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i have been cosplaying with my friends for 3 years and i love it soo much.
i am no good at sewing etc and i don't have the time because of work 12hrs a day so i tend to buy my costumes, although most of my cosplays are pieced together from different items XD. i am however planning to make some cosplays like Cain Nightroad etc when i find the time -sigh-.
i am however good at making props,knowing about joinery helps me a lot XD and i have made Quite a few for my friends XD

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screw ups

well first of all i cut the mouth too wide but i could live with that,
second and most stupid screw up i used cellulose satin spray on a rubber/plastic mask whoooo, so not only is it somewhat melting the mask and taking an age to dry its bloody shiny sigh.
i have ordered a new mask, (which are not cheap) and it should turn up in time for me too have another whack at it lol, on another note i have make my false nashers to sick to my lips for that glorious permanent smile.


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