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I am a learner when it comes to making Cosplays but I am very keen to learn more, I am trying to teach myself to sew properly, which is a slow process but I do enjoy it so hopefully I will be somewhat good at it soon!

As stated above, I have been Cosplaying since 2008, I am not very experienced with this whole thing but I would consider myself less of a noob 6 years on at least.

Take a look at my planned cosplays to get an idea of the characters that I like and that inspire me to recreate, I add new ones all the time so it is an ever growing list that may or may not ever be finished.

Also feel free to glance at my finished cosplays, I'm not great but I do enjoy it, that's all that matters right? Riiight?

And my Cosplays in progress list is usually no more than three cosplays at a time, not that I am working on all three at the very same time, it just means they are pretty much next on my list, but feel free, infact I encourage you to send me tips and criticism, I always appreciate help, even on the most simplest of cosplays!

Down to my Cosplay hopes and dreams; I have many Dream Cosplays but my #1 Dream Cosplay would be Major Motoko Kusanagi from the Ghost in the Shell series, If I were to have one fictional idol, it'd be her, she's just too badass for words. I hope to some day Cosplay every variation of her... That should keep me busy!

Events I have Attended:

- MCM Expo Saturday October 25th 2008 - L From Death Note

- MCM Expo Saturday May 23rd 2009 - Rukia Kuchiki (School Uniform Ver.) From Bleach

- Hyper Japan Saturday July 23rd 2011 - Rukia Kuchiki (School Uniform Ver.) From Bleach

- MCM Expo Saturday May 26th 2012 - Serah Farron From Final Fantasy XIII

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Karakulz - Ellie - 5th February 2013

Possible Rifle

Don't know if I will get round to making the rifle (Plus, Its not guarenteed that it will look any good if I attempt it XD) But if nothing better turns up then I will probably buy this Toy Rifle, which has the basic shape, includes the strap and its a pretty good price!

I would perfer to be as accurate as possible but buying a replica Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper is really expensive, and since I will only be using the Gun for this one cosplay, it won't be worth forking out over £100 ;]


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