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I started cosplaying in May 2008, so now I've been cosplaying for two years now, unfortunately I've only really made one or two costumes I have felt comfortable in. I go for characters I love and respect or simply find to look totally awesome.

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ShadowxSong - Trish - 9th November 2008

DMC 1 Top

Rather than make a new 'DMC1 Trish' costume when there are no pictures for this one I decided to just stick both 1 and 4 pictures in here for now until I get more for both costumes. Today I made a very roughly done DMC1 top made out of an old corset I had lying around. You can see the stitches (hand stitched through leather - ow >_<) and in grey because I we have no black. I will be going back over it with my sister's sewing machine if she'll let me (I broke it last time I used it).

I also tried stuffing it with pads to help with my flat chestedness, however that means I'll need to find some transparent material to hold the top together as it's prone to trying to fall open >_<


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