Eurogamer Expo 2013

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Earls Court, London

Thu 26th Sep 2013 - Sun 29th Sep 2013


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Hysteria Alice Alice Madness Returns KinokoHime
Connor Kenway Assassins Creed III creed-cosplay
Booker Dewitt Bioshock Infinite supremeoutcast
Elizabeth Comstock Bioshock Infinite BeckiShort
Booker Dewitt Bioshock Infinite JoshE2810
The Doctor Doctor Who JoshE2810
River Song Doctor Who - 'The Impossible Astronaut' BeckiShort
The Courier Fallout: New Vegas Gazizaty
Snow Villiers Final Fantasy 13 XIII Nyxius
Reno Final Fantasy VII flamewizo
Lightning Final Fantasy XIII GalaxyRakki
Baron Dashforth Foul Play Z-Man
Onyx Guard Gears Of War Judgment Kata-san
Sofia Hendrik Gears of War: Judgement awesomeblossom
Juliet Starling Lollipop Chainsaw Cosbabe
Sniper Wolf Metal Gear Solid Jenivere
Serena Pokemon X/Y Sailorette
Pyramid Head Silent Hill Phantom.Mantis
Dhalsim Street Fighter Jizzy
Princess Peach Super Mario 3D Land JustPeachy
Eddy Raja Uncharted Gazizaty

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New site! New bugs?
delusional ( 27th April 2022) 13

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Cosplay/Con Plans 2022
M.Kesaiyn ( 14th April 2022) 4

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Meeting cosplayers
Carwyn_Owen ( 11th April 2022) 1

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Doki Doki 2022
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