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Today I tested how the wig and head peices worked together. I need to attach the head bit properly as I just pinned it here but so far so good I think lol

I'm not majorly proud of the staff but it's getting worked on and isn't too bad considering I don't have a 3d printer or the funds to commission lol

Here are the gloves! Since I'm going him before his white fluffy face reveal I needed to have 'shadowed hands when I need to use them so this was my solution nails too as every monster needs claws lol

Ignore how they are sitting this isn't my final harness it's actually a sports top I was wearing lol I thought it would just let me see how the wings looked on me. They aren't fully glued here but they are now and are waiting for be painted and sorted with the harness. Not bad for basically free wings using what I had laying around lol

I've done alot of the armour work and the top. I'm not sure how much I've done as it feels like I haven't made any progress lol

Tonight I made her purple skirt. It's made from a 2 tone silk dupion and has lace and some embrodary on it just to spice it up alittle. I will be adding black flat back pearls to it eventually

I've finally done most of snowballs body and got it attached to me. On the references it is floating for this outfit! Just to male it akward and I didn't want to have to cut my top to try hide straps. So I managed to make my big thick and fat belt hold it and it works great! Plus side is it doesn't hurt or do anything bad to my belt so Yay!

Snowball doubles up as my 2nd bag for the con lol yay for a cosplay with hidden baggage!!

Wip on Mei! And yes this is a 1am cos test lol the top and belt are being held shut with pins as it's wip but I wanted to see how it looked together so far

The wig is from Coscraft and still in progress of making it look good

The pants are almost done as well! Just a waist band and another set of frills on the bottom and they are good to go surprisingly lol

Just snowball which is the next biggest thing to do really and mei will be complete omg lol

The one item I thought I wouldn't have is now the first item complete lol
I'm really happy with how this turned out considering I've had 2 weeks to make the whole outfit!

Yay for blaster!!!!

Here we have my bow of doom. I made work harder for myself by deciding to gem it up instead of working on the actual outfit as Well lol. But it does look pretty now it's blinked up lol.

The blaster is almost done! I've added lights and such and pretty happy! Just afew things to do to it and it will be ready!

It's almost there! Last batch to go then I can get it ready!!!!

More of the blaster have been printed! Hopefully should be done tomorrow

With this being the luna version I had to write Chinese on Snowball! Doesn't look too bad I think lol

Been working on Snowball today and he's coming along nicely!

Got some update on my blaster and my handle is almost done. It's making me excited already!

I also have started my snowball and worked on afew other things. Need my fabrics to turn up so much

Thanks to the world of the internet I bought the 3d render rights to meis blaster and have someone printing it as I don't have a printer (yet...)

Now this should take 2 days to make the bulk of it and then there's the sanding and painting and lights and (hopefully.... smoke!)

I hope my way works to make a smoke/dicey effect coming from the blaster but we shall see!

So today I looked at an advert talking about October expo and I thought hey we could make Sunday expo but what would I wear?

Then a wave hit me to make an over watch cosplay and here we are landing on lunar mei with lots of things to do and little time ahhh

I tried to do the eyes like disney world have but my attempt didn't look as good as I would have liked. So with this I went back to my usual for this and have works based eyes which I have painted. The black will be cut out and added black mesh so I can see out of it. It looks so much better than the original attempt!

Using fabrics I had inside the house I made the head bow for my Marie fursuit. It's double sided so you see a bow on both sides like I'm the official disneyland mascot. Made with pink duchess satin. Because I'm a lady that's why!

Okay so making ANOTHER Sora but I have binned my other KH2 Sora so This is a Total Remake meaning I get to make another costume section thing for it XD

Fabrics I have got for the main black fabric to be Cashmere which worked really well with my KH3 Sora. It's abit expensive but I was sick of the fabrics I kept using for my other Sora XD

Shoes I will be using Expanding foam to get them right!
I have a missed parcel from the postman so I am azuming it is the Fabric I ordered meaning I can get this show on the road! I am also making a Donald Duck for my Partner to wear so 8D Spazzy times lol

With the bib I have been resourceful and used spare fabrics XD
The bib has a satin stitch to attach the yellow and purple just like the design shows. I hand painted the triangles into place and next is to get it alittle dirty!

After seeing Sora's new outfit I am determined to make it for Kita, I bought some fabrics already just awaiting delivery. Gotta do this between out house move and a month before Kita......Let's do this!

I now have the fur for Chica. It will need shaving now but it's a pretty yellow. Shame I will have to get it alittle grotty!
I have also emailed the maker of FNAF in hopes he would help me with more reference images of both Chica and Freddy who I am making for my partner Koiice.
(One can hope hey 8D)

So let's see how this goes 8D

This costume isn't due till Kita but I really wanted to start it! So with money from a commission I bought some of my own stuff too 8D

Well most of it XD

When It comes I will start on the head!

Yay! My skirt fabric has arrived. I have bought flannel fabric for my skirt. I chose this because it is light weight which will be handy for July incase it is as hot as last years Manchester expo! But it has the look and feel of wool. I think this is a perfect combo 8)
I am doing to attach the lighter blue with a satin stitch and then machine embroid the flowers! I have bought a embroidery foot so I am going to practice with it before doign my pain flowers ^^

I made these mittens after drafting a pattern and copying onto some fleece, Once the pattern was cut out I sewn half and attached elastic. Once done I decorated with Glitter for the main pattern and rhinestones for abit of princess glamour

After finishing up the red I moved onto black and Yellow. here you can see the Yellow templates I used to make sure the shapes worked

Here is a WIP shot of my Yami wig, I have made cone shapes and covered them with felt for abit of strength. I pinned to the wig before slowly layering up the wefts.

After a long but random day I have sorted out 85% of Chidori. Only things that are left are;

Add beads to top
Buy Stockings
edit shoes
Make Spike anklets
Chain and Axe
Edit wig and do hair ties

So im almost done really XD

Lord Sesshomaru is going to Kita! Wooo xD And again some more upgrades will be made but nothing major just some tidy ups from Expos madness and a cleaned up fluffy would be nice XD

Shoving WIP's in here ready to clear out for expo 8D

After an awesome AyaCon there are improvements needed ready for Expo
I need my own buster sword xD (mine wasn't ready intime ^^;)
New pants as these where way to dark and i need to not have stuff in my pockets during photos XD
Darker boots and.......lost some more weight XD but thats me XDD
Oh and stop pulling so many derp faces!!!

Another remake happening ^^; I will be having yet another new set of armour as my old one worked well but the silver part died due to being crushed and yeah just dead XD
New armour and going to embroid the flowers on my kimono this time ^^

Didnt win the shoes so bought gloves instead XD

I say working but i'm buying stuff XD same thing really XD
I am currently stalking some boots right now which end in half an hour which i hope to win and modify!
I have a top already which is awesome
I have some brown leather for the straps just need darker brown for the belt thing.
I have also bought a wig! 8D this pleases me XD

Just need;
Leather for belt
Pant material
Worbla for armour
poppers and stuff for details

^^; oh and to lose weight 8D

Yesterday morning I was working on Armour for Dranzer and.........My heatgun dies! It was pronounced dead by my father who tried to fix it. Me and Koiice walked to two tescos and an asda at 11pm with no luck! (not even any pony blind bags T^T) Anway my mummy saved me and I am now working endlessly to catch up with this T^T I have 5 days to get my armour done till i go to expo this ISNT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

My god I havent been doing journals!
Anyway Dranzer's hair is finally complete! 4 Packets where used in this monster and i love it! So thick and stunning just how Dranzer should have it! Lets hope the wind agrees at expo! XD it will be worse than a wig i know it XD Lmao
In terms of being ready for Expo......... The main suit is basically done just need to attach wings and tail. Feet need doing and im half way though the armour. Then its all paint and attach then complete realllllllllly there are small jobs which make it look worse than it is XD

OH OH! and on the day of expo i will be spraying her with glitter! 8D

Here are my new sexy leather Kai Hiwatari shoes! A 100% better than my old pair Which are also dead from ALOT of use ^^; But I am mega proud of this pair! They reallllllllllllly do look the part personally! So can't wait to wear them with the rest of the outfit! (Getting to test it all out this weekend super excited!)

After a lucky find I have found out I already own a nice top for Zack! It's perfect 8D So happy just have to edit it alittle and it will be complete! ^^

For May Expo 2013 once again Kai is getting an upgrade (Bascially almost everything XD)

The Wig; The wig has had a base change, The back of this wig has changed to a lighter more bluer shade to closer match the reference and it looks so much better now!

Shoes; I have proper leather shoes which I soon will be editing into his bad ass boots

Gloves; Totally remaking these bad boys! No more paper machéd spikes for me >D

Scarf; This is my 4th Scarf now? I'm never happy with it XD I have actually completed this scarf now hopefully this will be the last time too!

Top - New top! No more dimond like shapes on my top and this is not as see though either thank god =-= I might need to take it in alittle more though seems alittle baggy

Belt Buckle - I have a new one! I did make one from Fimo but i lost it (Found it now though!) But as sexy as the fimo one was I REALLY REALLY like this new one I made *nod nod* Worth burning my thumb and getting a blister on it for!

I am actually most done with the feathers now! UGH XD I have about 20 left to paint and then they can go onto my second wing and they will be complete! Then i jut need to do Armour, Hair, Tail and feet 8D

I will be remaking the Armour for like the 4th time! I will get it to be right this time I swear! I'll work so hard on it and I can't wait for Ayacon! Ill be editing my Kimono and everything >D

I say slow because its not due for this time next year! But I am rather bored and lonely and I have everything I need to make the puzzle so I am making it! XD
I also have researched materials I will need and perfect base wigs!
Now if time would hurry........ XD

Here is my Puzzle! A year ahead of schedule but oh well lol, Made foam Foam, Worbla and paints ^^ I love it!

I believe it is to scale of Yugi's puzzle as I took Yami's photo measured the puzzle and times it by my height and stuff
So I am glad! even if it does look bulky on me my excuse is so is his! XDDD

Aeron is coming to the end of completion! Afew more last thingsto do, Such as;

1) Pointy thing on end of chain,
2) End of the pants need hemming and trim
3) Need to make three leather strips
4) Outer part of sword
5) Handle on sword
6) To the top bit of the sword
7) Beg Koiice to do something with my wig XD
8) Put more poppers on right side of cape like the left side xD
9) Shorten my top a touch ^^

9 things to do so not too bad with.......9 days to do it........ ROFL!

Here is the completed Arm Weapon. The chain is adjustable to go longer or shorter which im happy with xD Just a very awkward weapon XD Lmao even worse when its on the arm youd rather it not be XD

Aeron is finally coming together! I have lots to do still but I can see it coming togeather now and its cheering me up XD Photos soon promise!

Because of my failings of losing my inner jacket over the past 7 months i have had to buy new fabric. I cant find the fabric I used so i have yet another different fabric type to my selection lol. Its nice just id have preferred my original jacket. Lets see how this goes then mm? XD

XD So much painted and so much made yet I feel like i have done nothing when i look at my list of to do
I just want him finished but hes like nope XD Still painting the sword though ^^

7 months so longer ago i made a sword for aeron when the passion for making it was dying. today im remaking looks better already lol

So much painting dont think ive painted so much for a cosplay before! D8 then ive not made much armour for cosplay before either XD rofl hopefully my efforts will not go in vain xD

Inner Jacket (remake as lost old one - unimpressed!!!)
Attach strap to shoulder armour (both arms)
Attach cape to flaps
Attach poppers to flaps and Jacket
Leather strip around jacket neck
Bum pouch
Crosses on bottom of leg on pants
Two leather strips on ankles
Sword >3<
Paint Gauntlet
Attach weapon to gauntlet
pointy thing on chain
Arrows to be paper machied and painted

Yeah..... Thought I was near the end but Im not XD

Here is one finish gauntlet and one being started. Made with Pringles tube, foam and alot of paint and everything else XD Really quite proud of these so far!

Cant believe I have been working on this outfit nearly a year now XDDD Sorry but i just cant XD Well this weekend Me and Koiice decided it was time to finish these outfits since they where near the end anyway! I have been working on armour and stuff while Koiice has been cutting out gold details for Elena. We plan to make these outfits really sexy like before! Let the passion for pandoras tower return! Photos of work soon promise!!! XD

Body padding is complete! Now for the main suit then this commission other than the bag is almost complete! other than all the marking and so on XD

Managed to win myself some shorts on Ebay as it was easier than getting the material XD They will need shortening alittle but no point untill I know how long my dress is! XD

I bought these nice looking shoes today! I bought a size smaller than i am because these kinda shoes always fall off my feet! hopefully i wont regret this xD Fussy with shoes!
Anyway I will add on the white once they arrive!! Cant wait for them they look nice XD

I have brought a dead wig back to life! Thank you XD I used a dead wig which i was going to throw while i moved but i thought would be good if i ever needed black wefts. Hearing Meilin was around the corner I realised all wig sellers in china are off for another 2 weeks! So remembering orginally this wig was a nice long wig I have managed to pull it from the dead to bring it to a new life! Photos very soon with a make up test

I Managed to complete the crown and paint it. I used Worbla to create the crown thanks to the cardboard version I made ^^ I found it hard to begin with But I feel i improved alot last night ^^ Even if I was having one of the worst days ever! (like everything was going from since i got up and went to bed xD)

I am in the middle of dying the shirt. I hope this goes well I wasn't sure which colour red to get. Anyway Ill post a photo once its all done ^^ Hopefully it wont fail like most things have today ^^;

Since Worlba is rather expensive i am making the base idea of the amour from cardboard which gives me the right measurements without spending a penny! joys XD I also have an idea of the hair but awaiting more to give it PUFF!

Today I got yet more felt for yet more feather painting! this is about a meter and a half of felt so should be useful XD I also have myself some Worlba (I think it called this XD) For the armour. Not enough to do al of it yet but defo enough for the crown and some other things ^^ Yellow spray paint also acquired! Also I have now worked out how to do her hair and I should be doing that tonight ^^ wish me luck!

The wig is bought and should arrive very soon. I bought wadding to make the shoulder area. I did look for suede for the jacket but they had orange, yellow or white and i donno if you can dye suede XD I also have bought some studs for the jacket ^^ I think i have a suitable top to dye for his top! just to make the jacket, get pants, shoes and his dagger ^^

With the help of Koiice we have managed to whip up about 200-300 feathers. We have afew more to paint then I need to buy more felt but a main bulk will have been done! will finally see an end to these annoying feathers!
I also got a bargain on fur! it was on sale for half price plus Koiice's student Discount meant an amazing deal! Don't think i got so excited over fur before XD But Dranzer now has fur and I can start getting real progress done! only other things left to get is feet materials and armour materials owo;;;;;; XD

heres a progress shot of the Head. it has taken afew hours to get to this point and i'm rather happy and proud of it so far ^^ Unfortently I have to stop here on the head until I get afew more things though the post but I can work on other things XD

Heres the head so far the neck needs work obviously but here it is so far ^^ Complete with tounge XD

Head is attached to a Helmet finally and the Jaw is attached once again but now it has a tounge in it! Woo XD I justneed to but in some wire/string to get the jaw to move and smooth the neck before it is ready for furring! ^^ Photos soon!
I also decided on how to make all the armour and I just need some money to pay for it ^^ also Dranzers 'crown' will be removable as it would make her head a lot taller making her harder to pack other wise.

I have gone back to the original Jaw plan.I have though a nice paper mached version of the lower jaw thanks to my efforts which is ultra light XD So not bad ^^ I also made a tongue for her which sits perfectly in the mouth. (photo soon)

calculated i need to have 97 feathers to cover one side of one wing so thats...... 388feathers to paint...... This Might take a while!

Here are the feathers so far! I have hand cut, painted every one is unique as is real fathers. I quite like how they turned out ^^ but there is so much more to make ^^; This was made from left overs from a previous cosplay so not bad start! Ill be buying for Felt eventually to make the other....... god knows how many feathers XD

I am trying something different for this, I have made the usual foam head but will be paper macheing the head for about 5 or so layers, Unfortently I ran out of pva XD So this is on hold untill I can get more. I will make the paper mache and then cutting it off to make it light weight. I have seen another do this to make the moving jaw too so I shall see how it goes. if it fails......I still have a foam head to work with XD

Dranzer if offically in planning stages. I am Thinking of lots of things to do. I am hoping to make Dranzer glow as she does when she comes out of the bit chip. This is just an idea but would be awesome If i could do it.
I shall start her very soon and I have plenty of time since she is my main cosplay for May and shall be the best costume yet!

After rebuilding my stilts to make them suitable for this quadsuit I have spent the day making them move more and now fully furred up and ready to go! They have Real horse hooves attached and fimo to make the brown part of the hoof. They have been hand gradient dyed on the top of the white. Personally i love them 8D

Here is a WIP shot of the new gloves, They just need new 'X' up them and they are complete, They are 2/3 times as big as my hands 8D yay

Here is my Gii Plushie! I made this a while ago with left over materials and stuffing 8D I love him he is so cute!

Today I received the Resin and the mould from the postman and I mixed it up and here it is. I now have to wait for it to harden which will take about a week =/ but I now will work on Saddle and body foaming ^^

Today the Saddle arrived so we had to do this XD Stilts need editing still as they are my old kero ones and have broken. But this also gives foam guide lines for later on 8D

The swatch of fur arrived today for Epona and we give much approval. I have bought 5 meters for £60 with free postage! woop lol

For a realistic feel I have bought these! SO I shall be clacky when the time comes XD

I won a saddle yesterday off Ebay to get a realistic look when I create Epona! I will be editing this into right colours and some fabrics and Hand embroidery to recreate Eponas Saddle! Plus it would be nicer for someone to sit on me than if it wasnt a real saddle lol xD

Here is a progress shot of Epona' head. This has taken 4 hours and about 20 or more glue sticks and alot of foam xD
I'm quite happy with it! It looks funny without eyes or hair but I can see its a horse! 8D

Today I have bought leather to make the Armour on his chest and the little skirt of amour. I thought this would look alot better than my old version so I decided to give it a try ^^

I have finished my pants of doom they now have pockets on and the waist band. all thats left to do in the next week is to finish off my gloves and my shoes. I have half a shoe done so not much left 8D

Here is the jacket in its wip state ^^

Today I finally got the guts to Pull apart my Orgy Coat to edit it so that it actually fits me. Since I bought this coat 3 years ago I have lost a lot of weight. I edited it once back when I wasn't very experienced and it caused the zip to end up wavy and sit funny. Thankfully I never cut the coat which ment turning it back to a bigger coat was easy. I undid that I did then undone the lining. I took in the coat and saw the part for the Fake Pockets...... Orgy Coat now has working pockets! >D Proud day *wipes tear from eyes* Also Orgy Coat is nice and fitting now 83 and the Zip no longer sits funny XD Just need some chains that dont look shit and I'll have done everything I wanted too XD lmao Only like 2 years later lol

After Gluing the pieces down I used my Dremal to make the peices shaped instead of flat. Once that was done I covered them with layers of Laytex, Pva mixed with some water. After 5 coats I then painted with its first layer of Gold. Heres it so far ^^

Today I shall start Sora's massive pants 8) I have currently Drawn out the pattern and Shall work on them soon after this post, Photo soon! 8)

Here is a WIP shot of my Jacket. I had the nice chunky zip pinned in place for measurements. The Jacket is Sewn and the details are pinned as normal with me xD
Currently working on the hood and then shall work on the details!

Here is the start of A lot of Armour (For me anyway xD) I found some spare Craft Foam and thought I would have ago at the Shoulder Piece. I couldn't find many good References to his Shoulder Piece but After Researching I came up with this! I believe it is correct and it looks the part 8) All ready to be bent into shape sealed and everything else ^^ Just needs the random cloth coming off the bottom and everything else 8)

I have also bought 10,000 Jump Rings for the Chain mail shirt and some white fabric for his jacket.

I have bought most of the fabrics for this cosplay.It is turning out cheeper than my other version of Sora which is a bonus XD
Once things arrive I shall get started 8)

I completed the bead details which has eaten about 500-1000 beads XD I have made enough room to hopefully not obstruct my arm movement too much ^^ I have shortened the length of beads on my ankle cuff due to health and safety around the Excel

I have completed the fur for this cosplay. The left (my left anyway xD)wrist cuff, Leg and Left Ankle cuff have the bead 'snow flake' Sewn on and then the dangle gems. In the photo it only looks like she has the snow fakes on one side and I think it looks better that way ^^

Here is the top! Only thing pinned is to keep the top closed and the black straps still.
I need to attach Velcro to the straps and inside the top and then it is complete! Well when the gold is attached to the end too XD
yeah very proud ^^ Can't wait for Tanya to see it!

Here is the inner Top. The Top itself is fully Sewn and Overlocked While the pinned part is the Blue edges and the black Straps ^^ I am really happy with how it is turning out!

here is the blue coat all furred up. The sash here is too thick and has since been cut down. We are thinking to Trim the fur down but thats not Major ^^ Looking very fluffy!

Here is one of the Symbols that are at the bottom of the outfit. This took quite afew hours spread out over a week or so to make. I am quite proud of it but now I have another one to do and two moons! My thumb really hurts but I shall steam ahead!

Today I have started some ofthe many Gold things that are found on Tomoyo's person. Made from Fimo using a Card stencil to make them all the same size. The Mirror bought from Ebay has has some Fimo attached. Awaiting wire to make the side loops.

Here is the details all pinned onto the bra I have sewn inside. Just wanted to add that extra bit of sparkle to the dress!

Here is a close up of the inner section. It has been linned with Wedding mesh that I had left over from Will of the Abyss for Extra cuteness 8)

Here is the out outer dress Sewn together and with wire in the 'wings' It gives them a extra bit of lift and shape! Hopefully this stops them from dragging on the floor at expo o.O;;

Here is the third attempt to making this outter dress. I love it! I have bought some snowflake fabric that was on sale. Still was £6 something though =w= But yeah it looks awesome! Now to sew together and add wire into the 'skirt wings'

Today I went ahead and made the Kimono top. The Edges of the top have three different Materials to try and make it look like there is three different tops being worn. I added the trim thats on the sleeves onto the inner Kimono in hopes to make it all match and it looks really nice ^^

After 3 years I am going to get a new Demyx wig D8 And actually hopefully by the end of the year actually make a proper sitar..... Omg i am nuts yes XD But yeah hopefully Allshall go well ^^

Here is the sleeves WIP shot. They are ready to be attached to the Kimono. They have a nice Sequin trim attached to the edge to give it alittle more of a princess look to it.

Today I started to make the outfit. With a Month to go I have to work fast! The Skirt is attached with Elastic to make it easier to wear and the Shawl is made from the same satin as the Skirt. Both quite easy parts of the cosplay. The Shawl isnt finished at one end as I am going to hand Embrode the Moons on.

Here is the back as you can see i have cut out the peach in her bum. I have also added the dangly things to the corset ^^

I also asked Tabs if he could make me a cat patch XD I designed it on Photoshop before sending and he made this! he has made me two one which is all thread based and then this one which is Leather. He used the leather from the collar and so on to make it and I think it looks sexy xD but once it arrives I shall decide which to use ^^

After Almost 5 months I have finally seen the Leather collar, Wristband and armand with chains! And I can't wait to receive them! They look really amazing!
They cost a fortune but who cares XD I can't argue when I stuck at Leather XD
Anyway this is the amazing work of Tabs *claps*

Here is progress of the top. The sleeves are held up with pins as looks silly just hanging XD
Anyway the gold and black is attached just not on the sleeves yet XD

Last night I cut out all the fabrics and started to piece together everything ^^ This after Noon I added elastic into the pants and finished them off. The Skirt is just peiced together at the moment before I started to put on the details.

today i have added the white trim. eventually the trim will be furred instead but for now this is what it looks like ^^ Just needs buckles and the top collar added before the black strap ^^

Today I have finally Sewn together the fabric Pieces to make this so far! Coming along well I think ^^ Still needs all the white attaches and the buckles and so on ^^

Thanks to left over fur from Kero I cut out these. May trim them down not sure yet.
Now for the gems I have a Seller willing to get some light blue gems for me! this is amazing >D XD So hopefully I can get them soon ^^ Next week me and Zedela are going Fabric shopping so hopefully can get started on Chi (and Sakura XD) very soon!

Finally working on this cosplay again lol I had some stress with it and left it for a month or two.But now working on it again Since Ammy is on it's last legs XD

The Top/Jacket
Right I have decided to remake the top. It's too short at the back and alittle too tight around the arms and all in all was just plain un happy with it!
So I have bought more fabric which has cost a fortune. It was also the last lot on Ebay! Lucky!

The Skirt
The Skirt now has The 'peach' Cut out of the bum and I feel all exposed lol.Dam her and showing off the top of her butt! But I have done it......=~= Sorry to everyone who will end up seeing my butt XD Which at Expo is alot of people!
The skirt also has Beads now hand sewn onto it aswell as the Yellow Edges.

The Bra!
I have noticed the leaves are on Wonky somehow so I now have to take off one Leaf and make it sit like the other. This isn't anything Major just alittle annoying XD

The Corset
I had no idea how to get the red fabric around my stomuch and keep it there like Sakuya does. After messing up my fabric trying to get it right I decided a Corset was the best way to go! I will still have the skirt edges and Gold part attached. I spent ages trying to find rope as thick as hers. I found a kind of thick rope (Was thick when i saw it compared to other ropes anyway) but it was a different colour. I Tried to Bleach it and it just didn't do anything so it ended in the bin.
I almost was going to make one But then I found this thick rope! It cost almost £10 for it but It looks the part greatly! The Edges need neatening up though.

Thats everything for now! Still trying to get my Tree on my head XD

Today I have bought blue fleece to be the inner coat of Fai. Looking into White fabric's for the Trim and some linning for the coat.

After showing Koiice her Fai coat We decided we might wear Fai and Chi at MCM Expo on Sunday! Planning to try and make it as beautiful as the artwork!
This morning before work I found some wigs and tonight decided to buy this one! May buy another depending how thick it is to make it better but thats to decide later! I can't wait to start it but that wont be till end of Feb probably lol
I have gotten the fur cuffs and so on Thanks to left over fur from Kero!

Here is the coat fully lined and furred up! I have sewn on the white trim and now slowly adding the beads into the trim!
And eventually add fur to the sleeves XD

Today I went to town and got some trim for the coat and some more beads
I thought it would look cute XD
I doubt you'd see it due to the fur but I thought it would look cute! (photo is of trim without the beads sewn in yet!)

I sew together the lining and the main coat pieces to end up with 'two coats' I then pinned them together to check everything was the right lengths and to see how the lining worked with the coat!
I loved them together D8
The coat will be taken in soon as I am getting
Koiice's measurements soon for Alice (MWahahaha)
Once they are taken in I can finish up this coat with the fur

Photo of the beads be here! Not that you can even see glitter in these photos owo Tis glittery in real life!

Today I cut out The hood pattern and sewn it together and tested it to see if it was big enough! (followed the pattern I made for
Alice/Echo's Ridding hood outfits)
Once this was confirmed I then Also cut out the linning fabric and sewn that. Agian I pinned the linning to the hood to see how it would look (Without fur anyway xD)
and thought it looked just awesome!

After Staring at Referances for hours I
finally started drawing the arm pattern onto card to make
a stencil.
Once I cut out the arm shape from the Fabric I
Then Alinned it 15Cm down from the top middle point and drew around the sentcil.
Once the Stencil was all drawn on I mixed my Paint with some blue glitter!
This made the paint (once dry anyway xD) Look really awesome! it was so
glittery and beautiful I could have kept it XD
Once the paint was dry I then hand sewn over the top of the paint (about 100 beads each sleeve) with 6mm Blue seed beads for that
extra sparkle!
Next I Attached the Organza Ribbon and then Sewn in the Black tube and round beads along the 'clearer' Part of the ribbon for Extra awesomeness.

(Photo shows the glitter kinda XD)

Today I went fabric shopping!
Found awesome materials I hope she will love
Which are!

Organza Ribbon x 2M
Bonded Twill x4m
Soft Satin Royal blue x4m
Long fur
Blue fabric paint
Beads and stuff

After A random Fai figure spaz and chat with Koiice
I decided for her 21st Birthday Present I was
going to make her dream cosplay.
I plan to make this the best cosplay I have ever made.
(since I am making it early That may change XD since
might do something better by then XD)
I went on the hunt for References and she told me
she didn't want the patterns on the back (though they are nice as she says xD)
But I just decided we can always add on the pattern some other time!
Plus i have a idea that would be kinda cool for it
if we ever did it XD
So for now I shall make her the basic coat, The inner coat, Fai's actual outfit and Hopefully the Staff.
So this also means trying to Resin Gems again!
This time I will make them work D<

Right I have bought a wig today...... >> They promised me they have it instock so if they dont ima kill them D<
All i see is my money going in an out of paypal XD tis stupid Ah well Maybe this time ^w^

Finally done some WIP on this outfit
Heres everything so far but I have more to do
I have to edit the sleeves as they are abit too puffy
Edit the collar some more.
And push up the sleeves ^^ Other than that almost good to go!
The crests and other things are being made by Koiice.

Since I wore it for about 2 Hours at Aya And never got photos apart from one I am hoping to get Photos tonight at Zedela's Birthday. Unforently I can't take my Sword as We are going into a restaurant It will be without it but oh well ^^

I have decided I want to rewear this cosplay as I feel I haven't done the best I can do with this cosplay.
So I have made a list of things to do!

Dryer pipe for boa
Another wig?
Redo armour?
Safty pin armour to top this time
New boots
Better looking Swords
New ears
Better Make up
New Pants
Puff out the pants at bottom

Some are a maybe some are going to happen ^^ Just need to decide When I will re-wear this for Koiice's Inuyasha.

Actually sewn together this time! XD
My table is back in my room meaning I am sewing things together now lol. The top zips are attached and now open and close. I have only cut half way up for the zips as I dont want the zips opening all the way for obvious reasons. You cant see it but the pink on the arms are also attached ^^

The back of the costume is rather dull XD but I have added the strap on the skirt and made the tail. The tail still needs a fish bone attached awsell as the tip making alittle darker.

Today I have completed afew things and first is the shorts! The shorts now have the straps at the bottom that I have seen in the reference pictures! I haven't seen any pictures with any belt buckles on the straps so I haven't added any. But If I do see any refs with them I will edit ^^

Heres the ears now have some earrings. Still need too attach a fishbone and the earcuff ^^

My first pleated skirt which actually works! I have solved the Mystery XD Anyway here is the pleated skirt in all it's glory! The zip is only pinned on at the moment and no cat face or cross yet but still! Progress >D (top is still only pinned at the moment ^^;)

Most is just pinned at the moment but this is what we have at the moment. Sewing Machine is out of order at the moment. But soon this will all be sewn ^^

My Shoes arrived today to make up for the Wig fail! Here are my sexy Boris shoes I have been wanting for the past 4 years! MWAHAHHAHAHAHA Mine >D

Ebay sucks at times.... I bought a wig the other day and they said they posted it and now its not instock...... Emailed another seller and they said not in stock..... Now to wait for someone to actually have in stock ^^;.........Back to the drawing board!

Bought the wig today because I am awesome XD that and mum said she wasn't getting me it for Xmas so I bought it myself XD All gooooooood fun C8 And now Boris will start taking shape slowly!

This is called pinned progress because it is XD All the pattern is held together with pins! Looking good I think XD The red fabric has just been put in place it isnt cut out or anything ^^
So many pins holding this! Also this used all of my fabric........3 yards for one tiny jacket =/ XD

I have just paid Tabs £42 for a Commission of his leatherwork. I personally don't know where to get leather or how to dye it so I am leaving it in his hands XD Plus I always wanted to see his work for myself and own it :P So now Mission start XD I have got myself a place in his January Making section thing (Forgets what im on about) and now will have to wait untill then for him to start it ^^ but yay LEATHER >D And pink too xD

2 Days left to complete and I have Finished the Corset all Gold trims are on and Skirt is nearly complete. Only things left are wings and finishing the Skirt.
Crown has been made too so not to shabby I think XD

I have found beautiful fabric on Ebay and I have bought it D8 The pink and red parts of fabricness is bought so let us hope Its as sexy as photo shows XD I also have a wig already for this ^^

With 5 days to go I have lots to do o3o Such as

Attach netting up into Petticoat


After 6 months this outfit is finally complete.I don't have a clue how it looks all together yet either XD I might do a test shot during the week or Just save it for Sat.........Expo is so close o3o

Here is the top in progress. As you can see its 10 sizes too big to get the puff at the top XD but that has been sorted now and actually fits her better ^^

Heres the start of the wings Never made faerie wings before and this is the best I could do ^^; Its only one wing obviously but yeah you get the idea XD

Just because they where cute we are adding small butterflies to the dress ^^ also here is the wing material

Gold trim is pinned onto the cuffs for the moment to see how it fits and covers up the edges of the pink

Since I am so short of time I have used the petticoat as the Secret behind the puffs. This petticoat already had perfect five layers of netting! They are too long but With help of thread and needle this helps to tuck it all in and even more puff is made which is awesome and it also just helps me make everything! So the dress has a built in Petticoat as it were XD

Here is a progress of the sleeves. I have used the Elastic scrunch tenquine to make the top half of Sakuras Dress. This works great as it holds it up aswell! I feel smart at the moment lol. The photo of the sleeve in progress The basic shape of the pink pinned on. Gold to be placed over the top in due time

Working on the Amour at the moment. This is the basic shape. Needs to be painted and so on yet but you get the idea 8D

After a quick test I have found one strap and elstic isn't enough and have changed it to have 3 straps in it instead and it now holds alot better. Now to get help putting holes into my suit to slip the straps into ^^

Here is the wings sitting on the kitty helper They are holding up Nicely with the help of the strap. The foam is also helping to keep the wings in place.

I have attached Feathers to the side of the kitty helper as seen in below Journal. This is to try and help it look like wings are coming out of my back instead of just on a random white hump.

I call it the kitty wing helper as It looks like a fluffy white cat 8D Anyway the point of this is to lift my wings. This is the foam block I used in previous pictures to hold up the wings. There is a strap to hook around me for the wing holdage!

Here is the completed top that you don't see in the Artwork XD
All I could see was there was something white in that picture so this was my best bet! Went with the theme! First time making one of these tops and I'm rather pleased with it 8DDDD

No photos........ I kinda just got too into this cosplay to take any XD but if you want progress Look at my Alice cosplay. Same outfit Different Colour 8DDDDD
Only thing left to do is Gloves. More Lace, Top and Edit Socks ^-^

Making the dress from soft drill fabric. It's been shaped to Koiice and here is her wearing it with her waist thing. Still needs lining and puffy sleeves. The white collor is in progress and the head dress is almost complete.

I have Learned that the wig for Arrow has arrived at my house which is darn handy. I will be styling that asap when I return home wensday.
So far the skirt has been shaped but needs attaching to the suit and adding wire to give it a floty over the top effect. Hopefully that will work out well. we have a glove pinned out and just need boots and the arrow prop and its near enough done! ^0^

Yesterday me and Koiice started the main body suit for arrow. Made from a beautiful lycra fabric which is the perfect colour. The wig is currently in the post for me to style can't wait for that lol. Progress shots up soon aswell as. Work on the gems and skirt. The main arrow prop will be worked on by Koiice.

I spent half an hour with mum trying to get my wings to sit on my back. While mum didn't get what I was trying to explain we roughtly got this. It doesnt work perfectly yet but we are geting closer than before!

This took 4 attempts to make right! first was to try stitch ears onto a hood which just looked stupid. Next I tried a similar thing but it was drawn into the orninal pattern of a hood which failed. Next I spent most of my night making mini hoods which here about BJD sized and got one that worked! But when I came to make a larger one today I made it WAY too big =-=.
After 5 attemps to make Smaller I got this! Currely pinned together With lace and stuff Ears temp stuffed until I can get a hold of my lining.

I have added a button and Zip to my skirt to give it a better effect

I have given my boots another coat and edited the black bit into red and also added some glitter to give it a cool look. This is currently drying. Once done will add the laces back in and add in the pom poms

Here is a photo of the WIP skirt. Today I went shopping for some lace and so on. I came up with this! the photo is a WIP shot but today I have Completed the skirt.
The gold trim took over an house to hand stitch onto the skirt using over 3 meters of the trim. The white took 3 meters but I could machine stitch that ^0^

Here is a WIp shot of the cape with hood. Have Decided to rid of this hood. It looks good but I tried on the ears and it looks too stupid! So I have bought More fabric so that I can redo the hood so it's ears are already sewn in naterually.......Hopefully XD

Here is the hood held together by pins at the moment. Looking good I think ^^ Just needs the 'ears' That they have

Here is the basic cape. Boring huh? But yep This is this started too!

Here is the bow which is attached to the Cape. This isn't complete yet as it still needs to be stitched like my butt Bow but here is the general Idea.

Here is the semi Finished butt bow.
100% Hand stitched as I thought it would give it a better feel for the outfit than if it was Machine stitched. The ribbon around the bow centre which holds it together in place has thicker stitching to give it a nice effect.

I have started my Skirt today. used a different way to make this rather than my usual way and so far I think it look good. Needs a waist band and a zip in it as well as lining lace and everything else XD

Here is an update on the Corset for Sakura. This can't be complete yet as waiting on some wire and Steel boning for it. I have started to pin in place the gold trim which I can only do alittle off before I can't do more due to wire and boning needed.

Today I have Started the Corset to this cosplay. I have cut out the Shapes for both the outer and the lining. Currently pinned into place in photo.
I have added a panel of Purple into it as on the ref photo there is only a small pink section which wouldn't have made the Corset as good as it can be. So I have put in the purple to camouflage into the dress! Hopefully that works and gives it some more support.

Getting the wings sorted end of this week. I need to create a wedge to get them to sit right on Kero but this isn't something I can do on my own so I need help of my mother. Hopefully this will go right and then I can Finish them off and move onto the last few bits. This is the Final Major part to do on this cosplay Ready for Expo

Last night I started making a template using some left over fabric to make this corset. I got the basic pattern done meaning I can now move onto the proper thing soon!

Editing my Alice boots to make this one. I think it's going well but I need new paints now as it is eating all the paints. Editing slightly I will change things on the boot and add on the pompom ball things ^-^

I added the split which is seen in the anime all thats left coat wise is to add gold and sew down the other side of the lapels rope........Annnnnd the buttons ^^

Today I have finally cut out the linning sewn together linning and the coat and put together added collor and ended up with this! Sorry for silly phone shot in mirror XD

Today I have started to Cast gems. I made too much mixture but oh well XD Spilt more than I thought XD Hopefully they will set all pretty and be awesome.....(I doubt it but I still hope XD)

All cutout and ready! Just need to get the linning parts cut out then we can get this outfit done. Shirt is here and has lace pinned onto the cuffs for now waiting to be sewn. Using the Waistcoat I made for my other Jack cosplay so thats handy XD

Today I have started to make my molds for the three gems. Earring, HEad armour and chest armour! They looking good in fimo form XD Will make mold from it and then resin! Wish meh luck ^3^

I has bias binding ready for when I start this. Found some for 70p in Derby while waiting for the bus so went why not 8D
I also got the socks while I was at it XD

Here is both Lapels fully stitched other then Gold Rope. Right Lapel has the gold rope stitched into place to give more shape while the left does not. Theres a clear difference dont you think? XD

Payday yesterday lead me to buy Resin and the dye to get this show back on the road. More Fimo bought to give him some more teeth aswell as claws for his frount paws 8D

Cannot express how much I love these fabrics...... *happygasium* Anyway this is a WIP shot of a lapel. 100% Held together by pins at the moment lol. Too late to be sewing thats tomorrows job! Not 100% happy with the rope section yet will probably try again to get them to sit right they seem un even at the moment D<

Now painted and added lights! Just needs straps and its ready to go with my completed outfit just in time for Aya too 8)

Looking into casting my own gems after AyaCon! I know what to do in theory so 8D might test this MWAHAHAHA XD

Heres a shot of it90% and it suddenly hit that I really am quite big still XD I guess i really wasn't in the mood to pose and this lead to crappy photos and put all costumes in the dump ^^; hopefully ill change my mood before AyaCon but yeah.....Not enjoying this outfit right now XD

Today I have started and completed the leg bag of doom! Was scared to start this as I have never really made a bag before but I got too it and here it is! Rather proud of this little fellow XD 8D Made from red Leatherette and metal zips ^^

On the Day Of AyaCon I will be wearing a petticoat as my skirt doesn't puff at the moment which I do not like but I am too busy to care too much XD So I borrowing Zedela's petticoat 8)

Kuja boots are finally under way making the armour for the boots today 8D

Worked on the belt properly yesterday so I could put the clasps in the right area. The belt is now smaller and sits better and one clasp is on just awaiting the other two aka when i can move off the pc 8D (been to busy playing FF13 truthfully XD)

Completed his butt skirt and thong today just need a model for it but shes not here xD
We added white ontop of the pink aswell as adding gold ribbons around the whole thing. Looks pretty goooood 8) Photo soon

They arrived 8D Ish now will attach to coat and then it be nearly complete 8)

I F**king hate glove making =3= But yeah one glove! Made from Blue lycra I think........not sure what it is XD But yeah had a meter of it so i made a glove 8) Now for glove two and the white things on the glove then they done! I also have Lightning's black glove done but i forgot photo ^^;

WIP shot of the back. Once the wig arrived I realised I needed to work on the coat before progress shots which meant the lining had to be complete but That meant doing all of the back before I could line it XD So I did this arn't I awesome? :P xD And then the coat was able to be lined!

Today I have been staring at the official pendant for Lightning online but I can't find it anywhere to buy so I thought...........why not make it? XD so I started it and got to here XD Woop I guess? XD

Also the beginning of the bag can be seen here XD Just placed there as I only have the one strap done8D So lazy xD But yeah I have done the first lot of brown on the JAcket. Just the back and insides to dooooooo on the Jacket aswell as buckles and the clasps when they arrive!

Made from Green Fimo and a lot of annoyingness XD These where harder than I thought but simple enough. Hope you like them

Found these clasps on the internet randomly and they are a great find! got three plus postage for £18.23 A bit expensive but better than my attempt at making them XDD
Plus I had some spare money in Paypal so Oh well ^^

Bought nearly everything for Lighting now just shoving together with the world of sewing machine ness XD Hopefully will show you top and skirt tonight!

Stilts are now built and ready! With some help from daddy these where made from PVC Pipping and dads tools XD No to be foamed a little then furred! Then what ever else is needed XD Oh Paws are needed too duh XD

(poo photo alert!)
Anyway XD I had more trouble than you believe! First machine stopped working, Wouldn't sew then clogged up then decided to sew one panel inside out and then D8. But we got there.......More hassle than needed I swear XD But I Have a base! Made from 100% Pure cotton. (Mum bought fabric ages ago for me *shurg* XD) Just need the Brown lining and everything else.......not that I have any XD

I have won the base boots for lighting off Ebay for £10 ^^ Now looking into materials for the rest of the boot XD......XD

The back paws are now fully furred and clawed. Hand sewn and hot glued on ^-^ Quite happy with the amount of work on Kero today

Here is WIP of Kero's hind legs. With help from mum and stress from me (XD) we got this. Mum did the pinning while I was a model and stood with foam on my legs lol.
Next up is the top half and tail 8D

Bought PVC Piping for Kero today Including nuts and bolts costing me £30 =3=
Will be building them this weekend apparently so I'll finally have some stilts XD Then I have a reason to get my arse in gear and continue it. Working on the other paws later after more work on Kuja.

Here we go Thong is attached to panties and has start of gold attached. Jacket now has two sleeves and gold attached. Next is the collor, More gold, Skirt and boots

Here are the start of the Paws. Foamed and ready to be furred tomorrow or something 8D So Lazy arnt i? XD

I have bought some foam for the rest of my body on Monday and now have afew days off of work to get working on Kero again ready for Expo. I have been working on my Back paws and the foam is ready to be attached and turned into toes 8D

Working on the puff sleeves for this the past few nights. They are mostly ready to be attached to the Jacket just needs some more work. I did sew on the flowy sleeve and sewn it on upstaide down......only I can do that =3= so had to unpick and redo XD looks nice now 8D

I have been spending the last week repairing things like the Keyblade and my Shoes to get it ready for Manchester Expo 2011! The fourth Con that my Sora cosplay has gone too...... More worn than any other cosplay of mine XDDD

Once the lining was in I then did the gold around the outside. Next will be the collar and Sleeves 8D

I then sewn my lining together and then attached as usual to come up with this so far

Today I started the Jacket. I took the cut out pieces of Velvet and attached the front parts to some Foam before making the Jacket as usual. This gave the front a more Armoured effect like Kuja's Jacket seems to have.

Another progress shot showing off the details (With Collor this time XD) and The back with the soon to be complete bow ^^

Base Jacket with details pinned on ready for sewing. This ate a lot more of my ribbon than I pictured it would =/

I made the base coat no progress photos as that's boring XD But heres the base coat before being detailed to Gil's coat. Made with Drill cotton

Here is the flap that Gil has on the back of his coat. Pretty boring huh? XD

Next I have bought the white fabric to go over the top of the skirt to give it a better contrast. That is half attached (mostly because I wanted to test the new Sewing Machine MWAHAHAHA) And I also have pieces of the Jacket cut out ready and waiting.

Kuja's bangles and belt buckles have been shaped by Koiice using Fimoooo!
Using reference pictures to create the shapes, they have now been baked and ready to use ;)

I have also started on the boot, wrapping a material round and connecting the piece together with a zipper. I have attached this to a boot.
After that I began on the boot armor. Using foam sheets and cutting them into shape and covering them with purple material. They have now been pinned onto the boot in place.

The golden under top has been completed. It has been made by two large pieces of foam, cut and sewn together. Lines of foam have been hot glued down to give the shape on the front of the top.
A golden lyra has been sewn on to give the top a shiney soft feel ;D
To hold the top together on Koiice's body I have used Velcro to secure it.

Today I have done the Collar and a Puff sleeve. Never done a puff sleeve before and I think it's gone really well!
I made a massive sleeve and sewn in some tulle and pulled the thread to ruffle it. Once that was done sewn it onto the outfit and tada! I think its puffy enough XD Just need the red part on the sleeve and another one done and thats Sleeves complete.
The collar is made from the same as the bottom skirt and attached around the neck. Three Gold Ribbons attached but May redo as I don't like how it sits on the front..... Stupid ribbons -3-

Here is the start of Kuja! The man skirt and sleeves have been gradient dyed purple. Koiice has decided to put another white layer on top of the skirt (not in photo) as Kuja seems to mostly have the purple inside of his skirt. This was my first time dying 8D xD Man thong is in progress here with nice man crotch of doom 8D

On Wednesday Zedela Chan went shopping with me and Koiice to get Eternal Sailor Moon materials! And then Thursday before she left we did this XD No progress photos really as we just got into it XD The white is stretch lycra and then three skirts, (Blue/black, red and Yellow) None of the skirts are hemmed yet and lots to do but Zedela was happy XD The rest I can do without her trying it on so all gooood 8D

The wig was completed afew days ago and just need to dye everything when i get some tomorrow and then Jack is complete! Borrowing some Jack earrings off a friend and just need to attach ruffles (once dyed) to my boots!

Other than the daggers Zidane is complete! Just need to buy some dark green for the handles and add beads to it and then they are done too! Roll on AyaCon and Expo >D

After turning the gun from a blue and white gun into a black and brown gun we are going to get fabric for Gilbert Thrusday! Then get him started Friday or something lol Simple enough cosplay to make so hopefully all goes well.

Progress will be started this tuesday once we get everything else Monday 8D Only afew things to get before full progress starts!

Made from real leather which I bought for this cosplay 8D Still find it odd how its skin........*shiver* Anyway This didn't take long but the back cross isn't totally centre and I can't move it now =3= Else it damages the leather under it so its stuck slightly off centre oh well...

The wig arrived today and ill start it asap 8D woooooo

Today the foam board arrived so I started work on this right away XD Currently gluing the wood into it. I am gonna test the strength of the glue once it dry. Soon to be painted/Spray painted and details added but its a start! 8D

Last thing I worked on this was ages ago! Meh bad XDD Anyway Today I spent a small fortune on Zidane buying the materials to make his daggers, fur the tail and also make the belts. Only other thing left is the leather jacket thing that he has =/

Today I have added buttons to the waist coat and the main Jacket. I will add the same buttons from the jacket to the cuffs of the sleeves once the shirt has been dyed ^^ Just to keep it all fancy XD Waist coat has 4 Buttons down front and two on each side as can be seen in the art work. Photos later once I feel better ^^

Needs Buttons on Jacket and Waist coat (Which is closed by pins at mo xD) Shoulder pad things on Shoulders and the grey string thing hanging off one side. And Shirt needs to be dyed Grey ^^
Planning on Dying around the 20th When Tanya can come help me with that XDD Shall work on shoulder pads today hopefully..... Might do full test shot after the pads (Though boots won't be complete or the wig but rough idea XD)

After killing 5-6 needles (no idea why) We have this! Fully lined and so on. Extra puffy cuffs and its quite a nice warm jacket XDD
Not totally happy with the collor though =/

They are some sexy boots XD Match my coat material too >D see I'ma all matching today xD
Need to edit them obviously adding the top part and the ruffles (Ruffles will be the end of me D8) But then thats them done XD *Ish wearing them right now* Amazing times for me XD

Here is a photo of the shirt and waist coat in WIP!
The shirt is to be dyed Grey along with the pants below somewhere (Aka first journal) and the bow which is yet to be made (Oh and the tie thing) The Waist coat needs button holes and buttons before that is complete. Material for the main Jacket Arrived today so shall be working on that soon C8

The past day or two I have been working on the Waist coat and Shirt. The waist coat gave me hassle but its now mostly there just needs buttons and button holes on it and then it's complete. The shirt will include a bow on the back as can be seen in the picture. You can't really see what it is attached too and I have seen people have it on the waist coat but I think on the Shirt (As my waist coat sits high at the back)I think it will be okay on the shirt C8 I'll show you better once I finish doing these Ruffles on it XD

I bought lots of Materials for Jack including the wig (Which is to be made like my Chrono wig) But so far only the Black duchess Satin has arrived so I started work on this skirt! It has eaten 1 meter of the stuff and yeah I like it either way XD Just took a while for my Machine to actually sew it as it didn't like it much at first =3=

Hated my old pants so now I have new ones for May Expo! Much better ones slightly darker and more comfy! C8 xD

Mostly done now!
Just needs
1) Teeth
2) Tongue
3) To actually be attached to Helmet ^^;
4) make the mouth move with mine which can't be done till it's on helmet
5) Extra fur at back and sides for neck.

Let me know what you think of the head please

After pinning everything in place here is what I had so far. All pinned in and to see how it was looking. Truthfully at this point I hated it so badly =-=

I took off the tape pattern I had made myself and cut out all the pieces. Starting with the cream fur I pinned it in place to see how it was fitting. the fur needs a trim =-=

Today my Golden fur arrived and was a little more...oranger/darker than I thought but I can't really afford anything else so I thought I would give it ago anyway.

Decided to make the head armour before furring as;
1) Easier to get the pattern and latex it without worrying about the fur
2) I don't have the fur yet XD

Well I have the cream fur but.....XD Anyway This is made from Plastazone and Latex and paint. Needs some more work yet but getting there ^^

Kero now has ears to make him look like a lion and here is where I finish for tonight as I don't have fur or even a helmet to put it on yet so XDDD

I then edited the jaw back onto the head using elastic which eventually will help with the moving jaw. Probably will come off again before the end of finishing the head but oh well. XD

Taking more and more foam off the jaw and the head cutting it into a more realistic form with help off real life lion pictures and lots of photos of Kero the head started to take shape

Once I had the basic shape I then cut into the mouth to remove it from the actual head. I am planning a moving jaw so it had to come off now and reshape into a jaw that will eventually have teeth and a tongue. Go Kero XD

Using 2" thick foam sheets I cut out the basic head shape six times to create a very flat head. Not all where the same shape for what ever reason but I glued them all together with hot glue (lucky that my 100 glue sticks arrived today xD) and then added 4" on each cheek to give more shape.

I tried to made the stilt move and here's what I have. It does work but being cardboard doesn't work very well XD. Once I can get to B&Q's or something like that I will make it better with PVC Piping and I will also add a hinge to the bottom to attach the paw to the bottom and some Elastic C8

Without wings at mo as I would confuse myself XDD

The basic idea is the head on a helmet, vision out of the neck, Moving paws, Follow me eyes, Hopefully a tail that can pose or move? Oh and a Movable Jaw so I can talk while him since he does talk lol. Planning on the wings with help of dad at the moment C8

First Journal post ^^; I haven't been on this outfit much I am sorry =-= but it will be done by the end of the month as promised lol. 90% of the outfit is actually finished at this point all that is left is;

1) Belts around legs.
2) Attach bells (Currently pinned)
3) attach and finish stuffing tail
4) Do red edging around top of dress and waist
5) Attach bow

Shouldn't Take long to do all this then I shall take it to May Expo to deliver to Mr Joshua for him to test it out.

The Boots are made with a pair of white heels and used some white stretch lycra to make the boots. They need some more work but they are awesome *0*
I still need a butt bow ^^; But it is basically complete ^-^

The Purple and gold Fabric arrived today for Kuja and I'm rather happy with the colours! They sit together rather nicely which is gooooooooood. Will start on this soon ^^

I completed the tail mechanics a few days ago but Heres a photo XD Will have a video of it moving soon as I can. I shall cover it in fur soon in hope it actually will stay as bouncy and free as it is now.

Made from Plastazone bought from CosCraft I have created this! This is it without being latexed or painted. It also is with the flap part up and without the 3D bit involved at the moment. First time using latex and plastazone so >DDDD Going well I think XD

Today I ordered some Plastazote sheet (white) - 3mm off of Pez's CosCraft shop! This will be the first time I ever used said item and it will be used to make the thing on his belt. His little bag thing XD Which will be used to hold my stuff for when I am him XD
Hopefully all will go well.

Here is the finishing result for my Zidane Necklace. Rather happy with this! Made using £10 worth of beads (Believe it or not...... darn you bead shop in Afflex!) Anyway and using metallic gold Effect fimo ^^

The fimo arrived today so I went to work on my necklace for Zidane. Its not finished yet but after scavenging references I got this so far! *Reminds me of a happy owl or something o.o* Just need to cook, Add beads, turn into a actual necklace and tis done >D

The second wig for Chrono arrived today and since I finished work at 9Pm I haven't done much. I have attached 1 and a half pony tails onto the wig to make the plat at the back I donno if to add the other half as its pretty thick as it is but we shall see. I donno where my hairspray is at the moment so i shall finish it tomorrow.

I have bought the material for the pants at a crazy price of £7 for three meters! Hopefully its perfect and I got a bargain otherwise ill be annoyed XD But the idea it amazing since in my local shop (Aka in Manchester) Drill is £7+ a meter and doesn't come in blue =/ Ebay don't fail me! *puppyy eyes*

I took the boots I bought and cut into them the basic shape. On the part I cut off there was some straps to help get the boot on hich I carefully took off to use as the straps Chrono has around his shoes. I have pinned it in place hemming wise and will sew tomorrow ^^

Today one of the wigs arrived for Chrono.
It was the two pony tail wig C8 I have had a look and detached one of the pony tails from the clips ready to sew it inside wig number 2 when it arrives! Ima so happy and hyper XD

Thanks to a friend I am getting my hands on some Knex parts for free! *huggles him* C8 So I should be able to get my tail finished next week! *cheers*
Oh and I also bought the wig I was after as Pez was worried it might sell before I bothered XD

I have decided for Zidane I would love a moving tail! I have seen this guide on a Knex tail and using left over parts Zedela left at my house I started to build this........don't look like much as I don't have many parts but heres what I got XD I think it's going rather well! I'm currently looking to buy more pieces and hoping it will turn out okay XD

Yesterday I worked mostly on the coat as I had a day off. I got most of it done just need to add the details to the sleeves and it is complete. Only thing left is the straps on the inside (Braces) And I could try to add pockets to the coat which would be handy xD I'm still awaiting my shoes and wig arrival which need editing to the highest! *stalks postman*

I finally finished watching Chrono Crusade and then got to work on the coat! Only to find I run outa thread while doing so =_=; And heres as far as I got a sleeve and one of of the coat attached lol. Hoping to get mum to get some thread for me this week while I'm busy working so I can finish the other half. Lots of do on this coat D8

Here is the finished cape thing C8 I love it it went well first time XD and I love my buttons XD Expensive but nice 8D

Here are the finished leg warmers. Still wondering if to do something with the bottom of them to make them sit better but quite happy with them ^-^ Made with 50MM Elastic and 100% pure cotton woop

Here they are! Happy with the edges not so much the circles. Might redo these =/ But also I have made the bow ready to attach to wig. May end up making a bigger one XD

I do have leggings I just got Lazy XD Anyway so far here is what we have mostly everything that he wears under the coat which makes me look like a geek D8 lol. I still need the strap things over shoulders and yellow trimming around sleeves. Finish a few edges and we are done C8 Well for this part XD

Bought the second wig for £12 today and bought £56 of materials to make Chrono......My bank no longer loves me XD
Its rather empty...... Oh well payday sooooooon C8
Shall start working on it today ^-^

Here is the broach. Gold Ribbon, Glitter Glue, Poly Heart, and pearl pink paint and foam too to make this. It has a safety pin attached to the back to clip it onto my sailor suit.

Here are the finished hair clips. They are foam bits and a jewel hot glued onto a hair grip. Over all happy with the outcome as they stay in quite nicely just ashamed about the glue on the back =/ not that anyone will see it once its on XD

I have bought myself one wig and soon to get the other tonight. I have bought a 'miku' wig in purple to take the pony tails off to make a thick plat on the back of my Chrono wig. I see this wig being heavy =/ But yeah I have that and a punky wig soon to be bought. I will see how thick it is before adding wefts into it to give it more thickness for spikes.
Will be shopping soon for Fabric and other goodies. Found some perfect ears on Ebay too C8

Here is everything so far. The foam leaves on the shoulders will be covered in the fabric at the bottom. Which is awaiting the glitter to dry xD The white skirt is being glittered at the moment which is why you can't see the pink skirt. You also can see to of the leaves pinned in place to show you the idea. (Realllllllllly should get sewing but meh XD)
Also you can see the belt broach gem and the main broach gem coming together here C8 Everything pinned in place at the moment so I knew how it was looking XD

I am currently making the golden leaves for the belt section C8 so far I have..........2 XD lots anf lots of these to do D8

Lots left to do but I do have this so far! It's currently mostly just pinned together but wearing for test shots lol I might edit the skirt a little more but yay im a sailor scout XD

The satin has arrived and once I have dyed my hair later I will be doing some pink bits CCC8
I'll finally be able to see the costume come together now ^0^

Massive cardboard, Elastic and feathers and a hell of a lot of glue! I haven't figured how to make them sit properly yet but I do have a plan! I'll wait for myself to do most of the costume first to fiddle with how the wings sit though C8

Here is one of two skirts. Just pinned at the moment awaiting my other Pink duchess Satin to arrive to make the other then sew them together C8. This white one will be trimmed. it was so I could test the over all length while I await more material XD - C8

Here is the choker at the moment. I still need to buy in some pink hearts and to attach one to the bow. The chocker currently has velcro attached and the bow is pinned in place ^^

Here is one of my buns for Chibi Moon C8 This turned out to be a lot harder than i pictured and very fiddly! But honestly I don't think its too bad XD May need a little more hair in some places but yah C8

Today I had a random shopping spree to start this cosplay.
I have bought duchess Pink satin for the skirt, Sailor scarf thing and gloves, I have bought pink heart earrings which I shall add to to make the better earrings & I have bought the wig which will be edited into the wig needed C8 Awesome sauce lol

After trying the Snazaroo and Foundation way of covering a tattoo I found it to be successful. Obviously I couldn't get rid of it fully but it is a lot less noticeable now than before! So I think i shall be doing this for Kita and Expo C8

After a comment about my Ying and Yang tattoo I have on my shoulder I have decided to get rid of it for KitaCon. I have seen a tutorial on-line using the skin colour Snazzaroo Face Paints and foundation. I shall practice this soon and see if I can get rid of most of it. If so then hopefully no one will ever know C8 XD

After finally finding reference to her hair ties I got myself a nice shade of ribbon and attached it to both plats ^^

I finally found Reference to Will of the Abyss' hair ties! I knew she had some obviously but I could never see what they looked like! And I has a photo now C8 Purple!

Today we did WIP shots of the full outfit. I didn't put on the leg ribbon as I didn't have the tape yet. With this shoot I have seen things to be edited so thats good ^^ I also decided against the idea of a petier and I still need to finish beading but I am over all quite happy ^^^

Here is a finished sleeve. May add some more beads but not sure yet ^- Other one is almost done just needs the gems and lace inside.

This has taken me over 1 and a half hours =_=..... But It's getting there lol Lots of beads to do yet! But yeah thought I would show you ^-^

The bow has some gems attached now and this awesome gemmed flower I found C8 I put it in the center of the bow as it is quite a big charm! But I love it ^0^

Today I went to Afflecs bead shop and spent £16 on beads ^^; I have some Swarovski Crystal beads more glitter glue, some white rose patches, more jewels to go around the edges as I ran out, some really awesome beads that look 3d........yeah i know that sound stupid XD, some sead beads, and some larger beads..... tis a lot of beads XD

Thanks to Amy-Lou I have decided to try boning for the first time. At first I ended up making my corset a lot smaller! But it is sorted now and it gives me a better bust now than before lol. I stole the boning out of an told corset and cut to shape ^-^

Here is the bow detailing. I haven't finished adding beads to the bow yet but here is the general idea. has four white rose beads on the main bow and glitter aswell as many glass blue tear drop beads.

Here is another WIP shot of the sleeves. I only have this one at the moment the other is still awaiting sewing lol This has three layers! One is chiffon, one is silver embroided lace and then the white duchess satin over the top. (this is pinned into place other than the duchess satin) This gives it a nice poofy look C8.The top 'petals' are also just pinned at the moment. Glitter with also be put on the sleeves soon enough xD

Top photo shoes the bow I have made for the dress. The top part is made of duchess satin like the rest of the dress and the other half of the bow is Chiffon and it is light and flows ^-^ It also breaks it up a bit to have a different texture in there. The middle two photos shows the work I have done on the bow at the moment. The top half has glitter details and the bottom half has blue tear drop beads stitched onto it.
The bottom two photos show 144 gems attached to the dress. obviously i couldn't show you all 144 gems in one shot XD But you get the idea. I have ran out and currently a waiting the next lot of gems ^^;
I also have attached some white rose beads to my corset ^-^

I seriously love Glitter right now........ I looks really pretty on this dress! glad I bought it C8 Anyway I have edged my swishy skirt in glitter (See photo for the wet glitter picture) I have also drawn details in glitter on the long trail and edged my corset with glitter too. I have started to bead up my dress which is taking a long time lol. I now love anyone with beaded outfits. I see your suffering.

All the Edges are now Fray free woop! No more annoying things lol. They have been sealed up and looks a lot better without the Fraying.
Next is to make sleeves, beading, Lacing and glitter.
Still have to buy and edit a petticoat.

Just started the wand as I was bored lol. A foam heart with wings and the basic stick at the moment. The Heart Might change with a glittery one Zedela has not sure yet ^-^

Anyway ignoring the face here is the dress pinned slightly together (Aka the train is pinned onto skirt at the moment.)
This is what I have so far it flows down to my feet ^-^ Mum was laughing saying I am a bride =/

Still needs finishing at the edges but this is the general idea for this part ^-^ I love it it is very Swishy and fun XD........*Totally not showing off girly side*

Here is the lace front pinned into place so I could see what it looked like on the front panel. I actually like it as it breaks up the white with some form o pattern. I shall stitch it on after work ^-^

... is now fitted with a zip and has been lined for comfort. (See picture for lining.) The corset is nearly complete. Some edges to finish off and then to add to the cosplay with beads and glitter and other stuff.
Next will be the skirt!

This is what I have done on one sleeve so far. Lot's to do yet but this is the basic at the moment. Have to attach layers inside and lase as well as the ribbons and the top 'petals' of the sleeves

Here is the beginning of the Corset. I have never made a corset or a dress before (doesn't count Amy.) So this is a first and an expensive first. I can't mess this up! *pose* Anyway here is the start of the corset top part of the dress.

I went shopping today for the dress and spent £67 ^^;
I bought 8 meters of Duchess Satin so I hope thats enough!
Probably won't be to annoy me XD
But shall start on this dress tonight!

While shopping for Will of the Abyss i found anice big bell for Cheshire as my old one is way too big lol. C8 £1.75 cheep!

Fabric wise for the dress I will need about 4 meters for the trail at the back. so roughly 8-10 meters of fabric. Was thinking about getting Duchess Satin (Or something Bridal) and the covering it with some chiffron or something nice to bead and so on. Also need extra black ribbon and Lace.

I am Re Vamping my Cheshire cosplay as I am Pandora Hearts Mad right about now!
The wig has been resyled and the tail will now have wire inside so it will be better for photos.
The top will be edited or maybe made again not sure shoes repainted and maybe even given a bigger spike. The gloves and claws remade to be bigger with foam and to go all the way up my arm this time ^-^

I bought the dress a few Days ago as I am getting it Commissioned as I have to many others to make at the moment ^^;
hopefully it will arrive with plenty of time to do any editing/adjustments needed to the dress to make it better ^-^
Can't wait!

Everything on this Costume is complete ready to give to Mez on Friday for him to try on. This is the last of the Sonic Group to be done ready for this Sat! Woohoo!

I have made the body of Sonic all it needs it his tummy stitched on and the two back spikes and tail attaching.
They have already been made just needs attaching.
The last spike for the head has been made and also just needs attaching.
I finally got around to going the gloves too just misplaced them at the moment ^^;

Finally going to start this now. I have currently already got the arms ready so just need the blue parts cut out and sewn together. YAY for more cutting *meh thumb joint seriously hurts...*

Here is some leg ribbon >D
Im either going to stitch it to some tights which i donno if will work to keep in place or use some body tape and hope it works that way. WIll have to plan this closer to May.

The necklace is finally finished. It used all 3 meters of the stuff to make this D8. I need to get more ribbon now........sigh XD
I used the smallest roses I had made and here we are! Has all the loops and dangly parts seen in close ups of her necklace with Velcro to keep it in shape instead of just putting around my neck.

Today I bought the ribbon to make the necklace. I am making it with velcro on the back so that it will look better than just shoving ribbon around my neck on the day of the expo ^-^ Pics soon as it's complete

This is my first one here woop xD I left Sonic to last because I'm scared of it XD
I know I'll end up falling out with it so leave it till last so the others don't get effected >D Great plan by me *pose*
I have 90% Done his shoes just needs the white strip on the top and the yellow buckles attaching. I also have the 'skin' sleeves cut out ready for when I make the body suit. That's the easy part. The head how ever......not so easy ^^;
I have 4 meters of blue fleece. The same amount I bought for Knuckles. I still have left overs from Knuckles which in theory means I should have plenty for Sonic's big spiky head and stuff but I always panic XD. Mez is skinnier than me so he probably will need less fabric for his body suit anyway.
So here we go I'm going to start that head tonight! Or day which ever I get time too lol

Finally got my hands on the Dranzer F Beyblade. Cost me £18.99 just for that one blade! Oh well......At least I have it ^^ Well when it arrives lol

Here is the WIP shots of my Rabbit plushie I wish to carry about with me.
Showing what I did step by step and the head so far! I think it looks awesome for my first plushie attempt! XD

Here is the finished head. After a small panic attack finding blue red and white paint splodges over one of the spikes mum managed to clean it off. Which surprised me because it's acrylic paint........ =/ the magic of quick thinking and Ariel stain remover! XD

All the fabric roses have been given a blue jewel in the center. I bought them the other day and they arrived today so now they have been attached and ^0^ I really like them C8

Soon as I can I'll put some up. This is complete just busy with the other three at the moment.

Here is the head covered slightly. Still doesn't make much sense but I still have all of his spikes to attach and eyes and nose and mouth ^0^

Here is the foam base. As you can tell it doesn't look anything like anything at the mo xD
But after 4-5 Hours and a lot of hurt fingers we have this C8

Today 47 of 212 beads arrived XD And I've just realised that isn't really a lot at all =/ I should really get about to looking for more beads but I'm really.... ill and just wanna zzzzz lol
But yeah many more beads to get! ^0^

Here is some beads and lace I have bought so far. So much more to buy ^-^ My friend is also giving me some pearl beads when she has time too. Also pictured is the wig I have bought. I've bought off these before but they didn't deliver the wig saying it was out of stock so lets hope they have this one.

After seeing a tutorial on-line I saw how to make Fabric roses. Using some left over sky blue duchess satin from Aqua I am making an attempt to see if I can make roses ^-^
So far they look good but let's see when they are actually finished XD

I just realised there are no journals for Knuckles XD
Anyway The shoes are 80% complete just need the green sections done and to somehow attach my 'lego blocks' XD
Hope they don't come off before masquerade =/
Anyway the head base is nearly complete just need to shove some foam for his nose and then his head is ready to be furred up. The spikes will be sewn on instead of foaming and furring like ears as it where ^-^ hope all goes well.

I finally got around to cutting out the pink for amy's legs. Got a massive headache so donno if ill be sewing them but still..........progress! ^-^

Today I have realised I would love to have the rabbit plushie that Will of the Abyss carries about/turns into.
I will be making it like one of them plushie baby blankets you see with the head on the middle of a blanket. Or something like that. Maybe with alittle more form than just a head.
But that's the plan C8 I also bought myself the wig today ^-^

After much hassle I shall be working on the wig tonight.
But right now my body is frozen after early morning shift T^T *sleeps*

Here are the boots so far.Painted red after 4 coats. Still need the white strip down the middle and fabric white rim at the top ^^

Managed to save my wig from going into the bin! After following a tutorial I spent 3-4 hours working on the Alice wig trying to sort out the long hair and now its much better than before! So this will save me getting a new one C8

Going into town today in an hour to go shopping with Zedela and get materials for Tails!
Hopefully we will find everything we need to get the party started!

STILL waiting for the wigs to arrive! I bought both wigs in December on the 1st and they still arn't here! Stupid Christmas Post ¬3¬ I may have to buy new ones *sigh*

Top half is half made. This involves the dress the pink skin back and the white trim of the skirt. loads to do though! But looking good if I do say so C8

The basic pink is attached. Just need to do her 'hair'

Here is some of Amy's skin attached. It needs more editing but can fix this later ^^

Here is the progress of the head. Still alittle rough but pretty good C8

These are the boots I made for my previous Alice cosplay but during time they started to un-stitch themselves. So I had to re stitch the boots together again before painting the heel and the black plastic silver to match Alice's boots.

The plan is simple I know how to make the cosplay and everything so its a case of grab materials and get to it!
Hoping it will go better than my last attempt! Anything has to be better than that XD
I love Alice so much I am going to remake it and make it better!

Here is everything so far. pants are falling down here as they arn't attached to the top yet.
Hope you don't think i look stupid ^^;

Here is the top. I need to line it yet! I will be editing the collar slightly still and shortening the top as it is abit too long. I have cut out a diamond shape in the back too ^^ Hard to get photos of that though xD

Making the patterns for Kei's body suit red outfit thing. The hardiest part is making her odd looking shorts at the moment lol. Refs show that her butt is covered like shorts and the frount is not like shorts. The plan is to make normal pattern pieces for the back and then modify the frount pattern and hope that it works ^^

My red Pvc fake Leather has arrived today it's really nice ^^ I will eventually get about to making it lol.

No photos but ^^;
Anyway I have bought the blonde wig to the two toned wig. I am awaiting for it's arrival ^-^
I still need to buy the orange wig and some orange extensions which will cost me £40... Bleh
I have bought some White Stretch Lycra to make the Leotard.
I have a white velvet choker which fits nicely around my neck. ^-^

This is stage two of the Kai top. I took the base top and cut out thick strips of Red Drill fabric I had left over. It's the same material I used on my boots and gloves so everything matches. I then hand sewed them onto the top. The top collar was done red as I remember him having it there too in one episode.

As I am too Lazy I bought myself a tank top for £2.99. I know it's cheating but meh xD I can cheat once in a while. Anyway here it is.

Here is the test for Kai. I just wanted to put the triangles on since the face paint arrived XD Anyway this is also showing the base wig ill be using for the dark blue part of his hair. It's my old Hinata wig which needs work but I can't do much till i have the other wig to attach to it. I painted my eyebrows too the colour of the other wig but it obviously makes no sence right now ^^;
the top isnt the one that will be used for Kai its my Yami top XD Still awaiting the top to arrive to edit it =/ Oh well XD enjoy.

The scarf was finished today and was named Joe by Tanya xD She said Kai's scarf is called Joe so we named mine Joe too ^^
Made up of millions of pieces and worth it 8D bought way to much material though lol

Currently working on spikes and belt buckle. Here is photo of the spike base. Its abit shorter now than when the photo was taken. I have made them in craft foam and will be paper macheing them later ^^

Here is one completed boot. Currently working on the other. this is a boot bought from primark and edited. The Red section is made of Craft foam covered in Red Drill fabric. Hand stitched onto the boot and Silver in the correct places. I think it came out rather well ^0^

Working on Kai's boots this evening. They are simple to do ^^. I bought some black boots from Primark about £5. I bought Silver paint to paint the bottom of the shoe Silver. Currently waiting for them to dry. I have cut out in Craft Foam the red section of his shoe and am sewing on red material onto that. Photos soon.

I have nearly everything for Kai now. Will be starting everything else soon.
I only need the black top and the Light blue part of the wig.
I bought the scarf material and craft foam yesterday and today my pant material arrived. It's a little lighter than I thought but still good ^^

Here is the beginning of Kai's gloves. My main problem is in the middle it becomes baggy. I may have to put another peice of Elastic in to get them not so baggy. I know it won't be how Kai has them then but at least It wouldn't have flappy sections and be more glued to my arm then 8D - I donno I'll see how it goes. Ignore the black bobble around the wrist... It's just so you can see what It should look like once I attach the silver section there.
I'm going to the material shop tomorrow to get craft foam to start the Amour parts of the gloves.
Oh and it needs an Iron XD

Here is my finished sword and sheif. ^^

Using some wood I found lying around I used one of my swords to draw out a wooden sword. I cut it out and i will have a photo soon ^^

Pockets will have a craft foam bottom to make it stick out like Kai's does. The amour on The gloves are going to be made from craft foam and covered in silver material to get the armour effect.
Gloves will be attached by clasps as seen in one episode of beyblade
Belt will be made from foam and covered. (Would have preferred to make from plastic but I'm poor XD)
Top - I found a perfect leather top on ebay but it was £66 ¬3¬ So I'll make it myself from some leather type material >D
The red will be same as the top material and will also be used for gloves and the red section of his boots.
This time of year we can easily buy flat black boots which I could edit into Kai's boots! >D Good old Russians lol. Scarf will be done with long flowy white material and I am hoping to stuff the top so that it sits like Kai's does......but that's just the plan XD Also trying to find Kai's Dranzer shooter and Dranzer F Beyblade. Maybe even Black Dranzer if I feel like being Evil Kai XD

Bought myself a nice punky X-L wig from Karen's wigs today in a Hanna Red colour as it was the closest colour to Kenshin I could get in that style. Kenshin's hair ranges from Orange in the manga to a more redder colour in the animie so should be alright.
My material for the kimono will need to be faded as the colour is to bright of red.
Hopefully it will work XD

I had some left over wood from other projects and i was hoping it would be long enough and thick enough to get a blade made from it. Sand it into shape and use chrome spray paint to make it metal like. Hopefully this would work and then id have a sword >D lets see how it goes shall we?

Hey guys - After Sora's trip to Amecon I have a lot to fix up ready for October MCM Expo!
My shoes need to be fluffed up again as they have died on the trip home (squished in my case XD) And the sole on one of the shoes has come off which is handy as i can fluff it while I'm able to. So I need to buy new glue and get that fixed up. The pockets need fixing as I found out there is a hole in one and the zip has come undone(I knew not to hand stitch zips =/) The pants now have a hole in the crotch ^^; Naughty Sora XD but it's easily fixable!
All this to do before Expo >D Bring it!

Here are the completed Goofy pants.
The material was quite thin so I doubled everything up to make it thicker and it is really nice now ^^.

First to pockets with working Zips complete just the top two to go.
I hate doing pockets =/

The base is complete and took about an hour or two to make. I love it when my Machine just does things right 8D
the Collar was abit to long to I had to shorten it before I took the photo. Next is the pockets

Here is the completed top for Goofy. Made from lime green streach material that I forgot the name of lol. I also drew in fabric mater the lines for the cartoony effect.

I have updated the head by taking off the jaw and shortening it as it was annoying me by being too long. Goofy now has a hat making the head very big now lol. The goggles where made from craft foam and a plastic wig holder thing ^^

Here is a progress shot of the outfit so far. Just needs the edging on the bottom of the top and everything is complete.

Here is a preview of Donald's arm. The bracelet isn't the one to be used in the final cosplay.

Here is the hat for the staff! Reminds me of the sorting hat from Harry potter XD but yeah XD the staff just needs painting then it's complete

Today I happily finished the head and the hat for Donald. I am really happy that I changed the fabric on the beak to a poodle fleece fabric as Donald will be all plushie like and cuddly!
Really happy ^0^

I finished Donald's little cape today and I really like it ^^
Probably could use some touching up though, Really hard to take photos of it so hope you like it ^^

Here is some WIP shots of the staff for Donald. I think it's going better than I thought it would do so I'm very happy ^^ I have to do a lot more work on it though as everything is the wrong colour and tapped up, Stage 4 is where it is currently.

Here is the head of the staff that Donald carries around. I love it because it actually has a cute face on it XD. But loads to do.

Today I got the guts to start this! yay
Anyway here is a WIP shot still editing to do with the beak and stuff.
But yeah
Its not as bad as I thought it may turn out XD

Today Me and Zedela went shopping for Donald Materials. Hopefully we have everything and I will get to work on the head tomorrow.

I did the earring today because I only just noticed she had one XD
But i happen to have feathers laying around so i dyed it and turned it into a earing ^0^

Here are the completed boots! They have been cut and painted and had yellow string put inside and tied into a bow!

Here are the base boots I won off Ebay today. Hopefully they will arrive soon so I can work on them. They need editing at the front, The Heel needs painting black, turning blue and to attach the yellow string at the back of the boots!

Today my Wig arrived which is awesome slightly to short of pony tail but I don't care XD
It didn't come with beads (Which I should have guessed XD) So I have to get myself the beads. Waiting on Bambi to make my scarf and I am currently bidding on some shoes which will be my base shoes for Rikku!

Hopefully I shall win them and all shall be well! And I can get to work on them >D

The gloves arrived today which I cut and edited for Rikku gloves. They have grips on the palm which would be good for thieving right? XD But yeah here they are ^0^

Well There is no way I can knit myself and dye a Scarf so I commissioned Bambi, to do it 8D
Cost me £25 which is my second most expensive part of this cosplay D8 Rikku is more expensive than though D8 But yeah this is the last cosplay I am making for myself until I get a job. (Donald and Goofy don't count as Ish not paying for them tehe)
Can't wait to see it ^0^

This is the Goofy Head so far. It's slowly getting there. More details around the eyes like his eyebrows and stuff to do and then it's ready to be covered ^-^

The Bra is complete, The straps need shortening but that's easy. Just need my wig, Scarf and Shoes. I might make her Weapons too.....><

This is the Bra before work started!
Man I look like a doosh XD

Yeah I donno why I have started this yet but meh XD ALOT of work is needed to be done but I ran outa glue sticks and this is only done becuase I happened to find four glue sticks so I started it randomly. Room is a mess agian now sigh XD

Anyway yeah everything will be more 3D When I get more glue and I will be needing more foam but I can't get foam untill September when Zedela Chan shops and pays for me XD

Hope you like this so far either Way xD

Here is everything so far ^0^ I need to edit the skirt a little still for more details and maybe edit the arm things a bit more but Going well....See even in these pictures im blushing ^^;

Here is a close up of the arm things XD Made by ten bows (Five on each side) And holes in the sleeves like she does!
My machine really doesn't like bows anymore ^^:
The top has White elastic in which I did slightly wrong so they don't stretch much but it seems to be keeping them up though!

Here is the completed Skirt and belts. Still some finishing up to do on the belt and pouches but this is the general idea ^0^ Please don't laugh at me ><

Here is one completed Pouch and one pattern cut out Ready to be completed.
I still need the belt loop on the completed one and then to attach to a belt. Made from Yellow Vinyl left overs from my Sora cosplay.

Here is the completed Headband. It's made from a Soft Blue material and layered in the same style and sewn into place!

I have actually gone and bought materials for this. God help me T_T

I am so blooooooming scared to put this here on CI >< I know people get flammed and trolled for doing Characters like this when I am no where near thin enough to actually think about being Rikku ><
But she is and always has been my Dream cosplay even though Loads do cosplay as her!
Working on the wig soon and do some tests to see if I should take this on any further...

My new Yellow top has arrived today! Just my Jeans and Tyson is 100% ready for Amecon!

Here is my top! Made out of the same material as my Hat and Gloves! I love it so fluffy and warm XD Just need my buttons on and it's done!

These are hard! I hate making gloves XD Tell me what you think of these :S Can't decide on them lol

Here are my three golden crown buttons!
Made out of clay and then painted gold! All roughly the same size too which pleases me XD

Bought some grey Jeans today to actually have the right pants for Tyson today ^^
Yesterday I had a word with my friend and we have decided I will be taking Tyson to Amecon on the Friday for the Beyblade Group instead of Boris!
Though tempted to take both but Boris does take up a lot of room with the heavy coat ^^
New photos will be up once I have the new jeans and top.

I have tried out the costume and it's good ^^ Just going to get a new yellow top and some different jeans and we are done and happy XD And find my other blue glove would be handy xD

So far I have made the top and added one lot of fur! fur is everywhere *dies* But yeah! It's comfy so far ^^

Here is my Jacket so far. It's about 90% complete as I still need to add pockets at the front and attach a Beyblade holder to the arm ^^

Here is the start of my Jacket. Red outside and White inside. Both are Drill material and the white has longer sleeves to give the over the arm thing tyson has.

I have completed the shoes! Photo shows a before and after shoe ^^ Left is before and right is the completed shoe!

Today I got the materials to make this cosplay! Red acrylic is what its called i donno why like XD
Its like fleece ^^
Now to start it!

I have decided to go shopping for materials today and I'll get making Soon.
I just need some new gloves I lost mine :S

Remaking this cosplay for MCM Oct 2010 on the Friday for that extra day XD
I have been inspired by the resent number of Beyblade cosplayers which means time for me to get back into the game!
I have done the wig and re painted my hat since it was dying and come up with this!
Hope you like it! Will be working on the Jacket soon!

Stupid bits showing on the photo ¬¬ Anyway here is a nearly complete shoe ^^ I need straps and the tongue putting in and then the white details and it will be complete ^^

Working on Shoes slowly today ^^ My figures hurt from hand stitching so it's going slow XD. So far I have the black stitched on and some of the yellow and my pads under Neath to make it walkable ^^ Just need my straps and more yellow on both shoes and it's complete!

Today I am trying to fabric up my shoes and here is what I have so far ^^ using the same material as my pants I have covered it best I can without to many folds ^^ I think it looks pretty good ^^

I finally started the Armour today and here is what I have so far ^^ I have the front and back chest pieces!
The string isn't attached yet its just showing how it should look like ^^ Enjoy.

My wig arrived today and it's a nice silvery Gray/white type thing XD I'll style it later ^^ its beautifully long meaning I'm going to fall out with it XD It's 51" long and goes to roughly my knees ^^ Same as Sesshomaru XD

My Jacket is finally finished after about 5 hours work no joke T_T my back really hurts I need a chair to sew, seriously *sigh* Anyway I have added the shoulder pads and the straps aswell as the pockets ^^ I'm really happy with this Jacket ^0^

This is my Jacket after a few hours ^^ it's been a love hate relationship trust me XD
Anyway I am happy with the jacket just a few things to sort out and add aka, pockets, shoulder pads and yellow straps. Then it's done!

So far the jacket has the lining inside and roughly pinned into place with the zip and bottom white details. This took a lot of pins XD

Working on the hood now so I can get around to stitching that into the jacket at the same time ^^

Here is my base jacket and lining. At the moment sleeves are too long and it has no hood and of course the lining isn't attached to the base jacket XD But yay Jacket XD I still hate making sleeves though Always something goes a bit funny ¬¬ Tch XD

Here is my top! Its 90% Complete just have the white around the arms to do! And then the Jacket >D But yeah I added the red and then added white edging around it. ^^

Today Is started the top after finishing the other shoe. I made the blue top long so I can tuck it into my pants and have it hanging over slightly like sora ^^

this is the shoe after being covered in celeotape and paper XD I will be using this as my rough shape of the shoe.

I'm starting the shoes today so wish me luck XD I started out with a pair of normal converse styled shoes

Heres a photo of the nearly complete pants! Belts arn't attached to pockets yet it's to give me a look at the final look of my pants XD So excited seeing them with belts XD I donno why. Anyway still afew neatening up to do on the pants and belts and then pants are 100%!

This is showing the white detailing half stitched on and the stuffing in the bottom of the pants! These pants are odd to walk in though XD

I started the pants today and they turned out very long XD but that would soon be sorted out. I started with the blue section of the pants making the crotch and added a zip to it. Then used that to help me make the right pattern for the black section. I copied the bottom part to make a pocket in the bottom of the pants which will be used to stuff with plushie stuffing

I finished the gloves not long ago complete with Knuckle armour and everything.
I think these went quite well even if the skin on my fingers are peeling now XD
Details are hand stitched on and the armour is glued on, hopefully that will keep it there or I shall have to stitch it on as well.

Started the gloves today! These are Leather gloves which where too big XD (See top photo)
I then cut off the fingers and marked it closer to my hand to make it a tighter fit for me (See middle photo)
The final photo is the base glove ready to be attacked with details!

Here is one complete Pocket! It has a Zip inside to keep things safe and Velcro on it to keep the flap down ^^
This was hand stitched and has blue leather straps. This one took about 2 hours to make ^^

My Expensive leather gloves arrived today meaning I am now working on the gloves. They are waaaaaaay to big for my hand so I have to start off making them smaller. My poor fingers hurt XD

This is long white fur cut and turned into Sesshomaru's fluffy! This is twice the size of my door! So it's pretty big XD this is it without plushie stuffing in since well I don't have enough ^^;

I have finished the belts today ^^ These are hand stitched (Which is why my figures are killing me T_T)Made from belts I bought in Primark, Covered in Yellow Vinyl fabric and hand stitched for a tight fit around the belt. This makes it look as if the belt always was yellow ^^ I love them XD

Went town today and spent a total of £90 on materials and belts T_T I also got material for Sesshomaru's fluff but that didn't cost much compared to everything I bought for Sora! Expensive XD

So I'll be starting tomorrow night!

... and the zip has arrived! Like super fast huh? XD And here's me thinking it be ages till it came lol. But yeah Zip is here and Fabric shopping in about an hour! First I have to help Zedela and make her the Nowa cosplay ¬¬ But then I get to make Sora! >D Success! lol

I don't know if you can tell by the photo but the Sea Salt Plushie is made from expensive glittery felt which I bought becuase It would look more Ice Cream like than normal felt ^^ This costs about 3x more than normal felt and I was charged for two instead of one so lets call it 6X more expensive so this little bugger cost a lot! XD
Anyway both are made from felt and stuffed with plushie stuffing ^^ They are so squishy and cute XD The Paopu is roughly the same size as the real thing so woop ^^

Daddy kindly took me to HobbyCraft before we went shopping today and I spent.... £15! XD I bought Felt (which they over charged me for! but CBA complaining XD), Plushie stuffing which has gone up since last time I bought it.... And some bag clips for keyblade and some poppers for the gloves ^^ So right now I'm working on the Paopu which I shall post later on! Tomorrow I'm going for the Main fabrics with Zedela Chan to get Sora Officially started!

This is my nearly finished Sword. As you can see the sword is painted silver now and the handle is poking out (Not glued in yet). All it needs now is the guard on and then this sword is complete!

Started making the swords yesterday!
I started Sesshomaru's tenseiga which I have only started the sheath. This is made out of the card board tube Christmas paper is on ^^ I carefully placed a crease down the middle and then paper mached it!
For the other sword Sesshomaru doesn't seem to have a sheath for so I just started on the actual sword XD. Once again I made this with the inner tube of Christmas paper and cut the end into shape. I placed a dowel into it for the handle ^^ See photo (Handle isn't attached yet)

Here is progress of my first pad until its final stages! (The second one is drying from paper mache ^^)

In the first photo Is the foam being paper mached and held into place on a toilet brush xD Yes only thing I had that wasn't having to do it on my shoulder lol.
This is the first layer of mache to keep it hard but flexible so it can move without me worrying ill snap it while moving my arms about.

The second photo is with the silver leather fabric attached and hand sewn into place. This took about 30 minutes to do as I was trying to make it look like armour, so I had trouble trying to make it cover the surface without it having air inside. Hard work!

The third photo is showing you what it will look like with the button. The button isn't attached yet as it will be attached the to coat not the actual armour. It's to keep it in place on the day and its for details that function! Woop XD

The fourth photo is me painting on the white details around the edging using the normal masking tape and paint ^^

Final photo is the end so far ^^ Still might cover it in clear varnish to make it harder and durable, Have yet to decide.

Hope you like shoulder pads! Will show both later on tonight ^^

In first picture I'm showing the materials used ^^ This is craft foam, glue sticks and a glue gun ^^

I cut them into the right shape and added on detailing to make them better. Shall be paper masheing tonight!

Well Expo is over and the new Sora Cosplay is in progress >D
I went to the OrgXIII site and ordered myself a chunky white zip for the Sora jacket when I get around to buying Materials.
I have started my shoulder armour / pads. They are made out of foam and will be paper mashed and then covered in silver leather type fabric and then maybe they shall be varnished to be shiny I have decided if that would work yet XD

Here are the boots of which I have modified into my Alice boots! I cut down the middle of the boots and put in some leather in the hole and added leather around the tops of the boot. I then added shoe lace to the middle as like Alice and tied into a bow!

The wig came today so photos soon to follow ^^

Today my contacts arrived for Lavi! Three tone green! Hopefully I'll be able to get them in ^^;;

Tis done! waiting for it to dry a bit then ill post.

Today my new wig for Axel has arrived and soon I shall be styling it MWahahahah ^^ Wish me luck.

Didn't quite work Like I thought?

Painting today! Woop if i ever get this paint open ¬¬

I just took the outfit I made for B Rabbit and used it for Alice. I have made a black skirt for when I do Alice which I'm thinking about for May Expo? I don't know T_T

I bought the wig yesterday so hopefully It will arrive before Expo in case I do decide to be her XD

I'm making a broke helmet to I can wear on the Masquerade and still wear the wig! So Yeah I swear this pic will make sense eventually if it works the way I'm thinking XD

Keyblade so far! it is slightly 3D not easily seen in photos... Working on that! XD

Working on the top today so hopefully will workout ^^ This is the last thing to do on this cosplay! Woop

In the large bells I have bought lots of small bells to put inside so i make a noise as I walk like a good kitty xD

The bells are finally attached to the dam scarf after cutting my figure breaking some plastic and made a mess of my room/.....again.

today I have made the scarf and Finished the gloves. Still need to make the top and attach bells in the bells and attach bells onto scarf!

Today Went material shopping have have the materials needed to finish Cheshire.
Starting on the huge scarf as we speak ^^

Made claws ready for gloves and the boots ^^

Today so far....

I have made 3 bells, styled the wig, got ribbon to make necklace, Got the pants.

What i think I can do for the rest of the day is...

Make the boots. Take photos of what I have done... Wear the wig to see if I look like Cheshire.....(me evil? hahahha)

I love his big bells <3 So I started to make them >D

Well as you know I've bought 3 wigs and none have turned up yet for Lavi now.... ¬¬ Well today my badge came for Lavi but they sent the wrong one! ¬¬ i went for the round one and it clearly shows the round badge yet They sent me the cross type one Grrrrr T_T I'm not had much luck for this cosplay yet.... Lavi you better be worth this hassle!!! *shakes fist*

Once again.... More troubles with Lavi wig! This time something to due with rain ruining all there wigs and it's been refunded *sigh*

tis only rough drawing ^^ Ready to cut and stuff >D

Finally going to start making the keyblade. Doing this now since I wish to go into the masquerade at Expo with Vanitas and going on without a keyblade is like :o noooo XD So I decided to get making the keyblade. It's drawn onto wood at the moment ready to cut it out. Might need to wait since it looks ready to rain... again...

This is a photo of the finished Hammer ^^

Hammer is now finished (The big one) Soon to start a baby version >D Photos soon!

I'm starting to make the large hammer I'm hoping to take with me to MCM Expo :D
I love that hammer I will make it ^^ And of course a baby one too xD

Had to buy a new wig *grumble*
Cost me £6 extra than first original wig but hopefully will come this time and not be 'Out of stock' *sigh* All this for cute Lavi-San xD

Worn at the Manchester event of Mankai! on 13th of March :D
Was fun entered the masquerade and didn't win XD But still had fun :D Even if i was dying of over heating XD

They suddenly decide to tell me wig is out of stock ¬¬ Not impressed will have to find new wig *pout*

The white pants I bought for Lavi have arrived :D They are all white and..pant like XD

The mini hammer I made it epic fail..... I might keep it though XD But i will be making new hammer soon......after Midlands ;D

I have started on a cute mini hammer to sit in my leg pouch when i made that XD It fails at the moment if it looks poo at the end i will have to end up remaking it XD
I'll be making a big hammer and a medium hammer one to too xD but Chibi hammer is chibi at mo xD

I have started to get things for Lavi ^^

I have bought myself a wig and the headband. The Eye patch I already own thanks to Ciel so I'll just use that when wig arrives :D

I did some photos of the test and realised now I forgot my neck chain ¬¬.......stupid
Anyway this is for now they will be deleted and put up with new photos of me in prideland areas one day :D

Pants and Tail are complete. I don't like them as the fur arrived a new shade of brown ¬¬ Same fur bought though *sigh* But it will do for now I can change between now and May :D (So forgive me until then it will be changed xD)

Anyway I've finished my pants and tail in this new fur ^^ Just need to attach tail to the pants and finish furring my feet and then Prideland Sora is complete ready for May :D

this is the start of my Jaw armor :D

This is the design painted just needs editing slightly and sleves done more and should be alright
Hope you like!

Today I'm getting my shoes ready :D I hope it will keep me going untill the brown fur arrives XD

Sorry it's blurry but yeah this is the top half of me complete :D how do you like?

Now i finialy finishes faffing with everythign else im starting the suit for prideland sora but foudn out not enough material ¬¬ so i bought some more off ebay coz im lazy and its too late to look anywhere else lol. ill do the top half since it has white on it and while i do that the new lot of fur might come XD

The cross belts have been added onto the Man SKirt!
I need some silver stuff on the edges and some editing to length of the belts before I add things to make them stay on the sides of the skirt ^^

Other than small editing to the top Aka put the greyish rim on these are basicaly done. CBA with them at the mo XD
But my first pair of boot covers ever have been done :D YAY

I dug out my old pair of platform boots :D I used these to make a pattern :D
Im using them to still have the sole showing so they also make me taller and stuff Mwahhahaha

Today i am going to make the shoe covers. Never made any before so... Wish meh luck xD

I finally have eyes in that work XD AKA a redone them ^^ Made outa foam and netting ^^ They dont hurt me :D

Just need my 'X' Belt on the front and we are completed Manskirt!

I started to make the belt with this awesome material but it hates to be turned into a belt XD

Went Shopping today and bought Crud for the outfit XD Just to go home to find out :o I didnt get anything to make the boots outa XD

After an hour or two styling I finally finished the wig :D Not bad for my first attempt at dying a wig :D Hope you like it :D

It is done ;D Just need to style nows! I don't think It's too bad for my first attempt on wig dying...

The long road of using markers on a wig XD

This is a Paw XD 80% done. I need paw pads on it yet.... But I donno what colour Sora's Pads are so I think I'll do them black since it would go with his colours? If you know the real colour let me know! Thankies :D

Hi! I've tested the wig on making it black/grey and it works! I tested it on fringe and washed it to see the ink go bleh and its still dyed to it works ;D So hopefully........ wig will be done soon XD

I orgasiumed realising I had a wig ready and pointless laying around that I could turn into the wig needed! YAY but it needs to be dyed as we dont need a blonde Vanitas XD

I put wig hair onto foam shapes with PVA and then attached to the head like soras hair :D I like how it turned out. ^^

Hey. After some thinking I am re doing the eyes. These eyes are hurting my own eyes so I am taking them out and re doing ^^

I didn't know how to make the eyes so I places a cooked sheet of fimo here and painted. There is netting int he black for me to see ^^ I will be editing these slightly for detail but this is the rough idea ^^

Tis nearly done! It fails XD My first lot of furring meh I guess it can't go right first time haha

The furring of my first head. I'm so proud XD Always wanted to do this and we started woop!

I have cut out foam bits to make the hair. I will be adding wig hair to make it look better than just furring over these aswell (Hopefully)

I CBA tonight too tired T_T I took photos of progress :D But cant find lead so meh ¬¬
I'll post my progress tomorrow DX
But I can tell you I got my blue and fur today so ;) Hint XD

I bought some fur and I found a glue stick to carry on with the head XD
So I put some cheeks and ears on ^^ Still need spikes for hair and everything T_T XD but no more glue .......YET

Hopefully When Carla comes we are going FUR SHOPPING XD
Hopefully then I can get on with that untill I get some more glue sticks to finish off the head XD
And I also need something to make whiskers...... *thinks*

Today I'm so proud XD I've always wanted to make a fur suit head and today I started! But I got so into it I've used up all my hot glue sticks so I have to wait now ¬¬
Not bad for my first try I don't think :D

I finally bothered to finish it off ^^

I was making this while ill so not many photos of progress >> But its now complete xD

I bought a huge afro wig off ebay today which will be great,
Bought some cow print fabric too.

I also bought some cow slippers to save me making some ^^
They are cute XD

Soon as they arrive i'll get started

Chakram number 2..... Named Chidori
Woop tis finaly born!
After a paint job Axel will be over with other than i want a new wig. ><

Well its born but its.........flat :D useless to play with but its a start! better than 2 weeks ago when it was just a bit of wood...... *sniff* Demyx is happy

I finally got around to drawing out the next chakram!
Now I shall wait and cut it out and then ill have two!

Finally with a capital F

~I've finaly drawn out the sitar... took alot longer than planned! So techinal to draw tis annoying

its still not cut out yet but it wont be long hopefully untill its cut out. once thats done i will draw out bits which need to be raised and other things....... ill need alot of blue paint for this since its taller than me T_T i dont think ill bother taking it to london some how...... i see it pissing me off on a tram if i did XD

Today I finaly after about 2 and a half hours work got my first Chakram!
Its still naked and stuff but its my baby! *Axel cry of happyness*
When the weather cheers up or when i can be bothered getting newspaper I shall put a layer of white paint on before painting better. Either that or ill shape it more 3D i havent decided yet.

Today I went shopping and bought wood to create Demyx's Sitar!
I will draw on the patterns soon and cut them out tomorrow!

Today I went shopping and bought wood to create Axels chakrams!
I will draw on the patterns soon and cut them out tomorrow!

I am getting a new Axel wig and styling it. I seem to not be able to get thi old wig back to its good axel self so i just got a new and longer wig to replace it. hope it goes well XD

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