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The first convention that I attended was the MCM EXPO Oct 2009, and since then I've attended everyone since and hopefully plannin to visit some new conventions in the next year XD

Really, I cosplay because I enjoy it, to me it is something that I can really put my all into, and feel proud at what I produce. A large part of it is also the social side, just the people that I meet and the friends that I make is amazing. Also it's just a time for me to be with my friends and just really have a great time.

I wouldn't say that I had a specific theme in cosplaying, I tend to do a variety of different cosplays and a lot of the time they are group cosplays with my friends.


London MCM Expo Oct 2012
-Saturday: Prussia (Axis Powers Hetalia)
-Sunday: Kanan (Last Story)

London MCM Expo May 2013
-All Weekend: Kojuro Katakura (Sengoku BASARA)

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These are the ribbons that wrap around and hang off the side of the hat. I used double sided tape to attach one coloured ribbon to the other. I was going to sew them, but then realized that the tape hold everything together quite nicely, and it also slightly stiffens the ribbon as well. So when I do the bows, the ribbon won't droop as much.

So far I've made the main body of the hat, its just a thin fur fabric which I've sew together and slipped over a craft foam base to help it stay study. The red line pattern is thin red ribbon which I'm sewing on. The inside should be lined as well at some point

I'm actually quite surprised how things are going XD Usually by now I'm panicing like a bloody headless chicken and have very little of the costume finished. But right now, I'm feeling pretty damn good about myself :)

I'm still got a small list growing on the things that I have yet to do, but I'm really hopeing to have everything done in time. So far I haven't even had that much trouble (ignoring the fiasco with the thigh armour) and most of what I've attempted has worked! X3 (again totally ignoring the fight with the thigh armour and the rather nasty burn I gained after an incident with a malevolent glue gun.)

Tonight i'm going to knuckle down and if all goes well i'll have all the armour completed, leaving the last bits of the capes and other fancy bits for tomorrow and then the final bits of beading. Expo is just over 48 hours away, and i'm really beginning to get excited, with any luck there will even be progress pictures tonight.

I ended up sewing the hip patch to a pleather belt I made so that it would actually stay on my hip XD The belt also holds both the sashes and the dagger on the other hip as well. Along the bottom of the belt I've sewn a line of sequins and seed beads and then various strings of beads hanging from the seed beads. All thats left to do is the velcro at the ends and a tassle which I've got to make and hang to the left of the patch.

Here are some of the beads/ribbons etc that go on the left arm guard, some other are actually attached tot he actual arm guard. One arm guard down, just all the detail on the other to go.

Finally the main base of the plate is complete and at last I'm getting the armour and other attachments and so far i've got the belt armour and those weird little bit of armour which seem to serve no purpose other than to look pretty. The plates that over the back of the shoulder and the ribbon and buckle holds it on and the back armour goes underneath.

Now just got to seal and paint it and at some point along the way somehow get those bloody pauldrons on the shoulders :D

After a huge amount of modification which included a large amount being cut off the bottom to shape it and the shoulder straps being removed and replaced with back shoulder plates, I think that I can honestly say it's coming together nicely. Just need to pain the shoulder plates and attach the side fastenings then the base of the chest armour is down. After that I'll move on the belt thingy at the bottom and then slap on all the detail. With any luck there should be the first progress pictures tomorrow XD

Right, skirt and boice are sewn and I even managed to do the zip that is, and being the clever girl that I am I even managed to zip myself up and look at the whole thing on!... then I realised that I couldn't actually get myself back out of the dress because i could reach to undo the zip.... Lets just say there was a good few minutes of me bouncing around in my room trying to free myself... ¬_¬;

Just finished pinning the front half of the skirt to the bodice. The sleeves have been sewn and attached and the bodice has been darted and all put together. Once the skirt if permenently attached then the next step is the skirt. Actually quite proud with the progress that i've made today XD Considering how much I procrastinate.

Heres, the hip patch for Cecils one of his hips ^¬^; Can't remember off the top of ym head which one. Its a white fabric cover with craft foam in the middle, again the detail was beads and long-stitch, with a little hand made tassle at the bottom. I quite like making tassles I have to say.

I'm about half way through the decoration for the cover of sheath 2. This is the curved sword that will hang from his back. *flops over desk* This is certainly taking it's time. The beading just has to be the same on both sides then i'll sew on the gold rim at the top then at last stitich both pieces together and slip it over the sheath- OH! And the tassle! That lovely tassle that hangs from the end has got to go on yet as well. Well then better get busy!

Whoa... I think that this has actually got the be the first time that i've used the journal feature...

Anyhoo. Sleeves. Yes. Spent like 2 hours trying to sort out Sophies bloody sleeves so that I could sew them. Because her sleeves are quite puffy, especially on the top shoulder join, I was trying to place them properly so that i knew how tight to actually sew the whole sleeve, but when the bodice is fully open at the back because you can't put the zip on, it's a tad difficult to hold everything in place.

However, eventually after a lot of messing around, I've got the placement right so the puffy bits don't look that silly XD

Todays song for working to: Kenny Loggins- Footloose XD

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