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Hi! I am a long time cosplayer from the UK. I have been attending conventions since 2006 and cosplaying since 2010. Cosplay has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and share my love of video games, anime, movies and other media through costume. I have made most of my cosplays however, with less and less time to spare I have started to buy more of them.

My first ever cosplay was Zoey from Left 4 Dead.
My favourite convention is Kitacon.
My favourite cosplayer is MsValentine.
My favourite cosplay of my own is Sylvanas! :D

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Repainted a D'va gun bought online

Test photo but will likely redo the dress if I wear it in future.

All items have arrived but just need altering! The skirt and jumper both need shortening and the patches need to be ironed onto the jumper. The wig is slightly different to her hair in the episode however, I am not confident in my wig styling skills so it will have to do!

Was originally going to go with pink tights but opted for white instead. Most items were bought, daisies will be iron on patches.

Test with everything except her elven circlet. The costume did come with one however, the material was cheap and it looked nothing like the one she wears. Which is a shame because the dress itself is gorgeous. Wig from Wigisfashion. Elf ears from KensaiFX on Etsy.

Let the clay harden then painted it with silver pained, re-added the lenses. Added elastic as the strap.

Bought a cheap pair of shades and moulded clay around them.

Tiara was created from worbla. Painted with yellow and gloss paint. Hair is a bit too short for the volume I want, but hopefully by the time I debut this costume it will be a good length!

Strips of blue LEDs were added to the inside of the boot. Soldered onto a battery holder. Wires need to be tidied.

Transparent blue acrylic sheet and bonding/insulation sheets were glued on the inside of the boot. Insulation sheet is used to diffuse the LED lights.

Painted over the boots with a few layers of gesso primer. Then painted black.

Using a method learned from Kamui Cosplay, I wrapped my legs in cling film and masking tape. Then drew the design on. Cut out from worbla.

Gathered some fabrics and references. Created a honeycomb pattern on Spoonflower and got sent a sample!

Created using an old pattern I had lying around, slightly modded, Added the gold trim onto the edge of the hood.

Red velvet and gold trim material used to create her hood and cape.

Plain brown cotton was used and attached to the completed leg ringlets.

Made out of worbla and craft foam. Painted grey before adding the silver.

Remade the entire chest piece, much happier with this one!

Breastplate and shoulders. Will likely be redoing the breastplate at somepoint!

Shoulders were made by covering craft foam with blue upholstery viny. They're a tad too big so I may have to remake them.

Browsed eBay to find belts close as possible to the ones she wears. Leg holster, black webbing and pouch were also purchased!

Recently whilst in the loft grabbing my second suitcase for Kitacon, I found bits of a cosplay I'd been working on back in 2011! I'm going to finish this for November.

The jacket was dyed with Ocean blue as the China blue would not show up.

The dress was dyed with Dylon China Blue dye. For the gradient effect I just gradually dipped the dress in less and less so there would be no lines. Same was done for the boots and jacket however the jacket didn't turn out as well!

A pattern was drawn out and sketched onto the fabric with fabric markers then cut.

Cosplay is almost complete! There are just a few fixes I need to do as one side of the ruffles has failed, and fabric has come lose. I made the sleeves without a pattern and they were so tricky!

Progress so far! The strips aren't sewed onto the socks properly yet just tacked, as the thread isn't quite the right colour. The shoes and socks were purchased from eBay. I used some black fabric I already had, turned it inside out and sewed it around the top of the socks. The belt was also purchased from eBay and yellow will be added to it.

I bought a pair of knee length shorts and cropped them. The rest will be used as her armband. I sewed on the frill underneath.

First time working with the craft foam and worbla method! I made a paper template which I then used to cut the foam and the worbla. They were them primed and painted. Wearing them using elastic for now but I'm working on a more viable way to wear them :P

Jeans arrived today and I LOVE them. Seriously I am going to wear them casually.

Bought a plain white XS t-shirt from eBay, cropped and tightened it. Then added the Spider-man patch.

Kitana progress so far! Still need to cut out her arm bracers and get elastic to hold everything up. Worbla will be painted and added around the edges.

I ordered a black faux leather dress off eBay, cut off the sleeves and attached them to a bra. They still need to be neatened up a bit, but I'm waiting until I add the last few details (red sleeves and frills) before doing so!

The wig was a long auburn wig ordered from Aliexpress which I cut to be shoulder length.

Excuse the pyjama pants! Corset was ordered off Amazon.

Found a pair on eBay which were as close as possible!

Helmet is about half way done. I made a paper template of what I wanted then cut it out of craft foam and worbla. Then glued it all together with a glue gun. Clay was added to hold the domes in place and then painted.

Using the same fabric for the top. Sewed on 7 pieces of elastic. Still need to add some smaller details!

Fabric for the top and arm arrived!

My first experience with worbla was a success :) Love the stuff! Apologies for blurry pic.

I bought this a long time ago, got it out in prep for LFCC and wasn't happy with the lack of detail. Added some sequins and will probably cut the bottom to be more like the actual skirt Kairi wears.

Again made from leftover pleather. Buckles will be added soon along with the blade armour on the left arm!

Made out of the scrap pleather and worbla. The rings were taken from my old bag and painted silver. Still in progress!

I had to take off a panel because it was too big. I need to remember I am tiny compared to Altair :p

Made from brown pleather and then sewed on the pattern. The red velvet is held in place by pins at the moment as I've ran out of red thread.

The top was purchased on eBay and taken up by me. The straps were also purchased on eBay. The shorts I already owned. The wig I will be using will be my Petra wig. Thes shorts are very tight compared to when I last worn them >.< Diet time *le sigh*!

Bought a pair of white trainers on eBay and stencilled the design on lightly in pencil.

Arrived today. Overall happy with it but needs a few minor adjustments - The way it fastens is wrong, hood hangs low at the back. Easy fixes though so should be complete shortly. :)

Jacket arrived, needs a bit of modding as it's a little bit too long, but otherwise happy! Not the shirt I will be wearing it with but closest I have atm.

Traced the shape needed onto navy blue crafting cardboard which was then cut out. I hand drew the design on each one before folding and sticking onto the blades with glue. Black wool was also wrapped around the bottom of the blades where they meet to help hold them in place.

I copied the outline of the blade from a screenshot onto paper and cut it out to use as a stencil. Cut 10 out of craft foam, painted and glued them together.

About half way done :)

Made from a wooden pole, foam board and light clay. Painted the handles gold then painted over them with gold glitter paint. My brushes are a bit rubbish so the white swirls don't look great - hoping to redo them soon!

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