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And here it is, the part I am dreading more than anything! D: Idk why I seem to like picking characters that have awkward hair...

I'm planning on making use of the awesome Rose Quartz wig tutorial by cowbuttcrunchies:

I ordered some supplies from Coscraft: Jeri in rose pink x2, straight wefts in rose pink x2, 4 wig clips and 2 flesh-coloured wig caps
Already have: Got2B hairspray, hot glue, curlers/curling iron, pink felt/winceyette
Still need to buy: clear packing tape, wire, foam block, tacky glue


Design 2 (no pattern in mind, would have to draw up by myself)

More "interesting" looking design than just flat layers
Could get away with more fabric choices
Ruffles! :3

Inaccurate to references
Not sure what fabric to use (would prefer chiffon to organza for ruffles but would need more of it to get decent volume)
Ruffles! D: unless I got a special ruffling foot I could get impatient and ruin them

I mean, ideally I think I'd wanna make both if I had the time and money D: Design 1 for the daytime and Design 2 for the Kitacon ball...

So while CI was going through the weekend maintenance I decided to try and do some sketching to nail down a design I wanted to use. I came up with 3 and have narrowed it down to 2 but still stuck DX halp pls

Design 1 (based on Butterick 5325)

Accurate to the show
Generally easy dress shape
Already sourced the right coloured duchess satin

Think it might end up looking too plain irl
Awkward scalloped edges
Layers could end up being quite warm/heavy if using duchess satin

I'm still not 100% sure what I intend to do in terms of the style of the dress, I've seen lots of interpretations about colour and design but I don't know what I want to go for ;A;

I made up a moodboard of other cosplays I found via Google images (sorry for lack of credit :< I'm not sure who they are) in various styles that I liked so I'm trying to use it as inspiration! I love the simplicity/cartoon style of A as it's most like in the show, I love the realistic look/ruffles on B, C looks pretty yet simple and comfortable, D has really nice muted versions of the colours and a slightly more mature look with the bodice/skirt combo and E has the really nice ruched skirt effect to mimic the scalloped shape on the refs.

I've also added more references in various styles to try and help me pick colours and style, Ref A has what looks like a flowing train while Ref B has a more reserved shape, also Ref C has a more varied colour gradient (which I like) and Ref D shows her dress as being super ruffled.

Based on Ref C I've looked at some duchess satin online and found the 4 colours in the moodboard: Ivory, Blush Pink, Soft Pink and Dusky Pink. I think they'd flow into each other quite well, Dusky looks a liiiitle bit too dark but I'm hoping that's just the lighting! I still don't know what style to go for but on the off-chance that I go for something similar to the A style I've found some satin bias binding for the scalloping (because I'm super lazy and I HATE hemming curved edges... >___>)

I also ordered a very pretty belly gem from RocketmanProps on Etsy!

And lastly, not pictured, I will be finding some kind of flesh coloured fabric for the star cutout on her tummy~

Eeee so my base wig and clips arrived yesterday :D super excited about getting to start styling it but also terrified about buggering it up D:
Will probably harvest the clips for the extra wefts but still toying with the idea of using the clips (shortened) for the poofy pigtails and adding the odango around it. Worried that any other kind of pigtail I do will end up looking a little flat :/

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I've cut the wig now but I'd like to do the hair-down version (Goddess atire) sometime too so I don't wanna use any products in it.

Since I'm not using any gels or sprays to style the wig (will style on the day to keep it neat) I thought I might as well go for some natural looks with the ribbons too. (A) was just an idea that popped into my head but in practice it doesn't look very good, will probably stick with (B)

Second attempt at painting the belt buckle (and dress gem)... all of my enamel paint had gone funny and so it all looks a bit crap, oh wells~

Woooooo! It's not fantastic and the appliqué along the top and sleeves is SO shitty, but it's done so who cares! :D

Just waiting for the "gem" to finish drying and then it can just slot into the little bias diamond and shouldn't fall out

All the bits so far (minus sailcloth)~

Going to try and find some white leggings in town tomorrow.
Need to get more paint for the big buckle as the one I was gonna use has gone funny then just got to put a clasp on it.
Medallion and cloth belts are both complete.
Dress has been taken up and the first line of bias designs have been added along the bottom hem. Need to add the second line of bias on the bottom hem, take it in at the underarms, make the sleeves and add bias to collar and sleeves.
Wig still needs trimming and styling too, want it to stay in place properly without the ribbons falling out but also don't want to put products in it so I can reuse it for other stuff :/

Bottom hem of the dress, 1 of 30.

...Remind me again why the hell I thought this would be a good idea? XD

Can't be arsed doing proper points for all the dress bias along the hems, although folding and tack-stitching is taking just about as much time...
5 down, another 25 to go...

Medallion belt all painted and assembled~

All the pieces for the medallion belt and the buckle for the cloth paint, all made of Worbla~

Base shape for the dress, need to take it up a tiny bit, add the sleeves and do all the yellow edging

Was going to wear my old OoT Link boots but just discovered that they no longer fit! D: Dilemma

Hmm still quite messy but not too bothered, needs a good going over with an iron.

Just procrastinating on starting the dress...

The crest is a bit wonky and the fit when I wear it is pretty tight but oh wells, it's not like it's an *actual* part of her costume :P

2 hours in and I've cut out the brown parts for the belt and made the belt cloth thing (it's a little wide but meh)

So I bought all the fabric yesterday and my Coscraft wig came this morning


Eeee now this is the big I'm really worried about!

I ordered my wig and extra wefts (just in case) from Arda, they were shipped on the 24th and I received them on the 29th! Absolutely amazing postage :O
But yes, beautiful quality as always, hence why I am so nervous to style it all now D:

I always see lots of Sora wigs in really dark browns but most of the refs are a nice brighter, warmer colour so I went with the Jareth and a packet of their Short Wefts in Warm Light Brown (AR015)
As you can see from the photo it's got such a gorgeous colour! :3 now I just need to decide on what method and style I plan on using for it...

Watch this space!

Annoyingly, after my last journal entry I managed to get myself some lovely HD screenshots and discovered that my plan for the chain strap thing wouldn't look right D: so yeah, that is being disassembled and I've bought something that will hopefully be the right size to work with. It's currently driving my insane that I can't find the right kind of chain! It's either the wrong shape or the wrong size, I found a perfect one in Wickes the other day but it had a black layer on it that I wouldn't have been able to remove, bugger!

Anyways photos!
Top: All mini crowns and necklace crown cut out (have since made a new necklace crown as the shape wasn't right)
Middle: Testing the layout of the crowns on the "chain" (also pictured is the chain I've ordered)
Bottom: Testing a new sandable top layer on some scraps to see if I can get a nice smooth texture on the Worbla (only one layer applied as a test, hence it looking a little uneven), then given a light coat of Rub'n'Buff as I adore the stuff and I have some lying around~

Getting fidgety about starting this so doing little bits wherever I can :D

Working on his chain belt thing atm, I've done all the chain loops now, just working on the many mini crowns on them!

My big white zips for the playsuit/jacket arrived! :D

The red zip is a standard size open-ended zip to show the size comparison~ I'd have liked the white ones to be a little bigger (it was actually the smallest of 3 that I could have got) but it'll still be goooood

Now I need to decide which fabrics to use... Any ideas guys?

Belt is a little tight on me so I may wear it under the (open) sweater vest... will see how it looks once the dress arrives!

They're a LOT brighter in real life!

Woo progress!

I'm buying most of the things for this as it's just for fun so just working on the little bits like this and the braces~

Just a quick look at some of the tests I've been running and patterns I've been drawing up~

I was rather proud of my skirt, so I'm taking it off the photo page and shifting it here instead :3

Argh! Even with the Klan Klan dress this top has been a logistical nightmare >___<

But here's the back of the top layer (sans collar), too headachey to do any more for now but most of the rest is all pinned up for tomor-... later today

So it turns out that my Klan Klan dress is almost the perfect mock up for the ballgown top layer :D can use it as a pattern which will make my life a lot easier, just need to make this one more floaty and with a chinese style collar~

Decided the bust line wouldn't suit me very well and would be quite impractical with the fabric I'm using so I opted to change the top a little.

This is my sketch of the changes I'll be making, mainly the white layer~

As much as I love the Coscraft wig I got for this, once both the wig and fabric arrived there was more purple than blue in it for it to match D:

Being a derp and forgetting that I already had a blue wig for Klan Klan (Macross Frontier) I think I'll be wearing that instead~

(Excuse derp face, lack of makeup, messy Klan Klan style and the fact I have the eartips on)

So here's the base skirt (also my cute ball shoes), just needs a waistband but I'm going to wait until I have the other layers sorted first and then band them all together~

My fabric FINALLY arrived! >_< postage was ridiculous... I'm just testing out shapes and colours by draping over my mannequin~


Since Monkey asked so nicely here's a photo of me trying on Suki.
Please try to ignore my horrible tummy, I'm trying to lose it before Amecon by doing ALL THE SWIMMING... :<

As simple as the design of the top actually is, it caused me no end of trouble D:<

Also please ignore fatty tummy bits, attempting to lost them by Ame!

Was dreading these because of the awkward shape around the wrist but actually really pleased with them~

My cabochons for the collar arrived~ They're glass and feel so nice :3

Showing off my colour method test and what they look like on the collar, pretty happy with them~

Hokay so evidently this never happened...

Just need to finish off the wig but I'm changing this to casual Twilight for Amecon as I promised a friend I'd do it for her

Tried on the wig so I could get the hair pulled back properly, really pleased with how it looks right now :3 just need to add the topknot part and then I can cut it all

I must admit though, I'll be kind of sad to cut this one, it's so pretty :<

I decided to just say "sod it" and use all the fabric I bought, even though it'll be a big mish-mash of colours...

So yeah, I made a new belt and put the gold bits on it~

Not too shabby for a few hours work :3 (although I assure you the colours look SO much nicer in real life, silly camera!)

I got the belt buckle in town but it was silver so I gave it a going over with some of my gold enamel paint and some matte varnish. I've mocked up the hair decoration too~

The trousers are all done~ They are elasticated as I really couldn't be arsed to do all that gathering nonsense and put in a proper waistband. I made little bows for the knee bits too like the way she has them tied, should at least give a little bit of an illusion (maybe?) :P

the skirt is a bit too long when I'm actually wearing the trousers so I need to shorten them and bit and take an inch or two off the width. Then I can start on the edging.

Belt just needs gold bias.

Collar just needs gold bias and some fasteners.

Please ignore my horrible skin for now, this is just to show of the ear bend I finished making :D

I'm really happy with it! I think I'm going to style my wig in a nice side sweep as well so it's more visible~

I'm happy to make these for other people in different colours and such, please DM me if you're interested in commissioning me for one!

Just testing what it'd look like with a layer of the fabric I'm using over the top, pity the actual hoop skirt is quite short (even on me!) so I'll have to think of a way to make it not show too much...

The first batch of dyed fabric... PITY THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE SAME COLOUR! ;A;

I actually bought this wig for my Medli cosplay many Minamis ago and it never arrived in time, it's been literally sitting in my wig box since then :O it's really long but if I cut it it's actually perfect for Suki! This was just me testing if I could actually attempt the topknot~

Major ARGH ;_____;

So I rang Fabricland's warehouse today to see if I could order more of my fabric in but they don't stock it any more, like, at all...

I ended up spending hours looking online for a match but couldn't find anything, checked 5 local fabric shops and couldn't find anything there either...

So now I've come to the conclusion that after spending hours sealing and appliqué-ing designs onto the dupion and cutting out most of my bits and embroidering and everything...

............I now have to start over completely.

I've had to spend another £50 on base fabric (that isn't even as pretty) so I can remake all the pieces I've already made. It also means I'm going to have to remake, reseal and resew all my fiddly bits for appliqué all over again...

I seriously just want to cry right now.

So the spikes and gems have been painted.
The cuffs are all cut out and embroidered, just need to be assembled.
The sleeve bands have been appliqued, need to be hemmed.
The 2 main skirt pieces have been cut out.

But major problem.
After cutting out the main skirt pieces I've pretty much run out of my main fabric. The pieces I have left aren't big enough for the front and back skirt overlays and even so I couldn't go against the grain.

The bad part? Fabricland doesn't stock it anymore and I don't know the colour name/product code to order any online...
I've spent the last 30mins-1hr looking online to try and look for the right colour but I'm having NO luck whatsoever...

Seriously panicking now. If I can't get any before the 20th then this isn't going to get finished in time for Expo...

All applique is done! Just needs closures and a gem now :D

Fffffffff pity it's only the bloody collar!
Still so much left to do!

Woo I has some bits :D was rather thrifty today methinks~

- Beads/gems to paint (taken off a necklace) [EDIT: found some better ones, may not need these after all]
- Metal spikes, currently painting (taken off a studded wrist strap + odd ones for cheap)
- Swarovski beads for necklace
- Gold pendants for earrings (taken off two necklaces)

Collar and sleeve bands progress
Man I am not looking forward to appliqué-ing all the gold tomorrow...

At least the corset and wig are both done, hopefully the boots will arrive soon so I can get them done too D:

Finished my collar mock-up, looks pretty simple but caused me no end of annoyance! Maybe it's just because I'm tired and ill :<

Anyways, will make the real one tomorrow~

My base wig finally arrived~
Quite a bit of work to do but not nearly as much as Serenade so hopefully it shouldn't take too long!

Hokay so I just finished the corset :D made leather bias and sealed the edges, inserted the gold eyelets and threaded a black test ribbon (the proper one will be gold)

Photos are fairly self explanatory:
top left + top center = me wearing the corset
top right = corset with fosshape bust cups (before heating)
bottom left + bottom center = corset on the mannequin
bottom right = detail on eyelets/front lacing bones

Proud to see my hand-embroidery all done, thankfully any messy bits aren't noticeable from a distance >_>

Trying to find the right shape for the bust cups, the horrible seam down the front will only be on the lining, hoping to use some of my leftover Fosshape so it stays nice and rounded :D

Guess we'll see how this works out...

All three of the bejewelled danglies~

Still not sure if it needs more beads or not, there are only 85 so far...

Embroidery is all done now, I can finally finish up the corset and move on to other bits :D

Also ordered my base wig today, exciting stuff~

So I got some extensions but they wouldn't dye at all, finally managed to find the right extensions ones on eBay last minute, and then the lovely SephNoir helped me dye them the right colour :3

Having to spend ages sewing them all in now D: trying to get the fibres into the skin top is gonna be tricky...

Yay this is the embroidery at about 70% done, I've actually sewn more since this was taken but haven't got an updated photo yet so the next one should be the finished corset :D

It's nice to know I have a ton of time to work on a cosplay for once!

1 of 3 bejewelled danglies :D

Still needs more beads...

A mixture of chain stitch and couching, probably about 10% of the full design so far, this is gonna kill my fingers!
Wish me luck~

Been working on the reverse corset (back-to-front and upside-down BY DESIGN), it started off being a massive brain-melty conundrum but it seems to be coming out very nice! Really quite pleased so far :3 the boning and lacing bones are all cut/sized up but I can't insert them and finish the edges until the leatherette has been embroidered...

So been working on the corset for this, it's gonna be made of leatherette with a load of embroidery/applique D: not looking forward to that!
It's already been confusing enough as the design calls for the corset to be made back-to-front and upside-down! WHUT

On the upside, a third of my pretty beads have arrived~

So, after all the Kitacon cosplay planning for the committee I've been itching to get crafting again as I haven't since Aya!

I didn't make a great start on this project though as I got the wrong coloured fabric (sort of) but as it was £13.50 per meter I'm just going to alter the whole colour spectrum to suit it :3

Wig arrived, it's so soft and pretty :3 the photos makes it look super bright, but it's quite a bit darker irl

Now I just need to dye/buy exptensions to sew in~

Another quick entry to say I'm currently sorting out a proper sketch of the design(s) I want to go with so that'll probably go up here soon too

In the meantime I'm waiting on my wig to be delivered and hoping it'll be as pretty as it looks :3 As for her coloured streaks, I've tried to colour some of my spare blonde extensions but the colours are coming off quite easily so I may just buy some fibres and sew them into the wig myself...

Planning extra headwear as well so watch this space! ;D

Yay, finally a chance to do this! :D

So, it occurred to me the other day that the dress I got for the ball at Amecon 2010 is blue and has spakly stars on it... Looked a little similar to the one Rarity made for Twilight sparkle :D
Cue large levels of EXCITEMENT

So yes, gonna be using the dress I bought for the Ame ball as a base (the colour is more like the 1st panel in the photo) and then add some more stuff to it to make it prettiful~

Better view of the back of the cloak, also fixed the wonky bias and added the clasp :D
Detailing can wait, sod it!


detailing will be added in the morning

and now to bed...

Finally got around to the suede lacing on the cincher, almost forgot about it!

I've made my gloves as well, they're not fantastic but they'll do for now. My staff has been dremelled and sprayed for the second time and it's still a bit rough :/ oh well, going to add the Rub'n'Buff and then varnish it all.

I've also finished my wig, photos to come~ :D

Wig is done, bought my contact lenses, bought new earrings and got around to doing my make up test :D

Currently making the decorations for the wig curls~
Here's what they look like so far, I haven't glued them yet though so I'm just holding it in place for the photo

It's really sunny now as well so I'm going to try and finish the staff now before it starts chucking it down again!

Crappy British weather means I haven't been able to go on the balcony in the last couple of days so no more staff progress atm D:

I've made a start on the gloves though, sewing the mock up tonight and if it comes out right then the real ones will be a breeze

Still umming and ahhing about getting some purple contact lenses, since I've been so anal about tiny details it seems silly to overlook the eyes. At least for judging/photoshoot~

Also decided to make her travelling cloak as a nice little extra for the masquerade, then I can whoosh it off and look all cool :D

Working on the staff a bit more tonight provided it's still light outside when I get out of the bath XD

Also I emailed back and I've decided to just go for EuroCosplay, can't hurt can it? ^^

Again I want to give big thanks for Mart and his jisaw for cutting out all the major pieces for me!
I've assembled it all now, sealed and sanded it, given it a base coat of primer and sprayed the basic colours. I will be sanding it again for a really smooth finish but I find it sands much nicer after priming, also will be changing the shade of the gold but that'll come last before I varnish it~

Still undecided on weathering, thoughts?

Btw you can feel free to ignore my yummy cupcake pyjama bottoms XD


The wig is nearly finished :D just need to make the little decorations for ther curls, trim the bangs and curl the longer bangs :D


Done half of one of the curls tonight, the hair pinned on top is the rest of the hair to be added to the curl. Now I just have to hope I can get it even on the other side!!

Just needs fastenings and a 3rd layer to cover up the messy bit around the neck.
Added my own resin-cast gems and a bit of 3D paint for the little designs~

The wig is underway now as well, the boots have 3D paint drying on the tops and my staff is drying out on the balcony

Wings are pretty much done (needs some fastenings though), looks a bit off center in the picture but I haven't glued the centerpiece down, will do that in accommodation so it doesn't get trashed on the journey

Doing a little tidying and moving pictures off the main page~

Doing a little tidying and moving pictures off the main page~

Decided to try another method on the other half of my tester wig, it's actually coming along pretty well (big thank you to Lulu Rose for her helpful suggestions!)

Obviously on the real wig the pigtails will be further out on the sides and the curls will look thicker in the center of the spirals and all that, but for an experimentation on method I think this is coming along nicely :D

I got the headpiece for the staff today! Most of the smaller pieces have been sanded down and secured in place now, just need to sand the headpiece and give it a protective coat so that the wood stops trying to split >_>

It's been raining today so once the balcony is dry I'll be priming and painting it~

So the test I did on my spare wig didn't work all that well :/ will have to try another method and continue panicking.

Been working on the staff today with my friend Mart, he's been an absolute star :3 he has way more tools than me and doesn't have shaky hands so he's helped me by cutting out all the seperate pieces for me. Took most of it home today and set about sanding them and trying to assemple them to the main staff.
I've glued the sphere together, secured the wooden divet thing and the bottom ring, waiting for them to dry and then I'll secure the other rings and the sphere. The main top part of the staff is almost done, just need to cut out the last of the crosses and fix one of the nails that has split the wood a little. It's made from a mop pole though so the top can be screwed on and off for easy transportation :D

Once that's all assembled it'll just need to be primed and painted and then it's done!

Too warm, cannot brain!

The collar is almost finished now, I've added the fasteners to the dress too so it can snap into place, it sticks out a bit but hopefully it'll flatten down a bit at the back once I do the wings and stuff.

I might have to recast my gems as they're not as blue as they used to be, though considering my time frame I may just leave them as-is.

I made the little roses and bows for the boots though, will attach them later. Super pleased with them though, never made fabric roses before! :3

Top: Finished roses
Middle: Ribbons attached to roses
Bottom: Possible leaves attached (not sure if I want to use these or not yet :/ thoughts?)

Haven't been doing as much as I should be on this and I'm fast running out of time D: currently waiting for the gold to dry on the necklace pieces so I can put them back together, trying to prepare some fabric roses for the boots while I wait.
I've been trying to choose a method of styling the wig, after a quick chat with Lulu Rose I've got a bit of a better idea in my head now. I have an old with that I'm testing it out on (see pic). Won't know if it's worked until sometime tomorrow though

Watch this space

Other than the collar I decided to remake the dangly necklace pieces, they weren't nearly sturdy enough and now they at least look much nicer/are much stronger. Need to gold them up though and attach them to the band and that'll be out of the way

Started preparing the blue duchess satin to make the little roses on the boots so that'll need to dry overnight. Need to find a new method of glueing the crystal flowers in place as the last few trials really haven't worked D: wondering whether or not to recast my resing gems or not, don't really have the time but I don't know how much I like them anymore. Decisions, decisions!

My wig arrived yesterday as well and it's b-e-a-u-tiful :3 it's very thick and already center parted, I put up a photo of it on the main page~
I'm TERRIFIED of styling it though... I'd hate to cock it up this close to it being finished, really scared to ruin it because I have no idea where to even start ;A; if anyone has any tips I'd GREATLY appreciate it

So I finally made a start on the collar tonight, been a bit worried to start it as I was having a bit of difficulty planning it in my head D:

Still need to finish it off but it's looking like this so far

It's gonna be attached to the dress with snap fasteners and hooks/eyes

The penny loafers arrived and they're perfect, just had to pick up some brown shoe polish and protective spray~

Can anyone hazard a guess at what I'll be doing over the next day or two? :P

So I cut out most of the dress pieces the other day only to run out of fabric just as I had one piece left to cut! FFFFFFUUUU so I had to order more fabric :< luckily it arrived today though so I made a start on the sewing.

Here's what the dress looks like so far~

It's still rather big around the waist and I haven't even sewn in the back panels yet :/ will add the zip to the back panels before sewing them in and then I'll just take it all in at the end. Then it's just a matter of the collar and the ribbon-y stuffs

My wig has been shipped~ :D should get it in a week or so and then there's a massive amount of styling to do

My new stuff for the collar is here now as well but we're in a new flat and we don't have an iron/ironing board yet so that's being set aside for now.

In the meantime here's a photo of the boots/legwarmers, suggestions on improvement welcome!


Added the zip and back panels and have taken it in evenly all the way around the waist

Just need to make the collar, decide on what to do with the arm-holes and finally add the ribbon-y bits and diamonds :3

Today I repainted and glossed the chest plate and belt panels and also painted and glossed the new tiara :3 I was using Polymorph but I've managed to colour it pretty nicely so I'm pretty proud since it's so hard to do~

The dress just needs the back seam closed up and then I just need to measure the bottom and hem it. The shawl will need to be redone as it's not quite broad enough for my shoulders, also need to get some white foam for the wing clips and it should be pretty much done!

Will post up some proper shots soon~

Shoes got shipped out today, should be here in the next few days~

Here's the bow for the front of the shirt :D

Okay so I just broke my bank account and bought a decent wig this time, the last one I got was so bad that it was never really going to work out :/
So that should hopefully arrive in about 2 weeks max~

I'm really tempted to redo the blue parts of the boots/legwarmers as the middle needs to be taken in but there's no way I can take them in without redoing the entire zip again :/ quite tempted to put a zip in the bottom by the heel/ankle of the shoe and then just sewing the rest of it together to make it more of a slip on, not sure if it'll work though so I really don't want to cock it up... suggestions welcome by the way!

I'm going to remake the necklace and soften out the belt buckle a little more now that I have a fancy Dremel :3 going to use a different method for the collar as well so heres hoping it works~ Will need to get a tiny bit of help from a friend with my staff but that should be done hopefully too

Go go go!

Made a start on the dress today, been cutting out the pieces. Totally restarting the shirt as well as I found a semi-stretch cotton which will work much better. Made the bow for the front of the shirt though, looks super cute and I wanna wear it all the time :3

Just bought some penny loafers as well since they work well as Japanese school girl shoes, the cheapest ones I could find were red though so I'm gonna have to take some brown shoe polish to them and hope it works :P

Anyways, off to shower and then continue cutting out the dress~

So I looked back at my last starting point for the tiara and decided to try and make it out of something else

With a couple of moulds and some polymorph I managed to get it looking like this :D


Ok so after a major setback in sizing I couldn't do this for Kitacon in the end, though the upside is that over the last 6 months I've been losing weight and I can now get in the dress with space to spare!

Going to get this finished for Aya methinks and join the LoZ group!

Finally got my wig :3

I need to cut the bangs to frame my face and I'll need to perfect how to wear it as it comes in quite a few pieces, but otherwise yay~

Eartips arrived :D
As with all new eartips, I wanna wear them forever!

Ok so after attempting the shirt in poly cotton I decided that it's not going to look the way I want it to look so I'm gonna try to get some other fabric with a bit of stretch to it

In the meantime I've ordered some medium/heavy weight cotton lycra for the dress and my eartips. I ordered my wig as well, prestyled just to make my life a bit easier, so here's hoping that it arrives as nice as the photo!

Better view of the bust of the jacket, fully sewn and embellished now!

Really proud of this if I'm honest, never thought I'd ever make something intricately like this (especially with all my recent mental health problems) :3

Can't believe I'm actually finished AHEAD of schedule for once :D even more so since it's for university!

But yes, posting up some detailed pics in the journal, will put main photos on the photo tab. Will be having a little photoshoot or two tomorrow (well, today) with Umbrav and Shenny so hopefully I can get some nice photos up by the evening.

For now you'll have to settle for a bad bathroom shot~

Ok so I'm almost at the end!

Spent most of tonight gathering and pleating the overskirt, just need to hand-stitch the waistband in place and that part is done~
The jacket it almost finished as well, need to hem a few edges by hand, attach the collar and all the buttons down the front and then that will be done as well~
The underskirt just needs the 2nd layer hemmed, will do that last as it's not so important.

Photos to come later~

So far this is the jacket (80% done), the underskirt (90% done) and the bustle (100% done) :D

The overskirt needs to be pleated, gathered and sewn to the front peplum and then I'll be very nearly finished

A-woot~ ...this better get me a passing grade!

Tonight I worked mainly on the jacket: I sewed the sleeves in place, made the cuffs, attached cuffs to sleeves and made the bust panels for the centre

This is just showing the back pleats over the bustle/underskirt, the centre panel (not neat as it's just pinned inside) and the cuffs

Ok so this part is almost finished, just need to hand-stitch the inside of the waistband and hem the white and black layers :3

Pictured with the bustle underneath so you can see the pleats

Sewed the lace and bridal looping onto the jacket bust tonight, testing how the buttons will look~

Excuse the lack of makeup, tried both the wig and hairpiece together tonight along with one of the bought fascinators. I know the hairpiece doesn't match the wig exactly but it was the best I could find. I'll do it much neater for the proper photoshoot as well.
Will be adding some other stuff to the fascinator at some point as well

Spent a good couple of hours hand-sewing the lace onto the front peplum edging =___= took forever as I was determined to make it pretty strong, ended up matching every machine stitch with my needle and thread...

But yay~

I thought I might just use my Lara Croft wig (unstyled) for this but I'm going to get a matching hairpiece to use so I don't have to put ringletts in the Lara wig :P
The colour is a tiny bit off but it should be alright for photos and stuff. I tried it on over my own hair for now to get an idea of placement.

Now I just wish more than ever that I had long curly hair... ;A;
Might have to get a hairpiece similar to that to wear all the time...

Bah, I keep getting side tracked and either going online, watching 'Friends' or doing sketchbook work... >___>
I've now sewn together most of the lining layers, taken in the sleeves and started on the petticoat and underskirt.

Haven't gotten much further as I need to get some sleep, got to be in uni tomorrow morning to print off a load of pictures for the sketchbook.

Here's the lining pinned to the jacket so far, then I just need to work on the seams, sleeves and front panel~

Okays so I finally styled the wig yesterday and decided to debut it for the HeartJapan fundraiser (hosted by Cosplay Clubnights) ^^

Showing off the wig here as it was kinda messy by the time I was able to get proper photos of it all D: I'll leave the guns and holster photos on the main page though as it's a better view of them~

I also managed to get an old bag off the lovely Amber so I just cut the straps and resewed them by hand last minute to turn it into Lara's backpack

It seemed to go down pretty well, and most of my friends could only recognise me because of my tattoos! Does that mean I pull her off rather well?

Anyways yes, new full costume photos now :D!

So this is most of the outer layer of the jacket done, will do the centre bust last as I want to make sure I have the sizing right first. Super happy about the pleated peplum :3 sleeves and lining are just being sewn together now, here's hoping it comes out okay~

I'm usually so bad at pleats, really pleased with these~

Top: selection of buttons I was considering, going for the one in the box as it matches the bias, got smaller ones though so they would fit in the bridal button looping that I found.

Middle: some nice feathers I saw in the craft shop, I felt like making some sort of fascinator or small hat so I'll fix these on it somehow, I also bought some special headdress netting as well for that.

Bottom: Large and small lace, will use those around the front peplum, cuffs and jacket bust mainly, though I might use any extra for the undergarments (that I may make if I have the time). The satin bias will go on the edging of the same bits as the lace, tempted to embellish the bias with something but haven't decided what yet. And the last is the bridal button looping, this will go down the centre of the bust, I thought it would save me time and look much nicer than 26 button holes...

Okay so I've done a bit of this already before putting this up here so I'll just catch you up quickly with pictures for now~

This is the bustle and the start of the front peplum~

Made a start on the shirt tonight, but it's so hard to make fitted things out of non-stretch fabric that needs to go over the head to wear it D:

Anyways, made a base of white, will try to put some darts in it tomorrow and add the lilac over the top so it's not too see-through. Made the collar tonight though so I feel at least a little accomplished :P

I broke my bank account today TT^TT
I had to buy a ridiculous amount of fabric for my final uni project so while I was out I went and got some lilac and white for the shirt. Couldn't find the right fabric/colours I wanted for the dress so I'll probably have to order those :< oh wells~

So yeah, got the ball rolling very early for once

So I can put proper photos up~

So I can put proper photos up~

So, sods law I got everything finished but the wig didn't show up on time >.<

Oh wells, it's all ready now so I can wear it whenever, one less cosplay to make in the future~


The shorts are done, the top is done, guns are done, got the glasses and wearing using my winter boots. The fingerless leather gloves I ordered are a tad too big and stiff so I'm gonna have to get some more or not have any D: Also really hoping my wig arrives between now and thursday or I'm screwed!

Although I sewed some faux leather today :D I know it's not really something to get excited about but this is the first time using anything vaguely vinyl/leather-y since getting my new (well, not really "new") sewing machine, was amazed at how smoothly it went through, had no problems at all (unlike my last machine)!

So yays, I now have belts, straps and holsters :D they're a tad loose on the main straps and the bits around my thighs are kind of hard to get right since they either fall down my legs or pinch and give me fatty legs D: if the main straps were tighter/shorter they would keep the thigh straps up without a problem but I really don't know if I can really be bothered to go and unpick stuff and alter them at this point.
Will see how I feel about it in the mor-... well, later :P

Pictures to come soons~

I did some more of the dress tonight :D think it's come out pretty well!

Added the pleated chestpiece, the rounded collar, several buttons and the cuffs~

I'm attempting an early(ish) night for me tonight so I'll finish it off tomorrow, the bow for the back of the dress is all assembled, just need to add it to the back somehow, need to make a little bow for the collar, need to insert the zip and then I can finally sew on the lace and it'll be DONE :D

But for now, nighty night~

Close up of the collar~

I had to lower the brightness a lot in Photoshop to show the detailing, made nice folded bits and added buttons and things to make it a bit less plain :3

Just need to make the little blue necktie for it now!

Guns are finished, picture on the main photo tab :D might still give them a spray with some sort of varnish to stop the paint from accidentally getting chipped/scraped off.

Just finished dying the shorts, they're drying in the bathroom atm, lovely chocolate brown now :D

Bit more of the dress done, added the sleeves, now I just need to tackle the collar and cuffs~

Looking forward to adding the lace but I can't do that until the very end, wanna get the zip in first!

Anyways, there you go~

So I decided to stop putting them off and made a start on the sleeves tonight >.> I hate doing these kinds of sleeves, the ones that hug the arm up to the shoulder and then puff up, they're annoying to try to put together!

But anyways, I got them done, they can be sewn onto the dress soon and the white cuffs are all cut out and stuff, ready to attach tomo-... today >.>

Oh wells, aside from that I've sewn some black bias around the neckline of the dress so I can attach the collar easier, I've also added some white bias along the edge of the lace for the 2nd row on the dress, will hopefully do that bit soons

But now, BEDTIME :D

So, I can finally start this! So excited, I hope it goes down well and I don't get labelled a whale XD
Like it said in the info tab, I've always wanted to cosplay Lara in all her outfits, and since I've lost weight recently I thought I'd give it a go. Going for the classic/Anniversary look to start with and when I'm a bit more confident I might try the Legend one >_>

So yesh! I already have some boots that will do (and saves me money), I've ordered some small red sunglasses that she wears in TR1 as well as a wig, although I have no idea if it will arrive on time D: I have some shorts but they need to be dyed as I could only get them in sand (all the chocolate brown ones were size 8s and under D:), I also got a nice ribbed jumper and took the sleeves off so that looks about right I think.

Here's a pic of the shorts (pre-dye) and the altered top, also the boots I'll be using~

I also got some black leatherette today so I can make the belts and holsters, got some toy guns from poundland as well, just need to spray them silver and give them some drybrushing shadows and they'll look perfect! :D

So yeah, bit by bit, if the wig comes in time I'm sure to have it all ready for Kita!

Ok so I haven't actually done any more of the dress yet >.>

I got somewhat sidetracked and decided I wanted to make a Honekoneko plushie to bring along, but I've never made a proper plushie before so it's been taking up some time... I'm hoping to turn it into a backpack actually, then I can keep wallet and stuff in it :D
It's currently looking a bit misshapen, need to fix the body as the shape came out wayyy wrong XD but otherwise it's not looking too bad~

The wig arrived much earlier than expected though, it was quite a bit darker than I was expecting but it is nice and thick so that makes up for it. It tangles VERY easily though, might have to braid it until Kita weekend to keep it intact >.<

So I started working on the dress for a good few hours last night, most of the base is done now~ Need to make the sleeves, insert the zip, finish the collar and add all the lace ^^

Started working on the collar last night, I noticed in the refs that she has line bits on the white so I've been sewing folds into the fabric to try and make it less plain, hopefully it'll look nice!

I need to make or buy some sort of thick petticoat (I have 2 on the mannequin atm) to be able to puff out the bottom bell of the dress properly, not looking forward to that, petticoats are not my strong point >.>

The only other thing I'm having a bit of a problem with is that in different refs Stocking has a blue belt and the blue bow at the back, and in others she just has the blue bow :/ not sure which to do! Thoughts?

Anyways yes, progress~

Bought all my fabric yesterday, I'm low on cash so I didn't go for anything too extravagant. Going for plain white poly cotton for the white of the collar and cuffs, royal blue poly cotton for the bows and black cotton wyncette for the dress~ Never seen it in black before so I got some while I could as it's light and soft but still warm, it also has a great drop as well :D
Also got some hair clips for the bow, some nice buttons, a long zip and some perfect lace~

The tights came today as well so I did a little test shot with my shoes (apologies for fuzzy mirror shot). I bought the shoes for something else but I think they go well with Stocking anyways, I just need to fix the elastic on the right shoe because for some reason it's gone really loose D:

Will hopefully start cutting stuff out tonight if all goes well~

Woo~ Wanted to do this for a while now, I don't really care that there are gonna be loads of P&S cosplays at Kita :P I'm gonna have Miiol as my Panty and possibly Umbrav as my Garterbelt so that's looking to be an epic mini group!

I ordered my wig at the weekend (I think it was dispatched on monday) so hopefully it'll be here before the end of the month, I just hope it looks as nice as the photo when it arrives >.<

I also just ordered my black and blue striped tights so they should be here in a couple of days :D

I do want to do her pink date outfit from ep 9 at some point but for now I'll stick to the plain black and white dress, thankfully that shouldn't be too expensive for me atm~

My skirt arrived today a couple days early, huzzah!
Couldn't find any red elastic sadly but I got some red velcro, the shoes are a tiny bit too big so the velcro will a) create a mary jane style strap and b) hopefully stop the shoes from slipping off my feet!
Also painting over the 3D logo on the glasses with black nail polish and added some black foam to the bridge so they don't rub on my nose too much ^^

So yeah, it's pretty much done now!
Photo added of how it looks as is (ignore the messy background >.>), might update it a bit closer to Kita if I decide to rewear~

Bah, I was outbid on the shoes in the last 4 SECONDS of the auction T-T I am disappoint...

I did manage to find some red heels on sale today though, they're not terribly "Velma" but they'll do for the party, might just get some more accurate ones if I decided to rewear to Kitacon~

Until then I'm kind of enjoying being able to wear heels, it's kind of a novelty for me :D

I got my socks in the post today but I'm still anxious that the jumper/skirt/shoes I'm bidding for on eBay won't arrive in time or I'll lose out on them D:
I managed to get a little apricot strap top from Primark today to wear under the jumper. I found a round neck orange jumper in H&M but after trying it on it didn't look right so I'll be returning it tomorrow, in a last ditch effort though I managed to find one in BHS :D it's not quite a poloneck but it'll do just as well, it's also much brighter than the socks but tbh I doubt I'll find better than this for now.

So yeah, here's me in what I have so far, hopefully will have the right shoes and skirt by the 25th!

So yeah it's my friend's birthday on the 25th, so after a large amount of Chinese food I asked Shenny how he'd feel about a Velma and Shaggy couple cosplay?
There were many high fives :D

So yeah, here's a test shot of the wig and glasses <3

Well, I managed to get it 99% done just in time ^^ it seemed to go down really well at the ball, here's hoping it goes down well in my presentation tomorrow (since it's also for uni work!)

The only bit I didn't managed to get done in time was the gold symbols around the edges of the purple overlay and sleeves, but I can touch them up some other time :D

Just popping the photo of my tiara and shoes here so I can take them off my main photo tab

Hokays, time is running out but thankfully it hasn't monumentally fucked up like I was expecting, so I should be ok if I keep up the pace!

<--- Here's what I have so far :3

I've just put the zip in (and it still fits, thank god!) so now all that's left is:
- Sew back seam under zip
- Hem bottom of dress/lining
- Hem sleeves
- Sew sleeves to dress
- Draw up pattern for purple overlay
- Cut out pieces for overlay
- Ruffle the waistband
- Sew overlay together
- Hem overlay
- Insert eyelets
- Lace up the back
- (Paint symbols along the edges)

Then if I have time I'll buy some nice gold fabric to make a little shawl/bolero type thing ^^


Hokay only really started the dress tonight D: had major lack of motivation after Shenny (lovely boy that he is) gave me the flu...
BUT I made some progress so at least me being cooped up indoors and bored out of my skull has some benefits (well, when I haven't just been playing Pokemon, that is). I bought some white flats and sewed a purple rose on the front like I said I would (pic on the main photo tab), I bought some nice little extras like matching purple nail polish and pretty fake lashes :3
My current hurdle is trying to get the zip in the back without affecting the purple overlay in the skirt part :/ so far my best plan is to make the dress (without the overlay) with the top part as normal, purple waistband and white skirt part, then create the overlay as a seperate layer to be worn over the top and laced up at the back... Kind of difficult to describe online but hopefully it'll work!

Anyways tonights labours produced the bust of the dress :D I'm quite pleased with it considering I haven't really made something with this sort of shape before, I've just got to hope to god it fits me because sizing things for myself is not my forte and I would cry if I finished another outfit to find it doesn't fit D:
Ffffffuuu just gotta hope I guess~
Anyways, sleeves to attach/hem, I'm starting on the waistband now, will probably alter and measure out the skirt panels (shorty that I am) tonight or tomorrow and then it's time to wrestle with the overlay...
Also still no sign of the tiara I ordered over a week ago D:

Wish me luck guys, I think I'm gonna need it~

Hokays final design was picked (see ref image) and fabric has been bought. It arrived the other day but tbh it doesn't feel much like taffeta... I'll make do with it and hopefully it'll look better once it's all finished~
I've got my pattern to alter and atm I'm trying to figure out the best way of getting into it without having a big zip going into the back of the purple overlay. I have several methods in mind so I'll see how they pan out.
Ordered my tiara tonight and got my shoes yesterday as well, going for flats this year so I don't kill my feet again! Might sew a little purple rose in the middle of the bows to match the garter that I bought/altered as well.

Anyways, to work!

Here are the ones that didn't make the cut :< taster image attached (1 of 11)

I'll be taking my favourite bits and putting them together for my final design, it'll probably end up being more Twilight Princess based~
Let me know your thoughts!


Over 12 designs...
I need to buy the fabric asap and now I can't bloody choose which one to do ;A; I never actually thought I'd be good at this designing lark!


Hokay, so it's pretty obvious I didn't manage to get it all done in time XD I wallowed for a bit but I've slapped myself out of being an emo and now I'm just chipping away at it for a con next year instead!

I got quite a bit done in the accommodation at Ame like the legwarmer/shoes and stuff but I'll put a photo of them up at a later date.

In the meantime it occurred to me that I hadn't yet posted up any photos of the dress and skirts all together, so I posted a few photos of them on my new mannequin for you guys a few minutes ago for your viewing~ I know it needs a good iron after being boxed up and moved to a new flat, will get around to that at some point! Need to add some more detailing on the hem of the dress, pompoms to the short overskirt, lacing to the cincher, etc...
I'm gonna take my time with it now, I went about construction all wrong and started too late, so now it's just a case of finishing off the last few bits for next year instead and possibly remaking some of the bits that were rushed/I'm not happy with.


99% done now but I'm gonna be away and won't have my camera!

Just need to trim the excess white off the collar/sleeves and iron it ^^

Still got the cincher, collar and gloves to make :/ will focus on the cincher and collar for now, well, as much as possible, I leave for Ame in 6 hours! D: worst comes to worst I can use my Zelda gloves as backups, at least they can be handsewn if need be.

Finished most of the other bits though, there are some details like pompoms and 3D paint to do still but I can do them en route or in the accommodation

Just finished the dress, sort of, needs 3D paint, pompoms and the lining needs to be hemmed. I'm gonna need help to get in and out of this...

Second attempt at the wings, they're still not as rigid as I'd like, will have to finish them in the onsite accomm D:

Really pleased with the gradient though





Especially puffy ones!

Hokay, so I won't lie
I'm kinda panicking now about getting it all done.

I'm currently working on the sleeves, the wings are drying the the corner, will still need to assemble them though. Also still need to make the collar, gloves and cincher as well as continue with the wig...

Hmm, another sleepless night methinks. At least all the gluing and hand-sewing can be done en route! :/

Did some more of the design applique on the dress
I really don't want to make those sleeves...

Also tried to tackle the legwarmer bits

They haven't come out quite like I was hoping, but I'm currently far too tired and stressed to care much anymore D:

Anyways, to bed, haven't slept in a good 24 hours...

Yay 95% done :D just needs snap fasteners and pompoms now~

Nearly finished the short overskirt, just need to do all the edging, sew the pompoms in place and then add the snap fasteners :D

Also, ze staff is underway, as is the legwarmer bits~


More of the dress, appliqued the bottom of the dress in place and added the eyelets and suede lacing

Can't believe how much I still have left... ;_;

Yeah... productivity over the last 48 hours has been pretty non-existant D: having 2 other people in the cosplay-making room was not a fantastic plan... so now I'm really behind, was hopeful about it getting done in time, but now I'm not so sure anymore...

Anyways, here are the shoes at about 90% done. Just casting some more blue gems for the top layer and making the ribbon bows and flowers for the centre front. Then I just need to sew them to the blue legwarmers bits and insert the zip~

Also, the bottoms look messy atm, gonna glue those little bits to the sole so they won't poke out!

Hokay, had Shenny and that over so my productivity has been pretty low D:

Tried to make more of the shoes but I measured the last layer wrong and I have no more fabric, so I need to wait til tomorrow til I can do more on it.

Here are the first 2 layers though~

Bah, stupid journal D: I wrote up loads of stuff, pressed update and then it told me I needed to sign in, so it didn't get posted... bollocks!

Oh well, tl;dr, started wings and shoes today, wings kinda failed, will redo them.

Shoes are go, using Noel Vermillion boot template (modified). Shoes are split into 3 layers, 1 light gold, 2 ivory.

Shown is light gold layer and first layer of ivory, will add detailing and cut out last layer tomorrow~

Pretty much 99% done! Just need to add the ivory ribbon and the crystal flowers now (and fix the interfacing)

Pompoms and glass beads, just need to add the crystal flowers and the ivory ribbon~

Worked more on the dress, cut out all the light gold and ivory pieces, sewn each respective colour together, need to cut and seal the gold and then applique to the white, this is how the bust looks so far with the heart done

Not wearing the corset in the photos so it should be a bit more fitted with it on.

Will be adding the eyelets and stuff tomorrow~

Finished priming the buckle today, finally was able to spray it gold to match the beads. Threaded the beads and bauble too now, also threaded the elastic through the beads at the back as well, sewed the elastic ends shut and then sewed the loops to the actual belt :D

I've started cutting out all the detailing for the dress now, the butterscotch heart now has an ivory centre with holes in the edges (so that the light gold will peek through) ^^ just got to sew it to the front dress panel now before I start on the swirls and stuffs

Sooo I continued with the buckle, dress and necklace today. For the necklace I bought a cheap white fabric-covered alice band, snipped the edges, snapped off the ends with some pliers and then sewed the fabric back together, leaving a nice bit of fabric to put a nice fastener onto ^^ it actually looks great when I wear it, but the spraypaint didn't agree with it and it's a bit tight, wouldn't be able to get it over the collars D:

And finally I'll mention the belt. I biased the final edges on the belt itself and managed to find some nice thick white elastic to attach it to the buckle. I also bought a load of wooden beads and sprayed them gold to match, they came out really nice and shiny :D

I also bought some little plastic beads and glued them to the back of the buckle, that way I can thread the elastic through them! :D it should be big enough to go over my head anyways, but the elastic should help. Just priming the buckle now, leaving it to dry overnight and then tomorrow (well, today) I'm gonna spray it to match the beads. Then I can thread it all together, yayness!

For the dress, after getting the lining the right size I unpicked all the seams and used it as a pattern for the main dress pieces. Since the design is half ivory and half gold about midway down the dress, I've left and allowance and will go back and get the designs cut out. I've also cut out the main centre heart, need to seal it and applique in place. The sleeves are gonna be done last as I know they're likely to fuck up!

No picture of the dress yet, so for now I'll show you the bauble for the belt :D (top isn't glued on yet since I need to thread the beads first)

Hokay, just working on the mockup of my dress (which will become the lining later) which is proving to be annoyingly fiddly. Having to alter a pattern and already I can never trust their sizes, so it's all a bit messy. Photo is how it looks now (sorry for crappy mirror pic), still need to take it in a little around the shoulders and I need to lop quite a lot off the bottom since I'm so short D:

But yeah, here's hoping this works!

...I really need to finish bits I start, not just start new things >.> now I'm just getting more and more unfinished bits of Serenade... the shoes are calling to me to make them...

Hokay decided to get this bit out of the way, I was in the middle of sawing it when the blade in my coping saw snapped D: balls.
So I popped into town to get more blades since our Wilkinsons just got a new DIY section, and omg... I love it :D

Anyways, this is about as good as I'm going to get it considering I've done it all by hand (don't trust myself with power tools) and I'm impatient >.>
The photo angle makes it look a lot rougher/wonkier than it actually is!

Just got to drill a hole in the base (for the beading) and add some sort of fixtures on the back, then I can prime and paint it :D

Ok last post of the night now, just pinned the lining to the outer layer and pinned it to my clothes so I could see how it looks, I'm pretty happy with it for now I guess, wish the front bits were a little more rigid but heyho

Will trim the excess fabric, hand-sew all the embellishments, bias hem and then add the waistband tomorrow... well, later today~

(also, for some reason my journal posts are going in reverse, but like, only these last 3 D: whut?)

And the final layer of the long skirt lining!
Sooooo much applique in the last couple of hours >.< I think it paid off though

Second lot of detailing on the long skirt lining, all appliqued in place ^^
Really pleased with this so far!

Yay finished the lace detailing ^^ lots of blisters on my fingers now though D:
All pressed and cut out by hand before sealing with FrayStop

Now to applique it all onto the lining!
Go go cosplay-making motivation~!

Right a lot has gone wrong (again) since the last post, mainly wig troubles. As in, the wig that arrived was Kanekalon and the extensions that arrived are Tokyolon, meaning I now have to go to the big wig place in town and buy both new wig and new extensions... fail

And then of course the corset trouble as well, bah!

But anyways, I have started the long overskirt and that should be done later today, I'm currently cutting and sealing all the detailing on the white lace >.< the rest of the long skirt parts are cut out and partially sewn though, so once the lace is done it's mainly embellishments, bias and a fastening to worry about. Then I'll either move on to start the short overskirt or continue with the dress

No idea if I'll get this all done in time
Tricky cosplay is tricky D:

Added the bias to the top of the dress, need to get my ass around to cut and hem the bottom, as I'm far too short to wear it as it is now TT^TT then I'll probably just paint on the zig-zag bits with paint as I still have too much to do on Serenade...

Shawl needs to be hemmed and gathered and then that's done.

Necklace has been finished now as well, oh polystirene balls/paint/pva glue, how I loves you :3

Chestplate is mostly cut out, used some thick foam for the base, using some .2mm foam on the top for the detailing, then I'm spraying it all gold :D

The belt is in pieces for now, just needs to be assembled and then that's all done as well. Gonna use a thin strip of gold ribbon/bias and velcro each end, then glue all the plates/buckle onto it. Lazy lazy~

The tiara has been cut out of the thick foam too, gonna add thin foam detailing and then spray, gonna cast the main red/pink jewel out of resin and glue it on after. Got some white foam for the wing bits too :D not sure how I'm gonna get the tiara to actually stay on though, it's not exactly like a normal tiara :/

Oh and I got sick of trying to make gloves, so I'll be buying some soon too.

Ok some more stuff has been done but from now on I'm going to be putting up a more detailed summary of progress on a proper blog, partly for secrecy and partly for uni XD

If anyone is interested and wants the link to the journal, just drop me a PM

I'll still post bits and pieces here for an update ^^


I sewed the zip in last night and, in short, it's a bit too small... D: even though I measured properly.
So I'm gonna have to wear a corset under it and hope for the best >.< either way I'm gonna need help getting in and out of it.


Still need to get the rest of the stuff done now

So, today I tried woodworking for the first time XD I decided to make the belt buckle out of MDF so I've spent a couple of hours tonight cutting it out. It looks really rough right now, I've still got two more of the inside squares to cut out, then it needs to be sanded, primed and painted. I'll be using this same kind of method for the staff as well methinks ^^ Thanks to Mirrorshield for giving me a quick how-to~

My light gold bias arrived today as well, thank god it was actually the right colour! I've had to special order the blue duchesse satin so hopefully that'll arrive tomorrow too. My corset supplies are taking their sweet time, they only dispatched today even though I ordered and paid 6 days ago D:< bah!

It's occurred to me though that I'm moving into a new flat in a week DX need to really be packing, but don't want to lose any time on the cosplay, I'm really behind on time as it is!
Well, doing little bits here and there should help I suppose, if I can find some gold spraypaint tomorrow I can finish the crown tomorrow at least!

I has one :3

Well, a work-in-progress anyhow

Bah, this costume seems to have more of an order for making stuff which is proving to be a rather big problem as far as time is concerned DX
Can't start the cincher until the short overskirt is done, can't start the short overskirt until the long overskirt is done, can't start the long overskirt until the Fosshape is ordered and the dress is done, can't start the dress until the corset is done, can't finish the corset because I'm waiting for components to be delivered D:
Oh and I can't do the wig until it arrives and I buy some extensions.

So, today I thought "hmm, the only thing I can do right now is the legwear, I should start that so I'm not just milling about". So I go over to our local fabric shop and, of course, they seem to have completely sold out of the whole roll of blue duchesse satin that was there yesterday... D:< fffffffffuuuuu

Anyways, bought some white silk jersey to make the leggings underneath the blue boots, I just need to add the elastic to the waist ^^
I also bought some lovely bronze satin-backed dupion for the belt as it was the right colour (and the fabric is nicer than most), just need to make the buckle and the belt is done! <3

Anyways, to bed, I'm gonna have to get up early and scour the shops for blue duchesse satin >.<

Progress has been a bit slow thanks to lack of money and having to move soon D:

Started on the corset though, all the fabric is cut out for it now, I'm just resizing the boning and I've just ordered some white lacing with brass aglets, a gold plated busk and some lacing bones ^^ pretty corset will be pretty~

I've started making the silicone moulds for the blue/green crystal flowers at the base of the long overskirt as well as the blue crystal gems along the collar. Will be making all the resin bits soon and putting them together!

Ordered my wig the other day as well, finding a back-parting wig that would arrive in time just wasn't going to happen, so I've ordered a normal wig and I'm gonna have to put a parting in it myself before I style the curly ponytails >.<

Also, having a lot of trouble ordering Fosshape and finding the right shade of gold bias (it's all a horribly mustard gold D: bleh)

Anyways it's certainly progress of some kind!
Back to the corset...

Hokay so now all the lining is cut out, most of the stuff has been sewn together, just need to make the petticoat stuffs and build it into the dress before combining it with the lining, then it's just hemming and adding the zip. Oh and the blue zigzag design on the bottom! :D photos later today!

Finally getting on with it, had a bit of a dry-patch in terms of wanting to sew XD

Anyways the tabbard is now done, little annoyed that upon finishing it only then did I notice that the top part is wonky D: oh well
I cut out nearly all the dress pieces today, just need to alter the top half before sewing it together. I also need to buy some netting tomorrow to make my petticoat as well as a proper glove pattern >.< I can make gloves fine if it's stretchy fabric but since I'm using duchess satin for all of Zelda (and Serenade) I want the gloves to match. So glove pattern it is so I don't waste fabric!
Gonna work on various methods for the belt/chestplate/tiara as I've had too many ideas on how to make them, will have to be trial and error ^^;

So, finally decided on a Euro entry :3 so excited to start, I get to use quite a few new techniques I've been learning!
I've spent most of my time on it so far just drawing up a ton of references, there's a lot of bits on the cosplay hidden by extra layers and stuff so I'm making my own designs of how I think it'll look underneath. I really plan on going all out, I'll probably even be de-layering in front of judges to show my original bits of design work I've added XD

I've started buying some of the fabric, I'm going to work in layers, doing different parts of the cosplay at a time so I don't have to pay in one go and forget how much fabric is for what. Still need to order my base wig and Fosshape (which is proving difficult) and find some base shoes.

Anyways onwards and upwards, can't wait to get properly started!

Actually been pretty excited to do this commission, it makes a change from the stuff I usually get, I love getting a chance to make a nice kimono and obi :3 I'd love to make them more often, this is also a cosplay I'd like to make for myself at some point, so I'll no doubt redo it in the future!

So yeah, in the last 24 hours (literally) I have bought all the fabric, cut out all the green obi pieces, cut out all the obi interfacing, cut out all the white kimono pieces, painted the tips of the tassles and made 40 flowers (which is probably half the amount of flowers I'll actually need)
Pretty pleased, I think I'm getting better at working faster :3 definitely now that uni's done for the summer!

Soooo today I did quite a bit:

- finished the ribbony bits for the arm bracers (as in, attached them to the rings, painted and sealed)
- cut out the parts for the hat
- attempted to dye more fabric dark grey for the thigh-high socks and bust
- painted the design on the gloves
- hemmed the shirt for the top of the dress
- cut out the lining for the sleeves
- sewed all the detailing to the cuffs
- sewed the cuffs to the sleeves
- sewed the lining into the sleeves

And I'll probably do some more later tonight!

I'm actually really proud of the sewing on the cuffs (see image), I don't usually stay this neat XD

Woot, things are actually taking shape, finally >.>

So the collar part of the shirt was easy, I just butchered a smart Primark shirt and I'm adding bias to it tomorrow :D the little red tie is in the making as well, need to add elastic for the neck (little known trivia: Noel can't tie her own tie, so it's a slip-on/clip-on!) <-- ergo, perfectionism XD
I've cut most of the straps on the shoes now so I just need to start making the bootcovers. Oh how I loathe bootcovers...
I really need to start making the bust and the high socks but in the ref images it's really subtle but they're actually a very dark grey, not black. And it'll bug me if I have to use black. My attempt at dying my fabric grey didn't work either, it came out waaaay lighter than the pack showed D:< so I bought black dye, gonna use it on some leftover white fabric and see what that does, using my "it always turns out lighter than intended" logic, it shouldn't dye it completely black but should get it to the shade of dark grey that I need! Wish me luck D:
I've cut out most of the pieces of the sleeves as well now, I noticed that the top of the sleeves have a slight bell-curve that I haven't actually seen anyone recreate yet! I bought some bra cups and I've cut them to the right size and they're gonna be inserted into the top of the sleeves to get them the right shape :D woot!
Gonna quickly paint the rings for the arm-vice things now, then head to bed, for I tire~

Pics tomorrow!

So... there was the fabric dying setback. After taking it out of the basin and rinsing it and drying it and stuff it has gone like, cornflower blue (like the background of the CI banner) and it's all tye-dyed D: it's not the end of the world as I can make a nice dress or two with it, but a bit annoying that I have to buy a load of new fabric. Just ordered 3 meters of royal blue cotton jersey online so hopefully that'll arrive by the end of this week

In the meantime I've been working on Shenny's Jin, all the belt and jacket pieces have been cut out, tomorrow (after my uni hand-in) I begin sewing :D

Is it bad I'm more excited about making Jin than I am about making Noel?


Can someone please explain to me why the Dylon hand-dye called "Ocean Blue" has dyed my fucking fabric PURPLE?

Seriously, I'm so pissed off right now, that's 20 pounds worth of fabric completely ruined...


Yay started dying some of my fabric tonight :D
I bought all the fabric for Noel and Shenny's Jin yesterday, unfortunately the only colour they had in the fabric I wanted was white D: thankfully I had some leftover black from my Ryoko for the black strips on the dress but I had to buy extra white for dying. I've just dyed some of it grey for the bust and thigh-socks and tomorrow I'll do the blue dye for the dress panels, hat and sleeves :D
I've also made the metal plate for the hat! Woot

Yay just ordered my wig, I decided to go for a long one and actually tuck it under the cap like it's supposed to rather than get a short one and cheat :P
I like the way this one is shaped as well, I think the front bits will fall really nicely from under the hat :D

Also, it means I actually have a mid-length blonde wig for my Zelda/Samus/etc cosplays and stuff too :D

Awww I want it now...

Lol I surprised myself today :3 been working pretty quickly for a change!

-Cut everything out
-Made the dress
-Sewed all the green strips to the dress
-Sewed my new tag into the dress
-Gave the collar a nice scallop trim
-Made the scarf thing
-Embroidered the edges of the tabbard
-Drew out the pattern on the front of the tabbard
-Started embroidery for the button on the scarf

A good 5-6 hours work well spent, I'd say! :D

I love the fabric too! It's all made from soft linen, the scarf is a linen/wool mix. Going for a really rustic look with this cosplay, so the colours are a bit duller than usual, I want it to look more natural that my usual stuff :3

Hokay so, this is the fruit of my last 8 or so hours of labour TT^TT
Seriously, I started adding the hair to the spikes at like, 7pm... it's now 3am and I'm seeing spots.

But it seems to be taking shape now at least, lets just hope the damn thing fits on my head without looking as retarded as it did before D:

So here's a scribbly photo of what's been done and what is left to do (as well as style those bloody bangs)

Also, the collar is finally on the bodysuit but I'm gonna have to fix it up a bit as it skipped quite a few stitches T.T also, I'm gonna have the hand sew the zip into it as I have lost faith in my sewing machine... GAY

Ok so I styled most of the wig the other night and realised that there is definately not enough hair to make it look the way I want it to look, so I've started making extra spikes out of Fosshape which I will then sew onto the wig and cover with hair >_<
I'm really hoping this works... ;_;

Wooo started painting the sword today, seems to be going alright, just about to start the 3rd coat. Using a mix of "493 Metallic Bright Red" acrylic paint and PVA glue to stop it from chipping and flaking, still might give it an extra protective clothing once it's fully painted ^^ Fingers crossed it comes out well!

In other news the contacts should have arrived by now (all post goes to my mum's house due to student accommodation stuff), I've ordered some "subtle" fangs and my custom latex ears are in the making :D Just got earrings as well!
When all of those little bits arrive and when I can borrow some of Shenny's black Snazaroo I'll do a make-up and wig test :D So excited!

In the not-so-great part of this cosplay, FUCKING BODYSUIT DIDN'T WORK AGAIN
RAGE! I had to applique all the red onto the black first since in order for the bodysuit to look right it needs to be appliqued first, meaning I spent god knows how many hours sewing all those fiddly designs on, only to sew it together and find it doesn't fit. Again! D:<
I've gone and bought some more lycra since I've come too far to just give up on it... T^T

Hokay, so I've been neglecting Ryoko a little bit, been working on my stuff for the ball/skit and commissions >_> need to give Ryoko some love or it'll fail miserably.

I bought yellow block contact lenses the other day and I've just placed an order with High Tower Crafts for some custom Ryoko ear tips :3 I'm seriously going all out on this, I love her and she's one of my dream cosplays, I'm determined to get it right, down to the last details

The beam sword is sitting in the living room just waiting to be finished, I'm unsure whether to paint it and then cover it with something to stop it chipping/rubbing off, or to be a bit more adventurous and try coating it in something like red latex (although that might just prove to be more likely to get peeled off accidentally) :/ thoughts?

As far as the wig is concerned, I've been making some extra wefts to thicken up parts of the wig, as some parts are surprisingly thinly wefted. I've shaped two more spikes since last time and I've also sectioned off where the rest of the spikes will go. This should also help with direction and stuff.

I'm so scared now of screwing this wig up... Srsly.
I know I could have gotten this commissioned or something, but I really wanted to do it myself. For starters it's in the competition, also, I've seen so many good cosplays ruined by bad wigs, I wanted to do it myself because I have an idea in my head about how I want it to look

Soooo today I started the arduous journey of styling my Ryoko wig >_<

Now, one thing I must say is that I have never in my life seen a GOOD Ryoko wig, don't get me wrong, I've seen nice trys and all, but I think it's so difficult to make a Ryoko cosplay look amazing simply because the wig is so bloody complicated!

Anyways, so I made a start today, I've separated the bangs so that they don't look get mussed in with the spikes, still debating whether to point them or curl them, we'll see. Made the starting spikes as well, hoping to get everything to swoosh to the right like on my figurine I have (good 360 degree reference :D). Also attempted to sew wefts with my new extensions, but it didn't work so well... I found an old bottle of fray-stop in my tool/sewing box so I tried to use it like caulk and make some no-sew wefts, and they seem to work really well!

The weird long side bits she has (just in front of the ears) were the starting pieces with caulk, they've been pinned in place on the wig head to see how they'll look before I sew them in :D


So, got my black lyrca today, was lucky and managed to get what I hope is enough for my bodysuit for only 10.50 pounds (stupid American laptop keyboard...)
So yeah, I'm embarking on this horrible bodysuit journey once more, if this doesn't work then I'm at a loss!

Ok, so, this cosplay genuinely seems to hate me... I don't think I've ever been this frustrated by a cosplay D:<
So, I cut out all the pieces again, making the adjustments to the legs, and now the fabric around the crotch looks funny :/ I know if I take the fabric in a little the problem will go away, but I'm just not sure WHERE to take it in! I tried to add the zip in as well but it automatically sewed while stretching the fabric so it's all gone to hell...

I think it must just be poor fabric choice really D: and as much as I don't want to, I think I'm going to have to shell out for some fancy matte lycra and start again for a THIRD time D:< and my overlocker seems to love lycra, my normal machine, however, hates it and eats it up D:

Although, if this ACTUALLY works and gets finished by Kita, I might put it in the competition as well as Ciel, since we're allowed to enter a cosplay on each day if we want! :D

But back to the crux of the matter:

Never again...

Bah! Sewed up the body pieces the other day, bloody legs don't fit D: they're too tight by like, 1cm... so I'm going to have to make it all again T^T good thing I bought too much fabric...

Wooooo! YES! I'm finally doing this :D bought the fabric today!
Got 3m of black cotton lycra and 1.25m of red silk jersey for the bodysuit.

Still debating whether to do a different design instead though (to be more flattering on my build), either way it'll be black and red and pretty obvious that it's Ryoko! XD

Hokays so I bought my fabric yesterday, tis only going to be cheap, using poly cottons and stuff. Doesn't matter, 'tis only for Clubnight at New Years, I can always add bits and make it better later if it looks a bit crap :P
I'm buying my friend a drink at clubnight in exchange for her old Etna wig, it's already up in pigtails and it's the right colour, just need to cut and shape the bangs :D
I've already made the glasses. Just going to start altering and compiling bits from different patterns to make the dress.

*Spoiler alert for photo/next paragraph!!*

Also, been thinking about making this extra clip part under the dress, then I could button up the front of the dress to reveal a thigh holster and small gun :D

Soooooo a week to go... Thankfully I've been working on it all this afternoon and I'll be working on it all of tomorrow as well. I'm currently making the short trousers, sewn all of the blue cotton velvet (forgot the lining, got carried away D: will add it now) and preparing the black cotton velvet for the cuffs at the knees. Half of the jacket is ready, need to take in the bust (as I'll be wearing a binder), make the sleeves, cut out the collar and sew the lining in. then I can just add the black panels and line it all with the white chording I bought yesterday. I have a shirt to modify as well not but it's proving to be a pain D: like the boot covers...
Bustle is nearly done, just gathering it all and adding bias binding. I've sewn in some ribbon on the sides of the bustle and short trousers so that it can attach at the sides as well as clipping on the top of the trousers with hook and loop fasteners.

Hopefully this will alllll be worth it... T_T

Wooo finished the hat today, also halfway done with the waspie ^^ found the best pattern for the jacket too (McCalls 5936) which will be very easy to alter ^^

I got habutea silk for all the lining, cotton velvet for the jacket, trousers and waspie, and navy pinstripe suiting for the bustle ^^
Just made a start on the jacket, god I love velvet :D never got to work with it before since it's so expensive! I want to go all out on this one though, I <3 Ciel that much :P

Anways, I'll get back to the jacket before I get too sleepy!
Jaa ne~

I finally managed to get ahold of my ball photos!
So yeah, me as C.C and Shenny as Lelouche ^^
I made both so we'd match as well

Hokay, so I pretty much decided today that I want to get this done for the ball instead of my Steampunk >_>

I've ordered my Phantomhive ring, I already own the boots and I'm in the process of making the skull-topped cane.
So I'll need to modify a shirt and top hat. And then make some trousers/shorts, bustle, waspie, jacket and bootcovers.

The difficult part will be all the pinstriped bustle and ribbons, as I'm most likely going to have to hand paint all the pinstripes O_O I don't know anywhere that does that particular fabric...

Wish me luck guys!

I has fabric, lining, a pattern, bias binding, buttons, thread, shoulder pads and a wig! :D

Now to make the bloody thing! Argh how I hate making suits...

Still need to buy boots
and the binder from Moonlily <3

Serenity is pretty much DONE :D *sighs in relief*

I haven't done the pouldron shoulder things but to be honest I cannot be arsed now XD and I don't think I have enough foam now anyways, too late.

Had a bit of an issue with the rings around the bust last night which resulted a long bout of crying ^^; but I'll have to live with it. Basically, as the bust design has to be even all the way around it meant that the front has to be the same height as the back, making the dress very low at the front. In order to not expose nipple at the judges I'm having to hike the front of the dress up to cover them, resulting in the line of pearls (that are supposed to go under the bust) coming up too high D:

I only have 12 or so more little pearls to sew on, but I ran out so I'll need to buy more tomorrow. The bottom is hemmed, the top is sewn and sealed with fabric glue, the hoops are hot glued and super glued in place. The ribbon was sewn on with my machine, ALL the pearls and moons were sewn individually by hand, with double reinforced threads, twice >_< so basically all quadruple stitched, then knotted after each so that if one falls off they don't all fall off...


But it paid off ^^ hopefully the judges will like it! O___O

Done first line of pearls and moons along the bust! :D
Also, took around 5-6 hours of non-stop dremelling but I finally managed to grind down the backs of the gold curtain eyelets so I can put them on the bust ^^ each one was protruding by about 1cm at the back, so yeah, took a while ^^;

So yay, not much more left to do now! :D

Yay, wigs finally arrived, after having to pay another 17 quid >_< but at least they're here! They're very nice actually, though it disturbs me quite a bit that apparently I "suit a good mullet" XD
I've removed a couple of wefts from mine and Shenny's wigs and I'm swapping them around for the bangs. Now that I have my Snazaroo, ear tips, contact lenses and wig, a make-up test is on the way! ^^

I altered the gloves of the zentai as well to make the funny shape they have on the hands, still need to do Shenny's though.

Getting very excited now, I'm hoping we can pull this couple off well and do them justice. They're so rarely cosplayed that I feel the need to make everything perfect >_<

The madness begins...

So far I have sewn on 3 large pearls, only a good hundred more or so to go >_> and that'll only be one line! T^T

Man, don't think I've ever put so much detail into a cosplay before...
Maybe I should put it in the competition at Aya?

I probably won't though, it'll be so out of my league compared to everyone else >_>

Yay dress is nearly finished!
The bust of the dress is 3 layers; white poly cotton, interfacing and white stretch satin.
The skirt of the dress is 4 layers; white poly cotton, white dress netting, white stretch satin and white chiffon ^^

I'm just in the process of trying to gather the fabric for the long drop of the dress so I can sew it pre-gathered to the bust of the dress. 'Tis complicated and time-consuming ^^; I'm SO scared I'm going to cock it up and have to restart or something >_>

Anyways, the dress is almost done, then I can start hand sewing every individual pearl and moon and whatnot >_>

Wish me luck!


Finally got my hands on my zentai today (along with 2 of Shenny's) ^^ 'tis my first zentai so I'm really really self-conscious about my weight, well, more so than usual >_> seriously, with hips like these I could pull of imp Midna, no problem!
Also belly, bleh, do not want >_> I hope I'm not going to get people laughing at me... :(

Anyways, stupid Parcelforce said they attempted to deliver my wigs, which is bollocks as we've had no word from them at all. So I got a letter today which is dated the 17th saying I've been charged 17.05 pounds at customs and it's 12 pounds to redeliver it! Fuck that! I already paid a bloody fortune to buy the damn things and now they want MORE money? And to top it off, I either pay 12 pounds for redelivery or I pick it up myself from Patchway. I don't own a car and I don't know any busses that go around there D:<
Bloody Parcelforce...

But yeah, anyways, zentai arrived and wigs are on the way~

My got my wig today! ^^ well it was "delivered" on saturday, by that I mean the postman didn't bother his ass to ring the bell and just slipped a "you were out" paper through the letterbox, so I was only able to pick it up today D:

It's rather on the tight side, good thing I have short hair! I need to style the bangs and give it an overall touch up but otherwise it's very nice ^^ the tails go down to my knees and the odangos are little natural-looking hair knots which I like. I took a picture with the pearl slides in too and it's looking pretty good!

The bow for the back is also done (first time I've got it right as well, I usually suck at them) so I'm psyched ^^ used silky satin covered in a layer of pink organza to give it more of a sparkle than a horrible satin shine >_O

Sleeve pouldron things are giving me a headache, I can't decide whether or not to carry on making them out of foam like I was planning with my prototype or to just completely scrap that and make them out of very padded satin with appliqued swirls :/ every picture I find of them looks different, I even watched the movie the other night for it and still can't tell how it's supposed to be. I don't want to just to puffy sleeve armband type things out of fabric coz it just looks wrong to me. For some reason I've always thought they would have been quite hard, almost like some sort of armour :/ but I'm not sure what to think now! Thoughts, anyone?

Hokay so!

Made the gold bracelet and hairslides and bought the pearl earrings the other day ^^ I've made a start on the inside layer of the dress, gonna use it a bit like a template. I'm having 3 layers for the dress; a layer of white poly cotton for the lining, then a layer of white stretch satin (looks a bit like duchess satin but stretchy and cheap) and lastly a layer of lovely white chiffon <3
I've got a nice silver/white/gold ribbon, lots of different sized pearls, crescent moons to make the lovely design around the bust and I found the PERFECT things for making the gold hoops around the very top of the dress...
Curtain tape eyelets!
(I got the ones on the far right:

So yeah, I'm slowly making my way through it ^^ ordered the wig the other night, can't wait for it to arrive. People seem to be quite critical when it comes to Sailor Moon/Serenity wigs :/ I'm hoping it's not gonna get me flamed
Either way I love it, it's bright yellow, has little odangos (that look more natural) and pretty tails XD

Well, today I was naughty and I bought fabric for the clothing of my gijinka style Pony ^^ found a lovely tye dye blue and dark turquoise cotton so I'll get on that once I finalise my designs :D

On another note, for me to actually be able to get the hair/tail right I'm going to have to make my wig from scratch :/ not too confident about it and it'll cost me a bomb to make, but it'll be good fun methinks and a great skill to have under my belt (so if all goes well keep me in mind for wig-making commissions!)

Jaa ne~

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