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I can still remember my sister going to her first Expo dressed as Haruhi, and thinking: "Is she really going out in that?!". Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that at first I was one of those judgemental types who had that that typical preconception of conventions and dressing up. Oh how foolish I was! Somehow she convinced me to tag along the next year, and ever since then I have never looked back! I fell in love with the whole thing, and vow to keep on cosplaying until I run out of costumes! (or money, depending on which comes first)


In general my role in the cosplay-making process is crafting accessories and props (as I am pants at sewing, I leave most of that to my sister). So far my most ambitious projects have been Kotake and Koumes' (LoZ OoT) head-dresses and Juliet Starling's (Lollipop Chainsaw) chainsaw, all of which took days of work, but I am dead chuffed with them! I'd say my speciality is working on a small scale with clay or fimo; I'm especially proud of the digivices I made for me and my sister for our Digimon group!


My all-time dream cosplays would be Samus Aran's Varia Suit (Metroid) and True form Midna (LoZ TP). I probably wouldn't be able to pull them off, for a start I'm not blue, but there's only one way to find out! I'm nowhere near that kind of cosplay standard yet, but give it a few years and I shall have a crack at it!

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Eloraborealis - Props and Accessories - 18th March 2013

Blue Shell

Item: Blue Shell
Source: Mario Kart
Time: The time taken to watch series one of Spice and Wolf, and most of Kim Possible XD
Difficulty: 4/10

One of the most fun props to make, and also one of the cheapest! (all I needed to buy was more PVA glue, there's quite a few layers of paper mache!) It was so simple to make, anyone could do it, seriously! First I paper-mached a balloon, then I cut out the leg and head holes and added the brim around the middle and edges. Then I padded out certain sections, like each hexagon on the top and each stripe on the underside to give it more texture as they aren't supposed to be flat (then more paper mache). Then I added the horns (paper mache again) and then the wings (more paper mache). Painting wise, I used acrylics, it was very fiddly to paint the inside black mind you!

Overall I really like how this turned out! My only regrets are that my balloon was a bit warped, so it isn't as symmetrical as I'd have hoped for. Also, I realised only after painting the yellow underside that the colour was off, I was using a green shell charm I had as my reference and didn't realise it was off colour. I swear this thing got more attention than me at Amecon! XD


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