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I got started by browsing and looking for Red XIII costumes, when I found there were very few/none finished I decided to make one, talk about starting at the deep end! He was a quadsuit with a glowing tail, follow-me eyes and a moving jaw, and I thorughly enjoyed building and playing him. My proudest moment was realising the hellish travel and months of no sleep were worth it, walking into the Excel Centre as Catbus and getting people squeaking with delight to see it, not to mention the huge cheer the crowd gave it at the masquerade - even if my eyelight on one side did go off as I went on stage!

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Gracewing - Nefertimon - 3rd August 2010

Lament for a mask

As per usual I'm awful at updates.
She's finished and she was a joy to wear, despite the massive heat of the event and things going wrong last minute (like one wing sheering off right before going on stage!!). Thank you to everyone at the cosplay desk and everyone who was helping me out all day to get around, I'd not have made it without you guys. :)

Sadly as the title suggests, she's been horribly damaged and her facemask that took so long to make now needs completely reforming or remaking, I haven't evaluated it enough yet past 'oh gods she's broken...'.

Things to do before she goes out again:
-New wings!
-Scale down the front paws, they're huge
-Repair the face mask, if possible
-Furry leg covers for the shin/ankle as the joint between her feet and my legs is too bulky.


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