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My greatest cosplay achievement so far is my Miu. I never thought i'd make it. I designed the pattern for it as well, because I couldn't find a usable pattern for the costume. All in all, its probably my best cosplay. I'm also quite proud of my Yoko gun; it nearly got confiscated by police on the underground and i've been asked if it actually fires!

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well after ALOT of experimenting and remaking things, the body is complete, photos should be uploaded soon but i wouldn't count on it because i don't have a camera at the moment -_-' oh well, This cosplay is possibly the best thing i've ever sewn so far (considering that i had to hand sew the perona one). My poor sewing machine has had its work cut out for it ;_; (poor silvie), its been worked to its limit because of the leather, but it'll be rewarded with a nice clean and a good oiling this week :) I actually have enough fabric still to make another miu cosplay 0_0 (so if anyone's interested i can make another one. All i need to do now is start on the wig and finish the boot detail, then i'm set! Hopefully this'll be successful :D

Ruffles are annoying, finding the right material is annoying, everything is annoying! especially when i cannot work on anything because i work constantly already -_-' I work all day for uni, then from 7-god knows when in a pub and all day weekends ;_; Sorry, I really shouldn't rant, I'm just tired and cranky.

Kitacon was awesome and i got alot of positive feedback on the yoko cosplay! There's a couple of things i lose points on, one of them being a physical imparement that i have no control over, the others being the shorts. They are a little off, perhaps too long when i look at mine compared to the image references i have. I also don't have a finished gun. These things (short of what i cannot change) will be rectified for Amecon 2010 i promise.

meh, my hands are sore and i'm bored of handsewing already and when i sleep i dream of my future sewing machine...If i ever get it...i'm trying not to run to my nans everytime i get to this point. she has a sewing machine, but if i take the costume there she'll end up doing most of the work! this time is the same as my perona cosplay, though i actually have sewing patterns for this. the top half is nearly complete (darn hems) and the bottom half in the works. I kinda left it to the last minute...eep! I'm still waiting for the wig as well. i have a back up wig, but it needs styling and some long wefts which i'll have to sew/glue in. If the wig doesn't arrive by the end of this week, i'll go to sally's and see what wefts they have.

well its taken, what, forever?! yup but i really wanna get this one right, i've been putting off alot of the sewing because i still haven't got a sewing machine! the props are easy enough, i made them out of clay but they need varnishing. the wig needs styling but the armcuffs and wings are complete. Its a very complicated and layered outfit and if i ever sell it when i'm done with it i'm gonna charge a million bucks just for the hassle its caused me!

ok, there's been a million billion yokos so this should be a cinch huh. Well its not. because today i tried on what i had so far and all i could see was flab! flab everywhere! so while i'm gonna finish making it, i'm not gonna wear it to a con till next year, for like, amecon or kita. that'll give me plenty of time to buff up without going crazy.

The images so far look backwards because of my webcam being weird and showing stuff the wrong way round! Oh yes, the wig. It tangles so easily! i'll end up tearing half of it out if i'm not really careful! the long bits (i think they are called bangs) need to be cut a bit nicer because they look quite blunt at the ends, which bugs me. all I need to do is style the boots, make the gloves and lose 10lbs. Then i'm set and ready to go! in the mean time i need to get to work on my dears cosplay!

How for the love of god am i gonna move in this thing??? i've been thinking and thinking about it and the more i think the more i wonder about why i wanted to use leather! oh well, it'll work because i'll make it work. No excuses! i'm about half way thru, but don't expect progress pics because i don't post stuff like that really unless the body of it is finito!

Well i have the fabric, the measurements, the boots... Now to get to work! i'm feeling the same impatience that i got with the perona cosplay. if i could have it finished tomorrow, trust me i'd try! Photos will be up soon though even though i still dont have a sewing machine :p

Well so far i've bought the fabric for the main body. the hard part is gonna be when i've got all the parts and i have to put them together and make something out of it. Hopefully i'll be able to get a sewing machine, so no more hand sewing for me! I'm not gonna eat a thing until i do this cosplay as well, i'll be too nervous. I worked out for my revy cosplay to buff up, but for this one i need to be slender so all the muscle i gained for revy i now have to lose for miu. Cosplaying is hard work when u are a crazy neurotic like me!

I've been looking at the pics I took and my waist needs some work. Grrr, I need to get rid of the excess fat and/or water thats clinging to that whole area. Very annoying considering minamicon is in a couple of months...Still, 2 months is good time to make a difference!

Wow, another chance to use my sailor Venus cosplay! I thought this was one of my worse cosplays but everyone loved it. We organised a sailor moon cosplay group photoshoot but i was running late and missed alot of it :( oh well, it was still really fun!

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