Our 2020 Sew-vember winners!

Sew-vember has come to a close, and it is time to select some winners! We know this year has been hard, and it's difficult to get the motivation to sew when there are no conventions, but hopefully this encouraged you all a little bit. We've loved seeing all your progress go up and we hope you continue through the dark nights of December.

We'd like to give an enormous thank you to Coscraft as our sponsors for this promo. During Sew-vember they also launched their brand new haberdashery section on the site, really making them a one stop shop for all things cosplay. If you haven't already, make sure to check out their new offerings!

So without further ado, randomly selected by the Sew-vember elves, the winner of £30 Coscraft vouchers is...
⭐️ Violet Kestral ⭐️

And the two runners up winning £10 each are:

⭐️ Angel Tear ⭐️
⭐️ CrystalNeko ⭐️

We'll be in touch shortly to confirm your details and get you your prize! We hope you all enjoyed the promo and look forward to seeing you around on the site~

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