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How did I get started in Cosplay, well my first forays into the world of cosplay started off when I was in primary school, and World Book Day. I nearly always dressed up as Asterix from the Asterix and Obelix comics. When school stopped dress up for World Book Day my interested waned until it was rekindled by my boyfriend in 2007 at an anime night in his local branch of Waterstones. Yep not looked back since then. Over the years since then cosplays have been lazy and half arsed, but come 2015 I decided I was actually going to put some effort into it, and hell despite the tears and multiple stabbings of my fingers with needles I enjoyed the experience. It was actually from asking a friend for help with my costume for Kita 2015 that I got back into martial arts and reading into Japanese history. I reconnected with so many friends I had thought were lost to me and made plenty of new ones.

I love cosplay because I can escape mundane things for a while, be a character I adore, and what I love most is seeing the smiles on other peoples faces. I was never a self confident person but for the most part cosplaying has boosted my confidence and that can only be a good thing right? Currently most of my cosplays are limited to male characters in traditional Japanese clothes (because hakamas can hide a multitude of sins) and hell I look good in a kimono and hakama.

My proudest moment so far was actually summoning up the courage (after much poking, prodding and goading from friends) to enter a cosplay masquerade. That was Kita 2015. Hell I was shaking like a leaf, not that anyone noticed, but I've done it and I'm going to do it again.

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