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I first discovered cosplays when I bought a book of the best cosplayers in Japan. When I went to the May 05 expo it was my first time to see cosplayers and I told myself I would cosplay one day.
My first cosplay was Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist at the October Expo 05.

I have 2 proud moments: the first is when our Lucky Star group did the opening dance at JapanEx 07 and got such a fantastic response from the audience. The second was when I won a spot prize for my Yami Yugi cosplay at the Anime Day in HMV last August as it was the 1st prize I had won :D

The greatest achievements are that I have made loads of friends and that I have grown in confidence thanks to taking part in masquerades, I do get very nervous but when the audience cheers for you, you feel such a sense of achievement :D

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Manga Girl - Wyldstyle - 20th March 2014

Adding colour to the jacket

Once the white paint was dry I used blue and pink fabric paints to paint on top of the white. I followed the pattern that was on Wyldstyle's jacket :)


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