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Started out in 2008 after returning from an inspiring visit to Midlands MCM Expo, and basically yelling at all my friends THIS IS AWESOME AND WE NEED TO DO THIS.

My first cosplay was Organization XIII Roxas - the coat was bought, the wig was the wrong colour (and probably a bad choice for a first wig to style myself), but all the same I completely loved it. After that, we were hooked. And so, our wallets were never to see money again.

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SockFish - Erika Karisawa - 11th August 2010

Death of the Dye...

...Oyy =___=;; So after 3 goes, and nearly £50 worth of Dylon, the fabric is STILL a pale-off-white. It just didn't wanna dye AT ALL. Which is highly annoying x__x;; But it's been a learning experience xD And has made me UBER determined to finish this cosplay D8< IT WILL BE DONE. So I'm-a go to the big fancy abakhan in wales, see if they have anything there... And try the fabric shop in bham too~! I need to go down there for Captain fabric anyhoos o3o;; Gawddamnit Erika, you and your awkward charcoal grey outfit >8C


SockFish deleted a costume (4 years ago)

SockFish deleted a costume (4 years ago)