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I started cosplaying at a young young age of 11 (okay, so two months before I was 12 XD) and pretty much carried on for a couple of years until I moved to UK, which stopped me from cosplaying for a good 3 years as it took a while to adjust. ^ ^;;;

Ever since I got back into cosplay, it's been a bit on and off which is why I hardly have any piccus of my old cosplays, but it's been a good run since and I just want to keep going and improving every time! :D

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Aisuhimeriae - Mitsuki Nase - 16th February 2014

Costume complete!~

Finally got the outfit together today (with the right wig this time lol!) and while I'm missing the correct shoes and wore tights instead of socks (it's very windy thanks to the miserably British weather), it's pretty much all together so I'm marking her as completed! :)


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