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I started attending the midlands expo at first my 1st cosplay was made in 4 hours (It majorly sucked tbh) and since then I've been hooked. I try to over due myself everytime and oftern cause myself cosplay injurys but in the end its all fun and cosplay has now become my favorite passtime I make props and cosplays all the time and I swear I even do it in my sleep.

cosplay isnt a hobby its a way of life

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lycaneyes - Batman - 18th February 2014


As you can see they started off as white moto-cross boots after cutting away and sanding the logos off with the dremmel I then filled the 'eye' parts on the front of the boots then again sanded them down.

Paint wise they took 8 coats of paint (2 black primer 4 black acyclic and 2 waterproofing paint)


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