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Cosplay groups I'd like to do:
* 2000AD/Judge Dredd
* Monster High
* Monkey/Saiyuki (1970s TV version)
* Oban Star Racers

I used to go to anime conventions in the early 1990s, back when Ayacon had single digit masquerade entries! I went to all the workshops on cosplay, and researched costumes, but my skills were not up to it. I stopped going to cons when my interest in anime (and fandom) waned.

In 2010 my girlfriend and her mates introduced my to Axis Powers Hetalia, and when I was good and hooked they told me they were all going to cosplay from the show. When they pestered me into joining them, I jokingly suggested going as Belarus. They thought this was awesome and supported me all the way.

As a result I finally learned how to use my sewing machine, and with assistance from my GF and my mum, I made the costume in my gallery.

These days I'm mainly focusing on Western characters. Particularly interesting crossplays, and amusingly cheesy characters. Although I don't have any cosplays actively in progress right now

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