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I first started cosplaying when I saw all of the amazing costumes at my first Expo, I wanted to be part of that community! My favourite part about cosplaying has to be making it and then people asking to take your photo, to know that someone likes your costume makes you feel so proud :D

My best cosplay experience has to be the first time
i went on stage and people cheered!

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VeXerLINK - Secret Cosplay - 3rd August 2011

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105 rings down... 1495 to go! Yes, 105 rings make up something this small. I think I'm going to need more rings >______>

I've been using the European 4 in 1 weeve method.... WHY COULD I NOT FIND ANY BIGGER RINGS!!! I've been using 7mm diameter rings.... the biggest at an affordable price I could find.


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