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My first convention was 2005, but I was trying to do it at home since about 2003.

I've done a lot, and I keep adding more. God help me.

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I got to try using shoe dye for these and it worked wonders

It was hard enough finding a shirt to use with a suitable pattern let alone one with the French cuff so had to modify to take cufflinks.

Started growing it ready for this, and was shaved at the back today. The things we do for cosplay huh?

So, I was originally intending to buy a army style parka in camo print with the fur already on but it always seems to me that the pattern in the manga is flecktarn, so I have gone for an actual army coat, needs a bit of work but I think the pattern works much better?

Coat and wig are pretty much done now, been sitting in it all night.

Haven't done the makeup so well today though. Blame ill.

So, I have pretty much everything for this now bar growing my hair long enough and the latex mask. Will be getting in touch with my latex guy shortly, popping off to his studio to do some work on this.

Got a lace front wig now, and a clump of human hair to add to the wig for the streaks and such.

So, after a whole heap of searching for coats I finally found one on ebay and won it..for under £10. That'll do me fine. I have a load of stuff to buy still, and will be making Z gun and bag myself. The wig will be a lace front one, as my hairline disagrees with non-fringe wigs :D. I've been practising the voice pretty much everyday also.

I already have the wig, the one I will be using for Gin :D.

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