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I still think of myself as a newbie when it comes to cosplaying. There is so much I cant do. Like sewing for example. Sewing makes me rage.

My first cosplay event was MCM Oct 09 I think. I went as Link, but dont really class it as my first costume though. Im not sure why. Its unoriginal and I only did it because it was quick and easy. I made the sword and shield from scratch but thats the only cool thing about it.

My first ACTUAL costume was a Big Sister from Bioshock 2. Worn to MCM in May10. It was horrible to wear, and took me like, 3 months to finish, but I love it and am actually proud of this one ^_^

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It came!! I am pretty happy with it. Just need to edit a few things to make it look better though.

Picture was with a coat I picked up today for £7. Its not long enough, but it will do if I cant find anything else ^_^

Its so pretty!! I LOVE IT! I think the colour for it is perfect too. Just needs a wee bit of stylin'

I really like this lady. I enjoy that I can get away with not being stick thin and still look good.

And I get to use my super grumpy face all day.

This was a bit of an impulse thing. Been looking at her for a while now...

So far Ive ordered the Uniform. Its a cheapy, so Ill probably need to edit some of it, and give it a good iron judging from the pictures :/ Im hoping the colour isnt too off, but it'll do.

The wigs been ordered too. Bargain.

Im almost definatly sure I have a long woolen coat somewhere like hers, it would just need the silver edgings and the fur added to it. If I can find it, theres always the wonder that is the clothing warehouse. Man I love that place.

Boots should be pretty easy to find, and probably quite affordable. We've got a fair few of them cheapy shoe shops that seem to love boots, and with the season changing soon, boots will be everywhere.


So all the body armor and hekmet are painted. THEY ARE DONE.

Currently getting the arm thingies sorted. Im 4 belts short, so need to find them, then I can get the braces done..

then its just a case of knocking up the top and the leg bits. Need to find a way to attatch the braces to the harness though... they fall down if I move :/

Possibly wire or something. I will have a think.

But yeah, I have tomorrow [wednesday] and thursday to get it done, then possibly some time in the hotel if there are any small things I need doing..

Wish me luck..


I might actually get it all done in time for Expo after all!!

Armor stuff is pretty much done. Just gotta make it pretty :D

Will not be held together with tape at expo :/

I made a harness thingy!!

I raided my local poundland, got a shit load of leather belts, then bolted them together.

Actually turned out better than I though it would. Just gotta strip them now, and make them nice and brown.

BASICALLY, its the main support for all the shiz that a Big Sis carries around. Its not anything like what its actually supposed to look like, but I think with the leather top/corset thing underneath, it will look pretty awesome. Im going to build all of the shoulder/back armor actually onto it, and the tank and cage will be held on with a combination of velcro and more leather belts. That way I can actully wear it withough them should I so choose.

Hopefully, now Ive gotten this far, Ill get out of this funk Ive been in and actually get the rest of it done.


The helmet has its base colours, tank is half painted, as are the leg armor bits.

Helmet is compleatly ready for paint now.

ALSO. Managed to make it so you CANT SEE ME!!

the wonder that is one way mirror stuff :P


I am happy, cuz even though its a bodge job, i still think the sword is looking coooool.

It actually a bit short :/ Its only made from some kids cheapy light saber thing I found on the tinternet, BUT IT WILL DO!! Ive like, lengthened the handle, and Im hoping once i have the pointy thing on the end, it should match up. Luckily, Phils pretty short, lol, so it will be fine :P

Helmet has been primered and sanded, ready for a few more coats, more sanding, and eventualy painting.

Basic tank shape is ready, just need to add detail, primer and paint.

need to get started on arm thingy, and eventually the clothing part.


Just ordered some small pressure guages, and little valve wheels, just gotta get hold of a toy steering wheel for the big one now.

White boiler suit has been ordered, will be needing heavy editing.

All thats left to get now is some wood for the leg braces, the wheel, sealant, primer, paint, pleather, then im DONE!!

Im soooooooo happy with how this is looking atm!!

Only thing is, you can see my face :/ Im gunna have to look into putting another window on the other side of the lights, with like, one way mirror stuff on it, me thinks.

The inside is a mess of electical tape though :/

So I actually love this Plastazote stuff :3

Its actually really nice and easy to use. And if you do fook up, you can always reheat it and start again!

Helmet so far. Heated up plastazote in the oven, then places it on the original papier mache helmet with a towel on top to weigh it down. Worked wonders. Use a hot glue gun to fix all the individual peices on. Overlapped a few, and put a bit of glue around the pieces to give it a sort of welded effect. I think it looks pretty good so far!! Might add a few more bits to it today, otherwise Ill wait till the weekend and get some more done :D

Plastazote and foams came today!! Looks like real work will be starting soon!! Just need to get a hold of some decent glue, then its go time :D

Spent a while worrying about the shoes for this, then remembered I had these little beauties. Originally they were a shiny black PVC thing, so I used some sand paper to rough the surface up, then used a brown shoe polish. Actually like them better now to be honest.

Heres a before and after shot. Right = before, Left = after.

Im so glad I thought of these, because theyre actually perfect. The white toe cap will be covered with a metal looking cap, so theres no worries about the polish on them :D

Ill do a few more coats of the brown on these as and when, since ive still got over a month to get everything else done.

Cut out head hole, and marked up all the other bits on it. Im well hapy with how its looking atm.

And its the PERFECT size. Not actually massive like other ones Ive seen :D

Picture of me wearing it, LOL.

Obviously its a rubbish picture, because I couldnt see.. should probably fix that

Ordered pretty much everything I need now. Plastazote, modelling foam, red LED lights, perspez is already here :) But yeah, cant like actually do anything now til thats all here


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