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Want to test your competition and performance skills, with the chance to represent the UK in Paris next year? Then ECG might be for you! With the options to enter either as a solo or group (2-3 people) you can play to your strengths, with the qualifying teams being flown to Japan Expo to compete against the rest of the countries. The UK qualifier event is at EGX at the end of October, with rules and sign ups open now.


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We've used google display ads for a long time to generate site revenue, but over time these adverts have gotten far less useful or targeted - and we don't think they are serving the content to our members that's interesting or useful in any way. So we're testing out an Amazon affiliate program, where we can curate a bunch of products that we think are great and specifically useful to cosplayers. As soon as we've been approved and we know the tracking is working, we'll remove the google display ad content. (Don't worry, we're not doubling up!)

These links are hand picked by CI staff and are either products we've used ourselves or know come highly rated. Whilst we recommend these products, it's important to note that these are affiliate ads - which means if you click and go on to purchase the item, we actually get a small share of revenue that goes towards site costs. If you click and buy a similar product, we still get a tiny share, so please browse around! Adverts are what keep the site online, so we appreciate anyone who decides to support us through these links, hopefully we'll be able to pop up some great deals from time to time. You can find more info on our affiliate ads here.

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The residential cons of next year have announced their official dates! Tokonatsu, a festival of fun, anime and camping is running 30th July to 3rd August. Amecon, running alternative years with Kitacon, is running a smaller AmeChibi event in 2020 between the 7th-9th August. Sign ups for both will be open a bit later in the year so keep your eyes on their social media for updates!


Sign ups are now open for MCM Scotland. There are Masquerades on both Saturday & Sunday, and the Championships of Cosplay qualifier is on Saturday. Read here for more information on MCM's cosplay events and sign up while there's still space!


If you're heading to Gamepad 2019 on the 22nd June, you can get 15% of the ticket price if you attend in cosplay! A family friendly event full of video and table top games, with both casual play and tournaments, and even a prize for the day's best cosplayer. Check out the full details on their site.


Sign ups for the masquerades and competition qualifiers are now up for MCM Manchester Comic Con! Take note of the schedule changes, the EuroCosplay UK selection is on Sunday, and Championships of Cosplay regional selection is on the Saturday. Follow MCM Cosplay for news and updates around all the cosplay events at MCM shows, and find all the details you need on the main website.


Congratulations to the first Championships of Cosplay UK regional qualifier of this year: Calley Macleod who qualified in their Firebird Mount from Final Fantasy XIV! They'll go on to compete with the 3 other regional qualifiers selected later in the year (at MCM Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham) for the chance of being the Global Championships of Cosplay UK representative in 2020 in Chicago.


Borderlands and MCM have joined up to launch an amazing cosplay competition, with the winner grabbing a massive £5k! To have a chance to take part, the first round will take place at MCM London Comic Con in May, with 6 qualifying cosplayers going on to the final in October. Find out full info and sign up here, reg closes on 22nd May so get signed up!


Tickets have opened for Hibanacon Horizons, a weekend long residential convention in November promising chilled events, live music and more. Held at the Jury's Inn at Milton Keynes, this is a lovely way to close the convention year and we look forward to returning. Join them for their third year running and get your tickets now!

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