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I got into cosplay back in 2005/6. My first costume was Lisianthus from Shuffle.
I like to cosplay as magical girls or idol characters.

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More work on the bodice and preparing the lining and the fashion layer. I also started patterning the cute hoodie that goes over the top! Luckily it wont need any closures and should be able to go over my head!

Today I didn't have as much time so I drafted the patterns for the handwarmers and the bows. Hopefully when the wovenmonkey order comes I can start cutting them out and get the skirt/bottom of the bodice cut too.

I continued work on the bodice, mostly getting the pattern pieces back on paper with extra allowance for the boning channels.

I've started drafting the pattern of my skirt. It's going to be a 3/4 circle skirt since a full one is likely to be too large and I'm going to have to sew a lot of sequins onto it, so I'm trying to preserve a little bit of sanity going into this.

The velvet sateen turned up today too so I can start the main bulk of the costume whenever I'm ready!

I've been wanting to make this costume for the longest time and it's usually thwarted by me getting sick in the lead up to (and during) most of winter. Luckily with the global situation that's less likely to happen because I won't be going out!

So far I've purchased some fabrics, the white is going to be a velveteen which I used before when I did my snowflake lillyput costume some years back so it'll be nice and warm. I'm also going to be using some leftovers from other projects to help destash.

I also started work on the bodice which goes under the hoodie. I used a pattern with princess seams that I got from AnhCosplay on Etsy as a pack and chopped and drew on lines to make new seams.

I've decided to go for the baby pink variant of the costume as seen on the nendoroid instead of the bright fuchsia or the barely visible pink in the manga art. I think it's a nice balance between the two and it'll go nicely with my skin tone/wig choice.

I've decided on most of my materials and have bought some. Because of other financial priorities I've been getting things in order (apart from the apron fabric because that's what kicked off this project and I couldn't guarantee it'll still be there later)

The first task will be the petticoat, over the years I've just found it's easier to work from the undergarments and build up from there so lengths of hems don't become guesswork and everything just pans out better. I'll be using Kirilee's tutorial for the petticoat.

The booty is probably my biggest concern about this outfit. Nobody wants their junk hanging out and this is the beginning of dealing with that - APPROPRIATE UNDERGARMENTS!

Skirt (take out one tier)


Mostly this costume is done - as in it's wearable! but there are still a lot of things I'd like to change about it for comfort levels and neatening things up. I worked so hard on Richard's Syaoran that I ended up neglecting my own and not being able to follow through with the plans to have a pipe through my leg, shredded clothing and blood.
I also need to reinforce the belt bag because it was just a massive pain in the backside all day.

But yeah, I definitely had fun in this costume with my Syaoran and Fai and look forward to updating it as I'd initially planned.

On the way back from MCM October there were huge delays with trains. To occupy my time I asked for Richard to think of the next pairing, having been inspired by the CLAMP group we had met with for two of the days at the event. He suggested the Acid Tokyo Arc as he thought that Sakura's design could be something that I felt comfortable with doing while he was able to do the 'Real' Syaorans robe that he wears in captivity of Fei Wong Reed. I told him that I like it but a lot of people do it, and I wanted to take it one step further - To emulate the injuries that she sustains while fulfilling the payment for Fai's survival.

So far this would include:
Her right leg is crushed by the hover bike
Dirt/clothes tattered
Right leg pierced by metal rod
grazed knees
legs burned by acid water
Eye damage
Various scrapes and blood

Link for the beard, Provided by Nixie :3

Link to gloves and buttpack:

So at the moment I'm trying to figure out how this will all go together. I dont want this costume to be a structure that goes around me like a lot of costumers. Instead I want to really be a part of the costume so when the time comes, I can capture the movement and character of Paarthurnax rather than a person standing inside something built to resemble the dragon.

I'm thinking that the tail should also have a movable structure rather than being stuffed and possibly act as a counter-balance for the neck and head, which will probably end up being mounted on my shoulders and head so it can look extended rather than it being cut short by the limitations of my own form.

My arms will act as the main structure of my arm as the dragons in the Elder Scrolls games are designed to appear biologically possible. They have wings which look most similar to a bat, in that their 'hands' are at the tips of their wings and they are their limbs for the front of the body. Unlike other 'dragon cosplays' I've looked at doing in the past such as Lugia, Paarthurnax and the other dragons have hind legs with similarities to that of a human - so no backwards knees for me!

I've completed the shoes, cape and now the hat. I just have to start and finish the bodysuit tomorrow. I've sourced my patterns so I just have to make it for the last dash!

The cape is a two tiered article with a stand up collar, so I've decided to tackle it in three pieces. The top layer in itself required 4 drafts to get it to fit me perfectly, It will need a bit of a press, but it fits perfectly! Lets hope that the rest goes just as well!

I'm actually too embarrassed to show how yellow my first attempt of painting my shoes went, and then how sticky they got because I used glossy wall paint...
Anyway! Here they are at the moment. I'll have to retouch up the pinky red colour, and add the laces on too.

Here's the scarf in it's completed form. It's 9ft long altogther and needs a press since the wool all rolled up. My mother made this though I made one of the pom poms at the end, she made another one as they're so time consuming. I cant knit very well unfortunately ;^_^

I wish you could upload multiple images for these things but on well, it makes for more writing.
Here's some progress pics of the shoes. I actually did I bit more tonight which isn't photographed, and i'm actually a little ashamed of how yellow they came out (they look like they should be worn by Ronald Mcdonald himself!)I'm hoping to fix this though. Anyway enjoy!

This is my current project. This particular battle costume is worn by Sakura during the final judgement against Yue and the recurring dream. It's also seen to be worn by the plushie of herself on her bedside. I've not seen this worn by anybody at an event, or even online which is a shame, because it really is a cute and iconic costume of the series. I can also get away with using either the Clow or Star staff :3

Here's a look at the fabrics I bought, though taken by a crappy phone camera. In person it looks spot on and the pink drapes really well. I bought two different types of fabric for the bodysuit; a pale calico/cream colour for the body and a slightly darker shade for the sections around her legs. The reference image above isn't true or consistent to the anime series itself, as the laces are coloured wrongly, so I used screencaps from the series as my references.

I also bought a pattern for a basic bodice with princess seams, since I wanted it to look as though it had been pulled from the screen! but this means I will have to extend it to make it into a full bodysuit and lengthen the sleeves. It will fasten down the back through a zip, so lets hope I've got someone handy if I need to go to the bathroom!

The socks will be bought from a shop on ebay. I've already found them but I have yet to actually buy them. For the shoes I've bought some trainers which look similar from TK Max, and I will be repainting those. I'm hoping to test out my new wig that i got for christmas with this costume too!

The scarf is being covered by my Mum, since I'm not that great at knitting, I always seem to drop or gain stitches, and with a scarf this long, I'll be in for a world of trouble with it so I left it to her. It's approximately 1/4 of the way along at the moment and will have fuzzy pom poms at the ends.

I loved wearing this costume to my first con, and whereas I had enjoyed certain aspects, I knew things were missing or weren't done very well. So I'm in the process of making changes/adding things on.

1) The boots: I got some imitation ugg boots and did my best with some orange PVC and a cut up white t-shirt. And it worked - for five minutes until the hot glue warmed up from my body temp. The PVC made it uncomfortable for me to put the boots on as the base underneath was no longer flexible and took up space where I had folded it over. Not to mention I thought that the orange was too dark and didnt match the rest of the costume.
I quickly decided that I HATED these boots. But where was I to find a brightly orange pair?
In hindsight, I should have painted a different pair orange, and if the incident which came as an accidental blessing hadn't happened, this is probably what I would have done. Instead what happened was a casual stroll through Primark, and coming across the most hideous pair of bright orange 'ugg' boots. I knew they were disgusting, but I had to have my way with them and mod them to the perfection that my first pair could never be. I took some white paint and added in the white detailing, now they are waiting for the spray painted googly eyes.

2) The wings: I did make the wings that year, but I could never figure out how to attach them. I realise now that I will probably have to cut into the costume to have an invisible harness, but it isn't exactly the best turnout for me. I may just bite the bullet and attempt to make a harness with as little visibility as possible and photoshop out anything that offends me from photos later on.

3) Sewing on the scarves. Originally I just pinned these on, but now I just want to stitch them on and be done with it...That's it really :)

4) I've placed in some poppers so the cravat can attach without any help from safety pins - yay!

I started this costume at the earlier stages of the year, but uni got in the way and I never got around to completing it... (code for getting distracted by other cosplays >.<)

I got as far as making the skirt, and suprisingly, it wasnt that hard to do given that it was the section I was most terrified of. Now it's just the princess seams in the bodice!

I have all of the materials at the ready and I have a good enough petticoat to put underneath, though I need to relocate the headphones which are a similar shape, they just need to be painted yellow rather than a girly pink.

I'm looking forward to this, as I dont feel that this costume gets enough love and attention. I'll put up an image of my progress later.

I've got a tonne of this fabric, so if this turns out well I might consider making a second version for someone else if they so wish it.

One week to go and I've made a kick start after illness has put this costume off. I have all the fabric and the patterns needed, and I've already completed the boots and cut the toes off. My blistered hands aren't too happy now though D:

The skirt will be the next task and I want to complete my custom gobball bag.

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