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Cosplaying... started back in 2007 with a rather unimpressive cosplay of Light from Death Note, but was absolutely hooked and immediately had a more ambitious cosplay of Ishida from Bleach. I love making ambitious cosplays, but since I've started uni I had to tone it down a bit. It's only with uni coming to a close that I've started to think about more more difficult cosplays!


I have now finished university and have even less time for cosplay haha, but have not given up yet! I hope I can keep at it, but my more 'ambitious' projects have been put on the back burner due to time constraints. I'm not very good at working on cosplay when I don't have days on end to finish them :P I'm much better at burning through a week of doing nothing but cosplay than working on it on and off!

Oh well, watch this space~

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