattern!
My patch was found on eBay, it's the perfect size for Arisia!
And finally, bootcovers. I'm making them and it's going really well, actually! So there will be pics of those soon, too.

All in all, not bad! Should be done in time ;)

~ Kasane Teto from UTAUloid -- Magnet Version ~
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- The Dress -- My first time making something lined as well as something with pockets! Black cotton with a white lining and lace details.
- The Little Hat -- Made from Craft Foam and Lace and secured with crocodile clips.
The Batwings -- I used a transparent plastic file for the red/pink sections and topped it with craft foam for the wing design. It was glue together with Hot Glue and attached to the headphone sections with thin double sided tape.

* Parts I Modified:
- The Headphones -- They were 'normal' headphones but I cut off the strap itself leaving just the earpieces. These had the batwings and red cable detail attached and clipped to my wig with crocodile clips.

* Parts I Bought and wore as-is:
- My Tights and Shoes

*Wig Styling:
- I didn't have to do much other than cut the fringe slightly.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Kasane Teto wig from Ayanamisatoru (Online store now closed)
PHOTOGRAPHER: TheOncomingStorm

~ Kasane Teto from UTAUloid -- Matryoshka Version ~
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- None

* Parts I Modified:
- The Hoodie -- I cut holes in the hood to slot the pigtails through and reinforced them with interfacing to stop fraying.

* Parts I Bought and wore as-is:
- The Gloves, Trousers and Boots

*Wig Styling:
- I didn't have to do much other than cut the fringe slightly.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Kasane Teto wig from Ayanamisatoru (Online store now closed)
WORN WITH: Iggie as Gumi//FishyFins as Kaito

~ Skitty from Pokemon -- Gijinka Version ~
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- The Dress & Bloomers -- Both from yellow polycotton
- The Capelet -- Pink Fleece that I cut in a circle-skirt shape.

* Parts I Modified:
- None

* Parts I Bought and wore as-is:
- None
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
HAT: Commissioned from TheStarlight Fairy
WIG: Kasane Teto wig from Ayanamisatoru (Online store now closed)

~ Seras Victoria from Hellsing Ultimate -- Bloodstained Uniform Version ~
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- None

* Parts I Bought:
- The Boots -- Black Doc Martens from a vintage store.
- The Costume -- From fanplusfriend's website.
- The Glove -- From eBay

* Parts I Modified:
- None
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Cosworx (online shop now closed)
WORN WITH: Fishyfins as Alexander Anderson

Well, I've been working on the dress for the most part of the past two days and I can now safely say it looks like a dress, which is great. Now I just need to add a zipper and the details!
I might or might not get paid on Wednesday, so whether or not this dress wil have embellishments depends on that, but other than that, I'm feeling positive! Oh, and for further confusion, I have made the necklane a sweetheart one! The back is still low, but who cares! If people don't like my crzy backfat rolls then tough XD
Also, headphones are almost done, just need to sew on my bobby pins that I'm using the attach them to my wig. Same for the tiny hat :)

My wig is here and I'm in love with it :3 It's just... Amaze @_@ I'll try and get a picture up if I can :D

Can you believe that I Keep making more and more work for myself? Now I can't decide whether I like the neckline of this dress =/ I don't think the halter neck would look good on a girl of my size so I'm having second thoughts about it, and thinking I might change it to a straight cut, with thin ribbon straps. This will keep me fairly covered, as well as hide my bra straps- I can't find a nice bra, in the right size, that is of good quality, that has hidden or multiway straps, so I'm going for comfy support instead now.
I'll be working how much fabric I need to buy to remake my bodice at some point today, and then buying the fabric and lining and making it tomorrow. I also still need to buy the tulle for my underskirt, that I'm making from Ranma1/2's tutorial.

I've had some of the tihngs arrive for this costume this week :3 So far my wand and patch have arrived, and today my Whimsic Stuff arrived too- they're great!
My skirt also arrived from eBay but because my ass is huge, it stretches it out and makes it look like a pancil skirt, not a pleated skirt. Kinda embarassing but here's hoping it will do. I'm taking it to Luke's tonight to get his opinion.

My headphones are here, yaay! This means that I'm noce again ready to work on this costume! And hopefully get it complete now too :D

Also, rather than buying a petti, I decided to use Ranma 1/2's tutu tutorial to give this dress some poof! It'll be made of white net and will be just slightly shorter than the dress itself, so it isn't as visible as Ranma 1/2's finished product, but hopefully still effective!

I can stop moaning! I finally bought my headphones to attach the wingies toooo!
The dress is currently shoved under my cosplay desk awaiting progress... I'm sorry to anyone waiting for progress, but I totally lost steam for this!

I promise it'll get done for Kita though, just only when I feel like it!

I did some more shopping for Lily this week!
Earlier in the week I ordered my cardigan, scarf, and head girl pin from Whimsic Alley. With any luck they're now well on thier way and will be here in time!
Midweek I Ordere a schoolgirl skirt in grey, with pleats! Here's hoping it'll do the job but the biggest they had was 40" waist, and I'm 41" with 43" hips so I really hope I can squeeze into it... If not it's 11.99 down the drain and back to the drawing board for that!
I ordered a Gryffindor patch for my robes today too, but that's quite a minor detail.
As for my wand, Lily's doesn't exist *sigh*. So I ordered a Hermione wand off eBay to make do with. I'm hopefully getting a Noble Collection wand (although I'm not sure whose yet) for LFCC.
Finally, my wig! I ordered the coppery red one in my previous Journal. I'm hoping so so hard that it gets here in time but I'm pretty worried, unfortunately. Still, fingers crossed, eh?

I still need knee-high socks and shoes, but all in all, I aint doing too badly!

Despite not having shoes or trousers for this cosrume,I decided to give it a test run at a cospay picnic some friends were having here in Hull. I asked Adam to join me so we could have matryoshka pics together and made do with a skirt and leggins.
I managed to cut the slits in the hoodie for the pigtails to go through and managed to check whether they'd retain bounce for a whole day. They did, so i'm pretty much good to go for the real thing now :3

~ MEIKO from Vocaloid -- Eager Love Revenge Version ~
My only MCM Masquerade!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- The Tie, Belt and Straps -- All from the same white cotton that I dyed pink.
- The Armband -- Pink polycotton reinforced with interfacing, with the detail added using a fabric dye pen.

* Parts I Modified:
- The Hat -- A green cap I got from military surplus, which I dyed black and then painted with red detailing.
- The Shirt -- It was a long sleeved black shirt. I shortened the sleeves and added dyed pink bias detailing.
- The Gloves -- They were originally white but they were dyed pink with the other white elements. I also cut them into the strange cropped glove shape.
- The Trousers -- White cotton trousers that I dyed pink and added black details to with a fabric dye pen.

* Parts I Bought and wore as-is:
- My Boots -- Cowboy boots I already owned.
- The Pouch -- It's actually a camera pouch I didn't realise I had!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Kasane Teto wig from Ayanamisatoru (Online store now closed)
WORN WITH: LimeGreenJelly as Miku//Ayame as Luka//FishyFins as Kaito//White Tigress as Gumi

It's the last day and I'm happy to say most of the work is done! Okay not most of it but some of it ;) My hat is painted and dry, so all is good there. I hemmed my gloves, they're fine too~
I've now shortened the sleeves on my shirt and my stripes are all pinned in place which is good. Everything looks great so far if I say so myself. The belt will be a strip of thick pink fabric draped loosely around my waist, I think I'll put velcro on it so it hangs right. Oh and I found a pouch that I can use, it's an old camera one I found kickin' about so theres one job taken care of. The tie will just have to be a fabric strip, I've found the best colour match I can so what more can I do eh?
As for my trousers, because the thread was polyester, it didn't dye. I should have thought of that before really but ah well. So I've covered over the white thread with black stripes which Personally I think suits the costume. Then I discovered theres thee huge floral applique in the pockets so I spent most of last night unpicking them. I have half a flower to unpick so I'l get onto that at bedtime tonight haha.
What else... Oh, for the armband I think I'll just make it out of pink and then draw on the heart emblem with my pen, it's much easier than trying to cut and stick such a complicated shape~
And I think that's it for now... Back to sewing these stripes!
Only thing I wil say is my trousers hang strange because they're actully a little too big for me, so because of this I'm modifying the way the belts hang a little too so it fits better. I'll do a doodle/sketch to better explain this.
And I bought a new wig cap too, it seems all my old ones ran away so now it'll be much easier to wear a wig!!

Well, I've sucessfuly dyed all of the pink stuff. I;m proud to say it all looks GREAT! Now it's just drying on the rack~
The trousers are a deep reddy pink, whereas the bias is slightly paler. Once it's dry, which hopefully will be tommorrow, I'll sew it all straght onto the shirt. The tie I'll just have to colour match as best I can and make, I guess :/
Oh, and as for the hat problem, I think I'll just paint it will black acrylic and see what happens. I don't have much time so if it doesn't look pro I'm not too fussed anymore... I just want it done

Disaster Struck =/
My hat is now dry after 24hrs and it isn't even black... It's an ever-so-slightly-darker shade of the green it was. It's annoying because I took the hat with me to where I bought the dye to ask whether it would hold dye or not. Gaddamn liars! :( Looks like I might have to use black polycotton as a cover, then... And just when I though things were going well, damit!

Anyways I'm now just boiling the kettle for my pink dye bath... fingers crossed this one works a little better!

I decided it was time to get a pic of the shoes I planned to wear for this costume, but I couldn't find them. I was going to use my plain blakc suede heels that I wore for Zatanna because even though they kill my feet, they're gorgeous! But I can't find them anywhere ;__;
However whilst looking, I did find these cute black and white ones. They're a little cuter than my original choice, and less sexy, but the black and white colours match the theme and colour scheme still so I'll be using these instead... I don't even remember why I bought these lol!

Just a quick note, the bow on the back of this dress is now done. It's super squishy and filled with wadding, which is great :P
Tomorrow I think I'll do the skirt. I'm leaving the fornt of the dress 'til last because I'm dreading it XD Plus I still need to think about how to supposrt my lovely big breasts XD

We're getting there, slowly but surely!
Today I made the back panel of the dress. ^^,
I will admit it took a lot longer than I anticipated it would, but that's because I had to figure out the lining and it did confuse me momentarily lol.
What I plan to do now is take the rest to college with me and stay behind as late as I can. Thier sewing machines are stronger than mine (mine keeps clunking scarily) and the tables are much bigger and easier to work on- obviously an advantage when I have to cut out the big skirt panels!
So, fingers crossed this dress will be done by the end of the week.
Now, headphones. On magnet headphones, ontop of the earpiece, there is usually and inverted 'U' piece of metal (see attached piccy) that you wrap a coloured wire around. I'm having trouble finiding a pair of headphones with this on D: So right now I'm a bit stuck with them. Lets not forget as well, the earpiece needs to be flat so I can paint the magnet design onto it!!

I'm sorry for the Spammage guys orz
But I keep thinking of little ways to improve this costume! My newest revelation is, lining it. Okay, so that isn't really a big deal but my idea was to line the majority of the dress in black BUT do the skirt in white! Not only will it be more comfortable but it also will add to the monochrome contrast of the costume- especially if you see the white when I'm sitting down or something. Plus I can add a little lace trim into the seam for extra cuteness~

...What do you think?

My wig arrived today :3 I inspected it and it's great- awesomely soft and the curls are great- but it's actually lighter than the picture was. Thing is, that isn't even a problem. It's actually better this way because it's truer to Teto's actual colour- though I admit in Matryoshka her hair is saturated so dark! Anyway I think it still looks okay and you can expect pics over the weekend~

Well I haven't said anything for a couple of days so you probably deserve a quick update on this costume! I have been working on it albiet slowly, due to college stuff getting in the way. (Nah I'm lying, we just got an Xbox again so I'm addicted to Fallout New Vegas lol.)
Since my last journal, I've taken a leap and finally ordered my wig! Can't wait till it arrives but even when it does, I'm not taking the pigtails out of the bag til the con- I can't risk this wig messing up like my Miku one did since I insisted on wearing it just casually XD
I've made my top hat out of craft foam, and it's looking cute~ It's not brilliant but it's a first try and I'm pretty proud of it. I even made a tutorial here- http://lady-fuz-lin.deviantart.com/#/d38cs0v
I also made my 'Batwings' for my headphones- A pretty neat trick when you have no headphones to attach them to XD These were craft foam and perspex and were actually a lot of fun to make. I will have photos and another tutorial hopefully at the weekend~
Finally, I've also started cutting out my fabric to make everything. I started with the patch pockets since they're quick and simple, and as soon as I'm in the mood again (probably Friday/Saturday) I'll have pics of that and with any luck my finished skirt too!
So all in all, it's going pretty well~ ^^,~

Well, my hoodies and my gloves have both arrived, with my Wig also on it's way. I'm thinking of making this costume my backup for midlands if I don't get Meiko done in time so we'll have to see.

The next step is finding some trousers that look like that =/ Brown tracksuit bottoms are the closest thing I can think of but they're alsways so gross and shiny X[

Well, I toiled up my modified pattern yesterday and I'm pleased to announce it worked! So either today or tommorrow (Firday) I'll be buying the black fabric and making the main body of this dress for real. I still need to decide how to sew the bra into it (what with it being halter-necked) but all in all I'm pleased with how my modifed pattern worked.

Alos, in today's pattern cutting session we're learning basic pockets. They're surprisingly simple so I did joke that I'd be putting pockets in all of my creations from now on, but I don't think that's far from the truth... So to test this out I'm going to make a sample pocket and see if it works on one of the dress' skirt panels. If it does, it will make my life of carrying stuff around so much easier XD

I would have photos, but my camera is unfortunately missing :( I'll try and find it A.S.A.P though...

I've just window shopped around eBay and have succeeded in finding most of this costumes parts. I get paid back end of this week so I'm hoping everything is still there!
As I said before, I'm going to dye the pink parts of this outfit myself. I don't know if the coour will be accurate, but it will at least all amtch if I do it tihs way. However, because of the nature of the dye, some things I have to make myself first, then dye due to the fabric used in bought items. For example,I can't buy a white tie and dye it pink because I can't dye polyester. Instead I'll have to go with polycotton and try making one myself. The dye I'll be using is Dylon, because it's readily available near where I live, and I think I'm getting it Tulip Red, as the Flamingo Pink is a tad TOO pink.

-Hat, might have to make as can't find any!
-Black shirt &
-White Jodphurs/Breeches, both of which I've 'watched'.
-Gloves, still looking
-Riding Crop, also watched on eBay
Boots, I think I might ask Ryukredapples if I can borrow his riding boots- the ones he used for his Star Wars costume. If they fit me, then it's a handy way to save £20+!
-Shoulder Stripes & Collar Detail, stripes on the costume will be white bias tape, so they're no problem.
-Armband, handmade out of Polycotton
-Belts, I'll probably handmake those, too, with a little more thought. The only problem with these is the shirt is untucked, and at one point the thin belt goes under the shirt, so I can't sew them straight onto the shirt as a cheat lol.
-There's also a little pouch hanging off one belt, which I'll no doubt handmake and attach myself.

I have been linked this wig;~ http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PW398-Auburn-Curly-Long-Cosplay-Party-Wig-/400186112655?pt=Women_s_Accessories_UK&hash=item5d2cf37a8f
The colouris red anf brown, which is what I wanted, AND it's curly! So I'm thinking about this one seriously. I just need to know if it's a reputable seller and then mull it over a bit more like i do....

Argghtjgk asfdfgh

Well, i've sourced another wig, this time for Lily.
It isn't brilliant but it's the best I can really find at the moment;~ http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Wavy-36-PUMPKIN-ORANGE-long-fringes-curly-cosplay-WIG-/310282040559?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Wigs_Extensions&hash=item483e4034ef

I'm having a lot of trouble debating whether her hair should be ginger, or should have a brown tint to it. In a lot of fanart she's ginger, so I've headded in the direction, but then I think, maybe it should be more red... and I really can't decide ¬_¬

For this, I've already decided to use my Kasane Teto wig for Kita, but without the twintails. This is because in the Love Is War art, Meiko's hair is much pinker than the usual brown.

Also, because I want everything to match, I'm going to get everyhing Pink on the costume in White, then dye bath it all. This will be sooo much easier to colour match (hopefully)!

Wig I'm using is here;~ http://cgi.ebay.com/Vocaloid-kasane-teto-cosplaywig-/260467027647?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&amp;hash=item3ca50b6ebf

Alright yeah it's not AMAZINGLY good but itis a trusted seller and I've not really ever see none with the curls exactly right so... this is the best for now ^^,

Just so anyone interested knows, I can't find an official art for this, so it'll be my own design based of existing 'Magnets'.

I already have the design, just need to get around to scanning it!

1st November 2010: *.:COSTUME SUMMARY:.*
~ Power Girl from DC Comics -- A Mix of Versions ~
Probably the costume I used to be most 'known for' (for better or for worse)!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- The Gloves -- My first attempt and they came out pretty well considering I didn't have a pattern. They're just blue lyrca.
- The Belt & Cape -- Red T-Shirt fabric cut into basic shapes! The cape was pleated around the top edge and attached to some chunky gold curtain cord. The 'pauldron' was a last minute made from craft foam. Our first attempt was made from Polymorph but the paint didn't dry in time so we couldn't use it!

* Parts I Modified:
- The Bodysuit -- It's just a dancers' leotard! I ironed interfacing around the chest and formed the 'hole' by cutting out an 'X' and folding it into a rounded shape.
- The Boots -- We found cute saggy boots and they were spray painted blue with rubber paint. It wasn't great but it worked at the time!

* Parts I Bought and wore as-is:
- None
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Borrowed/Second Hand
WORN WITH: Viewtiful D as Bizarro Superman
PHOTOGRAPHER: Neko Flaeme Alchemist//Unknown

~ Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World -- Volume 2 Cover Outfit, Film Version ~
Let this be a lesson to all baby cosplayers out there - make sure you're 100% confident that using your own bleached and dyed hair is the absolute best option before committing to it.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- The Bag -- Came out pretty nicely and I wish I still had it somewhere. I don't remember which fabric I used though.
- The Goggles -- Some plumbing pipe parts and elastic painted with drybrushed acrylic.

* Parts I Modified:
- The Jacket -- I hand stitched the stripes onto the sleeves of an existing blue hoodie.
- The Skirt -- Like with the skirt, I sewed the design on using cotton details. I also dyed the skirt previous to this so it was a darker denim shade.

* Parts I Bought as-is:
- The Boots, Legwarmers, Tights, and T-Shirt
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WORN WITH: Littlegeeky as Kim Pine // Fishyfins as Steven Stills // Gaz as Nega-Scott // Viewtiful D as Gideon Graves // Bidoof as Roxy Richter // Moonlily as Wallace Wells

Well, I wore my semi-finished Ramona to ReCon and managed to get a couple of photos. All in all I really like it, and I think I'm doing really well (not being big headed or anything though XD)

I have however, just realised I've forgotten something ~__~ Her necklace of string and that she has a real belt! What I'll have to do is source these from things I already own, so it won't be 100% accurate but it's better than nothing!

Well, I've been away from Cosplay for a while because life and money have been gettig in the way! Buuuut, I've gotten back into it and I'm proud to say Ramona is probably 70% done now. All that's left is the props and some slight modifications, so I'm very positive about her!

I should be putting up more info about props in the next week or so, but no promises ;)

I made another strip of gray fabric, roughly 2 or 3 inches wide. This is the bottom of thr bag, so it's gotta be sturdy!

I loosly hand-stitched both circles to this, so I can go over it on the machine later. This is also measured to accurately fit around the zip, so everything will be nice and even!

Well, I bought all of the materials for the bag today, and started to work on it. I'm going for the film versoin, but I couldn't find any of that greeny-grey fabric it's actually made of- it was either very very green, or gray. So I picked Gray. I think it's cotton drill, I'm not sure lol!
Anyways, I got a piece of craft foam and cut it into a circle. I used this to cut a circle of gray fabric for the outside, but also a circle of darker gray for the lining. Inbetween the lining and the foam, I've also popped in some wadding to give it some softness inside :)

I cut it off :3
It isn't a very clear photo, but basically it's about an inch or so longer than it should be. I'm going to colour it (starting next week), then trim it closer to the date, to get rid of the frazzled dead ends.
It takes some getting used to but i think I really like it this length :3

I bought my hoodie today!~ It's a dark navy but it's PLAIN! So it should be okay :) I'm going to add the stripes on Monday/Tuesday when I get around to buying some white bias tape.

Getting my hair cut tommorrow, and the dying starts next week, so fingers croseed for that :D

I bought my T-Shirt today!!
I admit, it isn't as brown as I'd like- it's very much a Burgundy colour- but the trouble I envisioned myself having finding a brown shirt with yellow text on like Ramona's was easily avoided in buying this one. I chose it because the text is the right colour and also in the right place. Since you can't actually see what the shirt says in any of my references, I figured I'd get away with it!

Also, it's a man's size, so it's longer than it should be. But, I can either tuck it in, or just let it hang naturally and see which I A) Feel comfortable in and B) Looks more appropriate.

This is the skirt I just won on eBay. It's a size 20, so should fit.... Hopefully. If not, our New Look sale store has some denim skirts so I can always try there instead. Then I'll just modify it by adding a pink stripe and the detailing!

Well, it's all done! Photo's will follow on Saturday at LFCC, but I need to give Huge thanks to RyukRedApples, Bambi., Fishyfins and Horrorpopsicle for all of thier help!~~

I love you all :3
I'm so happy about all of it being done, I'm floating on air XD

Well, the boots are done :3 Luke got me some brown boots and sprayed them blue, so that isn't a worry. The worry is getting GLOVES in time since I have no monies...

Also, I'm still too nervous to cut that boob hole out of the leotard incase it goes wrong. /sigh/

I might just do it tonight and live with it :S

Got some lovely thick curtain ties today for using to tie back my cape. I already hade some braid for this but I saw these curtain ties and realized they're a lot thicker, so I prefer them!

I've totally stolen Luke's Link wig for this costume, so I'm one (albeit Tiny) step closer to completion! Which is good cos I'm leaving it rather... late.. :S

I've started making my cape! It's made of heavy T-Shirt fabric, so it's nice and soft but it still hangs right. I'm using simple gold braiding to attach it to myself, and I've already hand stitched in a hem. Once I decide whether or not to line it, I'll run it through the machine :P

It arrived!!! I'm so ecstatic, I really am :) But I'm also worried that when I cut the hole in it, it'll ruin it... *Panic panic panic*
It's a little see through, so I'm gonna invest in a nude bodystocking type thing, but I'll try and have progress pics up by tommorrow :D

Well, we went to a dance shop today to find my leotard! Theyhad a perfect high-collared one with long sleeves, but it was in black! It would have been keyhole backed, too, but that isn't oo much of a problem because of the cape. We asked about white and apparently because of the colour I'd need an expensive double front panel to stop it being see through, so I am sad ;__;.

Alas, we turned to eBay, and now I'm ordering a spot on leotard that has a bra-like clasp on the crotch, so no awkward ness with the cape, and it's a quarter of the price I would have had to pay!! :O So that's superrrr~
I've also found a nude body suit thing to weae underneath to help with the see-through-ness, so all is off to a good start :3

~ Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka from Ouran High School Host Club -- School Uniform Version ~
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- The Patch -- I didn't have time to order one so I made one out of felt as a temporary fix.

* Parts I Bought:
- The Trousers -- Plain Black, nothing fancy!
- The Blazer -- It's actually a charity shop find.
- Usa-Chan -- Can't go without our trusty rabbit!

* Parts I Modified:
- The Blazer -- It needed taking in as well as the patch added.
- The Tie -- I had to add the purple stripe.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Cosworx (online shop now closed)

~ Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid 02 ~
Once again just throwing an old costume here so I have a record of it, especially since in hindsight some of these pictures came out nice (considering it was 10+ years ago YIKES)
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- The Tie -- Plain black polycotton with blue satin ribbon because I'd ordered a tie that didn't arrive in time.
- The Sleeves -- More black polycotton with more blue satin ribbon and gray fabric backed in craft foam for the 'panel' design.
- The Skirt -- My first pleated skirt! EVEN MORE black polycotton and satin ribbon using a tutorial I found online.

* Parts I Modified:
- The Shirt -- It was a plain grey shirt but I added darts and adjusted the shape and fit around the neckline. I also added some blue lace around the edges for some extra detail.
- The Socks -- I hand-stitched blue ribbon to the top hem of some knee socks to make them look more accurate to Miku's super high boots.
- The Shoes -- I used acrylic paints to add the blue colouring to the sole of the shoes.

* Parts I Bought as-is:
- None
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Ayanamisatoru/GreatArchy09 (eBay shop now closed)

~ Zatanna Zatara from DC Comics ~
This costume is from years and years ago but once again I figured I'd throw it here because I want to have all my costumes saved somewhere~
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- None.

* Parts I Bought:
- The Hat & Tailcoat: Both from a vintage shop.
- The Waistcoat: Found in New Look

* Parts I Modified:
- Shirt: I had to cut and modify the hem so it sat correctly underneath my waistcoat.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WORN WITH: Fishyfins as the Green Arrow//Viewtiful D as a Red Lantern.

~ Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist ~
This costume is from years and years ago but I did like it even though I didn't get a chance to wear it anywhere. I figured I'd throw it here because I want to have all my costumes saved somewhere~
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- None!

* Parts I Bought:
- The Uniform -- From a now non-existent online store!

* Parts I Modified:
- None!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Cosworx (online store now closed!)

~ Matsumoto Rangiku from Bleach -- School Uniform Version ~
This costume is from years and years ago but once again I figured I'd throw it here because I want to have all my costumes saved somewhere~
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- None!

* Parts I Bought:
- The Uniform -- From a now non-existent online store!

* Parts I Modified:
- None!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Ayanamisatoru/GreatArchy09 (eBay shop now closed)

~ Refia from Final Fantasy III -- Devout Version ~
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
* Parts I Made:
- The Cloak -- Made from a double bedsheet and felt for the ears.
- The Dress -- Pink Polycotton with Satin Ribbon and Yellow Felt details.
- The Bow -- Black Polycotton with Iron-On Interfacing.

* Parts I Bought:
- The Boots

* Parts I Modified:
- The Sleeves -- They were taken from an existing shirt and attached to my dress.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
~ Misc ~
WIG: Ayanamisatoru/GreatArchy09 (eBay shop now closed)

Well, I've deciding I'm taking this little darling to FuyuCon :) I sewed the sleeves on (eventually) and I might consider buying some white tights if it's chilly :S She does need a debut, after all, and I'm running short of Costumes becasue I don't have enough wigs. I'm wearing the Matsumoto wig for this one since Refia is ginger, and I can just tuck the long hair under the collar of the cloak. Simples! ^^,

Well, with FuyuCon only 1 week and a bit away I've decided to declare this comtume finished and ready to wear! I've managed to sculpt my scarecrow fangs, but because I've had so much dental work already they've had t ogo on my second inscisors, rather than my canines. I look cute though, apparently!

As for the glove, I'm buying that today. If I feel brave, I might fabric paint some eyes onto it (since gloves come in pairs I can practise first!) but if not, I don't mind having it plain.

Unfortunately due to weapons regulations I won't have a harkonnen, but if we can get tubing (possibly from our rubbish hoover) I may end up with The Orphan, at least!

Well, Since I had nothing to do before work the other day, we decided to explore some of the nicer looking areas of Hull and do a mini photoshoot for my Seras, and try the wig out proper, too, now I have a wig cap!

Apart from the few expected 'uughhs' (which loosely translates as Arrgh you're betting your legs and shape out but your not a size 4 so you're revolting) things didn't go too badly. Some old ladies smiled at me, too! Anyway!

I'm very happy with my wiglet! So much so that I was very tempted to wear it to work (but I didn't!). I still need gloves/fangs/cannon, but for now just please enjoy my new photos! ~^^~

So, my wig arrived the other day!! Eeek, it's now happily sat on a wig head we found by chance when we moved, but anyway, this means that the main costume body is done, and only the accessories remain-

~Harkonnen. I still need to learn to spell that! But anyway, Ryuk's sorta doing this for me, and we reckon at the moment the most plausible items are poster tubes or possibly, depending on what Homebase (or somewhere like that...) has to offer, guttering/plastic piping

~Scarecrow fangs. Probably the part of the costume im most looking forward to, need to order 2 packs off eBay, one for me, one for Ryuk!

~Glove. Easy peasy- mod an opera costume glove off ebay!!

~Eyes. For the eyes I think I'm steering away from contacts, because it takes me forever to put them in and I blink too much! I tried experimenting with red makeup around the eyes, which you can sorta see in my wig photos, but I'll practise a little more before i decide on anythnig final.

Okay so the costume is HERE! I decided to wear my Doc's for the shoes, and the glove should be easy enough to do... im justr waiting on the wig!!! Eeeeek! I'm rather excited ^^,

And they're SUCH high quality :) I'm really amazed at it :D
Very well fitted and comfy, too. Downside is my camera batteries are completely out so no photos :(

I finally ordered me and RyukRedApples' Seras and Alucard costumes :) They should take maybe 2 weeks to get here, and by that point I should have monies for a wig and the scarecrow fangs!

Really excited about this, we should be making both of Sears' guns (The Harkkonen and the other Rifle she has!) Well, I say WE... Ryukredapples should be making them! I also have a little ammunition case for my sandwiches which is on Ryuk's profile already (under props) :D

I think im a little worried about moulding the fangs wrong, BUT we'll tackle that when it comes down to it :D

For an image of the costumes in question heres some linkage:
http://store01.prostores.com/fanplusfriend/images/cos/hellsing/c00018_01.jpg is Alucard
http://www.fan-store.net/catalog/C00041R_01.jpg And Theres my Seras!!!

I get paid next week, so I'm gonna go ahead and order this next Friday :3
Since it's no extra cost, I'm most likely gonna getit custom sized, too, which is awsome :3

Well, after kicking myself a wee bit I finally cracked on witth this a little more before college this morning :) I got the cape totally hemmed and the black ribbon is all pinned together now, so I just need to sew it tonight!
As for the sleeves, I've got some leftover cape material that I might be able to get my BF to help me work with ^^

And the shoes I saw for £9.99 Are pretty much perfect! They dont have the white folds at the top but I can just add those myself. I'm hopefully grabbing them on Friday morning :D

Okay so after taking my sewing machine to my BF's house, I managed to make a half-decent hooded cape last night ^^,. It could do with being a little thicker, I think, but for a first attempt it isn't half bad. Tonight I'm gonna attach the ears to it, which are essentially red felt triangles reinforced with cardboard and covered in a layer of fabric! I also started pinning the details to the dress, which are just silver ribbon and yellow felt. I'm just not looking forward to the boots >.<

After a trip to Boyes yesterday morning, and a couple of hours spent cutting, drawing, being picky, and using my sewing machine for the very first time I finally got the dress made! The details still need to be added but this being the first thing I've ever made I'm really happy with it! The collar is a little scruffy but it'll be covered by the cloak so I'm not too concerned. I am, however, so very annoyed with myself. If I hadn't left my bedsheet at my bf's house I could've had the cloak done, too!! Grrrrrrrr >.<

Well, a couple of nights ago (Thursday!) I managed to get down to my Aunt's house and we finally got the pattern finished! It was fairly simple and we just cut it out of brown paper. We also got a hood pattern figured out, too, which I just need to figure out how to attach ears to.

I figured to make this skirt 'poof' out in the way it does, I'm gonna need some sorta underskirt!! Luckily, my aunt already had a pre-made one she'd made for a fancy dress party that I can have, plus I'll be wearing my lovely bloomers!

And It Ivolves A King-Size Bedsheet! :D Seriously If ,this works, home bargains FTW XD
Really Excited To get this started, it's a mega pain I'm working tonight Till 10PM!

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