Tales of Zestiria

Cosplayer: Raye-chan

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

17th May 2016: A single Rose in a meadow I have finally sorted through a few bits so I can now reveal shots from my photoshoot for Rose from Tales of Zestiria! This were taken at Kitacon 2016 in Birmingham. One of my favourite shots in a meadow of daffodils by the woods <3 More to come as I sort through them

31st March 2016: Finished! Just finished my Rose cosplay! XD Cutting it fine but I'm super pleased with it! Just need to pack tonight and then off to Kitacon with Matt tomorrow :D X Totoro Girl Friday, Rose (Tales of Zestiria) Sat & Sunday ;)

I've not had time to update my progress here xD so I will need to back fill, most of the pics are on FB on RayeRaye Cosplay though!

20th March 2016: Hood made and attached! Pink fabric made into oval good and sewn to grey hood - attached to jacket by hand sewing ;)

20th March 2016: Scarf done A simple mustard pashmina cut, knotted and sewn :)

11th March 2016: Bit by bit Ordered my white jeans today (cheap shop ones are terrible quality, so I've ordered a nicer pair on a online site) ;)

Also had my mustard colour pashmina arrive yesterday, and last night I finished the dagger first stage construction, so onto duct tape, paper mache, smoothing, painting etc...

The sewing got put to one side due to work commitments, but I'll be doing more this weekend and hopefully will finish constructing the dress this week!

The jacket needs the grey fabric added and buttons, attach the pink (hood) and finally i need to work on the other bits (tassels).

Lastly, trying to find boots to edit has been rather difficult :/ so will see.

If I don't finish for Kitacon 2016 I'm fine with that, I'd rather have a good build than a rushed one - and she will be ready for May MCM Comic Con 2016.

10th March 2016: Daggers process Daggers progress for Rose :)(one dagger layer so far)

7th March 2016: Handy photo Another handy reference pic!

22nd February 2016: Jacket base complete Jacket base is finished! Ready for all other additions :)

17th February 2016: Jacket progress Jacket progress!

9th February 2016: Ah dress making pattern, we meet again.... Spent a couple of hours sorting the dress making patterns for the jacket and dress!

7th February 2016: Fabric! Purchased all my fabric for the jacket, hoodie and dress his weekend!

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 11th December 2015
Can't wait to see this <3

Raye-chan avatar

Raye-chan - 11th December 2015
:D Thanks huni! I have to make pockets again.. Nooo xD Pascals ones took hours!