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I got started with cosplaying when I first read about Animecon, which is the biggest convention in the Netherlands.

I love to cosplay because I consider it a form of artfull theatre, being in character and not being yourself for a short while.

My greatest achievement so far was cosplaying Faust VIII from Shaman King, and people actually thought I was male and looked very much like him.

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Ralaxcelm - Ultimecia - 15th October 2011

Purple swirl ornaments - part 1

Today I went and made the purple swirl ornaments that hand from the wig at the sides of the face.
The material used was basically chicken wire, bent into shape. After making it all sturdy enough that it wouldn't get loose easily, by bending the metal points over each other and twisting and turning them into each other, I covered them in electrical-tape. Afterwards it was time to paper mache them and let them dry. As soon as they're done they will be painted purple and attached to the horns so that it's one piece instead of three seperate pieces.
Before paper mache-ing them, I already attached the two gem ornaments to them at the points, so that they are fastened as well.


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