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I tend to cosplay derpy characters. Of late I've formed a VanaN'Ice group with the lovely Ayame and Limegreenjelly so you'll be seeing a lot of Kaito in the coming events :3

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lumpyspacepanda - Kaito - 27th March 2012


I've not updated CI for a fair while now but with only a couple of weeks until Kitacon I figured now was the time to.

Since my last post my wig has arrived and is ready to style, I've made my hakama and limegreenjelly and Ayame have been helping out a LOT with other things. My headpiece is almost sorted, as is my sleeve, arm bands and jacket, so thank you so much ladies!

Still to do is my crop-top, securing a pair of elbow length gloves and fully styling the wig as well as painting all my designs onto the satin. Not too long left either so I'm hoping the majority will be done within a week or so!

Photos will be uploaded when I get some outfit shots.


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