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LittleRecordGirl - Marin - 3rd June 2019

First time using resin!

To make Martin's necklace, I wanted to have an excuse to try using resin for the first time. After I had bought all I needed, I actually cut out a section in a mold (it was there so you could put a necklace change through it but I didn't want a hole in the piece), used a resin red pigment dye to mix with the resin, and I was ready to go. It was hard to avoid some tiny air bubbles, but I was happy in the end!

I created the base out of fimo (wish I used air dry clay instead but oh well) and then used resin again as a sealant.

I WISH the mould I had was a diamond shape, so it had the 3D surface like the references suggest, but I didn't have the extra funds to get more molds. The molds I had I had got ages ago from eBay and I like to keep my budgets as low as possible.


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