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yukihotaru - Mori Ranmaru - 22nd July 2013

Purple top semi completed.

So, the top that is taking the longest time to make is almost completed. I've been working on the sleeves for a long time. The water satin I used for the gold was temperamental and actually melted the first time when I tried ironing it. So it's backed on some cream cotton, turned inside out then sewn onto the purple. It wasn't neat enough for my liking so I ended up appliquing the entire set of triangles on, all 14 of them with 2 diamond shapes too. The edges was also zig-zagged until no purple could be seen. Overall it took about 3 hours, but the results are definitely worth it.

I also purchased some grey tape for the mid section between the top and sleeves. In some pictures it looked light grey, in others it was white. I held both colours up to the purple and gold and it looked awful, so I went with grey. I think it looks nice together, all of it needs hand stitching though. This costume is a lot of work.


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