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Albert Wesker, Resi 1. Reno, FF7. Gilbert Nightray (artbook version) Pandora Hearts. Angeal, FF7:CC. Lupin, lupin the third. Jubei, Ninja scroll. Black jack: The surgeon witht the hands of god, black jack. Auron: FF10, Raven: Tales of Vesperia.

Probably more.....I really should get pics of a lot of these and update my CI lol.

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FFZidane - Priest Anderson - 23rd April 2016

6 Years later

Made the jacket with the help from a friend, shirt was bought online, as were glasses, not totally happy with em, but meh, just need to add the blue strips on the coat and shirt, jacket is a lil long, so may have to invest in some boots with big soles, gonna make his lil cross soon, im on the fence with his swords atm, but I do want them.

Sorry for the horrible pics XD


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