I have been cosplaying for around 7 years. In that time I have won 8 awards including, best costume MCM London 2013, best performance MCM Brum 2014, Runner up Solo rep Ecg 2014 and Best Performance at Camcon 2014. Solo winner Hyper Japan xmas 2014 and ECG UK Solo rep 2016 :), 3ARD Place at ECG 2016, Judges award MCM oct. 2016.
I am overjoyed to finally achieve my dream of representing the UK in an international event. I cannot wait to perform at Japan expo and also make the costume.
I want to keep learning and improving and I want to simply enjoy the animes/ musicals/ games I love. I do not consider myself good at cosplay or a pro.. because I am not.
I believe anyone can do what they love and there is no correct one way to do things <3
Be what you love and do what makes you smile.
I will keep cosplaying as long as I keep on smiling.

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Clockwork Dandy Noodles - Isabella Von Carstein - 29th April 2016

Attack on wig

One of the hardest parts on this cosplay...also one of the bits that has given me nightmares. I have failed currently 4 times on this...and now I may have finally gotten the final wig base sorted. Below in the image you can see the front fringe pinned up. This is showing how much neater this is compared to what attempt 4 looked like at the end.
I need to do ALOT more work to make this work and also make it ECG worthy. Izzys wig is so iconic and its also something you notice first...its literally at head height.
The wefts are from Arda <3 and I am in love with them...even though its white....you can see there are subtle tones in the wefts. The wefts you see are sewn at the base and will be glued on the bottom layer and built up with alot of hair spray. I am hoping to also sew in some support stitches at the top, this will all be under the crystal band. Also with the main bee hive... after the last attempt. I will be adding the wefts in two sides. Creating a hair line which looks realistic, making the wefts easier to work with. But deducting some accuracy as the all in one look she has is not working in reality.
So onwards... I really want this to succeed, just so any other wig I do now on will be considerably easier than this.


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