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I spent a while working out the structure for these pieces! They are fully lined and involved some intricate turning to ensure they were tidy both inside and outside! The arm piece is built upon an inner layer to ensure the top puffs kept their shape and wouldn't need adjusting throughout the day. The material was carefully gathered to ensure maximum fluff and requires no inner stuffing to hold its shape. The applique details were handsewn into place and the outer lace was sandwiched between the layers while stitching the piece together. They require no glue and feature no elastic as they are fitted to my arm.

The shoes were bought as base pumps, the bottoms painted white with several layers of acrylic paint. The lace applique details were hand sewn and the handmade rose added.

The leggings are a piece I wish to revisit. The first batch were made sewing white and black lycra strips together to create the pattern and then fitting it to my leg. The top featured a band of lycra with gathered lace. I bought a stocking clip and attached it to a piece of elastic which was then sewn into the bottom cuff of the under shorts made to sit under my skirt. The white legging was basically the same but simpler XD

The neck piece is fully lined and buttons up at the front. I used some lace to create the button holes and layered up the gathered lace at the bottom to give it a full fluff. I used the rose coutil to line the piece to help it keep its structure and avoid slipping while worn. Buttons were hand stitched into place.

I attached my pre-ruffled ribbon to 5 organza circle skirts and overlocked the join.
Each skirt was shorter than the last, the final skirt was something like 4inches long to give the skirt the tiered effect. I then spent another night gathering tulle to match each skirt. The skirt is made up of 10 layers. Tulle sandwiched between a crystal organza ruffled layer. I had to hand stitch the last 2 layers because it was too thick for my sewing machine.

The roses were added to the skirt at the end but here was a photo before the skirt layers were joined which shows the placement! They were hotglued onto the second outer layer which was the gathered tulle. Stitching doesn't hold so they had to be glued to keep them in place.

This is another area I intend to revisit. I have a good circle of roses on the outer top layer but I would like to add more into the other layers of the skirt to make it more full!

The roses are handmade. I spent an ungodly amount of time cutting circles out of my white crepe fabric and hand burning the edges to seal and curve them. Each rose is made up of about 30/ish petals give or take. The first 10 are sewn into place to secure the centre and the outer petals are arranged by hotglue to help the flower open up.

First time I've made a corset!
I read up on internet tutorials and researched a tonne before diving into this.
I used plastic boning and made the pattern from scratch. It took me a good 5 attempts before I settled on the final pattern.
The corset is made from 3 layers. An inner piece of plain coutil sandwiched between my duchess satin outer and lined with a rose print coutil to help soften the boning lines. I learnt a lot creating this and I am so pleased with how it came out. I know there is a lot I can improve on but I feel incredibly satisfied with my first attempt!
The applique pieces were handsewn to the satin layer before the corset was sealed up at the bottom with hidden stitch and ribbon bias.
The corset laces up at the back with the white rivets pressed into the panels.

I ruffled 300 metres of white ribbon for the underskirt.
I have nothing else to add. I sewed my soul into it somewhere.

A mixture of anime and manga refs

Yay! A bit of face paint under the eyes, blue contacts and we're good to shoot in Paris <3

This isn't as smooth as I'd like, but I ran out of time, so I painted and assembled the yoyo together. It opens to reveal the call/map screen like hers does. I attached black elastic string and wound it

My ears aren't pierced, so I bought some red magnetic earrings. The dots were just added with marker pen

I had my yoyo parts 3D printed. There was a lot of sanding and priming involved as the pieces needed to fit together.

I finished the suit, and then with the help of Yuka and Isamiaella got my spots put on. They spent all night painting them on while I stood and watched the Sailor Moon reboot ;-;

It took me 2 hours to scrub the imprints of the spots off my skin at 5am in the morning as I was due in work in an hour... sob

So, this was my first time attempting spandex.
I bought a zentai suit online, took it apart and learnt the pattern shape.

I made a mock up suit with lining and practised adding feet and hands to the pattern.
For my final suit I decided to drop the lining as the material was thick enough alone and with the lining, it added far too much weight and unnecessary bulk to the costume.

Isamiaella made a cast of my face for our masks, then used worbla to make very close form fitted eye pieces. They're the definition of a perfect fit!

I spent a veeeerrrrryyyy long time researching and searching for the best fabric for this costume. I settled on 4 way stretch clear dot lyrca in red, and black for the neck piece.
The spots will be painted on as hers are clearly printed onto the suit!

I had my wig from my Marinette cosplay, I had initially added wefts to the fringe to give it more bulk to imitate her thick hair, but after wearing it at kitacon I decided the sides needed more wefts also. For Ladybug I added even more wefts into the sides to help frame my face. There is A LOT of extra wefts in this wig now XD;

The ribbons were made using wired ribbon to help them stand up and flick out.

The wig base is [chibi?] in Midnight.

5 metres of microfibre peach skin in black | skirt
microfibre peach skin red | jacket
Left over white duchess satin | Jacket inside and sleeves
Horse hair braid for skirt
Ribbon | Lacing and shoelaces
Imitation thigh-high tights | to avoid awkward slipping and for something to pin the leg strap too <3

Some small hand stitching needed to catch the inner pockets etc
These are unstuffed atm - I used a circle pattern and interfacing to manipulate the shape the legs so they're pretty fluffy on their own - the stuffing will hopefully fill out the creases c:

Sits funny / boobs and mannequin
I'm not spending too much time on this piece since it's barely seen at all xD;

Putting the pieces together and adding the double pockets

Made a base pattern for one leg out of some spare fabric

Our leotards! Mine and Felixize's alongside the drafted pattern pieces we created.

I bought Coscrafts FASHION WIG Isabella in Auburn and straightened the fibres.
I added a darker gradient to the top of the wig using sharpies to give the wig a less 2D feel.
Noriko has a very diverse hair colour - that often changes between a red and brown hue so I hope this one will work as it features a bit of both while remaining subtle!

The costume was about 90% completed here!
[No wig] Photo taken a couple of days before we flew out to Japan!

The headband is still incomplete here as it lacks some minor details and the 6 longer strands. All the bells have not been attatched here. The hoopskirt was also reinforced once we arrived in japan with a collapasable hula-hoop which was hand sewn into the crinoline to keep the shape under all the layers of material and ensure easy movement on stage!

I used a fabby, super appropriate playboy beach ball as the base and covered it in strips of worbla - this was my first time playing with worbla so I'm glad it worked out in the end!

We stuffed it with bubble wrap and paper and wrapped it up with our tears and prayers - it made it to Japan in one piece! <3

The headress was made using a white headband, covered with matching white satin and padded using stuffing to create a base pillow. The individual flowers were then handsewn into place creating two rows and an inner row to help fill it out. Once completed the headband was garnished with some smaller gems and wire details The knots were hand made and sewn into place with the three longer trails hand sewn into the ends of the band. The headband piece was sewn into the wig to ensure it didn't slip off during the spinning parts of our skit!

The back panel was drafted using pattern fabric and then cut and lined. The traingles were caught between the bias which was stitched in the seam once again to avoid any topstitching. The piece itself was attatched to an elasticated waist band which sits on top of the skirts and panels - hidden underneath the belt piece.

The inner sleeves were made separately to avoid putting too much weight on the outer sleeves and destroying the shape. The tips were interfaced and covered with the flower motif which followed the usual bondaweb/detailing and satin stitching process that all the others had applied. The sleeves were then sewn onto a vest which is worn underneath the main bulk of the costume. The skirts consisted of two layers of pink - one slightly longer than the other so the layering was noticeable. [On the spin image there is only one pink skirt at the time] The outer white skirt was cut following the same pattern and then trimmed into its unique shape with raised sides. The skirts were elasticated at the hem to achieve a good fit.

The top pattern was made from scratch. The sleeves were gathered at the seam to allow for the puff sleeve. The rest of the sleeve was then added at the join and lined in pale pink. The bias was hand stitched on the inside to hide the top stitching. The inner sleeve was kept separate from the outer top to avoid it weighing the sleeves down.

The belt was double layered with a slipstitched gold bias trim along the edges. The panel was lined in gold duchess satin with the details bondawebbed on and then satin stitched. The pieces were then covered in their retrospective swarovski crystals individually by hand.

All in all I had very little casualties in this costume!
One tassle came off and a bead came loose from the pocket so good to know!

The wig was styled using straighteners to give it a bit more of a frazzled/wavy look!

Finished the sashes - they were stitched into the waist band of the pants to keep their shape. I'd like to add more to this but for expo it'll have to do!

Finished the pocket - all sewn on - hand stitched blarg ;_;
With two sewn in brushes dipped in glitter <3
Actually a functional pocket for once to!

It really amuses me that my Ryuko skirt can stand up by itself - in true senketsu fashion ;)


Edit: ok so I should probably write a bit more about this. I think the hat has taken the longest time to make - ever. It's a mass of hand stitching which I actually hated previously. If anything I don't mind it so much now - I've gotten that used to it XD It has some weight to it - but not too much luckily! I'm thinking of securing it to the wig, it has a tight fit but it might be safer to add a few stitches!

There's not really much else to say - it's a lot of fabric/ trims and pretty ;]

Nearly done with the jacket~!
The jacket has taken heavy modifications including; taking in and removing the edging of the original jacket to make it more fitted and remove buttons etc, the lower trim has been unpicked and sewn back in much higher to shorten the length of the jacket, the pockets have been adjusted, the decals ironed on and the black stripe adding to the sleeves!

Progress on the hat details!
That ribbon took hours, mostly down to stitching the stripes :sob: It's lined in black brocade to match the longer strips. Will be sewing it onto the side of the hat soon!

Some of the patterning finished and adding the first trim of many!
Sewing in some little pearl/beads into the stitching randomly also to give it a bit of contrast in all the gold.

Trim is the same used in the cape but folded in on itself to shorten the length of the zig zags to fit the hat/reference!

This took literally ages ;_;
I was never happy with the fabric shape/sit/gather. Base now finished though - next step is to just throw bows and trims at it till it's covered. Whatwasthepoint oTL

The triangle pieces were the most time consuming part of these costumes - the gemming aside. There were cut from pink cotton and sewed together and turned inside out. Then a lobster clasp was threaded onto some invisible wire with a bead threaded through. The whole thing was threaded onto a needle and pushed through the centre of each triangle and then secured inside with a small plastic bead and layers of knotting. The bells were clipped on using the lobster clasp which made for easy removal for transportation.

There were a total of 95 of these on the entire costume and each one was done by hand! [sob]

The flowers on the costume were cut from pink cotton and were made up of two layers, bondawebbed together, to remove any transparency while keeping the colours strong.

The individual details were cut and bondawebbed into place and then satin stitched to remove any rough edges. The entire flower was then bondawebbed to the panel with a satin stitch outline in a matching thread. The panels themselves were lined with gold duchess satin and interfaced.

The finished stars on the pants!
Used the same technique as the first cape, puff paint to give them an impression and 3D edge.

I've still got one or two tiny things to add to this but the pattern is done!

Nearly finished the patterning on the cape~!
I've used the same technique on the pants for the gold stars. Puff paint and glitter. It's fair to say I'm living and breathing glitter right now...
In regards to the stars // I've not been precious about the pattern nor the shape/size of the stars to give it a hand drawn appearance. This is a personal taste I decided to approach with in this costume since Relm is a young artist I decided it would be nice to have a little home made feel about certain parts :]

Cape #1 nearly finished! Once the secondary trim is sewn down I can add the green stars - I'm using a combination of puff paint and glitter to create them and leave a hand drawn appearance <3

This is the hidden one! On her right arm~
In the original concept art [Amano] Relm has one smaller arm band [left arm] and a transluctant full arm warmer on her right. I've followed the design and here it is finished =D

Mostly finished the little arm warmer on her left arm!
My favourite part is the back of it - whups XD;

Finished the pocket for the side of the pants!
Massive artistic license taken since you literally only see the ribbon close to her foot and the tops of the paintbrushes that are in it! I'm considering having mine a bit higher when I sew it on.

I remade the crop top - making the top edge more curved and ensured the pattern was fully symmetrical all the way down. I improved the fit and zip closure.
Also started sewing the stripes onto one of my ribbons - soon to be made into a bow!

Just waiting for the lace to dry and then I can glue the gems on <3

Clipping the lobster claps to all the bells~~~~

We found a gorgeeeous fabric hidden away in a little sewing shop close to my house. The skirt base is made up of two [overlocked!] half circle skirts. We sewed elastic into the waistband to gather it evenly.
Not the best photo since the petticoat is being pushed by both my butt and the wall but you get the idea!

For the flowers in the panels of the dress!
We bondaweb joined the fabrics together then applique stitched round each piece to keep it in place. The crystals haven't been attached here but we used SS6 on the outside and SS10 on the inside!
It seems to catch the light nicely =D

Today we've been doing some work on the panels for the dress.
Pictured is our patterning fabric with our satin panels pinned into place.
Hopefully later on we'll have some more progress pictures of the applique on the flowers all tidied up with the bias trim~

Cut out loooots of long strips of duchess satin to turn into bias binding...

Good news is we've probably turned about 60 or 70 metres here!
Bad news is we have 3 more metres of fabric to cut up....

Ignore the ribbon strip, it's so I don't lose it.
Nearly finished with the base pieces!

Will probably need stuffing, there's a lot of puff in these..

We're still slowly gathering together pieces for our Championship costumes - last week the batch of 35,000 Swarovski crystals we ordered arrived!

They are SS6 and SS10 in size across a various selection of colours. Pictured here is one packet of Jonquil Yellow in SS6 (approx 1000) - they are TINY.

We decided we needed a few more. This now puts our total bling count up to 48,240 crystals.

Sakura's Flower Crown.

We tried a number of techniques including using individual petals and different coloured dyes/amounts and spreads. These are the ones we're most happy with currently!
The flowers were pinched using a small hand stitched circle in the centre.

These are only the bases - there is still much more to be done but it's a small step forward!

You can find our tutorial on how to make your own Cherry Blossom petals [part1] here! http://imgur.com/CdCN0pM

Banana for scale.

I saved some diamond zips from an old article of clothing <3
Also in love with this fabric

Close up photo courtesy of Coscraft <3

Not quite everything but the majority - literally all I could fit in this shot!
3 hours worth of deliberation.

Finished! <3

Went on to make the butt cape thingy - which covers a bunch of my work -sob-

Back/Front belts

Basically made a dozen strips of hemmed pleather belts and pinned them all together. Sewed in appropriate buckles and loops and insto harn---o?
It wasn't fun sewing together but it's pretty easy to put on and take off!

The set design was drawn in pencil on three pieces of MDF wood board cut to size and painted by us. We managed to achieve a time of one board a day. The boards were supported by three triangle feet - two on the front and one large one on the back to prevent them from falling. The centre board connected to our pvc piping curtain rig to keep it upright.

The glass orbs we used in our performance were a form of sugar glass - safe for stage use and performance. We illuminated the orb using a push light from B+Q and slipped the feather inside using a small dab of glue to hold it up. We practiced the smashing of the orb to check it was achievable with both hands and wether or not we would need to add thicker gloves under Laurens costume ones to protect her hands. We wore safety specs for this.

The orb smashed easily and the pieces were more or less contained.

We decided to make our progress books from scratch . The pages were hand stained using tea bags. The book was covered with two pieces of light card and the front was covered with brown leather with a feather attached. My feather had glitter on it whereas Syoarans' cover had a plain white feather and the edges of the book were weathered.

We recycled the paper patterns from my wings and used them to cut the shapes out again from some white matt material that saved on hemming time. These were partially stitched and fabric glued to the curtains.

The audio for our performance was mixed from two songs split into 4 sections. The sound effects were sourced from youtube with minor reverb adjustments and the voices were by myself and Ciarán Plummer.

For the wings pattern I sellotaped several sheets of paper together and drew out the basic pattern of each wing. They were lain out and numbered for one side, using the material Lauren located, the patterns were then cut for both sides of the wing - doubled up. The fabric was so sparkly - but then I started becoming very sparkly too...

The wings were backed and turned inside out using a sparkly embroidery thread. We attempted shaping the whole wing using wire at first, which didn't work so well so we decided to only wire frame the top part of each wig and allow the bottom side to hang loosely. This worked much better - and saved time too!
The wires were then attempted to a piece of wood and sandwhiched between spare offcut sheets of worbla and another piece of wood to secure it. Lauren spent a whole night doing this!

They were given their final adjustments and then had the material slipped back on. We covered the wood with remaining strips of duchess satin and spare beading to make it more presentable. The whole piece was given straps made of duchess satin to allow easy slip on for our performance.

Similarly with Syoarans wig - we added low lights to the scalp with sharpies to give the wigs more depth. I then sewed two wefts either side of the wig to replicate her two pixie flicks. I accidently sewed the peg into the wig on the top left image! -- and on with the styling~

I had two different types of gold spray paint - using an trim I had originally intended to use for the trails down the dress I tested the sprays. We decided to have the two gold trails detachable due to their weight and length. This was achieved by using a standard necklace clasp - hand stitched to the front and back center of the dress on the chest bias. The image of the progress book shows the examples of threading we tested. We ended up using the lower glass beads, closest to the spine of the book - sprayed gold.

For our performance these trails were unclipped and left due to their length, it was a risk I would trip over them while moving on stage. The necklace was also removed due to it's fragility to prevent it slipping off while performing.

Ultimately I made the 8 gems by hand using fimo, oven set them and then gave them 4 layers of primer to smoothen the surfaces. These were then sprayed with gold. The stones were then hot glued into place carefully while the bodice was fastened with an invisible zip in the gap between the bust and chest lining - and the gold was fastened with two small hook and eyes hand sewn into the inside courtesy of Lauren

For the stones on the front panel we attempted to craft them from resin. A larger and small gem were made using airdry clay. They were then placed within appropriate sized containers and we poured a mixture of alginate on top and left them to set. This was done 8 times. Once for the larger gem and 7 times for the smaller ones. We then mixed some crystal glass resin and attempted to cast the moulds. While it worked somewhat for the larger gem - emphasis on somewhat - -- it did not work on the smaller ones and we had a collection of frothy, reacted gems. We also attempted to cast them using the packaging some other gems I had ordered had arrived in - this also did not work.

We now know that crystal resin cannot be cast in alginate moulds and must be set in plaster or silicone ones.

We trimmed the gold edging of some fancy ribbon to use as the bias trim for the front panel. This was hand cranked through the sewing machine carefully to achieve a careful stitch. The panel was made from duchess satin. The top trim that circles the bodice was made from the same material and stitched within the fold.
I found some clear faceted gems and sprayed the backs gold and they were hand stitched into place round the panel. The layers were sewn to the bodice.

Next up we had issues with the hemming proceedure of the dress itself. The fabric was far too silky and light to actually be hemmed properly. The top two images show the hemmed edge. It was messy, heavy and bulky and in the larger aspect gave the dress a frumpled appearance. It didn't hang nor sit the way we wanted.
So we decided to invest in an overlocker. The bottom two pictures show the dress with a rolled hem courtesy of the overlocker.

Starting off with the base pattern - I revised several references and decided on the straight cut top but sloping arm holes and back.The dress itself is made from silky satin.
We separated the layers within the final construction to keep it light and flowy, The front consisted of a top layer and underlayer, and two layers of circle skirt that embraced the back made of dress lining. All in all to keep it flowy and to ensure my dignity on stage. The back train of the dress is about 3 meters long and doesn't fit in my living room. The back of the dress was kept as a single layer to allow it to float easier.
The bodice is fully lined.

The first and second image are of my practise pattern - I used cheap dress lining which is why it looks so horrid! XD

Manga reference for the length of the dress

Nearly doneeee
Cape and hood worked first time -thankgod ;_;
bWas expecting so much more trouble with them. Working on adding finishing details/trims - clasps - etc =]

Dresses. At 5am why.
I have a mental block when it comes to female clothing. Why is that. Likesrs
Gave myself a headache getting to this point. It's so simple - and yet--- yeah ;_;
Bottom of the dress is uneven and folded over atm. Will go round it and cut it to match - when it's not 5am.

Needs heel painting red and the red trim adding + the buckle strap!


also added the collar - huzzah <3

Started marking out the pattern for the circ pieces and done the centre lining on the base dress =]

Dress base is fitted and sewn together - made a start on the vertical bands of blue down the centre and then on to sewing the zip in.
Started marking the inside of the dress to lower the collar
Boot bases are ready for customisation and I'm all round fairly pleased with the colour match on my zip and lining =]

Made a start at last!
I wasn't happy with the white material I ordered so I've pushed back progress on the base dress till the replacement arrives - so in the mean time - I've tackled the choker and made a start on the cruxis crystal.

Drew out the basic plan for the pattern pieces and design

I apparently have special eyes. #mybrand!
My contacts failed on the test wear the night before - and my fangs also failed to set :sob:
Still, worked out the kinks in the costume and will be back in May with everything smoothed out =]

More wefts added into the wig - now awaiting its final trim and styling
Resin casts for the orbs have failed for the 5th time now so I found an alternative method using papermache bases.
Also 'boots/leg warmers' took surprisingly ages since I decided to build it around foam bases to give it the thick supporting appearance - atlike4amsob

Tunic is now lined with a little stitch pattern incorporated
Shoulder belt has been made and added and the straps and clips for the many pouches.
I can surprisingly move easily enough - although chairs are a bit bothersome

Costume has a total of 11 pouches including the large one on the back
I made a functional pouch to begin with but it looked floppy and untidy even after stuffing and structuring round a cardboard base so I tried using a polystyrene block - which turned out much better, and more uniformed like the animation.
So it was off to the garage with a hack saw and lots of white balls and stitching later I was burning my fingerprints off with the glue gun~

I recycled some of the left over 'buttons' I made for my Skyward Zelda costume last year for the clips after giving them a new coat of silver paint


#Still in progress!
When I'm done I'm hoping to have the centre parting smoothed over with some extra wefts etc.

Some shots from the mini tutorial I put together to guide our Tygra's process
I've now finished adding the light brown wefts to both sides, now what remains are the darker wefts and then styling.

First time for everythingg

It begingsss - so many uncertainness with the references - it changes in every image including the official reference. Dx
Back pieces have been folded to give the impression - nothing cut or measured yet in terms of the back slit or join~

Doubled up to strengthen the colours and give it a pratical feel

I doubled up some black cotton lycra // pretty basic
Notmuchelsetosay. Leggings. HOOOO

Fangs and claws. Cady lace wig bought in blonde for the base wig!

More refs including some back shots for that backpack

I sandwiched some webbing between two pieces of white and drew out a template
/I was originally hoping to use a craft knife to cut the pieces out but it ended up being to thick/dense for the blade so I had to cut it using scissors
one by one


Made from fimo light - I have a horrid suspicion the front decal will be to thick to dry... Since the shaping went so well. Sob
Will know in 24 hours! Then if all goes well will sand any remaining rough parts and paint them up and attach them to the hat =]

Because face ._.

Mirror shot so reversed~ The little hair bun needs to be removed as it originally came sewn on
Luckily it's just a couple of stitches so it wont be a problem thankgod Dx

Also messy edges as this was before I'd finished hemming and binding the jacket XD;

With added Chef Fox ;D
Just needs sewing to the brown base and the white bow and buttons adding!
Then a white trim round the bottom and hem =]

Started the white blouse today!
The brown dress is actually complete bar adding the zip and frills - so just need to finish this up and attach it

Lining and sleeves with cuffs and frills added! - just needs the white edge adding and buttons

Modified a pair of long knee boots
Still need some little buttons on the flaps
/and to actually do the other boot Dx

I needed the jacket fabric to match the cape and hat so I had to sew the stripes in - grtngltrehjnrti my feels.
Thankgod it's only a small jacket Dx

Finally put a zip in XD;
Ermagahd it is so short at that side oTL

Actually the part I hated doing the most.
It was so difficult for some reason and yet so easy when I actually worked it out...

Made three corsets before I settled on this one

Doubled over, interfaced in the corners - hemmed and pinned into place!

Gah - this is what I get for crossplaying my first 2 years of cosplaying
One day I might be semi decent at dresses/skirts. I might have to stitch some of the pleats down as the fabric thickness [spesh round the bottom] has made it resistant to my iron :l


Bases cut and stuck together by Tony
Painting and detailed by myself =] [2 days]
The handle is nailed into place and covered with white leather strips

Boot cuffs and details - belt stips for top and the beginning of the fifth hat attempt!

Continuing with the costume from last year - finished pants and belt/collar for top

The original part I dreaded the most, turned out to be not as hard as I had thought, thankgod! It's not perfect but it's satisfactory =]

Being commissioned via Tony!
So excite =D

Finished the night before!
A first time for everything =]

First attempt failed - made amendments second attempt worked =]
Ciaran suggested putting the pipe cleaners into each petal to give it the flexibility - I used sharpie pens to create the darker shape on the inside of the flower and took some wire and beads to decorate them / will upload a closer shot soon of the finished thing!

The beginning of the belt!
Clear gem bases provided by Street-Angel

Craft foam, gems and spray paint! <3

gnthuiryhr I've never pleated anything - which is probably REALLY obvious XD;
I need to iron them and sew along the top edge add the waist band and zip!

and not in the slightest bit revealing - ohno not at all x_x
Thankgod for a long stretchy vest that day.. XD

Modifying my current dress pattern to suit Nia's practically involved creating an entirely new one XD;
But it's done! /Looks darker as the photo was taken on my iphone in shoddy lighting

[Image shows the back of the dress]

I need to work out the final length then sew it up and add the zip and fit it

Originally had a line of diamonds on the upper strap which I unpicked
Adding craft foam and gems soon!

Bought and left bids on the majority of the base stuff =]
Going to be using tshirt transfers for the blue top
and fabric for the hoody print

Sculpted by Hester - taking turns to sand them all down - The entire group required about 8+
Pressed into fresh fimo and cooked
Resin casts by Hester

Some paint details - I ended up having to completely re-do the bottom paint trim and sewing it on top of the original with the much appreciated aid of Carlo as I completely messed up the pattern first time round XD;

merged and modified two dress patterns
complete with crazy collar interfacing XD;

//just posting up the progress now that the rush is over =]

Adding some progress to this costume
Loads done and photographed - just need to actually bother to add it all XD;

4 meters of Klona Cotton
4 meters of Poplin Cotton
4 meters of Dress Lining
Linen 0.225kg

Moved progress shots into the journal to leave space for awesum photos =]

So far 3 done! Just one more to go before sewing them up

A shot of the sleeves with the glove bases on top

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