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I started cosplaying in 1999 (a couple of years of dressing as Dana Scully when I was 13 aside), due entirely to a then new-found interest in the Rocky Horror show. I subsequently became a part of the sci-fi convention community, and cosplay became a larger part of my life as I made more cosplaying friends. Eventually I stumbled upon the anime circuit, having already cosplayed Sailor Moon characters at sci-fi cons, and it all went downhill from there!

For me cosplay is a way to express my frustrated creativity. I hated textiles class in school and would never have dreamed that I could create things like I can now. I've always had a love of fabrics for their tactile nature, on the other hand, so perhaps it was natural for me to get into a hobby where I could use so many different varieties. I'm also a frustrated actor, so the opportunity to act as a different character for a day is immensely appealing to me.

My proudest moments are probably twofold, the first being finally finishing the Satine costume that I'd started 5 years previous. It took a lot of time, money and love to get that done, and I was ecstatic to win a portable DVD player for my efforts.
The second is my Laughing Octopus costume. It's a radical departure from anything I've made before, as there was a lot more to it than the usual sewing and it pushed my boundaries. I learned a lot from making it and I'm proud of the result. I've yet to win any awards for it but honestly, after a couple of years of planning and almost a whole year of construction, just finishing it was its own reward.

I adore cosplaying in a group with my friends. I've found the cosplay community to be largely very friendly and welcoming to me, and have made some really valuable friendships from it. I'm also fortunate in that my partner is also a cosplayer and thus understands the madness behind it all.

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Mighty Odango - Speed'o'Sound Sonic - 14th January 2019

Shiny shiny Sonic armour

I got more comments and queries than I could count at Hibana about how shiny my armour was!
It actually came about partly because I am a lazy lazy bum. I hate priming foam or worbla to the extent it needs for a nice smooth metal-like finish because it takes so LONG and painting/prop stuff is my least favourite thing to do in cosplay. I was wondering about a way I could get a nice finish without having to spend hours, and I eventually hit upon the idea of using mirror foil - the stuff you put on windows to give them a mirror effect.
It was perfect for Sonic's armour because it's all single planes. I used PETG plastic as a base (except for one piece, which was worbla, which I then decided against). The foil is flexible enough to curve in a single direction. It did suffer some bubbling on the shoulder armour pieces because I shaped them before applying the foil, so it was awkward to apply - not sure if applying foil first would work better or not.
The dome detailing is studs designed for the bottom of handbags and most of it fastens with heavy duty press studs.

I also used a hack on the scarf. My intention was to do a rolled hem, but I was having an argument with the rolled hem foot on my machine and eventually said "f*** it" and just cut/sealed the edges using a pyrography tool; since it was a synthetic fabric it worked perfectly and gave the scarf a great flow unhindered by hems.


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