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I've been cosplaying since 2005. i found out about cosplay online and thought it was KICKIN RAD so I made the worst Rinoa Heartilly costume possibly ever. I didn't use a wig, just my regular dark blonde hair. yeah. then I taught myself to sew and the rest is history or something.

UPDATE 2013: not that it matters to anyone, but for now i will no longer be cosplaying, as i've just completely lost interest. i can't say id never do it again but at the moment its looking highly unlikely. so thanks to everyone who liked my costumes - and cosplayisland for my showcase. peazze out yo

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Relion - Meryl Silverburgh - 14th November 2012

Midlands expo!

Deciding that i will do Meryl finally at Midlands 2013. reasons being she looks extremely simple to make, and god knows after plugsuit i need something simple! in a perfect world i would wear my plugsuit, but well, it's not the comfiest thing and one of the shoes came off just from the photoshoot.
I'm at university now and i dont have my sewing machine with me, which is another factor in making a simple costume. and i get a month off for christmas which will be plenty of time to get her done.


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