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My friend introduced me to cosplay after persuading me to join her YGO group and my first con was February 2011 - a very small one near where I live. My cosplay was half finished and terrible but it was good fun. I pretty much caught the cosplay bug and have been wanting to cosplay literally everything since.

After taking a year out due to my first year of uni, I have come back with a need to learn new skills and so have decided to start small and work my way up, hopefully gaining new and useful skills with each costume.

I have a long way to go before I'm actually any good, but I'm learning and keep trying so hopefully I'll get somewhere one day!

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pygidia - Eren Jaeger - 10th December 2013

money being spent

so i've started buying stuff towards this cosplay. i've got a load of brown pleather sitting in my room that i'm basically too terrified to start making into the harness, i've got the top i'm going to modify to look like eren's, wig is in (slow) progress and my boots have arrived! they're actually pretty great for the price and will hopefully be comfy plus i feel kinda badass in them which is always important.


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