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I first started cosplaying when I went to see the Pokemon first movie with my friends. I dressed as Ash Ketchum. Since then I had always wanted to do better and more extravagant cosplay, but never had the chance to do so, or knew where I could wear them.

In 2005 I started attending anime conventions . Seeing all the cosplayers there re-inspired me to do cosplay. However I am not good a sewing so I tend to steer away from costumes that are too extravagant. As my skill levels improve I grow more and more confident, and keep trying new things. I'm hoping that in the future I will be able to make the costumes I long to do, and make them to a refined standard.

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yami-no-neko - Livie Collete - 28th October 2018


I found a dress in a charity shop that was the right colour for Livie's dress. It was 3 sizes too big so I got a pattern, took the dress apart and made a new dress from the old.

I also made the poncho, but I've made it too long so i'm going to have to cut it down next time I am off work.


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